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  1. It is a good source of information, including information on day to day lives like long term rent, etc.
  2. I stayed in their accommodation before. It is a relaxing stay. the breakfast is nice early in the morning facing the pool/garden. added bonus is that the sauna is included in the stay. It isn’t that far from boystown.
  3. I’m Asian living my dream of staying somewhere in Europe. I extensively traveled the continent and beyond. Recent years before Covid, I just keep on coming back to Asia particularly Thailand and Japan, other favorites are Taiwan and South Korea. When I was younger, I thought I’d never retire in Asia. However it most likely be where I will retire. Most likely In Thailand or my home country. I’m doing a sabbatical break next year for a trial retirement and if I like it, I’ll just continue it. Just turned 50 so the retirement extension of stay in Thailand is possible now. Staying at home country though, has the advantage of finding work easily if I like to do so. apart from family and friends I have there. Oh, and I never liked winter season and even if I like to do early retirement say in Spain, it is quite costly as my preference would be Barcelona.
  4. Copy paste the the trip part. Never stayed longer than 2 weeks in either country. 1 month in Thailand, 3 weeks Japan (separate trips) even better if I can do 2 months in Thailand and 1 month in Japan. I’m doing sabbatical leave next year 😀
  5. I initially read it as beer/lager massage which could possibly not be a bad thing.😊
  6. Wow, the construction is quite fast. Or possibly because the last time I was there was pre Covid 2 1/2 years ago. That time nothing constructed above ground yet.
  7. Thanks to you and everyone for all the many information on accommodation options. I’ve never booked with Airbnb but is there a way to know exactly the condo that’s in offer? It’s actually the Ashton chula that I would really like to try because I would be sort of testing it for a possible retirement visa extension. It’s in the most ideal area as it is close to the language school I’m looking at, and of course, the silom bars and restaurants. I’ve seen long term rental that specify it along with nearby condos like wish and ideo, which is a bit further off silom.
  8. Hmm. You made me rethink the luggage situation. I am just thinking of needing a lot more clothes. But I can make do precisely by washing what I’ll bring. It’ll definitely be just tshirts anyway and lightweight pants. I’m a fan of columbia type pants. it’s just the winter clothes that I’ll be wearing coming in that’s inconvenient but I can carry it in my hands.
  9. I usually travel to Thailand with a carry on as well but longest I have been is 2 weeks. So I think I’d have more stuff staying a month or two. but I really like the convenience of just a carry on not just in Thailand but the many travels I did elsewhere.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I’d never tried Airbnb but might just do it this time. Really ideal is a place in Ashton chula or similar condo in the area. Oh yes, the laundry is actually not too much concern with just laundry places. Thks for the idea. Even the kitchenette is not super essential. But it’s nice to have for lazy breakfast in the mornings.
  11. Been reading here for a long time. it is always an excellent source of information I am thinking of 1-2 months stay in Bangkok early next year, but not sure how to go about accommodations preferably in silom/ Sam yan mrt area. Ok also near the Chong nonsi bts stop. I know I can just stay in a hotel, but 2 months seem a bit too long without access to a kitchenette or laundry. any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. Just for information, I just read that the Philippines will reopen for vaccinated tourists starting Feb 10. Only requirement is pre departure PCR test. No quarantine any longer. I hope Thailand follows similar conditions soon. Even just back to the one day hotel quarantine would be more attractive.
  13. I tried many banks on their different branches in Bangkok and pattaya. Most will outright reject you by asking work permit. Eventually, got one from Bangkok bank in one of the mall branch. I had to have a consulate stamped letter of sorts verifying address. I just put my hotel address. I might have gotten one in the Bangkok bank located in the pattaya central festival mall but I needed a trip to my consulate, so I didn’t go through. But they were the only once it was even possible on a visa exempt entry. This was about 4 years ago though.
  14. Ok. That regrettably seals the deal for me. I will cancel my December hotel bookings I reserved last July. early next year perhaps. I love going around Bangkok in the mornings, but nice to go out sometimes at night.
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