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  1. Still my favourite getaway from Medellín and there are many options. A 90 minute car ride and you feel like you are in another country. Look like you are doing some serious exploring of Antioquia. Enjoy.
  2. A fire broke out at Theatrón in Bogotá last night. Over 4000 patrons were evacuated but no injuries were noted. The fire was reported early at 9:30pm before the club gets crowded. Anyone traveling to Bogotá can expect the club to be closed for a week according to the management. Story in Spanish here: https://www.bluradio.com/blu360/bogota/video-por-alerta-de-incendio-evacuan-theatron-una-de-las-discotecas-mas-grandes-de-bogota-so35
  3. Both hotels are good options and allow guests. I usually stay at small complex up the hill on Cra 4 that has full apartments with an office area. Can't help it, being able to work anywhere means my work travels with me.
  4. Have not booked, but I should be arriving Dec30/31. The big day in Colombia is January 1 where it is traditional to host a large meal (barbecue) with friends and family to welcome the new year. I was going to continue directly to Medalló but I might be convinced to spend a few days in the capital...let me check my usual place (Cra 7 by the Bodytech gym in Chapi).
  5. The Check-mig app and mobile website are nightmares and a case study in shitty User Interface design for small screens. Just trying to "click" on the correct radio buttons on the questionnaire could trigger PTSD. Or worse. I make a point of filling out the form on the website from the comfort of my desktop 48 hours prior to departure and have never had an issue. That way I can print a copy of the completed submission (shown above) and to have a screen of same on my phone as a backup. Ironically on my last trip in May I wasn't asked for my Check-mig but I assume that it was already on the agent's screen and she chose not to request it.
  6. Exhibit A: por ejemplo https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=7906272022777655&extid=NS-UNK-UNK-UNK-IOS_GK0T-GK1C&ref=sharing
  7. Good options, although personally I think I would rather walk than ever take another Viva Air flight...
  8. Easyfly. You can purchase online using a VPN. They fly direct from Olaya Herrera in Medellin daily to Cali international (CLO). Which is a nice timesaver. They also do regional flights just like Satena.
  9. Oh, also want to share with anyone that is thinking about visiting Cali... The entire city comes to a standstill on Sunday. Virtually nothing is open. You can hike up to El Cerro de las tres cruces or up to Cristo Rey, the malls in Versalles and Jardin are open, but that is pretty much it. The salsa clubs in Juanchito come to standstill. Very traditional in that sense. For the record I love visiting Cali and make a point of going each year for a few days. But I always fly back to Medellín on Sunday morning.
  10. As mentioned Grenada-Versailles keeps you central and close to restaurants and nightlife. El Peñon-San Antonio is also central and has lots of good options and attractions. I would also suggest the areas around Parque del Perro down to the main Hospital del Valle is also very lively and walkable. Main transit route is on Calle 5 and buses run late, so it is pretty easy to get around the city. CuidadJardin is a beautiful neighbourhood, but basically a gated community for the wealthy. It caters to affluent families that want little to do with the street life downtown. Cali is a very distinct flavor of living -- a veces parece puro desorden -- but not without many charms.
  11. My mistake, that one is relatively new then, did not notice it when I was last at Theatrón in May and would have noticed it when I was visiting a friend at Living 58 in March. Good to know.
  12. There is a group of 10-12 young people that do choreographed dance routines throughout Parque Lleras and Calle 10. You will see them practicing their routines for hours in the Parque Poblado (Calle 10 and Cra 43A -- seen in your photo with the white tents) where they master some very impressive acrobatics and dance moves. They will often perform at red light breaks on Calle 10 (the main street) and along Parque Lleras. They always made me smile when they would perform in front of Donde Aquellos and make a point of the most muscular guys stripping their shirts off. Once I got a routine in their boxers. Often while enjoying my evening scotch. I was part of just a handful of patrons in the audience. If you can, tip them well as many of them are street kids (Venezuelans mostly) who subside on very little and this is how they pay their way. Even 25K COP buys a lot of samosas. ¡Disfrútate mucho!
