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  1. Hmm-was the original maybe meaning it was str8 poh to watch? I had that once in that Barcelona sauna. My biggest fear in such a case would be if guy was not stealthily making a tiny movie to sent to justfans or whatever channel for a few bt extra.
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    Here also refused (BKK) The usual poh-sites like xv and xhamster can easily select to same subject and will offer 100s of such
  3. The law here in TH says that in inside/enclosed public rooms it is not allowed at all. In BKK here from what Ive noted-but I have not been at all in many bars, this is also adhered to. But you know what law means here. Plus that I get impression you mainly mean Pty-and that abounds with open air bars.
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    Money: it all depends on where yourself you are from and what ingenious ways-and trouble to achieve that-you are willing to do to maybe gain less as 1%. In the areas close by TH (mostly up to SR and Sihanouk) THB may be accepted (still), but at not very favorable exch rates. But I just saw my last visit was also >5 yrs as no stamps in current passpt for KH. Somehow, though a little less perhaps as for the Laotians, the more talented Khmer guys seem to be in BKK and/or Pty. The one who gave me service a few days ago readily admitted TH was far better for the money and he stated to be not homesick.
  5. Sok sabay thé? (everything OK?). No more ´bram roy riel´ (500 r=4,5 bt) asked for all the time. Was kind of missing you, as no reports since the trainride in Laos. Indeed PnPn has been spruced up-a station for maybe 4 or 5 trains/week, if the hourly shuttle to airport still has not been revived. Enjoy the many ruins in SR and I am sure we can also expect a thorough overview of what is available there now as for entertainment.
  6. From all the shops in Sapan kwai I´ve done till now this is by far the best equipped and best looking. And not even the most expensive.(which as such does not hold for any). They do not give out those stampcards, but you can prepay a multiride cd for pay 10-get 11. Now that I see the pix again they do share quite a lot of guys with K-man (which sits just across the main rd-go over by BTS-stairs. Most guys are from Laos-the real country. So at least around half of the above pix are still working there. Have to rectify some note far above: location is also explained and is in fact in a house that long ago also used to hold a m2m msg at far lower standard, named the Bridge. One of the managers/captains speaks /en / very well and is also very helpful-though he always tries to put you in the VIP-room, the other not. Go weekdays-it is very busy weekends. I think they even have an old lady cleaning out the rooms after use then-very unusual. Sometimes they present a line-up, subdivided in what they call ´real men´ and ´gay´ (which only means he will also bottom), or its as usual now from a notebook/tablet, which shows the same pix as above-but with the figures for all guys.
  7. Can also no explain- if I do the math 1200 is unaccounted for-did the guys not drink from the set -up with the whiskey etc? Even @ 100/hr per guy the ´sitwithyou´ fee is quite high IMHO. Nah yah, its gone and over and there is no recourse-nor do I assume that there will now be a tornado of new visitors there. IF this set appeals to you-and they will open from 21.00- the old standing Sapan Kwai karaOK bars etc in that small soi off Pradipath are still there- DD, STax left hand, U-Turn, Waterloo right side. Stax said to be best for farang. There will probably be someone who can explain it all, that is of course: if you enjoy it so much to want that. THai music mostly, yes, and REAL old-fashion style karaOK-Buddha may help you with that. Ask for Asanee Wasant or BIRD-both firmly from <2000.
  8. Strange that your post did till now not get any response. I guess, myself not very well acquainted with Pty at all, that there is no answer-there are such shops, but there is not one specialising in what you ask for. In general these shops are to be found close by/in the 3 surviving gay areas: Boyztown (the oldest, a soi between 2nd rd and beach=1st rd and mostly famous for long standing BBB, then barely surviving Sunee-once, history now, twink heaven, behind a shopcentre named Tuk.com (once specialising in mobiles etc.) and then-take the bahtbus=2 benchcar=songhthaew for just still 10 bt, Jomtien Plaze/Centre, where such places and bars galore-often with same staff at different hrs. There is also a smaller and more dedicated on this biggest brothel in the world by the sea: gaybuttonthai.com - forum. I think the other well known forum -sawatdeenetwork also seems to attract relatively more Pty-goers and knowers and has some fixed listings above its forum. or the blog of christianpfc.blogspot.com must have some fairly recent overveiw. There seems to be no universal agree on what is best-but there seems to be 1 which better to avoid: that is Scandic. As US you may then rightfully scream out loud ´Scam!
  9. You say have done already-and I suspect people only ask after if something went wrong? Have used myself all local/budget airls here in LOS, mostly AirAsia (Thai and Malay), this one once-out of curiosity, long ago, after they had just started-specific then was they went from Swampy and the rest from DMK. Just as ichigo it must have been really so unremarkable that I remember nothing. BUT-as I always after delete etc. all requests for review, send promotion etc-suddenly a few monthes ago the VN main branch started sending every week or 2 mails with new offers, etc-and all in only chinese-not that inviting to me. IF they were also based in EU I could them then have reported and have them pay a big fine for that. In general-in my personal rank, ThaiLionAir came out best, but the nr used is very small and I do know-before anyone starts pointing fingers (yes, Ive been working along the sides of the travel bisnis long enough) this is owned by Indo LionAir which has a bad safety record.
