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  1. Thank you. Much appreciated. I have been to Bangkok many times but not in recent years for obvious reasons. The massage scene has changed it would appear due to Covid so this up to date information is very helpful. The old Hero was my absolute favourite but long gone I’m afraid.
  2. Is that correct 75 on site? What are they wearing at the moment?
  3. Do the boys there provide a happy ending?
  4. Well 4 years ago, well and truely pre Covid, it was for all practical purposes a chubby chasers bar. The “boys” were overweight, heavily tattooed and very unattractive. A tragic shadow of 10 years ago.
  5. Goodness gracious! The place has obviously changed since I was there 4 years ago. How many guys on offer?
  6. Could I clarify something. What are the boys wearing in the gogo bars at the moment?
  7. Are the boys in all bars now wearing shorts or jock straps?
  8. You raised some excellent points. When I first went to Rio in 2005 the standard of hotel accommodation was atrocious. In more recent times the Copacabana Palace has been renovated and the Fasano and Emiliano are welcome additions. When you consider the size of the city the pickings are still lean. I know only too well the question of safety. In 2005 I was mugged at knife point by 3 thugs almost in front of the Copacabana Palace. I have become very fond of São Paulo over the years and agree that the vastly superior accommodations and restaurants are an incentive not to mention the delights of Lagoa and Fragata. I have been to Brazil 9 times and have always spent more time in São Paulo.
  9. At the moment how would you compare the Rio saunas with Lagoa?
  10. Thank you for all the helpful replies to my original post. This forum at its best!
  11. Thank you. I have been to São Paulo 9 times but not in recent years for obvious reasons. I sampled the delights of Lagoa and Fragata in there old locations many times. Your description of Lagoa is very encouraging and sounds like old times in a new location. I have very fond memories of the old Fragata and I am still intrigued by Clube 555. Any comments welcome.
  12. A question for recent travellers. As the dust settles on the pandemic, how do these 2 São Paulo rent boy saunas compare? There have been recent reports on Lagoa but a comparative with Clube 555 would be welcome.
  13. This is the most positive Bangkok news I’ve read for some time. Let’s hope things gradually improve and a Christmas trip for yours truly could be on the cards!
  14. The buzz, bustle and vibrancy of an Asian city.
  15. I’m talking about the days when Tawan had a huge stable of beautiful muscle boys who were friendly and playful. They would sit next to you and flirt. There were the superstars who were well known and discussed on gay Thailand websites. Those were the days!
  16. You must be the best BadBoy on the planet.
  17. Encouraging news for my September visit.
  18. In other words a tragic shadow of its hey day.
  19. Could you elaborate? I have not been to Bangkok for a few years. Are the boys fit, muscled, overweight, how many on an average night?
  20. How are the boys these days? Young, muscle or what?
  21. The Tomahawk was in existence on my first visit to Bangkok in December 2000.
  22. A bit depressing. How I loved the Thailand of old.
  23. Is there any date for opening of the go go bars and other entertainment places currently under restriction?
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