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    Min reacted to Mateo_37 in The agate hotel or East suites Jomtien   
    I have booked Agate for my short September trip.
    Last time I stayed there I had my breakfasts at Pirate Bay Cafe, just a short walk but with sea view :).
    ( https://goo.gl/maps/hDJQDhaZiABN5MpG7 )
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    Min reacted to vinapu in Interfering rude farang   
    In such  a case I'd say, gnash your teeth and let it go instead of creating scene.
    We don,t know what boy,s intentions are and sometimes he may get directed by mamasan to sit with certain customer, usually well known for good business he is bringing in.
    Older readers of this forum may recall my story form old Tawan when guy with off and tip sealed  told me exactly in the moment of paying off fee that he must go with another customer. I was left open mouthed gaping for an air.
    I still don,t know reason but I suspect managerial order.
    Anyways two years later I gave him 2nd chance and was mightily rewarded with what to this day I consider  my best by far long time off ever.
    The same way we have our favorite guys, boys may have their favorite customers, unfair as it is, it,s just fact of life.
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    Min reacted to vaughn in Interfering rude farang   
    I find there are situations where I'm ok with it and when I'm not.
    In April I had all of the Winner Boys cast sitting with me at a table with drinks when @Vessey and his entourage arrived. Some of the boys excused themselves and went to join the other table, but came back occasionally to check-in. I was completely fine with that, sharing is caring.
    I've also been invited to join a table by another farang when he was in a similar position with a table full of boys and I was solo, I appreciated that so I wasn't sitting around waiting for him to leave. I actually became friends with him from that night.
    If I was one-on-one with a boy I plan to off, I'm ok with the boy going to say hello to a previous customer. If the customer 'did a John' and tried to sideline me from the boy/conversation, I would either leave or make my intentions known by calling the mamasan over and paying bin with the off fee then leave with the boy.
    There's no point getting upset or possessive over boys when you're surrounded by possibilities, mai pen lai.
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    Min reacted to TotallyOz in How much to tip boy next to you   
    Sure, I have a doctor in NYC that is 200 for a visit and the escorts are 300 for a short time.
    I use the Whopper as a means. You can buy a Whopper in USA and other places. For an escort in the USA, you would never tip the cost of a Whopper for service but some in Thailand try this.
    In Thailand Whopper meal cost 219 Thai baht. So, the cost of a short time is about 10 Whoppers (using 2,000)
    In USA, the Whopper meal cost is 6.50 USA. So, the cost of a short time is about 31 Whoppers (200 USD, even though most in bigger cities charge more).
    Yeah, Yeah, I know cost of living, etc. But, IMHO, tipping someone the cost of a meal at Burger King for a blow job is insufficient. Perhaps, cruel even.
    This thread has been fascinating and I think a good debate among many to see different views. I expect more see my view in Bangkok than in Pattaya. But, maybe no one does and that is OK. We all have different ways of tipping and taking care of the people who take care of us.
    As @floridarob pointed out, I may gift too many motorcycles to guys that are good to me and I have never felt guilty with that. I have also never tipped the cost of a Whopper for a sexual service and I have felt guilty for that. I have one long term boyfriend who I have gifted 10 motorbikes, two cars, and more. And, I still feel that he has not gotten the full amount he deserves for his kindness to me over the years. Hell, today I'll be taking him for a Whopper for sure.
    Thank you all for your various points of view. I would buy each of you a Whopper but I'm afraid you would feel the need to put out and I don't do over 40s.
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    Min reacted to vinapu in How much to tip boy next to you   
    I think it s fair as long as neither one of you cum. In such case regular short time rate should apply as well as  bar,s off fee which was and perhaps still is Nature Boys policy.
    I only hope you were first customer who sucked that guy that evening as taste of somebody else,s dentures  could be bit exotic to put ot mildly.
    Why is that discussion about somebody else's money always generates so much heat ?
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    Min reacted to Vessey in How much to tip boy next to you   
    This thread is getting toxic - which is a shame.
