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  1. I agree this should not have been posted publicly. two points - first: we are rightly quick to condemn posting anything to ID another member. But many here freely post information to ID the boys. Not good in either direction, unless the boy (or member) agrees with posting the ID information online. Who would agree to that in this type forum ? Maybe some of the online rentboys or pornstars who are out professionally, but probably not many of the boys working the saunas in Rio or SP. second: if you think you have any confidences or secrets w the sauna working boys, you are mistaken. they openly discuss clients and will tell you just about anything. among themselves, of course they gossip and share everything about clients. after a visit or two to the same sauna, they know exactly what you like & how you tip. you are not anonymous. proceed accordingly.
  2. wrong. after I started posting about my experience about 60 days ago - several other long term members posted about their harassment from trolls from this forum. One guy had to delete his IG bc of troll harassment. Another had online trolls slandering him among his contacts in Santo Domingo. There are many stories from many different members. I’ve had several PMs from members w similar stories. yeah - I agree. The subject is beat to death. It would be great if this forum was for people who want to use it as intended & contribute accordingly. But, as this is an online anonymous message board with paid sex as main subject matter - the nutjobs will always be here. Don’t do the things trolls do & you won’t be accused of being a troll. Really simple.
  3. just to clarify - my issue with the trolls (for lack of a better word) in these forums is less than 60 days old. It all started on April 30 when I was leaving São Paulo. I was getting multiple PMs from @iveryhotijake00 asking for specific sex-worker contact information & that’s when I began to see a pattern in how trolls use this forum. There are two types of “trolls” - the first is the ones looking for contact information to harass the sex-workers. The second type is just going for attention & to create controversy & drama within the forum. The main area of interest for most users of this forum is hiring guys while traveling & everything related to that. When a new member comes here & stirs up a lot of drama - and says he doesn’t hire guys then you have to wonder why he’s even here ??? Also - the personal insults are a giveaway when interacting w a troll. And - to clarify: there are 3 different screen-names that appear to be the same person. And that’s all in the last 60 days. So, this hasn’t been a topic I’ve posted on before April 30 this year. For whatever reason - it’s played like a con-game w the trolls. Meaning they come on here and try to establish some legitimacy w some generic posts, then move into asking for specific referrals via PMs. They also come on and publicly ask for information about a destination that is extensively covered here in the hopes someone will engage via PM for the information they want. Even more puzzling - they come on here while they’re supposedly in some city and start asking for basics about that city. When I was a first time visitor in SP recently, it never occurred to me to come here and ask questions - since I was in SP and could easily get information from any local. That’s kind of basic, right ? These trolls are very determined and clever. I wouldn’t doubt they have VPN to mask their IPs. Just don’t fall for giving them any contact information.
  4. I get it - and you’re right. there’s no moral judgment attached. my point is that the trolls come here and barebacking is one of their very favorite topics. it’s always the same pattern w the trolls: asking for sex-worker contact info, barebacking discussion & “free Grindr” tricks it’s what gets them off & allows for harassment offline - they’re not here for anything else
  5. I agree with your comments Ironically - my entire issue w the trolls here started because one of them used information I posted from a recent trip to SP to identify a sex-worker and subsequently harass the garoto via WhatsApp. I didn’t post the name or contact information of the garoto, but did mention the online site where I found him. The troll was able to figure out his identity from my description and then started texting him about bareback sex, etc (The same troll was bombarding me w PMs begging for contact information of the other anonymous sex-workers I’d referenced in my travels.) The troll then told the garoto he was a “friend of the gringo that just left SP” meaning me because I was posting in real time and just left the city. I then got text messages from the garoto w screenshots of the exact conversation showing the harassment with the trolls real name, real phone number and real picture. The garoto wanted to know why my “friend” wouldn’t leave him alone, kept asking for pictures and inquiring about barebacking. The troll was insistent because he was “coming to SP within days”. Of course, that never happened. so, yes - there are very crazy & sick people that abuse this site in ways you can’t imagine. And, they have a distinct pattern. When I see the pattern, then it’s likely the same guy doing the same things here to other members. Btw - some members that I used to enjoy such as @numazu and @BlkSupermanvery rarely post here anymore because of the trolls. They’ve said so publicly. Instead you have the trolls posting generic information you can find in any online source about our destinations of interest. Seems to me that you’d want to keep the members that post real accurate & enjoyable information. Perhaps Im wrong and the vast majority would prefer to engage e the trolls for whatever reason.
  6. he’s likely not dumb - he seems to knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s pretty good at it. Troll 101 is claiming to be dumb when caught. fyi - the reason he’s targeted me is because I advise members not to post in real-time, not to share contacts, not to share information to ID sex workers & not to entertain the trolls that want to discuss barebacking w sex-workers. That’s all the stuff he really wants here. So, that makes it more difficult for him. The advice I’ve offered is how to protect yourself from the trolls online while still sharing useful information to have a good time. btw - his initial post about Medellin doesn’t contain one thing you can’t find with a quick google search. For someone who was there for 30 days, you’d think it would be more than generics, such as recommended restaurants, Ferchos, other gay venues or something unique that would be useful. But the trolls know that’s where they get caught because members here who know Medellin (and there are several) will see through it. That’s the game . That’s also why they don’t try the same thing in Thailand forums because they know there are members there long-term and also will get caught in lies. To be clear - I’m not saying he was never there. I am saying he displays all the common characteristics & temperament of a troll. And uses the same writing style & insults as trolls that have been here before. Maybe the same person, maybe not. Or, maybe I wrong - and as he says - he’s just dumb. That’s totally possible too.
  7. The screenshot shown is just one example of many threads about Mexico. The one example shown has 98 replies about Mexico City alone. There’s actually a lot of information posted here about Mexico, if anyone really wants it & does a simple search. But, this isn’t really about your desire to know anything about Mexico is it ?? Your real desire is to come here & get attention, cause a disruption and insult members along the way. Because that’s what trolls do. Exactly that. All the others here can make up their own minds about this. The family comments are a new low here - even for the trolls. So, at least you’ve achieved something to be remembered by. Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon.
  8. only a monster says things like this - seriously, you’re shaming someone for posting about lunch w family and dragging someone’s mother into this ?? You’ve proven my point exactly
  9. I told you guys - these trolls are devious & determined. They fight like hell when they’re caught.
  10. yup, absolutely nothing about Mexico here
  11. now you’re the victim. that’s an interesting pivot. wtf does @Latbear4blkbeing Argentine have to do w anything ? insulting other members is exactly what @richard265 did before he deleted his account - you know, the one filled w all the “valuable” information about Medellin, love motels that weren’t love motels and poor Spanish translations that made no sense. correction - passports plural, one American & one Canadian. For being a member for about 72 hours, you seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time taking up the cause of a few previous suspect posters ?? I wonder why - perhaps they are all connected. Not saying they are - just that you protest a bit too much as someone said here recently - hit dogs holla the giveaway in this whole thing is that you had a thread removed where you were the OP - because it made you look like the troll you are.
  12. to clarify - the OP of the deleted thread is acting as if it never happened.
  13. now he’s acting like it didn’t happen - gaslighting is a new technique here these online shenanigans don’t surprise me - unfortunately these same people do similar things to working boys, procurers & venues, creating a level of distrust/suspicion that affects everyone in the game. and that, friends is why you never share your contacts or intimate experiences in this forum.
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