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  1. As much as I loved catching up with mamasan Paul at New Twilight, the show and quality of guys just weren't enough for me to want to go back, so it would be a toss up between Dreamboys, Freshboys, and HotMale if it were me. I personally would love to hear about another HotMale experience.
  2. For those of you who keep up with the history of Moonlight models, you'll be glad to know that Lucky of Moonlight model past is part of the show crew at this bar. Though he's not in circulation on stage after the show, Paul from Moonlight past has made it clear that Lucky is available to meet with clients. Tonight was my first night here and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of Paul and catching up with him. However, for a hunk lover like me, there wasn't a single guy I would consider taking home. I would describe the guys as being very new to the scene, but not having the oomph factor needed to make it at Moonlight and Jupiter. It's just me, though, and I'm sure many on this forum could find a suitable bed companion for the evening. Many mixed groups showed up tonight so it's becoming a friendly place for groups who don't like the pretention of Moonlight and Jupiter. Still, I think that if this bar wants to succeed, they need to look at Boyz Boyz Boyz in Pattaya for inspiration, including having some b boy shows and overall being more sleazy/fun like BBB does well. It's just missing... something...at this point.
  3. Just popped in around 11:30 tonight and can verify that location change hasn't impacted bar much. It was so full that I couldn't even get a seat. Overjoyed to report a few guys still sporting jockstraps which I believe leads to clientele staying long after show has finished.
  4. I'm so curious to hear your update on this. I passed by there and was close to giving it a shot, but then I reread what @jason1975wrote and decided to give it a pass, but I'm hoping he just happened to be there at a peak time. When I walked by, there were quite a few guys sitting outside.
  5. You're totally right. I think he would do really well in one of the host bars in Jomtien in Pattaya.
  6. Funny story about the eye candy part from last night. I was leaving my hotel to get dinner, and I saw a really good looking guy hanging out in the lobby. Based off the way he was dressed, I had a feeling he was an MB and maybe waiting for a client. Then, a couple hours later, when I went to Hot Male downstairs and was having a drink, I saw that same exact guy going up the stairs to go into the bar. No wonder he gave me a look of recognition because I must have seen him on stage two nights ago when I offed a guy from HotMale. Actually, I am finding that the tout and older man mamasan in Hot Male are quite friendly and I get just an overall good vibe from the bar. Now I just need to find a way to let the Cambodian in the downstairs bar know that I'm not interested.
  7. Glad you went to check it out! They weren't joking about the hot part in Hot Male. I only wish they would learn a lesson from Boyz Boyz Boyz in Pattaya and make the show sexier and with a lot more guys participating. While I love the muscle at Tawan, Hot Male has a much higher quality of eye candy than I remembered from my previous trips.
  8. Yes! I heard about that and Alex got VERY drunk apparently...maybe 12 shots. Too bad @jason1975wasn't there to take care of him or start the body shots.
  9. I think you might find similar types in HotMale and DreamBoys. I loved the rough, straight, and well-built guys I saw there last night and liked the vibe way more than Jupiter or Moonlight.
  10. I think the boys of HotMale downstairs and stories of this forum exchanged there will need a whole separate thread soon. I have @jason1975to thank for introducing me to the guys of this place. I'm doing everything I can to keep chaste eyes when it comes to Alex. He and I always have nice chats, though. There's a new Lao guy who has either joined the team already or will be starting soon. I can tell he will be popular, especially with his good beginning level of English, and for mostly non-farang, love of kpop. I was surprised how knowledgeable he was on earlier waves of kpop and enjoyed my conversation with him on the topic.
  11. My best experience with the stickers was when I was explaining rimming to a guy. To show he understood, he somehow found a perfect sticker of, iirc, the rabbit with two hands in front of its face with its mouth open. That got a chuckle out of me. Edit: Turns out it's not the rabbit. I did some digging in messages and found it. This is about as perfect a sticker as could exist for explaining rimming in simple terms.
  12. @ichigoYou mentioned that you're not going to connect with everyone and I think that's important for many readers to learn. I think with certain Tawan guys, it's easy to confuse their initiative with interest and connection, but that's not necessarily the case. My best Tawan experience this trip was last night with a guy who was not particularly aggressive and going for the off while I was in the bar. However he did make comments about really liking my face and smile...and that translated into an unforgettable experience in the bedroom.
  13. @jason1975The theme is obvious - Colonel Sanders/KFC. I suggest they all wear the the Colonel's specs/glasses.
