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  1. Quite a few Asian BLs are subbed on an amateur level, but this one takes the cake: One could probably practice comprehension of MB scene English while watching this show. I should add that I’m grateful for any and all subtitles, including this one, as they make watching these shows possible.
  2. It’s been 30 years - anymore most of DL now is what used to be Northwest Airlines back then.
  3. It could have been a farang, too. I wonder which forum he used to frequent 🤔
  4. Another one with grandiose delusions. From a certain angle they even look similar 🍑
  5. when the eye of beholder is your own…
  6. alvnv

    New to PP

    Maybe then he had not mastered vowelless communication yet
  7. As you will have to… and it could be quite expensive
  8. The nerve! 😆 Evolution/progress is inevitable whether we accept it or not
  9. I’m not quite sure if has not already
  10. 1st episode of the new Thai BL “Hit Bite Love” is available on YouTube. Here’s a trailer for the show:
  11. I think it’s a cultural thing - it’s a show of respect more than anything
  12. Old and mature do not necessarily mean the same thing - there are plenty that are old and immature
  13. And do you have to pay extra for Chlamydia? 😜
  14. Anybody who has ever used differential diagnosis would identify such tell-tale signs by just observing people. Multiple comorbid conditions stem from obesity, which is hard not to notice. Other factors that could be based on appearance alone are observing the largest organ - skin, as well as speech/breathing and ambulation/movement. These plus a brief interview with a patient would lead to testing to confirm or rule out a number of conditions, some if which have already been mentioned. A few others could be HTN, COPD, CHD, heart failure, etc. Just like some people pride themselves that their experiences/insights allow them to tell straights from gays, or those working from ones looking for hook-ups, experienced physicians cannot help but notice some of the clues that help them do their work day in, day out.
  15. Because it takes time, finances, institutional sponsors, and other resources to deal with multiple red tapes, hurdles and bureaucracies, imposed both by governments and the competitors. What’s wrong with letting one try, I don’t know, listening to music, or breathing exercises, or concoctions of some herbs or spices, as long as they do not interfere with treatments they are undergoing through their physicians/clinics? How about the benefits of placebo effects? They sure have been reviewed and researched!
  16. I doubt that has ever been a deterrent for you
  17. Must not be kosher of halal 🙂
  18. I thought Japanese breakfast staple was Natto or a type of congee… I don’t think I could do beer for breakfast. To me, early morning beverage is Bloody Mary (or, Maria when in Jalisco), unless, of course, it’s the hair of the fog that bit you… For late breakfast/brunch I enjoy well drinks: Mimosa, Screwdriver, Bellini, Campari Orange… Irish coffee is good at any time of day or night, as is tea with a generous splash of cognac or brandy (sorry, I can’t do milk with my tea).
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