    A couple of observations if I may please:
    Lets keep with my experiences in Nice Boys in Sunee Plaza and take one boy in particular, Dui, who I have been seeing a few years now on my regular holidays to Pattaya. If I off him and take him back to my room, I pay him 2k baht. An exPat friend who visits the bar a couple of times a week, only pays him 1,000 baht to go back to his apartment. And if my long, long time feels horny at any time and wants this lad to come and fuck him in his room, he pays him 200 or 300 baht. Different rates from different folk to the same boy for essentially the same service, but Dui is happy with all his 'customers'.
    Secondly, how much you pay a lad for a Chuck Wow, or a short time, or whatever sexual service, is, for me at least, only part of the equation. It's also about how you treat the lad while he is with you, the respect you show him, the little kindnesses you show him. Taking him out to eat, to drink, or to party in a karaoke bar, or whatever?; showing him a good time while he is with you. 
    I have a small gang of 'regulars now' from various bars, some gay, some straight, but lads I have known for up to six or seven years now and we frequently go out of an evening together. I believe I pay them reasonably, perhaps a little too reasonably sometimes, but although I remain their 'customer', I like to think we are also friends. But, if we are friends, it is as much to do with how I treat them as how much I pay them  
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    Min got a reaction from GWMinUS in Interfering rude farang   
    I'm thinking what I would do if I were in your shoes. Probably ask mamasan to move the boy's drink and respective bill to John's table?
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    Min reacted to forrestreid in How much to tip boy next to you   
    Well, I think the OP wants to do just that, but without paying over the odds.
    The name of the bar was not mentioned,  but I presume that it is one of the anything goes places in Sunee. Their business model is for customers to come in and buy drinks and spread a few red notes around for a bit of a feel, maybe a purple note for a suck.
    If customers felt obliged to pay 1000 every time they briefly sucked off a guy in such bars, I suspect the bars would not probably be around for much longer, as this would destroy their business model.
    Obviously if one wants to pay 1000 (or 10,000) baht for good service, and and to make the guy happy, that is great, but if one is asked about the "going rate" in a visitor-oriented message board, I think it is only fair to give the "going rate" rather than the "generous guy" rate.
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    Min got a reaction from Olddaddy in The agate hotel or East suites Jomtien   
    Last night (my first night in Agate), I had 2 Lao boys back with me around 10.30 pm. One of them had the physical passport, the other - only a picture on his phone. Both were accepted by the receptionists. No joiner fees were asked (I booked a double room). 

    If you bring a boy back quite late (probably around mid night), there are no receptionists on duty (there is one night guard outside but he couldn't care less) and hence probably no Id check.
    I'll give more details and tag you when I write my reviews of all four hotels in Jomtien Complex I have stayed on this trip.
    My breakfast is more like brunch (quite late, usually toward the end of the service time) but a big one because I need energy to start my day and also for gym later. I skip lunch and only have one more main meal after gym (early dinner or should I say linner : ) For me "buffet breakfast" means unlimited servings of salad - mostly raw vegetables, and fresh fruits.
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    Min reacted to gayinpattaya in Interfering rude farang   
    If this happened in a Gogo bar, it's very unusual and I agree with the OP, not good at all. 

    However, if this happened somewhere like Jomtien Complex, I think it's important to remember where you are. A very insightful British tourist said last week while chatting at @home bar, that often Jomtien Complex feels like a social club. While 20-30% of people here at the moment may be tourists, the vast majority are expats who are in the same bars, with the same customers and same boys, most days, if not all days of the week. While not the case here, it's also important to mention that a large number of Asians who drink in Jomtien Complex are not there working, but out for a drink after work. Although many will quickly become a freelancer for the right price. 

    Jomtien Complex is largely an expat location. Hopefully a busy high season can change that. 

    Over the covid period, many expats kept these boys fed and housed (those that couldn't go home). I am still aware of a good number of Complex boys who are still living with farang, but working the bars at night. I personally am very friendly with a few boys in Jomtien, drink with them often, but it will never be anything more than that (they are not working there). 

    Would be interesting to know what the boys story is, if you see him again. 

    Either way, I hope this doesn't happen to you again.

