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  1. Thank you for clarifying. Yes after Mango tree is a T junction where I took the left which goes past prime and towards to Mstar side of things.i did consider turning right but examining from the junction, that area was dark and no signboard lights seen at around 9 pm or so. It was probably there. I'd leave that for another trip to explore. But I was eating straight boys the entire week, I wonder where the gay ones had gone. My friend says they know the queen is coming to BKK hence they are all in hiding....lols
  2. I was on Soi 6 on Thursday night. But I never could locate this bar...haha I walked from Mango tree restaurant, past prime untill the mstar massage place which is the end of the Soi to the other side. Best part was I couldn't find anything and trudged the way I came back to Soi 2 into dreamboys...lols
  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder...
  4. Thank you lovely people. I will try my luck and provide a trip report...hehe
  5. Ooo which massage place was that?
  6. Hi guys, wanted to ask if any of you have any recent trip reports on Chiang Mai boy bars? First time visiting Chiang Mai and was wondering if I could seek some guidance from our fellows here at Gay Guides. Thank you
  7. Cools, I shall visit that bar first and sample when I arrive in BKK on 11 May 2022.
  8. I'm also visiting Bangkok from 11 - 16 May. With a side trip to Chiang Mai. Feel so excited
  9. A friend of mine told me there are such services in bkk. It be so fun to explore...
  10. Well said. Have had my share of str8 that delivered and some who don't. I usually get hesitant. Once did a pornstar...he was good but he doesn't make out so not really so up my street...haha
  11. Thanks Vinapu. Yes he had the str8 look to him. Just seeing is fine. Prob wouldn't wanna shell out money for "str8 guys" lolw...
  12. Yes whatever I have learnt, it was through the sharings in this forum. A great thank you to all.
  13. I kinda like the below guy. Anyone has any info on this guy?
  14. Normally I'd stay at conrad, Hilton or pullman. I'd just openly strut in with the guy in tow. I would also watch the timing so it's not so obvious. And if I do get stopped, will just have the guy registered and say yeah we are having some drinks in my room after dinner. Just feed a story and don't bother what they will think since they would already be thinking of all sorts of strange things...bringing back more than one guy, I've not tried. Prob our more experienced members can share their experiences.
  15. Thank you for your sharing.
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