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    Min got a reaction from khaolakguy in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Somehow my main takeaway from your post is that next time I should book a hotel in the vicinity of a campus
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    Min got a reaction from fedssocr in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Somehow my main takeaway from your post is that next time I should book a hotel in the vicinity of a campus
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    Min got a reaction from TT007 in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Somehow my main takeaway from your post is that next time I should book a hotel in the vicinity of a campus
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    Min got a reaction from Olddaddy in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Somehow my main takeaway from your post is that next time I should book a hotel in the vicinity of a campus
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    Min reacted to numazu in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    @Olddaddy we applaud you for putting your fears out here on the board, and obviously it has struck a chord with a lot of people here, which should make you feel good about what you’re going through right now. Being envious of other people having more than you is natural and a common experience. Someone will always be richer, be more good looking, be younger, have more energy, than you will ever be. Your main concern, that you are older and slower that you used to be, is just a fact of life, and something that we do not have any control over. So you can be envious of others that still have their youth and energy, or you can use envy as a motivation for you to focus on the things that YOU can control, be it inviting a cute guy to have pizza with you, or discover a place in Bangkok you’ve never seen before, to mix things up. 
    And have you thought of maybe that others are envious of you too? Having the resources, and the time, to spend 7 straight weeks in the Greatest CIty on Earth™ is no small feat. You have probably worked your darndest all your life to get to this point, and that is something to be proud of. I’m pretty sure most of us here on the board are envious of you for having the means and the courage to go on a vacation this long (I know I am). And don’t forget, this is YOUR vacation. You set your own rules. If you want to eat pizza alone every night after a night in the town, then that’s great! If it makes you happy. The pressures and expectations you have of your own energy levels and youth are all from you, and no one else has the right, nor the capability, of telling you how you should spend your vacation. 
    Finally, I am glad you are letting yourself feel these “negative” feelings, and being honest about how it affects you, and even putting yourself out there, out here on the board, by reaching out to like minded people such as us. I feel that life is better if there is a balance. Too much of a good thing really is too much, and that includes sex. Be glad that you can fuck all those pretty things once in while, while allowing yourself the time to convalesce, and regains both your strength physically, and your desires mentally, for another round or three. I love this graphic:

    because it shows that balance is ultimately what you should strive for. You will have your ups, and your inevitable downs (like what you’re going through now), but no matter what happens, make sure that you enjoy yourself, because that’s the whole point right?
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    Min reacted to a-447 in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Sorry Riobard but you've lost me there!
    At home I usually have a guy over for sex twice a week. We have sex the night he arrives and the next day before he leaves. He spends the second day with me and tends to leave after dinner. So that's 4 times a week - quite a lot less than when I was younger. Although as we flip-flop, I guess that could be considered 8 times! (But I only cum once per session)
    I travel for 2 reasons - for sightseeing and for sex. I don't combine the two unless I'm visiting a country for the first time.
    I'm interested in medieval Japanese history, which was a compulsory subject at school, and also medieval European history.  So this knowledge is put to great use when I travel to those destinations.
    But these days Thailand is for sex only, as I have done the sightseeing bit many times. And because I've gone to the trouble of making the trip I want to have as much sex as possible during my holiday with as many hot, handsome and hung guys as possible.  But twice a day is enough for me, and I find myself slowing down as the days pass so that after about 2 weeks I find it a little difficult to get hard and maintain an erection. Basically, I just run out of puff. That's when I know it's time to come home. 
    Also, towards the end of my trip I tend to bottom more, even if I'm with a guy who I can top.
    I don't visit the bars in Pattaya these days as I have a regular guy there. In Bangkok I have sex every afternoon with my regular and find another partner for the evening. So there's my 2 times a day. If I find another guy later in the evening I may bottom for him but I don't cum. So technically, that's 3 times.
    Although I've slowed down compared with my younger days, my sex drive over the last decade or so has not declined any further. 
    Fingers crossed I can maintain my libido for many more years to come,
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    Min reacted to zsolec in Where are the cheapest Gay4pay countries?   