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    Min reacted to Londoner in The agate hotel or East suites Jomtien   
    We are eating breakfast at Zing. Limited menu but charming service. Unusually good coffee, by the way....and you won't hear me saying that about many places in Thailand.
    I'd be surprised if any hotel is serving buffet breakfasts when occupancy rates are so low. It's just not profitable to do so. We are booked in Chiang Mai's Amora  for November and I was even  unable to choose a breakfast option  there.
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    Min reacted to dankfq in so this is how it feels when a boy still recognizes you after 3 years...   
    Before I forget to mention, this trip I stayed at The Quarter Silom (rated #1 on TripAdvisor, very affordable at just 1400B/night, and just a stone's throw away from Tawan and New Twilight).
    My boy reunited from 3 years ago (let's name him A) was fascinated at this new hotel, he didn't even know it existed!
    Once we entered the room, he wasted no time in stripping me (he was already all touchy-feely in the elevator).
    Shower was tantalizing. Sex was passionate (even better than 3 years ago I would say). It was almost like he still remembered what I liked/disliked.
    He came before me, but I didn't wanna cum, as I already had during a massage that afternoon.
    So he chased me around the room like a horny predator with sly eyes, commanding playfully: "COME HERE."
    DAMN, that was quite a turn-on. (OK DON'T JUDGE.)
    After I eventually came, we cuddled naked for 30 mins, chatting about how the past 3 years have been.
    Apparently it was only his 5th day working at Dream Boys, as his previous employer Screw Boys is still closed.
    He had been working as a hairdresser in Chiang Mai for the past two years due to COVID. If I had visited Bangkok a week earlier, we would not have reunited (if this isn't fate, what is).
    So for the past 5 days, no customer had bought him drinks or off-ed him, as he is "not muscular like the other boys".
    "But you have big cock", I consoled him as I stroked it.
    OOPS, he was getting hard again, but I wasn't ready for another round.
    I dragged him to the shower. As we kissed and made out, he whispered: "Tomorrow you look for number XX, I tell him you are good customer."
    Oh, number XX. The tall cute Korean-looking boy from Dream Boys whom I jokingly mentioned. He remembered.
    I was actually kinda touched.
    I tipped him 3000B and reminded him to take a taxi home, as it was approaching 2am.
    He was genuinely surprised by the huge tip, but still insisted on taking a 50-min bus ride home.
    I walked him to the bus stop, he held my hand lovingly, with the gentle night breeze on our faces.
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    Min reacted to Boy69 in The agate hotel or East suites Jomtien   
    Zing have buffet breakfast option but it's not great buffet, For 250 Bht it's reasonable.
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    Min reacted to vaughn in The agate hotel or East suites Jomtien   
    I'm not aware of any good buffet style in the complex, but if you want a good hotel buffet breakfast the Hilton near CentralFestival would possibly be worth checking out.
    O Delices in Jomtien Complex was the best breakfast option I found on my April trip, but there's not much competition.
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    Min reacted to PeterRS in Interfering rude farang   
    I really shouldn't comment as I have not been in a bar for some years. However, I did also have this happen maybe 7 or 8 years ago. It turned out that the man my boy turned to was a regular at the bar, had offed the boy before at least once and was known as a good tipper. At that point, I had not even tipped my boy my usual 100 baht for sitting and chatting to me.
    I have no idea if your boy knew the other man but suspect that he did. I did not make a fuss as the last thing I wanted was a boy sitting next to me who really preferred to be with another guy he knew to tip well. My view is that buying a drink for a boy should give you some proprietorial rights unless another has told the mamasan he wants to take the boy out. But I don't think logical thinking is ever at the forefront of bar behaviour. Certainly making a scene would just make you look stupid in the eyes of all the bar workers. They'll mark you down as a trouble maker which could affect your enjoyment of any future visit you make. 
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    Min reacted to Olddaddy in Interfering rude farang   
    This is the 3rd time this has happened in the last 25 years of coming to Pattaya but still it makes me angry.
    The other night I'm in a bar bought the boy a drink, sitting next to each other,the boy says hello to John or whatever his name was, john sees the boy with me but ignores me and sits on the other side of the boy.
