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  1. I can't speak about Taipai ... but in Mexico City where I lived for 6 years, many people still don't have hot water or have limited hot water due to having to pay for gas tanks which for many can be expensive (to use for showers instead of cooking) ... if you run a lot of hot water. In the city, there are many neighborhood saunas at which father's and sons visit on Saturday or Sunday afternoons during which they'll spend an hour or more under hot water showers scrubbing and enjoying. The father oftentimes goes into the sauna, sometimes having sex with another man (usually somebody going down on him) ... but the child/young teen stays in the shower area.
  2. I’m an extrovert, easily meet and engage in conversation with anyone … but I’m not intrusive. I do oftentimes initiate a conversation with strangers. However, I respect other gay men when they’re occupied with a MB (or in Rio with a GP) or are obviously actively cruising. It’s been the rare instance when I’ve encountered someone who isn’t interested in some conversation. The first gay bar I visited in BKK was Harry’s (Silom 2) in the early 1990s which I’m recalling wasn’t so much a formalized MB bar but, rather, it was recommended to me as a place the uninitiated (in BKK) English-speakers could find gay men from elsewhere who visited BKK frequently helpfully answered questions about the scene and pointed you in the right direction. The owner/manager was very patient/helpful with questions/answers. I learned so much in those early visits from the Dreaded Ned’s website, it’s excellent directory of gay bars and businesses, and the rough-and-tumble (frequently combative) message board.
  3. Yes, sexually active gay and bi men should be tested annually (many straight men and women, too). So this date serves as a reminder, not to engage in sexual behavior that places us individually and others at risk of becoming infected, or infecting others. Then, for me, there is the sad remembrance of scores of persons I’ve known or slept with whose lives were extinguished way too early, as the result of contracting HIV/AIDS. There are now a couple of generations of individuals who were born after the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis (or were very young at the time) who lack sensitivity about or understanding of how devasting it was and could again be.
  4. I think the % of seniors who choose restrictive health care - Medicare Advantage Plans - is almost 50%. It's an individual's choice, not something we are pushed or forced into - not as I view the matter. Oftentimes it's a choice due to an insured's inability to pay for better coverage / care. One could possibly say a push comes as the result of lack of funds. We have the ability to choose differently - choose better care - annually. All of this having been said, in my community many neighbors use BayCare Medicare Advantage Plans, none are asked to video conference physicans, and they receive some perks my UnitedHealthcare full insurance plan does not provide to me. All seem satisfied. Given the description of the severe restrictions Kaiser imposes on you I'd not consider signing with them. But, to each his own preferences. Broad generalizations usually don't apply to a country as large as the USA.
  5. I don't doubt your personal experiences, but I also think your characterization of physician visits in the USA is not an accurate one for the country as a whole. My own experience is the opposite of yours, and is the opposite of everyone I know who discusses medical care. In the USA healthcare is expensive, relative to many other countries and, largely, we get the healthcare we pay for, or can afford. You've apparently chosen a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) to make many of the decisions made by me or on my behalf because I've chosen to a plan (PPO) which allows me to select just about any medical professional or care facility of my choice. I'm 73 and, as might be expected because of my age and accumulated health conditions, have the need/desire to consult with my primary care physician and specialists probably 8-10 times yearly. In my lifetime I've only once been required to speak with a medical professional via video conference, and that was during the early stages of COVID when so much of the USA was shut down. Other than that instance, I've had no problem speaking with medical professionals, in office, at times convenient to me. Yes, sometimes getting in to see a specialist, the first visit, can be challenging. But after the first visit and when someone is an office patient ... no problems.
  6. Not just in the USA. Canada, too. Canadian Immigration (at Pearson) has previously taken me into a holding area, asked for my laptop computer and my password including e-mail account password, and read through my computer for an hour before returning it to me and saying I could proceed to depart. Canadian Immigration has been the most ignorant of their ilk compared to other countries I visit (and I visit Canada from the USA yearly, after having lived in Toronto). Immigration in every country has substantial rights to question, inspect, admit or refuse entry.
  7. The code for Chicago's O'Hare International Airport is "ORD". Why? The airport was originally named "Orchard Field". thus, "OR". The "D" comes from the last letter in the word "Field." I'm certain that many older airports, such as O'Hare, have had name changes over the years.