    I had a chance to visit many Asian countries before pandemic. The purpose of the visit is always touristic but of course as the sun goes down the urge comes to find some sex too :)
    I usually stay only couple days in the same place, so getting paid sex is a fast and good alternative vs. looking for free opportunities on the apps. Here is my experience mostly from pre-covid times. My favorite places are not where sex is 4pay but where free stuff still comes easy and plenty.
    Just to understand my experience : I am in my early 50ths, bald head, white, average looking guy whit gym fit body doing excersize about 4 times a week.
    -Thailand: we all know on this forum that everything is available for pay, but I am not soo lucky with free encounters. The apps bring few Hi, how are you boys but they never really develop into a sexual fun activity and as I said I usually move on quickly to the next place.
    Indonesia: I have to separate Bali and the rest of the country as my experience was really different due to culture and religion.
    Bali: became my favorite place during my travel. It was about 10 years ago when first time entered the island. I had the best time getting a handsome driver on the app. He became my daily tour guide, party friend and fuck buddy. Never asked me to pay him, of course fuel, food and drinks were on me. We were doing some crazy fun together including hunting for a 3rd one on Kuta beach in the night or he offered his virgin ass to make it up for me. He dropped me on the aiport on the last day and I never saw him again, lost contact when I left my phone in a taxi next year.  I come back to the island many times, locals and plenty gays from other part of Indonesia (freedom and escaping from their family pressure to get married) are all friendly, getting fun nights  like a guy invited me to a villa for naked swimming and sex in the pool, or model looking guy wanted me to stay with him because my bald head was making him horny all the time. No wonder the island is on the top of my list.
    Jakarta (rest of Indonesia): Nothing much touristic in Jakarta but as a huge city, plenty on offer. I never had so many boys contacted me looking for daddy experience. Apps are full of massage boys and escorts but free offers coming easy as well. I just returned from Thailand - Jakarta last month. I could not get a 3some in Thailand (not even for pay, I know you are probably rolling your eyes, ha ha ha) but my two days in Jakarta was enough to get a twink and a bear guy with scary thick dick to come and play with me on the first day, and a handsome police man who was eager to stay all day in my hotel room next day.
    Hong Kong: no good luck there, small plays in saunas but just like the city with expensive hotels the escorts were coming with the price tag too.
    Philippines: Manila is a huge city, had some good and bad experience there. Run into the biggest scam after a party night when I was offered 4 hands massage on the streets of Malate's gay bar areas. They took me to a short time hotel and during the massage they offered extras, gladly accepted not knowing one of the boy was in contact with corrupt policemen and taking evidence to blackmail me. To keep the story short I had to collect all my money from my hotel room to pay them. Now the good ones, I have few gay friends in Manila, they introduced me to straight boys hunting on the streets. Certain areas of the city the boys are hanging around in the night and as we walked by the negotiation started. Then I had a chance to choose any boys I wanted. My friends knew short stay cheap hotels and remember it was around 5 usd for the boys and I was told not to pay more to keep the local business running. Probably it was the cheapest sex I ever paid for and I was gladly walking around the streets every night. I visited other parts of the country: Puerto Galeria and Palawan were fun places too. The Saturday night in PG beach was a night to remember, sucked a boy at the end of the beach, shagged with a boy in one of the restaurant toilet, had a lady boy took me to his room and on the way back to my hotel picked up a handsome guy who did not have transportation to go home. Of course, I insisted to sleep next to me, not on the floor and I could not fall in sleep till I made him come. All this action was in one night and it was in the low season.
    Cambodia: I visited only once and I was more excited about seing Angkor Wat and around the capital but those Khmer guys are so sexsy.  Massage was cheap in Siem Riap and met few boys, handsome dark skin, sexy body and facial hair my weak points. No wonder, I tent to pick Cambodian boys in Bangkok Boy Bars.
    Vietnam: I had a guy was crazy for nipples and keep biting them for days till they become so sensitive that just putting on a Tshirt was a pain, with pleasure of course. But somehow Vietnamese boys are not driving me crazy. Their face is more, how to say: softer. I am missing that manly look I can find in other asian countries.
