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  1. It seems that Air Canada is doing a trial/feasibility study of a new seasonal destination. If it proves profitable, they may add more flights, i.e. increase them to daily flights and tweak the season to include November. It should make a difference for West Coast travelers in the North American markets that Air Canada serves with non-stop flights to Vancouver. There are just a few carriers there that offer flights to Thailand with only one connection.
  2. Are you jealous that the other boyfriends are calling that chicken
  3. Democrats are too PC and woke to do that, while republicans are… just that: republicans
  4. https://www.axios.com/2022/06/24/meningococcal-disease-outbreak-florida
  5. Apparently Clarence Thomas wants to address contraception and same-sex marriage next. I wonder, will he stop there or will he try to reverse interracial marriage and slavery after that?
  6. Add training requirements for the most of the ground operations positions
  7. Same in India, Polynesia and quite a few native nations across Americas
  8. This is a slippery slope: If you put restrictions for entry from a country that has a history of diseases (all of Africa, most of Asia, Central and South America), it would include all of your own citizens returning from their trips to the said regions, as well as travelers from all other countries that do not impose such draconian rules. That’s why the travel restrictions are in place during active pandemic, but not when diseases become endemic for these regions. We all need to practice precautions but, unfortunately, some of us are selfish, careless, or not smart enough to know the difference. Look at the World we are living in. And freedom does not mean that if you are dumb enough you could contract a highly contagious disease and then freely spread among those for whom it could be deadly.
  9. alvnv


    1000+ cases in over 30 countries. CDC issues level 2 of the 3-tier travel warning. Some cases point to possible air droplet transmission. CDC also issued a mask recommendation, which was later retracted.
  10. The airfares in the US - both, $ and FF miles - increased dramatically. Some blame crew shortages with resumed busy Summer travel, combined with higher oil prices. FF miles required tripled for international travel to Asia, as well as Europe. $ increased from 25% to 75% for premium cabins (business and first).
  11. Holy Dildo: KinnPorsche Episode 8
  12. I like his sense of humor. Do you communicate in English or Thai?
  13. Yes! Can’t wait for My Engineer 2 - filming rumored to start later this Summer (as the actors are busy with other projects) followed by Bitter Sweet series - same cast but a different story.
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