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  1. I'm leaving this board. My last reminder about TJ, is his post where allowed to use the N word.
  2. Fox gave him grief about taking leave. One might wonder whether Pete and family are missing their spacious home in South Bend. Apartment life in DC must be a huge change for his hubby and dogs.
  3. I haven't read her book but, from your post, might we assume she'd work for Buttigieg if he runs in 2024? I hope he does.
  4. Buttigieg was recently on 60 Minutes. He was awesome. Anderson Cooper interviewed. Buttigieg still comes across as capable and a clever man. I wonder how long he'll remain as Sec. Of Transportation and if he'll run in 2024.
  5. Another film on YouTube #PrideCentral is Retake. Not something I'd watch again, but still was a good watch. The premise is a little far fetched, yet is an original idea. I gradually came to care about the two leads, especially the younger guy, Devon Graye.
  6. Might have been better for Trump to walk out on Holder. https://twitter.com/alexjholder/status/1540034384014807043
  7. Netflix has a new documentary, The Martha Mitchell Effect. It's an easy watch and pretty straightforward and also prophetic. She would shake her head at today's politicians.
  8. I liked Bowen Yang in this. He was pretty good.
  9. I can imagine those times and the effect he had on women, and some men as well. I recently saw an Elvis documentary on PBS about a benefit concert he did in Hawaii for the USS Arizona Memorial. Very well done film. Gives an idea of the man and his fans. If you are a PBS member, perhaps you can view the film. I'm glad I got this taste of Elvis. That said, I am excited about Austin Butler and Tom Hanks cast together. I hope I am not disappointed by the new Elvis film.
  10. I just watched Edge of Seventeen. Streaming on Netflix. One of those films I was never inclined to watch, but finally gave it a try. Better than I thought it would be. I liked the lead character. His experience is similar to what many of us remember, dipping our toe into the gay pool. Holds up pretty good for 20+ years old gay film.
  11. Another good Indian film (mostly in English) is LOEV. It left Netflix, but worth looking for.
  12. You seem to be enthralled by Kremlin disinformation.
  13. YouTube Pride Central channel has several gay films. I watched Heartstone, from Iceland. Nordic language with English subtitles. Pretty good film. Teens grappling with sexuality and so forth. Quite poignant if you like that sort of film.
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