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  1. And yet, I do not keep count of the boys I fuck with or the assholes I deal with, no matter their passports.
  2. It is all bullshit if SP is like any other city I have been to. You can have visitors and no one cares.
  3. This should work https://www.airbnb.com/wishlists/v/1203910245?s=67&unique_share_id=6f513b9b-a5fb-4ab1-9de8-8d51da455777
  4. https://www.airbnb.com/wishlists/1203910245 My wish list is I decide to visit SP
  5. I cannot speak of SP. However, I have noticed that disclaimer in many airbnbs, not in all of them, in other cities. In my last trips to Buenos Aires and to Medellin, the airbus included the warning. Before confirming the booking, I contacted the host and asked something like Really? I cannot have a couple of friends to hang out and have diner?. In both cases, the hosts assured me I would never have any issues bringing friends to visit. As a matter of fact, I didn't.
  6. I never had any issues bringing guys to any of the airbnbs I rented in Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. I brought guys quite often, several times two to stay over night.
  7. We cannot hunt together, but we could dine with no problems! 😇
  8. Today I was really thrilled to be at the saunas during Brazil's debut in the World Cup. I had pictured 202 full of people, celebrating each time their team scored. Management was offering a free caipirinha with the entry, and a round of free beer every time the team scored. Initially, it was a total disappointment. When I arrived, they were still cleaning up and I was the only visible client, plus one GP I was not interested in hiring. The turned the A/C for me, and I had the wait well after the match started for them to be ready to deliver a caipirinha. As I was watching the game, I noticed that there was probably more people upstairs. A few clients and GPs would pass by. A couple of the GPs came to introduce themselves but I was not interested in a programa with any of them. When the second half was close to finish and the national team's victory was clear, my Favela Boy texted me to let me know that he was coming, and that today it was his birthday. So I ordered a second caipirinha and some fries to munch while waiting. Once the game was over, the movement started. One of the guys I had been cruising the whole week came to introduce himself. Mineiro, I think every time I come to Rio I meet more Mineiros than Cariocas. The guy is beautiful, IG model quality but with some imperfections in his face that make him masculine and very sexy to me. We chat for a while. He is versatile and, when I told him that I was waiting for a friend, he asked me who he was. I told him the name of my Favela Boy, and he suggested that we could make a threesome. When we were having that conversation, I had the pleasure to meet @Xclay. We had been missing each other the whole week, and here we finally had the chance to shake hands and chat for 5 minutes. Literally five minutes, because shortly after he sat and I introduced him to my new Mineiro friend, my Favela beauty arrived. I asked him if he knew Mineiro, and I perceived something weird between them, so I dropped the plan to have a threesome. It was about 7, and I wanted to check out of my Airbnb at 8, so I did not waste time. I abandoned the Mineiro and Xclay and ran to get a suite. By the way, I got #7 for the first time, I think it is the best cabin in 202. Favela Boy's performance was even better than yesterday. He is not as skillful in bed as my Super Lover is. But Super Lover is 28 and Favela Boy was in his 21st birthday day. His lack of experience was generously compensated by his beauty. He was so passionate! When we finished, he asked me not to tell anyone that he was bottoming, because he did it only for me. Of course, it is bull shit, but adorable bull shit. In retrospective, this disclaimer was probably related to the Mineiro. We showered and I ran downstairs to catch the Mineiro and have a quick with him. But he was not visible at the bar and, when I watched the time, it was already 7:50. I just ran out, I do not even remember how much was the bill. I am right now in the airport, waiting to board my flight back to the States. As usual, when I feel I finished warming up and I am actually having fun, I have to leave Rio. I must find the way to stay here for at least a month. This is my last report in this thread. Thank you for reading.
  9. I contacted several IG guys for my current visit to Rio. In other trips, I also came in with some online research and escorts ads bookmarked. However, the sauna boys never leave me time for online experimentation. The dinosaur in me (she is a big one) really enjoys the cruising out of the network.
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