    I have few other places could mention but my story getting too long.
    The bottom line is (to go back to the original post) that different places will give you different experience. While gay4pay is available everywhere I am more happy to visit Indonesia and Cambodia because of the free encounters. Philippines are cheap too but got to be more carefull. 
    ...I learned one thing from my last visit in Bangkok, we are not the same. What works for me, maybe will not work for you. Visit as many places as possible, experience the local cultures and soak in the boys, you will find your place to be happy the most.
    I was hoping to repeat Vinapu's legendary offs   but as I mentioned I even failed to organize one 3some (not giving up, reading all the experience from other forum members will help me to succeed next time lol). Sorry If my story was dragging for too long. First time I actually shared such things and hope it was helpful for forum.
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    Min reacted to Londoner in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    This thread strikes a chord. And not a pleasant one. I'm in into my third week in Pattaya and am having a great time after thirty months away. Mainly thanks to the efforts of my partner, whose good humour and enjoyment have kept me smiling.
    However, those thirty months of separation took their toll on me physically and mentally. I lost both my oldest friend and  then my brother, both to cancer, and this led to my relationship- my very distant relationship- with P assuming enormous significance. So this trip, on which I lavished time and money, the financial savings from  six missed journeys to Thailand , was  essential.
    It has gone well but there have been issues with my stamina. Gone are the late nights; 0300 when I was a butterfly twenty years ago,  and 2300  during my nearly eighteen years involvement with P. It's now a 2100 retirement. And I'm always ready.
    Also gone is my 1800 pre-dinner Singha. Until now, a highlight. A time for reflection.  Now that  one beer is, bluntly, too much for me. 
    On the credit side, I've swum every day and my bedroom stamina has been excellent. 
    I face the onset of old age with sadness. I was seventy- three when I was last here. Those two missed years have undoubtedly made a big difference to my routines.
    However, flights and hotels (BKK, Chiang Mai and Jomtien) in November are all booked and paid for, and so I must have some life left in me. The aim is to spend what's left of my existence living as disgracefully as possible!
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    Min reacted to Vessey in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Another interesting thread Olddaddy, especially as I am even older at 68 and I am preparing for a 4 week trip in September, my longest ever. I usually do between 2 and 3 weeks, but now, almost fully retired, I have the opportunity to stay longer and wanted to see how I would cope with a longer stay both financially and physically.
    I am overweight, but not obese, physically active but no gym slave. I live a celibate life alone at home and drink moderately maybe once a week. Yet get me over to Thailand and I am trying to pretend I am a 20year old again, drinking and partying most nights and shagging at least two or three times a day.  And when I first came here over ten years ago I could, and I did. But age is slowly catching up on me and, if I am being honest, I am slowing down.  And that manifests itself in my sexual activities; let me explain.
    I do more threesomes, no seriously! . I am usually one of two 'tops', and although I participate, these days I am personally more of the warm-up act rather than the 'main event', and end up watching as the other top pounds the ass off the hapless twink of the night (usually my boyfriend - he loves it!).
    I love oil massages and their happy endings, but now it is mostly HJs and BJs (although not always  ) and not always to orgasm, but I still love the teasing massage experience, and I love making the boys cum.
    I can still fit in at least one or two short-times a day, but increasingly I am happy to bottom. The pornstar sessions of yore when I am pounding the ass of a beautiful twink in various positions to a mutually happy conclusion are becoming less and less common each trip. 
    In fact if I can actually cum once a day I am more than happy. But I still absolutely love being with naked, horny, young Thai guys less than half my age even if they don't have to work quite as hard to earn their money as they did a few years ago.
    And of course it is not just the sex, I am having to learn to moderate my drinking and partying. I try not to start drinking alcohol until after 10pm at night, although I am often still fairly drunk by the time my boyfriend and I make it back to the room, but now its often a case of shower and sleep rather than shower, sex and sleep. 
