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    Poll PANIC

    Involved in the military conflict? Долбоеб (roughly translates as “his stupid ass”) started the motherf*cking war! Here’s another saying that could apply to the little Russian man and his current war: If you can’t shit - stop torturing your ass (Не можешь срать — не мучай жопу).
  2. Premiers on December 9. Here’s the official trailer:
  3. I’d give him a benefit of the doubt - I want to believe in goodness of people (until they prove me wrong)
  4. “Below” in this case should mean “younger”. You do not wai first to anyone younger (unless it’s a monk, royalty, etc.). You may return wai to a younger person (at a chest level) but you don’t have to - a nod and/or smile would suffice.
  5. The bear will end up in a Chinese circus due to miscalculations of the little evil man in charge of Russia. Also, being a horrible neighbor is not only about the border. Here’s a bit of reading on Mongolia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalinist_repressions_in_Mongolia And now about the border with Norway: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norway–Russia_border
  6. I think the truth is much simpler: Russia is a horrible neighbor!
  7. You have had plenty that were much worse (Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko) and your current one is heading that way too - he’s already shitting himself after overdosing on raw deer blood - it’s just a matter of a couple of years (providing he lasts that long) before they’d have to put his food in a baby bottle.
  8. Peskov is full of shit - just like the rest of the Russian government. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_War
  9. It has already been mentioned but, apparently, it bears repeating that bring up Vovka Putin in this thread is as fair as bringing up Boeing in the thread about Russian planes. Can’t have it both ways - this ain’t a gas station parading as a country.
  10. I believe this is mainly done to compete with those airlines providing non-stop service from those cities
  11. Oh, give him a break! He likes big things because he’s probably trying to compensate for his small… stature?
  12. alvnv

    This is scary

    Not to worry - it will change once China takes back much of what is known now as the Far Eastern Federal District, or as they call it China Outer Manchuria and Outer Northwest China
  13. Yeah, right - Russia is a beacon of democracy… Just another failed country with a deranged house elf for a president:
  14. Hebrew for a male and Shebrew for a female, or Theybrew if they prefer they/them… JK Israel, if they are Israeli, or American, Polish, Armenian, Zanzibari, Brazilian, Australian, etc. based on their nationality, not their current or ancestral religion, I guess.
  15. alvnv

    This is scary

  16. alvnv

    This is scary

    I know that, in true Russian fashion, you pick and chose arguments that fit your narrative in a given moment, but you were the one, just yesterday, comparing Israel and Palestine to Ukraine and Russia, so there… As far as the events in Gaza are concerned, I believe that the Israeli response is disproportionate. I am against Israeli policies towards Palestinians, but strongly believe in Israel’s right to exist. Stupidity and brutality of Hamas (much like that of Putin’s regime, in general) played right into Bibi’s and Likud’s right-wing ambitions. The devastating attack on October 7 all but gave them Carte Blanche to act on these ambitions. Add to that the abundance of emotions that clouds the common sense on both sides and it brings us to extended conflict that has no winners in the end.
  17. What about their luggage? Did they have to wait until the following day, too?
  18. alvnv

    This is scary

    You should be learning Chinese as Russia is already becoming their client state. Wait until they take all the territories lost to Unequal Treaties - bye bye Khabarovsk and Vladivostok - maybe they will remain it to Vladiputinsass.
  19. alvnv

    This is scary

    Who do you think gets punished because of the war that Vovka Putin started?
  20. alvnv

    This is scary

    The Ukraine and Israel did not start the war, Japan did. The only comparison that is valid is that between Hamas and Russian government - they both use terrorist strategies and, in the process, are failing their countries and peoples.
  21. Besides Qatar Airways, which I fly more often, Virgin Atlantic used to offer anytime dining option, at least in Upper Class. It’s been years since I’ve flown them though, as the schedules/connections changed and they were no longer convenient. As for the “bottle service”, on South African airways about a decade ago, not only the flight attended let my companion and me sample a few bottles of South African wines (it was a long flight) she gave me several of them that I liked the best to go after we landed. I ended up visiting the winery in the Capetown area afterwords to refill my stock.
  22. Here’s the website: http://www.classichousemassage.net/index.html I did not see their Line, but phone and email are listed there.
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