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  1. Am I just dumb or is this the most cryptic of yours posts ever?
  2. I respectfully disagree. Patriotism is one of the most shameful and laziest values. Too many Gringos are quick to judge other nations flaws, while staying fully blind at their own miseries. Few things are more pathetic than someone not recognizing criticism and bringing up some lame excuse.
  3. So good to know that there is a sound safety plan in place! Otherwise, look at me in December:
  4. This tiny lost for meteorology may turn into a huge jump in his porn career.
  5. I would love to connect. It would be such an honor that you'd change your plans! When you arrive on 30/31, I would already be a veteran, after almost a full week of runaway-slutting.
  6. Like you, I feel like an apprentice next to some friends here. But I want to make very clear that I consider myself a very Proud Runaway Slut.
  7. My apologies. I should hace capitalized Runaway International Slut.
  8. I suggest a theory with no scientific pretension. Just teasing you and @floridarob. Devil's breath may not be an urban myth. It may be real, although the possibilities of being a DB victim may be near zero. However, when you are a runaway international slut, your life experience surely involve samples of even de less probable incidents.
  9. Hello there. Is anyone going to spend the Hollidays in Bogotá? It is going to be my first time in the city and would love to hang out with the connoisseurs. I rented a very small, cozy and cheap 1BR in Chapinero Central.
  10. Hello there. Is anyone spending Thanksgiving in Rio this year? I just rented an airbnb a few blocks away from Point.
  11. Hell no. I am abstinent and have been since I returned from Argentina. I got my first shot last Sunday, and will remain abstinent until two weeks after my second shot, when the vaccine reaches maximum efficacy. At my age, and after being a mass slut for almost 4 decades, taking any risk when I am just weeks away from immunity is nonsense to me (I am sure I would be willing to take more risk without the vaccine prospect.) After my second shot, I will be celebrating my 60th birthday with an overdose of Point 202. I am planning to weeks in Rio in November.
  12. Comparing monkeypox to HIV is indeed scare mongering.
  13. I had the smallpox vaccine several times during my school life and military service back in Argentina. This coming Sunday, I have my appointment to get my first monkeypox vaccine shot. It was super easy to get it here in DC. I am horny and, as in DC the infection rate is high, I am abstinent. I can't wait. I can't wait either for my next trip, in November. Once fully vaccinated, I will start purchasing tickets and making reservations. I am still struggling between Rio and Medellin, but Rio is winning.
  14. Santa Marta is in my list, but probably for when I am already staying in Bogotá or Medellín for several months. I would probably visit for a week or even just a weekend. My curiosity for Cali is evolving in the same direction. I know I just said that one should not get hooked with one destination and instead try different ones in different trips. However, Rio is just too tempting. To make its charms more irresistibly, I just learned that Rhyheim Shabazz will probably be in the city by November. If the situation does not change, everything seems to tell me that I have to spend my Thanksgiving break in Rio.
  15. I know. Rio is calling me. And Medellin too. However, I should explore new destinations in my quest for places to live part of the year after retirement. I am meeting so many hot caleños en internet, that I am tempted to give the city a try. I have not made a decision yet.
  16. I am starting to have doubts about going again to Medellin in November. I am getting tempted by Rio in one hand, and by Cali in the other. Surprisingly, flying to Cali is cheaper than flying to Medellin. My question for the connoisseurs of Colombia, specifically Cali, is: in what neighborhood should I look for my airbnb?
  17. Did you not put him in ignore? And you are using the feminine as an attempt to insult? Adorable.
  18. Nice thread. Bitching about bitching.
  19. Perhaps this clarification is unnecessary, I am just double checking you do not have unrealistic expectations. What do you mean by "non-commercial-sex bf material"? I understand he may not be a prostitute, but I would only expect transactional sex from a hook up app contact. By transactional, I mean that you will be expected to pay all bills, and treat the man. They goal is almost always to meet a Sugar Daddy.
  20. Colombia is a big country. The homicides took place in Medellin.
  21. There were homicides also in hotels. When I was researching the topic back in April, I remember that fact to be one of the most shocking characteristics of thee cases. The other shocking aspect is that the killers seemed to be playing sexually until getting the victims with their defenses totally down. In these cases the police do not want to share much details for obvious reasons, but the language used would make you think that the victims were actually engaged in sexual interaction when they were attacked, immobilized, tortured, and killed.
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