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  1. I know s/he is reading this thread. I guess you may get a PM if s/he wants to drop the mask.
  2. I just checked it. I am not surprised I had never heard of it before. Thank you for he tip, you were the one who sent the PM! Muchas gracias.
  3. I love it when I am overestimated. Now, if you think you helped to clear out my lack of understanding, you are very wrong. However, I think the OP sent me a PM I have not yet read. Hasta la vista!
  4. I hate it when I do not understand a joke.
  5. The one thing I like of these developments is that they unmask the deeply undemocratic nature of American "model" democracy.
  6. Thanks. I should find out whether Mercosur citizens also have a better deal. Wishful thinking.
  7. I would extend this statement to the entire south of Rio Grande. All our countries have a National ID and we all are used to carrying it with us always, as the police has the right to demand your documentation and in most countries can detain you if you fail to produce it.
  8. Are the locals paying 50/60 dollars per month? I was paying less in my gym in DC, although I dropped my membership during the pandemic lock downs.
  9. I think it is reasonable safe during the day. That is why I do recommend at list one visit to the area DURING DAYLIGHT.
  10. As an additional thought... Why any real person would be concerned about their realness being questioned in a virtual forum? Why any real person would run to collect and share documentation and testimonies to prove their existence, if questioned in an anonymous virtual forum? I do not know what is worse, total trolls or totally dumb.
  11. I am totally illiterate on SE Asian culture. Would anyone explain to me why you are talking about a LINE, instead of a phone number? Gracias!
  12. Yes! I was mistaken! So I have not been in the Parque del Periodista.
  13. It looks like I have been in all the right places. 😇 I would not compare Parque Bolivar and Parque del Periodista (or de los Periodistas, not sure which one is the name). Indeed, I would avoid both places at night. But the daylight experiences are quiet difference in one or the other. Bolivar is a noisy and hyperactive hub where, as I pointed, you can observe a wide diversity of urban fauna. In contrast, Periodistas is a quiet, calm, and I would even say magic urban corner. It is hard to believe that the rapid waters are not clean but coming from the sewer. The water does not smell, and with its noise covers the traffic and other regular city sounds. It is like stepping into an oasis of calmed nature amidst the above urban craziness. I did not see police, tourists, sex workers of any kind, or anyone older than 30, I was the only dinosaur there. No one was talking. I only saw here and there lonely men and women, or couples, from very young (probably 12 y.o.) to mid 30s, consuming some substances. You could also notice in the grass drugs parafernalia left overs, not enough to say that the place was a dump. It was the perfect place to sit and smoke one of the empanados we had just bought.
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