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  1. Well, if you sit at the front of the plane, technically you do arrive earlier.
  2. Members are free to post whatever they want. They are also free to ignore whatever they want.
  3. No, it wasn't boring at all. Please continue to post about your experience. We all have our coming out stories and for many of our generation they are unhappy and sometimes very traumatic, Fortunately, my experience was a happy one. I grew up in Japan from age 13. In my day it was a very conservative society (and to tell the truth, nothing much seems to have changed.) I was always fearful of being "outed" at school because Japanese boys can be vicious if they turn on someone - they've got bullying down to a fine art. So I acted macho, made crude jokes about fucking girls, commented on how sexy certain girls were - you know what I mean. As the only foreigner most of them had ever seen, apart from in the movies, I was the constant centre of attention, especially among the girls who would pass me notes in class (at that time I couldn't read them) leave gifts for me on my desk and most disconcertingly of all, stand around me in a circle and watch me eat my lunch. Needless to say, this caused problems between me and the other guys who were jealous of my situation. They'd be thinking, why don't the girls pay attention to me? And I'd be thinking, why don't the boys pay attention to me? Lol. At school we stayed in the same classroom all day and the teachers used to come to us. There was a 10 minute break in between classes to go to the toilet (and for the boys to stand in front of the mirror and preen themselves!) One day a boy told us to make sure we all gathered in the toilet because he had something to show us - something his older brother had taught him. It was the start of our group wanking sessions between classes. Being gay, it made school more fun than any school kid could imagine. I couldn't wait to get to school every day! There was one boy who, for some reason, I suspected of being gay. Of course, I never approached him in case he wasn't, but as it turned out he was and it was with him that I had my first sexual experience. Being an only child, I was extremely close to my parents so when I decided to tell them that I was gay I didn't really think it would be a big deal. So at the dinner take I simply said something along the lines of "I think I ought to tell you that I like boys, not girls." Funnily enough, I didn't know the word "gay", I only knew the Japanese word. Mum got up and gave me a big hug and dad said "Can you pass me the salt, please?" or something like that. Apart from dad telling me I should keep quiet about it, there was no further discussion. They were 100% supportive. By the time those classmates had reached the last year of school they had grown out of their bullying ways and I felt comfortable enough to come out to them. A few decided they no longer wanted to be friends with me - no loss there- but everyone else was fine. We are still all friends even to this day and if they have a major celebration I always fly up to Japan to be with them. The important thing is, understand the society in which you live and act accordingly. The gay life I enjoyed in Tokyo was full-on and anything I've experienced in Thailand pales into insignificance. But you don't flaunt your sexuality if you are gay. (Heteros can, and do so all the time). Almost all activity takes place behind closed doors. I say "almost" because I was regularly groped on the train during rush hour, especially when I was a student. So apart from enjoying being at school, the journey there in the morning was also fun! OK, that's enough. Except to say I'm so lucky to have had such understanding parents. Stories here and from my Aussie gay friends about family rejection is all so sad.
  4. We walked past those baht buses every night, so the touts knew he was a money boy. Mind you, I was one of many older farang with a young guy in tow who walked back and forth between Sunee and Boyztown. But over the years there was only this one arsehole who couldn't resist commenting. He never commented again.
  5. I go out to restaurants with my 2 guys all the time and don't give it much thought, even though I know some people - especially farang customers- probably look down on me. But I don't pay them any attention. I do remember the owner of a Thai restaurant in Central Festival giving us a hard time. We never returned. What I can't stand is being in a lift with straight people who do not try to hide their distain. I feel trapped. I find this situation occurred from time to time when the Ambiance decided to open up to straight people. On the baht bus in Pattaya my guy and I sit apart and ignore each other. I think he would feel uncomfortable being stared at by the locals in the confines of the bus. Walking around the streets of Pattaya with my guy is not a problem, although one evening as we were walking back from Sunee one of the baht bus touts on Second Street said something to my guy and called out "You boom boom him tonight!" so that everyone could hear. As it was said in a disparaging way and intended to embarrass me I walked up to him and said :" Yes. Boom boom. One hour I give him 2000 baht. Good for him, eh"? The smirk quickly disappeared from his face.
  6. Those airlines who offer a poor business class experience should remember that it is those who sit at the front of the aircraft who subsidise economy class passengers, thereby making the airline profitable. Ninety percent of profits come from business class with airlines often earning less than $20 from each economy class passenger.
