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  1. Thank you I was looking for the information.
  2. was there last year and met a really hot Moroccan guy in Rabat. It's a hit and miss here. Can't wait to come back.
  3. can't wait to visit Cairo after the pandemic but I don't think it would be easy to find escort there?
  4. yeah the ending was seriously boring and made no sense. Don't bother to watch the last season.
  5. Thank you for this post. I was looking why I can't view some sections anymore.
  6. al least now Twitter, Facebook are blocking his posts right and left. What an incompetent president!
  7. Had bad experience with many massage places in HCMC but there was a good sauna I went with some nice boys (Nadam if I remember correctly)
  8. RIP. I didn't know him personally but read many of his posts from the old thai forum. Great guy it seems.
  9. xcorpse


    omg their new series Manner of Death is so good and hot. MaxTul forever
  10. yeah I wonder if they still open. Miss the boys there terribly haha.
  11. xcorpse

    Bali, anyone?

    I don't think so. At least not in Bali when I was there a year ago.
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