  13. #1 is Cyber Click Video Bar which was around the corner from Parque del periodista and has moved up to Parque Boston (almost directly north). Video cruising in Colombia is a whole other experience in some locations -- some offer bar services, strippers and event nights as well a video cabines. #2 is a new Sauna to me...El Castillo in La Mansión barrio -- I will ask around but other members here may already know it. #3 is Club 55 Sauna which I have written about here, however a more recent post from another member stated that there was no massage service anymore which was surprising (they usually hang by the bar next to the pool). This is the sauna where you can chill out by the large turco because it is next to the main staircase -- you will figure out quickly what is around and get to know some of the regulars.
  14. Sounds like Dagoas Sauna on Clle59 but they no longer offer massage from what I have heard. They now advertise as a Sauna/Hostel if you want to hang out in Chapigay for the weekend. Poseidon Sauna on Clle 57 offers "massage" services on certain days, but need to check ahead. As you noted, only St Moritz (Clle 65) and Bagoas Club (Clle 69 -- outside the village) regularly offer massage services in Bogota.
  15. From what I have read from the articles and from amigos in Colombia, there are some patterns. But the information is incomplete as many of the murder details are not public at this time. What I have noted is (not an expert in crime) - only one victim was found in a hotel (where he worked, not in a guest room) - most of the victims (again, publicly-shared) were in their own homes or apartments in Medellín - the age range of the known, publicly-shared victims are in the age range of 25 - 34 However, I MUST INSIST that this should give NO ONE should be thinking that he-she-it is safe from being a potential victim here. There are patterns here HOWEVER the police and the Alcadia have released so few details (hence the journalism references) that one should be on 100% surveillance for potential threats. Full stop. Please be careful about hookups in Medellín until this is resolved. Be cautious, ask friends or the reception to check in. Let people know your situation and be hyper vigilant about who you allow into your personal space.
  16. El Espectador is the largest newspaper in Medellín. Today they published an article that makes the case for 15 victims since the start of the year (Tweet below). The government and police have not agreed to classify these homicides as hate crimes. There is a lot of attention surrounding these cases as the city fills up with visitors for the Feria de las flores, the most important event of the year in Medellín. The link to the article referenced in the Tweet is here https://www.elespectador.com/colombia/los-peligros-de-grindr-y-lo-que-dice-la-ciencia/ Unfortunately El Espectador remains largely a printed paper, so the website contains only an extract of the full article.
  17. Chatting with a friend in Bogotá today and there was another victim last week. That puts the count at 11. Sadly this victim was known to several his close friends in Medellín. Of note -- all of the men are believed to have "met" the killer through hookup Apps -- but there are inconsistencies as to which App was used. Food for thought.
  18. Sadly the murders remain unsolved. The count is now at 10 men and likely to climb. The deaths are remarkably similar in the state the bodies were found, and it is believed that one man escaped a deadly situation with the possible serial killer. The Medellin police are very reticent to call these serial murders publicly. El Tiempo, the Colombian national newspaper is covering the story. However it is only available in Spanish. You can read one article per month or subscribe for 7000COP monthly (about $1.50USD currently). Here is the most recent article that I could find from 5 June 2022. There was another suspected murder in early July and there is concern over the Feria de las flores next week with so many events and gatherings taking place across the city. https://www.eltiempo.com/colombia/medellin/medellin-sigue-la-zozobra-por-muertes-de-poblacion-lgbti-677873
  19. Sorry, I read your question incorrectly. The first massage was the Venezulan, Paulo who supposedly lives in Robledo barrio. The "second" massage, where he previously received a facial then a massage at a later date (near Parque Poblado) sounds suspiciously like Abybos Spa on Cra 43D which does advertise online but I have never seen them publish ads on Grindr FWIW.
