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  1. With one of the biggest and most prestigious Brazilian universities in the hood, I bet you Grindr works just fine.
  2. It looks like it should not be so surprising. Those three countries will grow less than they did in the last 20 years. I think it is more interesting to see how projections for Spain, South Korea, Australia, Turkey, and China have plummeted compared to the last two decades and how Mexico and South Africa are expected to grow much more than they did in the previous 20 years. Oh. For a minute, I forgot most friends here live in SE Asia.
  3. Hey! I am planning to be in Medellin in November, but I have everything already booked.
  4. I do not understand why your browser is saying that. The site's SSL certificate is in good shape, as you can see as reported by my browser.
  5. Indeed, that was a long update. Hopefully, it worked. I just logged in super fast; what was an almost-forgotten experience here.
  6. CoM is working ideally and without interruptions. Not only is their traffic exponentially higher than here, but the technical maintenance and support are outstanding.
  7. I use Safari and had no issues logging in other than the annoying slowness others reported.
  8. I would suggest asking that question in a thread about Colombia. Here, we are supposed to be talking about Santo Domingo. In a few words (I have been once in Bogota and once in Medellin), I never had an issue bringing guys to my Airbnb.
  9. I have found both definitions, yours and @numazu. That is why I always ask for clarification when somebody says ativo liberal or, in English, vers top.
  10. I am only top (sadly), and I never found a bottoms shortage in the saunas. When you ask your questions, do it discretely, and make sure no other garotos can hear. You may be surprised at the shocking difference between how a garoto behaves alone with you or with other boys around.
  11. OMG. He is serious. It was so stupid that I thought he was parodic.
  12. A good season to visit Salvador is Christmas/New Year. The sexy boys working the saunas in Rio return home to spend the holidays with their families.
  13. You can research menus on line and see the prices. I did not go to any restaurants in Palermo or Recoleta. I did not have any problems traveling in Subte, and I did it intensely.
  14. That is why I am hesitant to recommend Argentina for traveling right now. That said, I took only 1K with me and spent less than half of that. I am very low maintenance, plus on this trip, I did not buy sex or weed, which are the two heaviest items in my traveling budget (I am not including tickets and lodging).
  15. Well, we know you don't.
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