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  1. How about Prague? There used to be a couple of strip club/hustler bars. Did any survive?
  2. I stopped using facebook about 5 years ago after over ten years of use because I was starting to get grown adult friends get upset with me over "not liking" one of their posts. Noped out and I couldn't be happier.
  3. What months are usually best to visit? Curious if the street trade will go back to your room instead of using the sex hotels.
  4. I stayed at Evenia, which is super close. FInancially, it's cheap, but it's not the best value. You have no control over the room temperature and the rooms are small even for Barcelona standards. Axel is gay and a bit tacky, but it's a gay hotel, so bringing people back or even getting recommendations from staff is easy. It's a little farther, but I'd recommend it if their sky bar is open: it's considered one of the top gay bars to visit in Europe, and it doesn't disappoint.
  5. So they only do outcalls to your place? Did they mention their travel radius?
  6. All these stories about trade with knives... I don't know, guys.
  7. I'm not surprised about Milan having a strong gay scene given the prominent fashion industry. The whole scene is dominated by gay men. I'd imagine a lot of gorgeous models coming through. As far as Rome... remember that Italy is a strongly Catholic country and is infamous for being a few steps behind the rest of Europe when it comes to progress, so in my experience, homophobia is surprisingly stronger than expected. Even civil unions are relatively new to the country. You'd think that since Rome houses an entire country of "celibate" men with it there would be an underground gay scene. I've only heard ruminations about escorts being very deep on the dl.
  8. Yeah I'd like to hear back too because if all the cam site model locations are to believed, Medellin has a wealth of gorgeous fit guys.
  9. The rooms are really nice, do people use this as their main vacation room?
  10. He's famous for several shows, including Downton Abbey This is a sad reminder that the vaccine isn't a cure, and despite all our advances and protocols, there are no guarantees. Really sad to hear this.
  11. Any update on the status of the bar? Planning a trip and I'm not sure what's going on with the current restrictions.
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