  14. @jason1975It's totally true. Every time I have gone in there, they have asked about you and when you're coming back.
  15. Well, one of my favorite things now is that after the jockstrap night that I planned (and @jason1975made more possible), many of the guys have switched to wearing jockstraps, which I think is particularly on brand for the bar. I think they like that tips can be inserted into the straps (something that happened a lot on the party night.) I think there's quite the range of younger to older types with varying levels of musculature and facial attractiveness. To me, one guy even looks like WWE superstar Angel Garza as far as face and plumpness of butt, and I don't know why I haven't offed him yet. Even though I always feel overwhelmed entering there, I'm constantly greeted with hugs and a general warm feeling, though many requests for tips as I was quite generous during the party. Reading the trip report from @vinapuwill shine light on the quality of guys, with notable hunks being nicknamed K and TT. There's also one competitive bodybuilder present most nights. I did get some insight on the general bodybuilding scene from one of the guys, and he said prize money just isn't what it used to be in Thailand, so a lot of guys are losing interest. Thus I wouldn't expect to go in to see ripped competition ready muscle as you might have seen in the days of Tong and Mehkin. At this point, the only major downside of going in there is how shameless everyone can be asking for tips even if doing nothing or how someone will sit with you even if you haven't asked them to. It's definitely more aggressive than other bars, but you might like that.
  16. @vinapuAhhhh the first meeting of TT. That man really knows how to sell the fantasy. I'll never forget the enchantment and adoration I felt in those first moments and hopefully all those to come in the near future.
  17. Dragon is right up there. I could feel the reverberations of the bass in my esophagus as the night went on.
  18. @MinI'm at Castro now and have been hanging out with the drag queen holding the Boyz Town sign. Hope you're having a fun night!!
  19. The only reason I could manage this was the quality of guys available, but now that I've experienced the loudness of Dragon, it's a no go for me. The owner of Chill Changsha seems to have a relationship with Dragon in some way as many of the Dragon men are considered models at Chill, which means they can be booked for an extra fee, but worth it for me considering that Chill is more about conversation rather than partying. I'm already planning a Dragon Comes to Bangkok party night in my mind for my next trip.
  20. During this trip in Pattaya, I've been traveling with a Thai friend from Bangkok. I had no idea how much traveling with him would alter my schedule, despite us being in different rooms (the best decision.) I would prefer to be up and at it before noon, but he routinely doesn't wake up until 1 or 2pm. He used to work in a bar, so that might be part of it. But I can say for certain, as much as I adore his friendship, I would not travel with him again. Even when I was sick and really needed medicine, it took him over an hour to get medicine despite 711 being right around the corner. Mind you, I'm actually paying for his room this trip and giving him 2000THB a day just for guide/driving/helping him out after losing his job to pandemic. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm adapting my schedule. Wonderful early afternoon off today with Grindr freelancer followed by lunch before my friend even woke up was a good adjustment to just waiting around for him However, local guy who is trying to sweep me off my feet has claimed me for tonight and all day tomorrow, so I will be following his schedule. Essentially, my Pattaya schedule has been completely chaotic and no day has been the same.
  21. @zsolec Yes Arena is open. Open time is 12. I had a great experience, but it could have been disappointing for others for a few reasons: 1. I went right as it opened and thus there were few guys there to choose from. I imagine you'd have better luck if you went later in the day. 2. Though it's probably because it was my first time and I didn't really know how to handle the process expertly, the after massage antics did not include any penetration. I didn't mind as my guy was incredibly sexy, but maybe some people think it's wasted money if no penetration.
  22. @MinI'd love to meet as long as I'm fully recovered from the food poisoning I got on pride night...I'm guessing it was from bacteria in the ice of my drink. Now THAT is something I'm definitely not enthusiastic about as it robbed me of romantic beach time with Grindr guy.
  23. Yes, the picture does seem to be less festive than the pride event. And as far as falang and guy on phones, I much prefer the falang and guy who were next to me and giving each other quite thorough tonsil inspections.
  24. I was able to make it to this tonight and the atmosphere was festive for sure, though I do gather it's a similar atmosphere as usual. Unfortunately I don't have any experience of the Complex so I had nothing to compare it to. I got incredibly lucky with Grindr and met up with a man who was intelligent, sweet, handsome, sexy, experienced, and manly at the party tonight. So, I will always have fond memories of this event.
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