    John completely oblivion to me starts chatting to the boy who turns his chair to John.
    Now john didn't bother to buy the boy a drink but obviously knew him as a customer
    I was going to say something to John but thought let it go 
    This once before happened to me in about 2009 in Sunee Plaza which a farang butted in and bought the boy a drink whilst he already had one !!
    Just right in front of me got on the other side of the boy and bought him a drink !!
    Me sitting there looking a dummy !
    , I then walked away  leaving the boy and the Farang , later he  went too  and the boy came back to me in the bar ,I just paid the boy drink without tip and left too after that !
    But guys !!  Surely Surely  you must SEE the boy is SITTING with another farang ????
    Why would you do that ?
    Should I get into a physical fight with the interfering farang?
    Its just plain rude surely you are not that ignorant?
    Is it a power play ?
    Have to feel like your powerful ?
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    Min got a reaction from peterholland in The agate hotel or East suites Jomtien   
    Funny you should ask. This week I'm going to stay in Agate for a few days then move to East Suites for a few more days (I'm gonna try their famous King Jacuzzi Suite to see if it's really as nice as some members here said  I'll give feedback once I complete my stays. But I heard that East Suites staff couldn't care less about whom you take to the room though.
    FYI, I stayed in Poseidon and Zing in previous weeks and both were a disappointment for different reasons, especially Poseidon. Zing was also worse than pre-Covid period.
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    Min reacted to traveller123 in The agate hotel or East suites Jomtien   
    Min, we enjoy breakfast at the French restaurant on the corner near the hotel and a western breakfast at Tinnies, sometimes we will also walk down the promenade past the gay beach to the restaurant on the sea front at Pratamnak.
    Sorry I have never looked for a buffet style breakfast although if you want a songkaw trip the breakfast buffet at Casa Pascal on Pattaya second road is well liked.
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    Min reacted to macaroni21 in Bangkok post-Covid, July 2022   
    I can see no reason to visit New Twilight again until it has substantially impoved. Numazu has given a detailed description of the interior in his post of July 18, 2022 (thread: https: // www.gayguides.com/forums/topic/37995-bangkok-trip-report-2022-the-wait-is-over-what-was-i-waiting-for/page/3/). I will just list here my immediate (and similar to others') impressions on entering (about 10pm):
    Large hall; Quite large stage with underfoot lighting and a massive video screen as backdrop; Ear-piercingly loud music; Cold airconditioning; Seats quite far from stage. Boys were fully dressed in shirts, jeans and shoes. After seating me, papasan informed me: Drink = 350 baht. Off fee 500 baht. Recommended tip for boy 2,000 baht.
    After 10 minutes, a few more observations:
    Only eight boys on rotation; Boys were all "standard twinks" (to distinguish them from "skinny twinks"), in their twenties; There were only 3 other customers in the bar at 10pm.  There were
      - 3 or 4 papasans
      - maybe 5 waiters,
      - a bar tender,
      - a DJ,
      - and one of the former top dancers in Moonlight (there was even a Youtube video that featured his life) whose role was not clear to me, but he was definitely not one of the rotating boys (he could be the choreographer),
      - a manager,
      - 2 barkers and greeters at the front door In other words, staff outnumbered customers 4 or 5 to 1 Generally, their rotation boys were (in my estimation at least) almost all quite good looking and of "off-able" quality. However, not a single one made eye contact with customers or smiled.
    By 10:30, there were about 8 customers (including me). The show began and some cross-dressers came on to lip-sync, with 3 or 4 of the boys as backing dancers. Each lip-sync item was interspersed with another item done only by the same 3 - 4 boys. (Obviously, the other 4 boys didn't want to dance). As the fith and final item, five outsourced street dancers ("B-Boys") did a number.
    Halfway through the show, one of the customers lit up - so they allow smoking inside - which meant I left as soon as the show was over.
    The 3 - 4 boys who performed at least did so stripped down to underwear. But no cocks seen. Then at 11pm, rotation resumed and it was fully-clothed boys on stage again. I was on my way out.
