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  1. I went to Men's Hotel & Spa 5+ years ago & that was definitely the policy then. I requested a massage & the masseur was not particularly young or cute & there were no extras. I was in SR about a month ago & did not bother to go back. The massage possibilities in SR seemed very limited during my recent visit. If others have had better luck, I'd like to hear about it.
  2. Agree... I don't think that anyone can accurately predict what will happen next year with Thai tourism. A lot depends on when the tourists from China return, of course. So, all we get from Thaiger is a click-bait title & a lot of vague speculation.
  3. That might be the reason. I had to show my boarding pass at Suvarnabhumi back in September & it was an EVA flight going on to Taipei.
  4. Yes, definitely one less hassle to deal with. Probably not a bad idea to carry copies (at least) of your vax documentation when you travel. Just in case.
  5. Maybe somebody had a sudden urge to sample Carolina barbecue.
  6. tm_nyc


    USD are accepted in Cambodia; the Euro & THB are not. Probably easier to change Euro to USD in BKK but it's certainly possible to do it in Cambodia. Many (not all) ATM's in Cambodia dispense USD so that's the easiest way to get dollars while you are there. Cambodians seem to be using the riel more. So, if one pays a $15 bill in a restaurant with a US $20 note, the change may come in riels. I find that the amount will be generally accurate & I leave it at that. I try to use a credit card as much as possible but I still have a wallet full of riel notes that won't pay for very much.
  7. @PeterRS thanks for all the great information! What has your experience been (if any) with massage venues in Taipei? My impression is that they are quite expensive (by BKK standards) & may or may not include extras. Also, the Blowing Wind Forum has a Taiwan section that is worth a look (IMO).
  8. Plus extra bonus points for travelers who are using the currently very strong USD.
  9. Yes! I am in Siem Reap right now & I agree that it's an excellent time to visit the ruins. Otherwise, I think it's going to take years (definitely more than one) for SEAsia tourism to get back to its pre-Covid levels but things are moving in a positive direction. So, yes, travel now!
  10. tm_nyc

    Bali scene?

    Yes! I visited Yogya right after Bali & I liked it a lot. Not a gay destination (as far I could tell) but really an interesting place with nice people & lots to see. The highlight was visiting Borobudur. To get there, I rode on the back of a motorcycle, driven by a sweet but (alas) straight tour guide.
  11. tm_nyc

    Bali scene?

    Thank you, dscrtsldnbi, for the excellent posts! Are you familiar with the gay scene in Ubud, especially the massage scene? On my one short visit to Bali, years ago, I thought that Seminyak was OK, but I really preferred the atmosphere in Ubud.
  12. My reply to the title question is 'yes'. Not sure that all/most people under 50 have stopped reading but I do know that Amazon has killed off a lot of bookstores in the US. I agree that (Amazon) Kindle is a great convenience for travelers. I put a lot of books on my Kindle before I leave & I borrow books while I'm traveling from my public library at home as well.
  13. Same-same here. I saw Top Gun Maverick in Bangkok & really enjoyed it. It's one of those movies that really should be seen on a big screen.
  14. It would be great if someone could come up with a breakfast option or 2 for Silom. As for Foodland Patpong, it takes a certain very refined farang taste to appreciate its unique charms.
  15. For visitors from the US, the much lower cost of the airfare (compared to going to Thailand) would offset the higher cost of the recreational activities. Thanks for the excellent posts!
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