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  1. Just for information, I just read that the Philippines will reopen for vaccinated tourists starting Feb 10. Only requirement is pre departure PCR test. No quarantine any longer. I hope Thailand follows similar conditions soon. Even just back to the one day hotel quarantine would be more attractive.
  2. I tried many banks on their different branches in Bangkok and pattaya. Most will outright reject you by asking work permit. Eventually, got one from Bangkok bank in one of the mall branch. I had to have a consulate stamped letter of sorts verifying address. I just put my hotel address. I might have gotten one in the Bangkok bank located in the pattaya central festival mall but I needed a trip to my consulate, so I didn’t go through. But they were the only once it was even possible on a visa exempt entry. This was about 4 years ago though.
  3. Ok. That regrettably seals the deal for me. I will cancel my December hotel bookings I reserved last July. early next year perhaps. I love going around Bangkok in the mornings, but nice to go out sometimes at night.
  4. I’ve done a few trips already in France and Spain just armed with the vaccine certification. Extremely smooth process in airports. Not the same as Thailand for food, weather, and other important things 😉 but I guess not much choice this year.
  5. Also entertainment venues are still closed. I have my hotel reservations in December. Still not sure if I will push through.
  6. I’d be wary of data security as well if card and other info are needed to be passed on.
  7. Columbia for me as well especially the convertible pants/shorts. Lightweight and quick drying. Only issue is the net pockets than can gets punctured over time.
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