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  1. Since you specifically about about which city offer more chances to play...this is not a fair competition. Medellín wins. No contest. Cartagena is an historic city with a lot of tourists. It is on the coast and enjoys many months of sun. However it is a small city (about 400K residents) and many are transient, working in tourism jobs. It definitely has its charms, but you asked about sex and...you are going to need to be very fluent in the language and the culture to meet a lot of locals for sex. Not saying that it isn't there (trust -- there is a thriving gay scene) but most outsiders are not going to discover it. Medellín is a metropolitan city of nearly 5 million inhabitant that is quite modern by Colombian standards and sees a lot of tourism. There are many pockets of gay interest around the city and there are lots of saunas/bars/discos/cruising spots to meet and hook up with other men that have been written up here extensively. It is known as the city "of the eternal springtime" for its mild but pleasant climate so don't expect tropical days by the pool. But the city has a far more dynamic scene and for newbies -- the locals are known far and wide for their sex positive attitude in Colombia. I won't bore you with tales of the many "straight" men I have had sex with in Medellín, just know that the potential for sex is very high in a city known for having extraordinarily good looking men. If you willing to throw a few buck down for the pleasure, I think you will find the selection is overwhelming. As others have noted, Colombia does have challenges with English being relatively rare as a spoken language, so any language skills will greatly improve your chances. Good luck!
  2. You can absolutely do it alone. Best to go on weekends when the crowds are present, there will not be any safety issues. I would also say the same for El cerro de las tres cruces in Cali as well. Do plan to go early if the sun is out -- it gets very warm on the trails with almost no shade higher up. In s,ome sections, the natural steps have been washed out and that can be challenging. It is a workout but the payoff is worth it. The view is spectacular and you can see the entirety of the Aburra valley.
  3. Social media ads being run by the Alcaldía de Medellín this summer, reminding people to be safe about hooking up with strangers.
  4. Yes, they all cater to gay men looking for sex. However the facilities differ between the properties. Sauna 55, Spartacus and Sauna Cruising are like a classic gay bath house. Did not have time to visit San Moritz but may consider it on my return. Medellin gets pretty worked up during La feria de las flores.
  5. Okay maybe I can guide you to what you need. There are loads of personal trainers in Medellín, but you are asking for a pretty specific need for bulk-muscle building. The best gym to explore that is Magnum Gym in Laureles. This is where the hardcore locals work out and you will see a few of the bulked up camboys here as well. They will know all about what supplements are available and where. It's located on Circular 75 at Carrera 75, just two blocks from Primer Parque de Laureles. I tried to read the exact address from the Google image but it has been removed. https://www.google.com/maps/@6.2472405,-75.5952122,3a,36.1y,179.84h,93.88t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqchUuySeEE_v52tgbWJ2kQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 Other option is Capital Fit Gym on Avenida Nutibara which bills itself as the mecca for bodybuilders in Medellín. I don't personally know anyone that trains here, but many claim it is quieter and more conducive to working out. The location is also super easy to get to. (Av. 80 #39-187, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín) https://www.google.com/maps/@6.249688,-75.5995032,3a,62.6y,239.61h,73.58t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1slzmGm5qSsYXg79zsgayqtg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 If your Spanish is up to it, I would call and organize your membership with a training session in advance. I do have a few personal trainers in my Medellín rolodex but as you are aware it is a very personal choice. Regarding steroids and supplements: you will find that many prescribed drugs are freely accessible at the pharmacy counter without a prescription. However steroids are not something every pharmacy is going to stock, so you need to ask around to find a supply. I am not aware of any friends currently doing cycles, but will make some inquiries. Good luck with your planning.
  6. The entirety of the coffee region/eje cafetero is wonderful travel and just a 40 minute flight from Medellín downtown airport. Take a look at Pereira, Armenia, Pereira for a stay. All within easy travel to Salento or Filandia for coffee and urban excursions. Also look into the termales - natural hot springs attractions in the region. As stated, the scenery is spectacular and there is plenty of options for tours-hiking-things to see if you love stunning nature. Enjoy your trip!
  7. Updated March 23 - 2023 The merger between Avianca and Viva (which started this entire mess) was finally approved yesterday. No idea if Avianca intends to reintroduce budget fares via the Viva brand, but I was shocked to see a Viva plan take off at El Dorado - Bogotá yesterday. Stay tuned.
