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  1. 3000 st and 5000 lt seems a bit pricey :(, especially for just inspiring models
  2. I think, I will have to try that @vinapu - Are you in Pattaya on Saturday as well?
  3. am I so unlucky, arrving Saturday evening ?
  4. I am so glad I will be there already on Saturday evening
  5. I think you have to turn right where the entrance to Mango is located, not following the road to Prime. Somebody can confirm that for sure ;).
  6. Just a side question to the topic . Is there any (gay or gay-friendly) dance club/disco opened in Pattaya already? I remember NAB from long ago, but anybody got updated news maybe? Thanks. 😁
  7. I am coming with a short "visit" I will stay in Pattaya May 21-25th and in Bangkok May 25-29.
  8. Lets hope we get a nice report from there soon
  9. What about Baan Souy Resort? I have heard it is pretty nice place. Is it worth staying there?
  10. I am coming to Pattaya for few days on May 21st. What hotels would you recommend now? Thanks for advice.
  11. Mateo_37

    Thai Pass

    Where did you stay that you got your test results so fast (under 2 hours)? Thanks for a hint ;).
  12. Can anybody help me where can I find the list of hotels (Pattaya and Bangkok) that will fulfill the requirements for new Test&Go rules? Thanks a lot in advance :). Thanks to Vinapu's advise, I decided not to cancel my vacation in February :D.
  13. I still have my flight booked for February 18th, but I am wondering if I should maybe reschedule it for May or something?
  14. Last week it was opened only on Saturday and Sunday, closed working days
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