    But although, as I get older, my holiday activities are slowly evolving, I still have an absolute blast! and look forward to my forthcoming trips with much the same excitement as I did ten years ago. 
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    Min reacted to vinapu in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    That's right and said wisely.
    Subconsciously we are pressing ourselves     specially with paid encounters to utize our resources to a full forgetting we are there for a fun not a fuck. Getting boy into the room doesn,t have to be excessive in undressing and showering right away. Take it easy  ,    take it slow and heat will build up. If not , don t feel bad or assume you wasted your time or money. Prize being with guy above having sex with him. You may notice that he is handsome,  has nice smile and has a lot to tell you. Nice cock and round ass just rounds up experience
    Your immaginary ultimate off should be hand holding session only , not three fucks overnight. With that mindframe you will find  vacationing and boy chasing more enjoyable.
    The same goes with exercising or diet. Don,t torture yourself with guilt that you slept too long and missed morning dose of run or pumping iron and you had steak for breakfast instead of just water and plain toast.
    Stay on your budget but don,t torture yourself with guilt of overspending - lines of credit are  there when comes to the worst.
    Don,t try to keep up with Jonesses, be it hotel, restaurant or a guys. You are gold standard for yourself ,not us  ,  guys from the forum.
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    Min got a reaction from Mapraou in Bangkok Trip Report 2022: The wait is over. What was I waiting for?   
    I think you somehow got 1 & 2 all mixed up, but maybe that's actually the whole point  
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    Min reacted to snowglobe11 in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Don’t feel disappointed, I’m less than half your age yet I get maybe a fifth of the sex during my vacations. The stamina of most of the guys here is certainly amazing, yours included.
    Though I’m happily in a monogamous (*gasp*) relationship now, hence the lack of action during our last trip to Thailand, living vicariously through you guys really inspires me to continue having a sex drive when I’m older.
    Moreover, even before when I was single, I could maybe do 2 rounds max, and only with one guy. 
    Just relax champ, the purpose of your vacation is to have fun, relax and enjoy. It’s not a competition. Just listen to your body and let it all sink in.  
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    Min reacted to vaughn in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    I average 1 guy a day, sometime 2 if I get an early afternoon massage and then meet a boy at a bar at night. Some days I'll take a day off and just relax when I feel a little too tired. I'm in my 30s, fairly fit, and drink most nights on holiday but very rarely when at home.
    Taking a day off to go try some restaurants, going for a quiet walk on the beach, and reading a book by the pool is never a bad day spent in my opinion.
    The way I look at it is, are enjoying your holiday and are you satisfied? if you answer yes, then that's all that matters. It's not a competition, just relax and go at your own pace.
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    Min reacted to fedssocr in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    7 weeks is a long time. I think 5 weeks is the longest trip I ever took. Every trip has its ebbs and flows. You shouldn't expect every day to be full of fun and frivolity. Listen to your body. Maybe gym, and sightseeing, and the bars is just too much to expect, especially in that climate. Do you live in the tropics full time? Maybe slowing down and choosing one of those things instead of all three would be better. 
    I think it's natural to attempt to pack in as much as possible if you have limited vacation time. But with 7 weeks you have plenty of time to take it easy.
    I'm several years younger than you and only have a sex a few times in a trip, not in a day. I usually prefer massage places to gogo bars since I don't drink alcohol. So, don't worry about keeping up with the Joneses and do what's right for you.
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    Min reacted to alvnv in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    A friend in the US suggested B Complex injections for fatigue/lack of energy. In long term, you could try more holistic approach: i.e. adjust your diet (vegetarian vs. vegan vs. high protein) to see how your body reacts. Sometimes, eliminating sugars or watching glycemic index helps. Mediation could also give you a boost of energy. Overall, as we age, we need to listen to our bodies more and modify our behaviors accordingly. Getting enough sleep is also important. So, if you are up all night, shorten the sightseeing to give yourself enough time to recuperate. Cuddling with LT vs. a few/couple of STs a day could do the trick and help alleviate FOMO. Most importantly, don’t feel guilty - it’s your vacation, so you should do what feels right at the moment. 