  8. Sorry to hear this. Anything further you care to share with us about the diagnosis? I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 13 years ago and beat it. There have been so many positive cancer treatment advances in recent years. Hopefully, one will be successful with your situation. Thank you. For those of us unfamiliar with this form of cancer click on the link below. What Is Penile Cancer?
  9. And you wonder why you have concern about your health?
  10. The OP engages in dangerous sexual activity. But, yes, the starting point is typically the primary care physician. However, I'm getting the impression that his home country does not provide adequate health care coverage.
  11. Thank you for mentioning GARDASIL 9. What I have learned about it: it is not recommended (nor found to be effective) for individuals aged 45+. Yes, it does provide some protection from HPV (Human Papillomavirus) but does not treat cancer or genital warts. Definately, a medical professional should be consulted especially before once again engaging in sexual or physical contact with anyone.
  12. Realistically, how many foreigners (i.e., from the USA) have insurance coverage that will pay for a surgical procedure/vacation in Thailand? Unless I've misinterpreted the article above, in addition to insurance I would need to demonstrate I had additional access to US$22,000 cash or credit. Uninsured, or underinsured and/or foreigners without substantial financial resources are excluded.
  13. It's not just one discussion, one topic. The individual in question was the most prolific promoter of false information, unfounded accusations, ad hominem attacks, hate-speak and/or trolling across the broad span of the forums, from what I've observed when reading through current and archived discussions. Each of us participates here via the good graces of the website owner who has developed and published terms of participation and personal conduct of which we are expected to comply. Guidelines - Gay Guides Forum
  14. Once again, thank you for posting your report. I have comments to some of your remarks: On one of my two-week visits to the city I rented a beachfront apartment in Copacabana, several streets from Leme. On that visit and during others, I walked around Leme. Smallish in size, it's considered an upper middle-class section of the city. I won't describe the area as "There is no insecurity there." because I think there are varying degrees of safety risk throughout Rio. I observed many tourists, foreign and national, who wandered about and had lodging in Leme. I haven't swam at the Leme beach but leaving anything of value behind as I entered the water isn't something I'd personally do. I'm a walker when I visit Rio. I've extensively explored Centro, Copacabana, Ipanema, Urca, Catete, Botaforo, Flamingo and Niteroi on foot ... but I don't walk in certain sections of the city after dark or on streets where many others aren't also walking or aren't well-lit. After one visit I don't think it can be said "you can walk safely" as a general statement (particularly in Centro and Lapa). The challenge for us when we're newbies is we don't know what we don't know. Being able to select from a stable of very handsome young men for the price equivalent of US$30 is just one of the reasons so many of us enjoy visiting Rio. The relatively low cost helps to offset the oftentimes high cost of airfare. At least it is for me. In addition to paying the young men, before leaving for the night I always give a tip to the individual who takes care of the locker room, hands-out the sandals/flip-flops and towels, etc. I don't like to visit on the free cabin nights. Lots of competition for the guys and when I select one I've often had to wait an hour before getting into a room. I also think the rooms aren't cleaned well those busy nights. I always use the sauna/steam rooms. When I lived in Mexico City - where gay and straight saunas are plentiful - I'd go to one once weekly. Once, while in the sauna/steam at 117 I had a lengthy discussion with a Brazilian (in English) who discussed at length the history of saunas/steam baths and clients having sex with handsome young men ... starting with the Greeks ever so long ago. It was a great opportunity. Other than that opportunity, I've spoken with only several foreigner customers over the years. I don't patronize the saunas with garotos to socialize with other customers. I don't like the straight porn on the video monitors, because, my experience has been, most of the garotos are focusing on the straight porn sometimes more than me. Maybe they're having a better time watching the video, than having sex with me! 😁 I'm supposing our assessments are relative to our prior experiences. For me, I see a lot of diversity amongst the garotos. What I don't know won't bother me. However, if I knew a garoto was rimming customers ... I would not select him, no matter how awesome he looked. I don't understand why you think that. What experience with an English speaking garoto makes you think that way? Now, I can't think of many garotos I've been with who were fluent English speakers. Many I've been with do know some limited English. I've been with some who are Spanish speakers, and I can easily communicate with them. I know relatively few words in Portuguese as spoken in Brazil. I'm just the opposite. I prefer places ... be they in Rio or in Thailand ... where the young men are naked,or nearly so. I want to see as much of a young man's body as I can before making my choice. For a first-timer I think you did well. I've never thought of Rio as being a place to be fearless. If I'd lived there, if I had friends who live there with whom I was staying, I'd take some chances. But it's a destination that's not without safety risks. I'm not yet ready to pick-up a guy in Campo de Santana and invite him to one of the nearby hotels, and certainly not to my apartment! Over the years, I've developed a sense of comfortability in places and at times in the city ... but I remain cautious. Thank you.
