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  1. As a rule, when the airplane has both, first and business classes, the latter is worse than business class cabins where first class is not offered.
  2. No, they neither claim nor are considered Native Americans, or First Nations. As for the term American, even though it’s widely used to refer to US citizens, technically, describes the citizens of both continents of North and South Americas
  3. Furthermore, if you’re jealous type, you may have a hard time on a gay cruise with your young boyfriend getting all the attention and being hit on constantly.
  4. Another interesting series suited to be released this year is Big Dragon:
  5. New MileApo project to be released in 2023:
  6. Yes, and I hear it’s quite lively: Jokes aside, Thailand has both, life sentence and death penalty
  7. The fact that they invaded and made a home of a part of the South-Eastern Europe almost 600 years ago does not make them European. I don’t want to get into the definition of European right now, because that would be a lengthy conversation. Undisputedly, they are mixed with Europeans, which is evidenced by their appearance (at least, some of them). However, non-native denizens of North American countries do not claim to be Native American. We don’t consider Northern Africans as Europeans either, even though they were part of the Roman Empire; Spaniards did not become Africans during almost 8 centuries of Reconquista. Besides, ain’t nothin’ wrong with being an Asian - this forum is full of Asian-lovers 😉
  8. Don’t go on a high-end cruise line, but rather opt for lower-end cruises or, better yet, free-style cruising like Norwegian (ncl.com) where there are no assigned tables or meal-times - you may not have to interact with anybody but the cruise personnel.
  9. Quite a few airlines used to feature bars but it seems to me that they moved away from this practice. In my most recent trips, I only encountered them a couple of times. However, my knowledge is rather limited: if I recall it correctly, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and South African Airways are the only non-European or North American carriers I’ve traveled on.
  10. Just like in many couples’ arguments, most of the time, it’s not what you say, but how you say it… Although, there are some phrases that have alternate meanings, i.e. “please advise” in a business email could mean “WTF” or, in the South (US), “bless your heart” could be a socially acceptable version of “f**k you”
  11. At 6’2” and >200lbs the only time I fly coach is on Southwest Airlines flights with duration of 1 hour or less.
  12. Maintaining status quo indefinitely is impossible. Sooner or later either PRC will take over Taiwan either by force, or through creating fifth column and staging some sort of unification. It could go the other way as well, if CCP loses its grip and PRC becomes ROC, or just China. Unless, of course, desperate Putin unleashes a nuclear war and sends us all to oblivion.
  13. Hitler and Stalin both pulled their countries out of poverty and created powerful states, but at what cost? It’s easier for dictators to put forth reforms because they get rid of anybody that disagrees with them. The prosperity they achieve is rife with collateral damage: lost lives and generations of their offsprings. The majority of the latter, by the way, do not believe that their “sacrifices” were worth it. As far as the unequal treaties are concerned, I have a couple of questions. If I’m not mistaken, Russia, by far, holds the overwhelming majority of the land Chinese consider historically theirs. So, (1) how do they feel about Russia selling them resources (at the “deeply discounted” prices) from the territory they deem to be theirs? And (2) how does that influence their geopolitical stance?
  14. Every country has some type of dish that is objectionable to non-natives of the said country. Balut is one of such examples. Although I would never eat it myself, it does not stop me from enjoying other Filipino dishes, such as pancit bihon, lumpiang shanghai, lechon kawali, crispy pata, etc.
  15. Yes, a few years ago I had to call AA to book award flights on QR, but anymore it’s available online. However, there are strange rules in place when it comes to certain city pairs, e.g. there are no award seats between NYC-DOH-BKK, but there are plenty between NYC-DOH and LHR-DOH-BKK. The only options using AA between DOH and BKK is a connection through Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, award seats are available on both NYC-DOH-BKK and DOH-BKK flights using BA.
  16. QR is notorious for challenges with award seats (or, even $$ tickets) through their codeshare, OneWorld and other partners. The only exception is BA. I was able to find award seats on QR through BA quite easily when AA did not have any availability for the same dates/cities. BA and AA also have strange rules when allocating award seats for each other’s FF programs for the city pairs that they both serve.
  17. You’re welcome! Bon voyage!
  18. Have you tried Airbnb? There are well over 1000 options. You can select a house or an apartment, “Entire Place” and “Self Check-In” if you want to avoid contact with the host completely. However, that does not guarantee that there won’t be neighbors watching who comes in and out 🤨 You May have to read through reviews to make sure that it’s private. Good luck!
  19. A friend in the US suggested B Complex injections for fatigue/lack of energy. In long term, you could try more holistic approach: i.e. adjust your diet (vegetarian vs. vegan vs. high protein) to see how your body reacts. Sometimes, eliminating sugars or watching glycemic index helps. Mediation could also give you a boost of energy. Overall, as we age, we need to listen to our bodies more and modify our behaviors accordingly. Getting enough sleep is also important. So, if you are up all night, shorten the sightseeing to give yourself enough time to recuperate. Cuddling with LT vs. a few/couple of STs a day could do the trick and help alleviate FOMO. Most importantly, don’t feel guilty - it’s your vacation, so you should do what feels right at the moment.
  20. Seems like a vicious circle: demand could be low because of fewer seats/flights and higher airfares 🤔
  21. Another mafia-themed BL series with S&M undertones is Unforgotten Night starring Yoon and Ton of Y-Destiny.
  22. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2022/p0622-Meningococcal-Outbreak.html
  23. alvnv


    Monkeypox was declared a global health emergency by the WHO https://www.inquirer.com/health/monkeypox-global-health-emergency-world-health-organization-20220723.html
  24. I have also experienced how various airlines treat the same markets differently: I have flown both BA and TK between LHR and IST. While TK business class was great in every sense (aircraft, configuration, seats, service, offerings, etc.) BA was God-awful, despite costing more than TK. Never again. All airlines seem to identify some markets as premium and put all their resources towards them, while using “leftovers” for their secondary (or, tertiary) markets. TK, in turn, does the same for flights between IST and some cities/countries they deem less important for them.
  25. I agree. We won’t know how HE felt about the tip until the next time he encounters OP. Unless, of course, there was a clear reaction right after the interaction that we do not know about. In general, I believe that tipping should include 1. Minimum for the time spent + 2. Compensation for any extra services provided above the expected minimum based on the quality of that experience. I don’t believe in capping the maximum tips - it really depends on an individual to whom the services are rendered. There’s nothing worse than underpaying someone who puts himself out there for you pleasure and satisfaction. as far as the PDA is concerned, in any human interaction, one’s behavior should be based on reading the room and the person with whom you’re interacting. If at any point your partner does not feel comfortable with your actions, you should stop and look for an alternate location, or partner.
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