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    Min reacted to Gaybutton in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Don't be.  Wrong reaction and wrong emotion.  It can happen to anyone.  That's your body telling you to give yourself a rest before you wear yourself out completely.  I know most who come here for a holiday think they're missing out on something if they don't have sex every day - especially if they rarely get any back home.  But that's nonsense. 

    I think sex and boys should be thought of as a part of your holiday, but not the entire focus.  There are plenty of other things to see and do when it's just not the right moment for bars and boys.  Try a legitimate Thai massage.  Try a genuine foot massage.  Go sightseeing.  Go shopping.  Try an out of the way, unfamiliar restaurant.  Take a seat at a good location and spend some time just people watching - and don't be surprised if a young gent approaches you - and he might not even be a money boy.
    We all slow down as we age.  You need to accept that as reality.  If you need a rest once in a while, don't get depressed about it.  Merely find something else to do that day and by the next day you'll probably be ok again and raring to go.
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    Min reacted to Olddaddy in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Now 6 weeks into my 7 week vacation, the last few weeks I have really slowed down and I feel guilty.
    At 62yo I just it seems,don't have the stamina anymore to keep " fucking" ,to keep taking guys back to the room whether they are paid or free ,in fact last night I ordered pizza in my hotel room and watched a movie ,all alone !
    I envy you guy on here who can take 3 guys everyday,who can rage all night at different go Go bars ,how do you do it?
    I'm gym fit, I eat well, I'm even taking extra vitamin and staying off the alcohol ,but I can't do it everyday anymore !!!!
    I'm really getting depressed about it,
    Can I ask honestly,do you guys on your vacation go out every night to bars,do you take guys everyday for sex?
    Did you drink alcohol everyday in the bars too?
    I don't know how you guys have the stamina ,at 62 my body won't let me ,I tried it the first week, went to gym in the morning , sightseeing during the day and walking, go Go bars,alcohol , discos ,then boys at night ,by the second week I was in bed a few days sick !!!
    In a way im a bit depressing I can't do what I used to 15 years ago where I sort of lived to the fullest my vacation time 
    How do you guys have sex with multiple guys everyday on your vacation!
    Look to be honest with you guys,I would never do such a long vacation again,7 weeks is just far too long!
    I hate to say it but boredom does come into sometimes when on such a long vacation time.
    Oh I'm getting too old 👴👴👴👴🤣🤣🤣
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    Min reacted to numazu in Bangkok Trip Report 2022: The wait is over. What was I waiting for?   
    Day 7.5: The Dreamers
    You know you’re getting old when you start reminiscing about the old days. And for me the old days were way back in… 2014. OK, I know that that’s not even 10 years ago, but that’s the year I first started going to Bangkok and started to darken the doors of its illustrious boy bars. Back then, Soi Twilight was in full swing (at least from what I saw), Tawan and Jupiter were both off-Soi choices I would visit, and Moonlight didn’t even exist yet. And back then, we didn’t need a New Twilight, as the old one was more than enough.
    Dream Boy on Soi Twilight was a standout for me.  That neon sign alone was iconic.  This was my impression of it way back in 2016:

    It seemed to be always full on weekends. The touts may have something to do with it, as they were ever present in the Soi, literally pulling indecisive people from the street to plop them onto DreamBoy’s seats. Inside, I’ve always thought old DreamBoy’s layout was the most ideal for optimal viewing of what was going onstage. Since the setup was “arena theater”-style, the audience almost did not have a bad viewing angle, and the shows were optimized for viewing of this kind of stage. 
    But of course the greatest of structures is nothing if the main attraction is inferior. The fact that there was great variety in the boys here, often in skimpy white briefs, and with the seating the way it was, you can be up close and personal with balls in your face. I’ve spent so many nights searching for Mister Right Now in this bar. Oh the memories.

    As Tiago and I make our way to the gay area of Patpong 2, I only had to show my face to my usual mamasan at Dream Boy to be automatically led to the premises of the club. The club was almost full on a Saturday night, but miraculously there were nice seating close to where most the staff were sitting, with the mamasan shooing the staff currently sitting so we can claim the seat. Regular coke and rum and coke – it was fine, not too strong or weak.
