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  1. Agree about Xone on Surawong. I used to walk to Superrich but Xone is nearer for me.
  2. Some people want to keep working. It is their life. I retired at age 59, no regrets so far.
  3. The bar behind the business class section on a Qatar Airways A380 in April. There is seating on the left and I enjoyed stretching out as the only customer there for a while. Then I could afford the last minute upgrade offers. Now the prices are through the roof.
  4. 4214 baht, assuming dinners are 500bt each.
  5. But as the decreed 'gift' chart doesn't include long time at Jupiter can we infer that the amount for the latter is infinite?
  6. Glad someone made the point about legality. If we make 'gifts' they are not 'fees', though I appreciate this is dancing on the head of a pin.
  7. Most bar lads speak more English than I speak Thai but even limited Thai goes a long way, I think. Google translate for when it's really needed.
  8. I asked one of the lads, who I had met on a previous trip, and he suggested some of his friends who I had met at the bar. I offered 3000 to divide amongst them as well as paying for everything. I paid 1200bt return for the shared speedboat which had another seven Asian customers (so 240bt each person) and takes about 15 minutes. The lads suggested getting the Songtheao to Tien beach, which is quieter and less touristy than the busy beach the boat arrived at. I thought that was a good move as I liked the quieter Tien beach. Lunch under beach umbrellas with very reasonable jetski price for any of our group who wanted that. When booking the speedboat, which is just walk on to the pier at Pattaya and talk to speedboat companies, one specifies a return time. So a pleasant afternoon out. I don't know about overnighting there.
  9. Agree completely with giving the lads a good time. Last week I took 4 bar lads to Koh Larn, they showed me a better beach, had lunch, some went on a jet ski. That evening they invited me to drink with them on the beach. They can show us a good time in other ways than sex. I think bar lads like all the tips, unless they're bizarrely on the low side. And when it's raining a lot, like now in Bangkok, and there are few customers, we can be more generous.
  10. IMO about 300 bt is the minimum, as he also gets a drink tip. More if it was especially fun or good service. I might tip 500 just for chatting and looking cute. I think 1000 is a bit on the top side but would make the lad happy.
  11. Freshboys' men were in white shorts a week ago. I will be there later so any change I will report.
  12. I've come to Thailand about 40 times since 2011 so I have seen a few things but I've had new experiences in the last few days. Today I went to the massage shop behind Tukcom. I got the man's clothes off in the end for kissing and wanking. When I tipped him 700bt he said: 'Too much'. Most massage men when it comes to 'extras' say 'how much you give me or '1000'. I didn't reduce his tip, which I thought was fair. I googled for a laundry near Jomtien, took my favourite pants and about 5 t shirts. The next day the laundry woman said a falang had insisted my clothes were his clothes. He didn't return them over the next few days so the laundry woman said she would pay me. I suggested 1000bt which she agreed to. If I'm back in 3 months and my clothes are returned we can reverse this. A Thai man I have known for years visited my hotel in Jomtien. Reception asked to keep his id card while he was there. (The night before reception had photocopied another man's id when I brought him back.) We left for a drive and he discovered 50 km away that the hotel had given him someone else's id card. He said that he should have checked when the hotel gave it back to him, but didn't. Happily, we rang the hotel and his id was still there. But suppose it wasn't, his id had been given to someone else and was now 200km away. Or what if it was the passport of a man we had taken back to the hotel, who had no visa and was here illegally, which was given to the wrong person? For this reason I now prefer a hotel which does not keep passports in this way as I no longer think I can trust hotels. Maybe I can trust laundry women despite some crazy falang about.
  13. Singha 450bt recently at Dreamboys but sticker on menu so maybe price changes according to the day. I prefer to pay 350bt for Leo at Freshboys and get nearer to my idea of dream men.
  14. As the other bars have moved on from jeans, could this be a tea money issue that this bar hasn't? I went on a weekday. About 7 guys, none that I fancied. Maybe 3 customers, including me. I gave all the guys on the stage 100 bt as I always feel for the men working when there is no sign of a coin. Some twinks would get me back there.
  15. Hi ichigo, I am also in the Tarntawan since 28th. If you have time to do a coffee and chat sometime, message me on terry6082@gmail.com
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