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  1. I used to find rent guys advertising in the personal columns of the newspapers in Perth. I had a list a mile long to choose from and for years I'd get in my car and drive all over town whenever I felt horny. As I grew up in an Asian country it was only natural for me to prefer Asian guys but most of those advertising were Western. I got really excited when one day I found a guy who was Thai. I got into my car and rushed over to his apartment but was shocked to see he was a ladyboy! I tried to escape but he somehow managed to cut me off at the pass and before I knew it I was lying down on the massage table. He gave me a quick hand job and I then got up and rushed out the door. I found a few guys who said they were Japanese but strangely enough, they didn't understandca single a word of what I was saying in Japanese. Turns out they were Chinese. Unfortunately, they were rather pushy, just wanting to get the deed over as quickly as possible, so the sex was barely acceptable. There's nothing worse than a guy looking back at you over his shoulder asking "Have you finished yet?" I've lost count of the number of guys I've contacted through their newspaper ads, but again, the sex was very mechanical. However, I did actually meet 3 guys who I really liked. Not only did they have the necessary attributes - handsome, swimmer's body, friendly personality and big, fat cock - they were also awesome in bed and best of all, they were versatile. These 3 guys became my regulars and we have spent a lot of time together. One is now off the scene but the other 2 are available. The routine is, I'll call one over in the late afternoon or early evening. He has his own room on the far side of the house. We'll have sex then sit out on the balcony and watch the sunset while we have a drink or two. Then we go out for dinner. After dinner we'll sit and chat or get into the jacuzzi or have a swim. We then have sex again and he goes off to his room to sleep. He comes back to my room in the morning and we lie in bed for a while just chatting and planning the day before we have some more fun - usually just a wank, sometimes just a cuddle. Both guys are into cars so we often go for a drive out in the country. In winter we go to the movies and in summer we go to the beach. Then it's back home after lunch and I like to just sit on the sofa and play with my Ipad and he might go to his room for a while. There's heaps of things at home to keep him busy - I've got a gym and I've also bought an xbox with some car racing games, compete with driver's seat, steering wheel, etc. All this is just to make sure that he doesn't get bored when he comes over. Even though this arrangement is almost perfect for me, I wonder how long it will last as sooner or later the 2 guys will have to move on. That means I'll have to try and find someone else and that might be very difficult to do. The other problem is, they are not Asian. If they were, my life would be perfect. Oh well, you can't have everything.
  2. As visitors to their country we should respect their wishes vis à vis masks. What we do in our own country is our own business. Farang disregarding local sentiment is not a good look for us Imho.
  3. Although I live in Australia I would be very happy to live in or near Tokyo. I don't have any family but I have lots of friends in both countries. I will now probably just stay here a a couple of years ago I built my dream home by the ocean and it would be silly to give that up now. I like lots and lots of space - something that is hard to find in Japanese houses. Most of the rooms remain unused, but it's nice to know that they're there just in case. During Covid I had a live-in "friend" to look after me, so to speak. He lived on the other side of the house because I like my own space and enjoy being by myself sometimes. When I was living in Tokyo my apartment was considered quite large by Japanese standards ( my company owned it, not me ) but compared to my present house it was very tiny indeed. But while I was living in it, it never occurred to me how small it was. I guess you get used to it. I don't know if I could do that now. There is no jet lag between Perth and Tokyo so it's easy to fly back and forth as I wish. So I guess I'm attracted to the space. And anyway, the Japanese summer is unbearable!
  4. Well, I don't "deserve" anything, as I have no control over fares - I'm at the mercy of the airlines. I certainly didn't do anything to "deserve" such a ridiculous fare. I wouldn't "surely die" if I had to sit in coach (economy), just like I'd surely survive if I had to eat fish fingers for dinner rather than something nicer. It's a lifestyle choice. Olddaddy, I never give a thought to how long I've got left as I've still got a way to go before I hit my late 70s. I also believe it's no use dying with lots of unspent money in the bank so I don't have any trouble going out and spending it. I'm a shopaholic, afterall. But I want value for money. That's all I think about before I bring out the credit card. I'm trying to tell myself that the value is there because I'll get to catch up with my friends in Tokyo and enjoy our traditional "bounenkai" (忘年会) after having missed out the past few years. It's why I invited a friend, as I wanted him to enjoy it with me. I'm still working hard on convincing myself.
  5. Not many airlines fly out of Perth and ticket prices are ridiculous. Business class fares on Cathay Pacific to Japan have tripled! The fare on my last trip before Covid was around $4500 return. Now it's $11750. And due to tough Japanese government restrictions on visiting Japan, I have to book through a travel agency. I really can't justify paying out that much for what amounts to 28 hours flying time. That's hardly value for money. And to make matters worse, I've invited a friend to come with me. Had I known how much it would cost I would never have invited him. I haven't paid for the tickets yet; I've just asked the travel agency to hold the seats for me while I decide what to do. The consultant did say that prices would probably come down early next year but I want to go over Christmas and New Year, as I do every year. A friend reserves a large suite in a beautiful hotel - he pays for it - and we all get together for our own New Year party. So I don't want to go next year - that's too late. I've got until Tuesday to make up my mind. I think I might give it a miss.
