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  1. Downtown is near a lot of low to middle class areas. That's why the guys are darker. Polanco is a very exclusive and rich neighborhood.
  2. He's very handsome and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Hope everything works out for him.
  3. 1984 was the one that i liked the most out of that top 5. It's a very powerful book and keeps you hooked til the end. I tried to read the Lord of the Rings but gave up halfway through the first book. Just not my thing.
  4. Beautiful, it rolls right off the tongue
  5. That's Jeff. Mugler was one of the first to put porn stars, drag queens and trans women on the catwalk, at a time when doing so was still a risk.
  6. She lost her life becuase she wanted to go to the sauna. What a stupid decision she made.
  7. RIP. He was a visionary. So ahead of his time.
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