    We got in just in time for a last glimpse of the boys on offer and before the coyotes terrorized the stage. There was a lot of boys, maybe 40, and a great variety as well, as in the old days. There were twinks, and hunks, and everything else in between.  They were in jeans, which was less ideal, but beggars can’t be choosers. I see a few boys I’ve offed in the past, which is always a comfort knowing that they have toughed it out through the pandemic and able to continue with this life. There was a tall hunk (handsome, white skin, abs) who was model-like and was even better looking than any of the Moonlight or Jupiter boys. He got snapped up very quickly by a rotund Asian guy up front. 
    The coyotes came, which was fine. “All girls,” Tiago said, as he thought the dancers were to feminine acting for his taste. I didn’t mind them, but no one was attractive to me. 

    I’ve always thought the big column in the middle was an unfortunate fact in the club. It's probably load-bearing, so they can't do anything about it, but still, it's fairly awkward to have it obscuring the center of the stage. Though, it was ingenious for them to put a platform around the column so that it can be used for numbers. But boys and other numbers who end up behind the column would be unseen, and depending on where you were seated, you would miss some of the action if the column obscured your angled view. Far cry from the seating of the Twilight days, but this is what we have now.

    The drag queens were actually pretty good. Gone was the slapstick skits that were a trademark before, but now they just have the traditional lip-syncing goddesses that are staples of clubs all over. The numbers in general were pretty slick and choreographed, like it was before. I recognized the star of Dream Boy, still here after all this year, maybe looking a little older, but still hot as before, dancing his heart out like his life depended on it. I used to dream about how it was to off him, now, not so much. How my tastes have changed.

    Probably the highlight of the night, and possibly because Tiago was so entertained by it, was the fuck show. I recognize the bottom and I’ve seen him do this a thousand times before, but the top was new to me, and very handsome and had a good dick for topping. The fuck show was always more spectacle than erotic for me, and I am impressed by the dexterity needed to pull off some of the moves. It was all impeccably choreographed, fairly acrobatic, and Tiago is amazed that after all this impressive acrobatics, the cock doesn’t seem to leave the asshole at any point of the number. The pair then makes their rounds around the room, searching for tips. When the fucking pair gets to us, Tiago implores me to get out some baht as tip. 100 baht. 

    When the boys are back onstage, it was time for me to choose if there was anyone to off tonight. There were a few possibilities, and one old off who, once he recognized me, tried to get my attention all night. I then feel Tiago’s head on my shoulder, as he yawned. I laughed. I asked him was he sleepy. He said he was just yawning. I asked him if anyone onstage was to his liking. He took a look, and then put his head on my shoulder again. “Up to you,” he says in Portuguese, which gave me a little chuckle. "Up to you," in Portuguese lands differently for me.
    “What do you want to do?” I ask him. He sits up at attention, and smiles his million watt smile. “I want ice cream!” he says. I laugh. That actually sounded better than the smorgasbord that was before us. Oh no, I have changed as well. I do not feel the same sense of urgency of offing, and fucking as I have before. Or maybe because I’ve cum three times today already, twice with Tiago, and once with the Tawan twosome, so maybe I deserve this ice cream.
    Overall, this club holds a lot of promise. The premises were nice, the numbers were entertaining, and the boys great looking. I'll put a pin on this club for now, and will take advantage of its delights at a future date.
    We then go to the famous 7 Eleven at CP Tower across Silom Soi 4, where a lot of gay cruising happens. Tonight was no different, as some young Bangkok-ians were checking Tiago out.

    But we were there for ice cream. And after two Magnum chocolate ice cream bars later, we walk back to the apartment. No Dream Boy for me tonight, as the one with me is very very real.
    My last day, next post…
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    Min got a reaction from vinapu in Bangkok Trip Report 2022: The wait is over. What was I waiting for?   