  10. @young sip-et (=11): I myself will not waste time in trying out normal shops. And as I do not stay anyway in that Silom area shops a plenty here for msg, but hardly any with young males as staff. Thai think that older ladies are best for that=more experience. BTW; in Thai ´ǵay´ usually means not gay in the western sense, but simply means: willing to bottom. Thats an eternal source of confusion. The probably very lowest priced of such tiny normal shops-a big group of them, are (what I saw this week) in the back end of the happyland complek opposite the MALL bangkapi-Thai for 150/hr and oil for a stunning 250- NO shower available for that there. If willing, also card + star readers for the future and your lucky lotteree nrs. and a very good open-air foodcentre right beside where the rice still sells for 40 bt (but the delicious Burmese Khao Soi for 60) and dozens and dozens of 2nd hand clothes, incl again, winter coming, warm jackets. as for Pty-I only know that from other posts, but Scandic was mentioned many a time for its very bad service in several aspects, also a money rip-off. SODA-apparently nearby, got more praises. Many of the gogo guys also work daytime as masseur-with the odd chance they might even do your feet and in the perhaps started conversation whisper they can be met for more that evening in ...bar 1-2-3
  11. neither. Not normal at all-otherwise they would not put on these signs so prominently, and they yes, only have male staff (though sometimes with the odd so-fem ladyboy one might even think........) and will take only men as clients (though even that is not 100%). Also their location (in Thai ways of seeing things-mostly at the edge of larger str8 ´service centres´ (call it red light if you so wish or know that) is often a giveaway. That more as just a msg is wanted/expected is so self-evident that no words about that need to be exchanged. Nor any bargaining about tips etc.
  12. After the sleep and a plate of rice=dinner I had the joy to finish this long story off. Thanks again. Just to add to the consternation-though its from long time ago: also at ARENA, which last time I every now and then went (its not that I boycott Silom and around completely) sat-afternoon, I saw a (I guess JPN or perhaps KOrean) girl using its services. And I have had various guys there who were pretty good also for the introductory msg-at that time they had a lot from former Hero which closed down. (in quite another shop fay away in suburbia a mother brought in her handicapped son every few weeks for some relaxing service too-they were very accomodating for that) In these reports it is also the 1st time for me I read good things about Prince, besides it being expensive i always also read that it was less as mediocre at its very best for the service. And then the VNese-well-enough has been said about them. To the extent that some shops do not want them anymore as staff.
  13. Also-both vinapu and your last remark about this Khmer guy makes me wonder if it might be someone I met before-more as once and who ´upgraded´ since. Though just all by chance the after a set of Laos guys- it was a Khmer guy from Battambang (utter surprised I was also once here) but in BKK nearly half his 24 yrs. yesterday. This would mean he is also tiger (Chin. horoscope) just like me.
  14. Just a short khrap khun, sipkhao-sippeht naak rian, (thank you, 19/18 student) just before my afternoon siesta nap I had a wonderful and laugh out loud too half an hour by reading your own story, which for me was 1st time to see. Indeed you visited this LOS first times at worst times of year-hot+humid as a sauna before the rains fall. Myself having returned here exactly 1 week ago. The musings about these Super* models are quite funny from a distance. You are doing a great&fast learning curve upward and may soon become our ´ajarn=teacher/professor´ soon in all techniques to survive the various ways of distraction some places . @abidis: there are indeed dozens+dozens of local m2m msg shops spread all over town, though they seem to concentrate in some areas. There have recently been many posts about those in the Sapan kwai area-easy to get to by BTS, and I must say I also have been delighted in the visits there. Though most guys are not Thai, but Laos/Khmer/Burmese. (and the odd VNese, but I never ever have met a Malay or Indo guy here, but once a very nice Yawee=southern Thai muslim guy who turned out to speak/understand bahasa very well) yes, they mostly get local clients (which is also very much reflected in the prices) but all know also very well how to treat and deal with these farang. Most have guys in various sizes/shapes/techniques. And yes, my happy conclusion from this past week seems also after the long period of isolation etc. they also seem quite happy to please even more.
  15. Just a day ago or so I saw a note about that on quite another Thai/Chinese forum/infoboard (gbsiam-used to be Thai, G--.boy Siam, but is apparently taken over by some Chinese tycoon) which then stated it had announced to open around late November, so that could be next week. In the Onnut area, which is even further out of centre BKK as ThongLor is. Claims to have many real Thai celebrities in its staff and a shop-price per hr of 1.500 THB-or about double what even the highest priced other such shops ask for. This indicates its mostly aimed to the hi-so Thai market and it may even very well be to fob these stinky farang off. But really-no such a Thai would even think 1 second to go sitting in such a shop. For fear of officials and/or police no such a shop will ever admit to state to allow more to strangers. If one does a simple google then loads of massageshops named Cloud-or the like, appear, so there is no guarantee at all we talk about the same venue. (BTW-now that we talk Onnut-which is a BTS stop linked to a (Tesco)LOtus and via a walking street to a BigC-old Carrefour: this walking street used to have rows of massageshops at low Thai prices on both sides of which some were said to also offer more by some of their staff-also at low Thai prices for that. Also along the main rd Sukhumvit-that side, walking back to town, you will pass many more such shops and the more remote ones tended to have pretty cute male staff too-which as such is rather uncommon for normal msg shops as such. But that is all from so long ago it might by now all be history. Perhaps someone lives in the area and knows more or is going out for a walk anyway and enough command of Thai?
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