  7. And let them know that you guys have more sex in a week then they have in a year, and neither of you ever get a headache!
  8. I first saw her a few years ago when she appeared on the Graham Norton show. She then started popping up on Australian TV. She speaks her mind and tells it like it is. No time for bullshit.
  9. Yes. Upstairs is all business and first class on Emirates. Business class varies greatly from airline to airline so you have to choose carefully. For example, I found Lufthansa disappointing and BA has a terrible reputation. Qantas is nothing special, either. Go for an Asian or Middle Eastern airline if you can. I always fly Cathay Pacific when I go to Japan. I am cocooned in my own little pod by the window, well away from other passengers. They have 2 business class cabins and I sit in the quiet one at the back with fewer seats. And the lounge in Hong Kong is more than adequate for what I want.
  10. I think the exclamation mark indicates that it is. Like others here, I have always flown business class because I wasn't paying. When I was a child and dad was transferred to Asia, mum and I always got special treatment because of dad's job. There wasn't any business class in those days, but we were usually seated away from others, or at least did not have anyone sitting next to us. And I was given all the icecream I wanted! The nature of my job also meant that I got to travel business class but that stopped after I retired. But once you get used to something nice it's hard to downgrade, especially on a long - haul flight. From Perth just about everywhere is long-haul! If I had to go economy I'd probably just not go. The best business class is Emirates Imho, but I'm also waiting to try Qatar's Q suite. I'm not a large person and really don't need a big seat but I do appreciate being able to lie down on a bed and sleep most of the way. I'm not particularly interested in the food as I'm very fussy about what I eat and often I can't find an entree or a main course. But I can always visit the bar at the back of the plane and find something to eat. In any case, I usually enjoy the food in the lounge rather rush what is served on the plane. The lounges in Dubai are awesome - I can always find something delicious to eat. I'm not a drinker so I'll just have a few glasses of champagne. Red wine tastes like vinegar to me. I would never fly first class as it doesn't offer value for money. I don't eat caviar or foie-gras and can't really tell the difference between Moêt and vintage Dom. On Emirates the first class seat is pretty much the same as the business seat anyway - just a little shelf with lights under the TV and a few extra creams and lotions for parts of the body I didn't even know existed!
  11. Until these bigoted religious organisations can appear in public alongside their "God" for all of us to see - and not one single religion has ever been able to present him to us in the flesh - then they should keep out of any debate which wishes to change the way people live their lives. Their particular religious rules and beliefs should only apply to themselves.
  12. Sorry Riobard but you've lost me there! At home I usually have a guy over for sex twice a week. We have sex the night he arrives and the next day before he leaves. He spends the second day with me and tends to leave after dinner. So that's 4 times a week - quite a lot less than when I was younger. Although as we flip-flop, I guess that could be considered 8 times! (But I only cum once per session) I travel for 2 reasons - for sightseeing and for sex. I don't combine the two unless I'm visiting a country for the first time. I'm interested in medieval Japanese history, which was a compulsory subject at school, and also medieval European history. So this knowledge is put to great use when I travel to those destinations. But these days Thailand is for sex only, as I have done the sightseeing bit many times. And because I've gone to the trouble of making the trip I want to have as much sex as possible during my holiday with as many hot, handsome and hung guys as possible. But twice a day is enough for me, and I find myself slowing down as the days pass so that after about 2 weeks I find it a little difficult to get hard and maintain an erection. Basically, I just run out of puff. That's when I know it's time to come home. Also, towards the end of my trip I tend to bottom more, even if I'm with a guy who I can top. I don't visit the bars in Pattaya these days as I have a regular guy there. In Bangkok I have sex every afternoon with my regular and find another partner for the evening. So there's my 2 times a day. If I find another guy later in the evening I may bottom for him but I don't cum. So technically, that's 3 times. Although I've slowed down compared with my younger days, my sex drive over the last decade or so has not declined any further. Fingers crossed I can maintain my libido for many more years to come,
  13. I'll never get on the back of a motorcycle. Even a tuk-tuk scares me.
  14. That's a loooong walk for me on a hot day! And that's from the wall,which is a long way from downtown near the night market where all the action is.
  15. Check on google maps - it's a bit difficult to explain its exact location. Suffice to say it's a long way from downtown. I used to stay in the Lotus Hotel right opposite the bar. During the day is was hard to find a tuk-tuk to go into town. And coming back after a night in a bar in town was very expensive. The Lotus has now closed.
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