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  1. You may test positive for month(s) - it does not mean that you are contagious. In the US our guidelines at work state that you can come back [to work] after 5 days of initial onset of symptoms and/or positive test (whichever the earliest) with a tight fitting mask for another 5 days, and without a mask thereafter. Speedy recovery and good luck!
  2. Leslie Jordan passed away after crashing his car into the side of a building, following a medical emergency. Best known for his roles as Beverly Leslie of Will & Grace and Brother Boy of Sordid Lives, he will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace and thank you for the wonderful moments that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.
  3. Countries that voted against: - Belarus - Nicaragua - North Korea - Russia - Syria Nice company… Anybody wants to live there? Their own citizens certainly don’t
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whataboutism
  5. And that’s exactly the difference between US and Russia - you would not dare to speak up against their evil, murderous imperial ambitions
  6. Русские народные сказки - Russian folk tales
  7. How long before Russians are as prevalent in the MB scene in Thailand as Cambodians, Burmese, Vietnamese and Laos?
  8. I don’t know about Thailand but, pretty much everywhere else in the World, Press need to be accredited with appropriate agency in the host country in order to enjoy their privileges, which includes acting in their official capacity. The accreditation process, in case of emergencies, usually just takes minutes and involves an email from the company bureau covering the host country. No developed nation would allow tourists act as Press without proper accreditation. Assuming that it’s ok to do so in a developing country is highly disrespectful to the host nation, not to mention, illegal.
  9. Sounds quite a bit more conservative than I would have expected: no speaking in tongues, prophecies, miracle healing, or snake handling? I hope that at that coffee chat you abstained from sharing your very impressive statistics of your recent trip to Philippines 😀
  10. It’s like Uber or Lyft - app based transportation and food delivery service, based in Estonia. This is what the logo looks like: I guess it’s as safe as Grab, which is a Singapore-based counterpart of Bolt, prevalent in Southeast Asia.
  11. I don’t know what Pentecostal Churches are like in Australia, but if they’re anything like the ones in the US, you’re in for a surprise
  12. You should have tried that young Egyptian one - after all, you did the “tell” part, you could have offered the “show” part as well 😝
  13. https://shamelessmacktwo.travel.blog
  14. I agree. The series has almost play-like qualities. Camera work is also different from other BLs, resembling more that of an art house or indie movies. It’s currently streaming on GagaOOLala with the episode 8 (finale) to be aired on October 3. The son - Pond - who debuted as Danny in Bangkok Love Stories 2: Innocence - is all grown up at 23 and looks quite a bit different from his debut role, where he was just 18 or 19. Surprisingly, Win, who played JC (parkour traceur) is 10 years older than Pond, but looked younger in Innocence - another mystery of Asian appearance. Spoiler alert: if you are looking for usual BL “action”, you’d be disappointed - none of that, so far, in the first 7 episodes leading up to the finale.
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