  20. Jajaja Carnival in Barranquilla is a BIG deal with the crowd at the main event reaching 3MM people. It is recognized generally as #2 after Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. https://www.newyorklatinculture.com/barranquilla-carnival/ Events go on for a week in total with different parties (burritos in local slang) (including a gay dance party) finishing with the big parade. The entire city is jammed (similar to Rio) with partying crowds going all out. There are some folkloric elements to Baranquilla's carnival (like this guy below) and also nods to colonialism and slavery unique to this event. The entire city sells out during Carnival so there are shuttle buses from Cartagena that run 24 hours during the major days. Nice way to visit then go home to get some rest and quiet
  21. Updated schedule of events The Sillertero parade will come down Avenida del Rio to 59a where they will exit to enter the Giradot stadium. The 2022 Flower Festival Itinerary While the city is still working to get the final details published, there are a few things that we know for certain will be taking place. Check out the below schedule and events to know what’s coming up. Confirmed Schedule: Event Date Location Launch of the Flower Festival July 27 Aeroparque Juan Pablo II Obelisk Innaugural Concert August 5 Stadium Sector Ball de las Flores TBD Aeroparque Juan Pablo II Vasquez Building Flower Decorations August 5 – 15 Vásquez Building Music and Food in Pueblito Paisa TBD Pueblito Paisa Party in Parque de los Deseos TBD Parque de los Deseos Escenerio Colombia TBD Ciudad del Rio Todos Somos Uno TBD Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe Parque de las Flores TBD Parque Juanes de la Paz Escenario Infantil TBD Parque Norte Bicycle Parade TBD The Whole City La Feria en Mi Corregimiento TBD Santa Elena, San Cristóbal, San Antonio de Prado, Altavista, San Sebastián de Palmitas Art Circuit of Medellín Barrio Colombia, Provenza, Perpetuo Socorro, Palacio Nacional Don Omar y Juan Luis Guerra The Kings Concert August 12 Anastasia Giradot Stadium Silletero Parade August 15 Avenida del Rio Feria de Flores Kick-Off Event The Flower Festival will kick off with a concert featuring national artists as well as local food stalls. There will be multiple fairground activities and experiences for you to participate in, too. Although the exact start time is still to be determined, the event is set for July 27th in the Aeroparque Juan Pablo II. With an expected turnout of 10,000 people, this is going to be one big event! Concerts If there’s one thing Colombians love, it’s dancing, and at the Flower Festival, opportunities to sway your hips abound. The festival has a ton of different concerts, all featuring different genres and musical styles. There are also a mix of paid and free concerts to attend, so if you’re not looking to shell out a bunch of money on tickets, you can still listen to some good jams.
  22. Bogotá has incredible history and many sites to see. To get acquainted with the city, I would suggest 4-5 days including a Saturday night so you can attend Theatron, the largest gay club in South America. Know that traveling north-south in Bogotá takes time as the roads are congested so plan you time by neighbourhood-section of the city so you do not spend all your time in traffic. Day trips to the Salt Cathedral in Zipiquira or the sacred Laguito de Guatavita (the origin of the El Dorado legend) are exceptional. Medellín has a rich history (beyond what you see on Netflix) and is the centre of entertainment and film production, as well as being a rising tech centre (four universities) and tourism destination. I would suggest 3-5 days to get acquainted with the city and see some highlights. An overnight in Guatapé - El Peñol is also a great experience. Climb the rock to the summit and then explore the water on a boat tour before finishing up in Guatapé. There are tour buses continually between Medellin and El Peñol so you could make it a day trip. I would also suggest a day trip to coffee country (eje cafetero) to see traditional farming villages, but it requires a flight to Manizales or Pereira. Salento is the most famous coffee town and you can see the wax palms that are native to Colombia. For a day trip to the coffee region from Medellín, you can travel to Amagá where there are a dozen local coffee fincas you can tour. Cartagena is the gem of the Caribbean coast and is worth 2-3 days. Most find that they get bored of the tiny streets and plazas of Getsemani and El Centro (old city) so I would consider either a day trip to the beach clubs of Barú or Tierra Bomba. If you want to get completely away, take a few days in the Islas de San Bernardo where you have crystal clear warm water to swim in all day while you soak up the sun. Other cities to consider. Calí is on the pacific coast and is the home of Salsa music. Caleños love to enjoy life and have a good time. Go salsa dancing in Parque de los perros (free lessons each night) or hang out in Versalles neighbourhood. Santa Marta is another beach town at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain and the start of the trail to the Forgotten City. Barranquilla is a shipping port and home the second largest Carnival in Latin America and to Shaquira, for whom they erected the worst possible statue of her image. And I would also consider visiting Santa Crux de Mompox if you are a fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez (hire a driver - the roads are brutal), or La Macarena to see the Amazon from the Colombian side and visit the famous Caño Cristales river and waterfalls. Hope that helps get you started.
  23. He states Robledo which is north of the Giradot stadium in Laureles.
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