    I think you somehow got 1 & 2 all mixed up, but maybe that's actually the whole point  
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    Min reacted to macaroni21 in Will it be much better to visit in December vs August?   
    I am having a blast in Thailand, and if you've read others' reports, I think you will see that everyone who has made his way here in the last few months had a blast. 
    I think your concerns about insufficient attractions in August can be put aside going by the experiences of those of us who have visited. I find myself faced with more places to visit and revisit than I have energy or time. Or libido either!
    There are some members here who can do 3 tricks a day. This is beyond me. But the message to take home is that there are enough options here for those voracious enough to do three tricks a day. Haha.
    Much depends on how much weight you give to the weather situation. Yes, there will be a difference, but unless a key objective is to get a tan ( e.g beach time in Pattaya), then I really don't think weather is any real impediment. I note you didn't mention Pattaya in your post, so maybe beach time is not in your plan anyway.
    I also understand the complications of arranging travel around available leave periods. I have a similar-ish problem. And my instinct is to grab whatever time I have within my work schedule and not wait in the hope of another slot months later. Slots and opportunities can vanish unexpectedly. 
    By the way, what's a PTO employee?
    You asked what is our confidence level regarding Screw Boys reopening. It's really hard to say, but with each passing week, it gets more and more unlikely.
    Reopening can be a costly exercise. Many interiors have fallen into ruin in the last 2 years, and I noticed that several bars have had a complete refit recently. So, it doesn't come cheap for the owners.
    And if they did their market research, they might conclude that traffic to other bars remain poor and probably unprofitable. Good for us as consumers (more choice) but not so good for those having to put money in.
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    Min reacted to a-447 in How much to tip boy next to you   
    I hope he returns to the board as I enjoyed reading his posts.
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    Min reacted to a-447 in How much to tip boy next to you   
    The undoubted unpleasantness of the job underlines any tip I offer.
    I often try to put myself in their shoes and wonder how they do it night after night. They put themselves in danger every time they leave the bar with a stranger and have to hope that the customer will treat them well back in the room. (I know from chatting to the guys that this is not always the case.)
    My regular guy in Pattaya, who I spend my holiday with every visit there, survived a very sad childhood marred by poverty and an abusive father. He didn't take up this work because he wanted to; as a straight guy, having sex with old farang was the last thing he wanted to do. His early experiences in Happy Boys were pretty horrific for him but he persevered and managed to get used to what he had to do to make a living. 
    There are many new guys coming into the business and I'm always aware that for many it is a daunting prospect to agree to follow a complete stranger back to his hotel, not knowing what would happen or what demands would be put on them.
    That's why I'm rather free with my tips (but I don't throw money at them) and like most punters, treat them nicely.
  24. Haha
    Min reacted to a-447 in New Bar Soi 6 : "New Twilight"   
    Given what's happened over the past 2 years, I'd do anyone! 
    Am I desperate? You bet I am.
    Great news about Adams Apple re-opening.
  25. Like
    Min reacted to reader in How much to tip boy next to you   
    It's always been generally accepted that two types of posts are the most popular and well read: trip reports and venue reports.  If this discussion has proven anything it's that the topic of money--and how and why we spend it--is deserving of a place alongside them.
    In the five days since this thread first appeared, it has attracted over, 2,400 views and 88 replies. It has succeeded in touching a cord that has prompted numerous members to participate. To a man, they all have divergent views, something I don't believe comes as a shock to any of us.
    Unlike trip reports, which almost always win universal acclaim. discussions about money have almost the opposite effect. No two posters see it precisely the same way. Maybe that's because it's such a deeply personal matter. Some just want to get their rocks off and walk away from the engagement with a quickly fading but pleasant memory. Some prefer to see their time together as an opportunity get to know these young men with hopes of possibly seeing some of them again.
    This is all to be expected because we're all motivated by different needs and emotions and--like snowflakes--no two are alike.
    While it's been a motivating discussion, talking about sex and money is akin to talking about religion and politics. No one is going to persuade another to come around to their way of thinking.
    But it makes for a hell of a ride.
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