  8. This is correct as of March 2023. The business has moved to a new location further west in Galeras barrio (very close to the football stadium). Calle 57 will take you directly from Chapinero to the closest corner. This is a high'traffic and safe walking route until late in the evening. About 20 minutes walking distance. They have a Telegram account where they will send you a more current and explicit listing of chicos or chicas depending on your needs. Telegram account: 3057512990
  9. I have talked about posting this for so long that it was overdue. Here is a current list of gay dance bars in Medellín. As always, things can change so check local listings before making plans. Querida Bar Calle 10 #43B – 61 Barrio El Poblado (one block west of Parque El Poblado) Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 8pm – midnight Friday – Saturday 8pm – 4am Climb the pink lit staircase of Querida and party with the young crowd of Paisa boys and girls (yup – attracts very young crowd) to Reggaeton, western Pop anthems, and crossover club hits. The place is loud, crowded and filled to the rafters each weekend. Special shows featuring a tribute to famous performers happen each weekend. Recent examples include Britney Spears, Karol G, Cher and Bad Bunny. This is a classic Paisa rumba: beer, rum and aguardiente flow freely and dancing and cruising is the main focus of the night. Weekends feature go-go boys (and girls) while other nights feature elaborate drag shows. Industry Club Calle 26a #43f-72 (sector Apujarra) Hours: Friday – Saturday 10pm – 4 am some Sundays (on most holiday weekends) Everyone eventually ends up at Industry and everyone has an opinion. Some love this place, other loathe it. Industry is the last classic gay dance club still standing in Medellín, packing in the seen-and-be-seen crowd each weekend. This is where you will see the best bodies in Medellín come to strip down and show off the results of many hours at the gym. The crowd runs slightly older (25 – 40) as cover (25.000COP and up) and drink prices are higher than many other local options. Drinks run 12.000COP for beer, up to 180.000COP for whisky service. Drug use, mainly coke, is rampant and open throughout the club. Clutch your pearls as necessary. The club contains two large dance rooms with different styles: the lower features reggaeton and classic Latin pop bangers, while the main room upstairs headlines electronic dance and club music. DJ’s are regularly featured in the main room. Go-go dancers and special shows are presented weekly. Check their Instagram page for weekly events. While dancing is the ostensibly the main attraction, there is plenty of cruising and hooking up going on. The catwalk above the main dance floor is particularly active after 2am. Part of the fun is the late-night crowd outside the club, hanging around for food truck eats and last-chance hook ups. Purple Club Avenida 33 #78-107 (barrio Belén) Hours: Friday – Saturday 10pm – 4 am Purple is the reinvention of Laureles club Viva (RIP). This spot packs in the crowds each weekend for dancing and drag show, with the occasional special performer or stripper thrown in for good measure. Good range of age mixes here. Lots of varied programming, check their Instagram page for upcoming events. The Purple Club is mostly groups out together for a night out so the ambience is very social. You will talk to dozens of people here most nights. Drinks are pricier than other options (10.000COP for beer up to 80.000COP for bottled rum). Tables require bottle purchase and a minimum spend dependant on group size. I have also heard complaints that solo patrons are often denied entry to the club so be forewarned. After the nightly show, the club becomes a raging dance party until close. There is plenty of cruising, groping and making out happening after 1am, with lots of interest around the room. Club Oráculo Carrera 36 #8A-123 (barrio El Poblado) Hours: Friday – Saturday 10pm – 4 am some Sundays (on holiday weekends occasionally) While technically advertised as a space for everyone, Oráculo, (known locally as ¡Oye! Culo) celebrates being queer with art and performances in a cozy dance space. This is not a huge club, but rather something more intimate and interesting. There are also two small rooms to chill out or just relax and chat away from the main room. Weekly theme events include shows and performers that range from high-camp to erotic. There is a lot of thought put into each theme night that make for some terrific shows. Check their Instagram for upcoming events. After the performance, the space becomes a club with pounding reggaeton hits that pack the dancefloor until late. Good mix of clubgoers, but this one definitely leans younger and very balanced male | female | non-binary ratios. Drinks run standard El Poblado pricing, with an excellent selection of cocktails on the menu (cocktail prices 24.000-40.000COP).
  10. Instagram - @fiestasgaycolombia If you looking for upcoming gay events across Colombia, this Instagram account publishes current, upcoming events in major cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Bucaramanga, and Cartagena.
  11. It is not like a Brazillian-style sauna. Another member wrote are really good write up on this spot -- it is the back of the same building where Phisicus Spa (Avenida 2 Norte) is located. Check the gay Colombia boards as I know a couple of members have posted good information about the Cali scene there.
  12. This is a newcomer to the Bogota Chapigay scene. A former discotheque has been reinvented as a male Gogo bar with private dances in the backroom cabanas. Hours currently are Wednesday - Saturday (Sunday nights on holiday weekends only) I tried to visit on three occasions to give a fair assessment, but a hail storm today knocked out power to a number of Chapinero bars/clubs. So I only got to experience this place twice. The club is essentially two rooms with a rear hallway of private dance cabanas. The stated rate is 60.000COP for a dance, but tips and extras will set you back at least 100.000COP. The layout of the club is odd, as the Go-go's stage is at the front of the club by the bar. This means everyone is crammed into the tiny room by the bar either "watching" the show or getting a lap dance on one of the four couches provided. It makes for close quarters which I guess is part of the attraction. The second, larger room at the back is quieter and has better bar seating. Good spot to chat away from the frenzy, but it was clear that this was no-man's land and the dancers did not solicit in this room. Other note -- the drug dealing in the club was obvious and active. There were multiple dealers in the room providing "dulces' for those interested. If that is the Bogotá experience you are looking for... Finally, the boys: I was impressed the diversity in body types and skin tones compared to the competition. There were plenty of boys to choose from -- at least 15 on a Saturday night (and I was told they had several call in due to the torrential storm). Some were simply slinging dope (see previous paragraph) while others where openly organizing private dates at the end of the night. Many were offering WhatsApp contact information to hook up outside the club. Its not as polished as Gigolo Erotic House, but it's a good alternative in a rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood.
  13. Dropped in last night around 10:30pm with friends to pre-game at Gigolo and…man was it dead. Perhaps it was an off night because it is a long weekend here, but there were more dancers than patrons when we arrived. Many dancers that were long-time at the club have moved on to Garage or quit the game. There was just one dancer that I recognized. Still recommend a visit but it appeared things have shifted at Gigolo Erotic House.
  14. My clubbing days are long past me, but I usually treat my friends to night out while here. While I am likely the oldest person, there is definitely a wide range of ages in the clubs. Particularly in Bogotá at the larger venues like Theatrón.
  15. They are all open, each attracts a different crowd. Happened to be in the area yesterday and Sauna Cruising was full with a line up at 5pm. I didn't walk up to El Castillo, but i have been told that is the spot of choice for young "pollos" here in Medellín.
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