  15. I'm circling back to this discussion, because I returned from my first-ever cruise (ship) - three days ago. A Royal Caribbean Line ship, 7 nights to the Western Caribbean (4 port stops: Honduras, Belize and 2 in Mexico). A small ship with about 2,000 passengers. My observations: onboard were many gay men and lesbians spanning all age groups ... including one group of 50 gay men belonging to the Prime Timers social group. There was a nightly gathering for gays in one of the bars. The Cruise Director was gay. There was no assigned seating in the Main Dining Room, and the ship I was on had 5 or 6 eating areas. I was assigned one of the two time slots to eat in the Main Dining Room but I opted to eat in the buffet restaurant instead. Passengers interact with one another as they see fit. Engage in conversations with others, or not. I did not sense anyone judging another passenger - gay or straight. People go on cruises to have a good time. If you are sharing a stateroom with a younger man and enjoying the ship's various venues, I doubt anyone will care.
  16. Thank you for returning to post your trip report.
  17. Unrelated, but some similarities: 25 years ago a friend of mine underwent penile implant surgery. A pumped-up penis balloon of sorts. A pump control was placed behind his ball sac. He said the surgery was painful. He hadn't fucked his partner in more than a decade. The first time he tried the pump he was rock-hard and the two of them had wonderful sex. The pump relief valve malfunctioned and his long dick stayed hard; wouldn't deflate. His surgeon was out of town for a couple of weeks and the office told him to strap the big dick to his thigh with an "Ace" bandage. I told him to head to the nearest gay bath house and fuck everyone he could. Why waste such a gift. He didn't. When the surgeon returned he had the implant removed. No more sex for him (he would only top, no bottoming). $4,000 and his desires unfulfilled/wasted. Be careful what we wish for.
  18. Not in Thailand, but other place in my life I've had friends and sex partners who died. Several died by suicide, some by illness ... most died in the USA of HIV/AIDS in the 89's and 90's. Actually, I lost count of the number of my sex partners and acquaintances who died of HIV/AIDS; scores. With each loss there are mostly fond memories, but always there's sorrow.
  19. Without the opportunity to know the specific survey questions asked, how many people participated, where in the country participants live … I’ll ignore the survey as irrelevant.
  20. The same things happen in Mexico, not only to tourists … but Mexicans, too.
  21. Most visitors to this forum, these forums, never register or post questions/comments. That's a verifiable fact. They read, and learn what they/we can. Some of the reluctance is due to timidity, and for others the fear of being attacked by a resident troll is inhibiting. As for you, some contributors doubt your sincerity / authenticity. The content of your after-trip reports is anticipated. Whether that matters to you ... is up to you. For me? I'm hoping to learn something from your travels. Don't let me / us down!
  22. The "second photo"? He appears to be worse than ugly. Actually, he looks sickly. 😒
  23. Some degree of paranoia in the responses, bordering on scare tactics. Yes, don't be stupid. No matter the country we visit. And don't be reluctant to look with scant eye at a business suggesting we patronize their business because the owner says his/her environment is safer than another. Set your banking and credit card limits to acceptable levels and secondary approvals before charges/withdrawals are made.
  24. Yes, local / country laws must be obeyed - that's a given. However, for Americans or US legal permanent residents, visiting NSW and while there they have sex with a 16 or 17 year old ... even if local laws permit such relationships ... there's the risk of being prosecuted under US federal statutes (not laws of individual states in the US). As I understand/interpret the US federal statutes, one need not have left the US and made a trip to a foreign destination for the sole purpose of engaging in sex acts with someone under 18 years old ... to avoid possible prosecution. There are countries, in addition to the US, that track the foreign travel history of some travelers who are suspected of engaging in sex with underaged persons and/or engaging in the distribution or possession of what's defined as child pornography. Several individuals I've met are and have been subjected to secondary inspections when arriving back in the US after foreign travel.
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