  6. Sorry, but I also find any face coveting a turn-off. It's like having sex with a guy wearing a paper bag over his head. For me, the face is the second most important part of the guy's body.
  7. Is that slimey, condescending and totally insincere papa-san who wears the cap still in Boyzboyzboyz?
  8. Deleting posts from the middle of a thread can make that thread disjointed and difficult to understand.
  9. So just stay away from people who want to judge you all the time.
  10. Wtfool, you seem to lack a proper understanding of what a friend is. Most important of all, a true friend is someone who is there to support you in all situations. So if they turn on you because you are gay, how can you consider them to be friends?
  11. You need to forget those hetero "friends" and find a bunch of gay friends with whom you will share a lot in common.
  12. Which confirms what vinapu was pointing out - there are gay bars and boy bars. They cater to different audiences. Another boy bar is Boyzboyzboys in Pattaya. It started off as a gay bar but then changed to a boy bar when Chinese women began to outnumber gay customers.
  13. I think it's a joke - he's referring to the use of a hair dryer.
  14. Just make sure you use the big one!
  15. "Any requests on what to check out while I’m around, let me know." If you have time, could you please check out Natureboy? I've had lots of fun times there over the years.
  16. In all my interactions with bar boys in Thailand over the years I have rarely heard a sob story, or any other story, designed to get money out of me. Yet strangely enough, if I did hear a genuine story, from I guy I liked, I'd be more than happy to dig deep and help him out. Rather then hand over a sum of money I'd prefer to set him up in a business of some kind - nothing too complicated - to ensure a steady stream of earnings (provided he can run the business, of course!) If the business failed I guess I'd just chalk it up to experience and move on. Years ago there was a guy in Pattaya who I'd seen over many trips; he was my regular guy. He had a wonderful personality and was so much fun to be with. He didn't drink or smoke and was certainly not a party boy. Oh, and he was a great bottom, too! I asked him what he planned to do after he got too old for the bar scene. He mentioned that he'd like to set up a juice stall. I told him when I came back on my next trip we could look into it. If the figures added up, I'd get him started and support him until he was making money. On my return trip 2 months later I went straight to the bar to meet him, only to find that he'd changed bars. I went to the bar and was shocked by what I saw. He was loud and out of control. He was obviously very drunk and probably on something (meth??). His friends in his previous bar told me he had changed after he started mixing with the wrong crowd. So that was the end of that. I never bothered with him again. Talk about a missed opportunity!
  17. " Long Covid scares me. I know people who are still suffering long after they re-tested negative. For them the virus has been anything but "extremely mild."
  18. I bought a pencil sharpener on Khaosan Rd for a friend. It was a woman with her legs apart, so you can guess where the pencil went. Very tastfully done!
  19. I think it is unreasonable to off a guy and expect him to be able to bottom if he's not used to it. Is not something you can just do on the spot - it requires quite a bit of practice and a top who will take things slowly. Otherwise it can be very painful indeed. But one you get used to it, it's a case of "Hello, sailor!"
  20. I made a point of saying "In my experience" in the final sentence; I was not making a general comment. And I'm the first to admit my experience with ladyboys is limited to seeing how they behave on Beach Road and in various gay bars where they are employed as mama-sans. I'm sure that, like Vessey, there are others who can point to a different experience.
  21. It seems that ladyboys were all born with the gift of the grab. It's really weird. Is it just part of their "culture"? In my experience, they are truly horrible people! Nothing like the Thai guys I hang out with in the bars,
  22. If I were past 80 I also probably wouldn't worry too much about what I ate or keeping in shape. Luckily, I'm not there yet. I exercise in order to be fit enough to go sightseeing when I travel. I usually walk around 17 kilometres a day when I'm on holidays. I want to be able to climb up cathedral stairs in Europe, for example. My last overseas trip was to Spain and Portugal. In Portugal you are forever climbing stairs and hills so you need a fair degree of fitness. It is the most exhausting country I've ever visited. I live on the coast so I just cross the road and I'm at the beach where I go swimming in summer. In winter I have a heated pool to swim in. There is also a walking path that goes on for kilometres along the coast, so that is also very convenient. I also have a gym at home but rarely use it as I prefer to exercise outside. But I've kitted it out with lots of equipment because the "friends" who come over to provide me with a special kind of "exercise" like to work out. Just looking at all that equipment wears me out! I have a sweet tooth so I actually need to exercise more then most in order to stay fit. I don't drink much and I only smoke when I'm in Thailand, never at home - or anywhere else for that matter.
  23. Sorry "Thai doctors" but I go to Thailand for cocks. I visit beaches and temples in between the cocks. For me, there are lots of other countries which offer far more interesting places to go sightseeing.
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