    In my one hour there, I didn't see any customer take an off.
    In the minutes prior to the showtime, I had the opportunity to talk to a 30-ish guy introduced to me by a papasan as the manager. I wanted to stress to him the absurdity of running a  gogo bar with fully-clothed boys and deafening music. We went on to discuss a bit more about the challenges of staying in business. Given the deafening music and language gap, it wasn't easy to maintain a coherent conversation, so all I have a a rough sense, reading between the lines of his responses.
    He volunteered that their location already put them at a disadvantage; He mentioned something about the difficulty of attracting gogoboys should they insist that they strip down on stage ("Boy don't want to work here."). I would have thought that if that's the boy's position, then this cannot possibly be a vocation for him, but New Twlight might think differently. I tried to ask about tea money and if there were different rates for strip bars versus jeans-and-shirts bars, but got nowhere (or he didn't understand my question); When I asked how they expected to compete against the other bars, especially given their locational disadvantage, he mentioned "But have you seen our show?" The conversation went on a bit following the last point, so I shall summarise my take-aways: They're a bunch of people, starting from the owner down, who somehow think that business success in this sector hinges on a super show. ("Ah, that's why they've spent tons of money building an opera house!", I said to myself). They seem to think that if the show is great, there would be customers, and as a trickle down effect, there would be offs.
    I would have thought the opposite. Intimacy and contact should be what counts, not dazzle and spectacle. Getting offs for the boys should be the #1 business aim. That means hiring plenty of boys, seducing your customers with lots of skin and keeping prices reasonable. There are many ways to get that boy-customer interaction which gogo bars in Thailand hardly even try:
    table dancing close up (unlike the opera house distance between seats and stage that they have); private dances (500 baht for 15 minutes in a cabin at the back?); boys circulating among customers and chatting a little bit without immediately demanding that customers buy a boy drink for one minute of hopeless language-barriered "what is your name? where are you from? how long you stay Thailand?" fun games with discounted off-fees as prizes to customers. Coming back to tea money as a possibility for clothed boys. I thought this might be the case at first, but later came to the view this was probably not so. While it is possible that without enough tea money, the powers-that-be might frown on boys parading in underwear, thus compelling them to put on jeans, I can't imagine that the powers-that-be also compel them to put on shirts. I think it's an internal policy of New Twilight. 
    Given the size of their space and the large number of staff relative to customers, the running costs (e.g. airconditioning and wages) must be higher than other bars. Fresh Boys had half the space, 30 boys, 3 mamasans (one doubling up as show MC), one DJ, one bartender, 2 barkers and 3 waiters (total 10 employees) serving easily 25 - 30 customers (as at start of showtime). No cross-dressers for their show, so they don't have to pay for outside talent. And there, I saw at least 3 offs in the half hour before showtime.
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    Min reacted to 10tazione in Bangkok post-Covid, July 2022   
    ตัด to cut
    สระ to wash hair, but means also vowel
    เช็ด to rub (dry), I think the spelling on the sign เช็ต is wrong
    I think google lens doesn't work well if it's only words not sentences, and especially if those word's are spelled wrongly lol.
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    Min reacted to numazu in Bangkok Trip Report 2019: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same Part 2   
    Day 4.5: Closing Time
    At long last, my jet lag is working in my favor. It looks like I won’t be sleeping today, and while I feel a bit sore (due to obvious reasons), I am not tired. I’ve been up since 10 AM and now I am on the last stretch, preparing for my flight at 7:30 AM. Right now, with the company of the boy, everything seems to have finally fallen into place. Because of Brazil, I have quite forgotten why I’ve visited Bangkok all those years, and it only took an overly sweet, overly cute Cambodian to remind me why I should keep coming back in the future.
    But there was the issue of packing for my flight. I have not been here long, only 3 nights, but between the chaos of the three days and the nonstop activity, I am made a mess of my luggage. This was only 3 days of a 2 and half week trip in the region, so all my other clothes are just strewn about. Luckily, Cambodia said he would help me. He folded clothes and cleaned up the room and my toiletries. He did a very good job helping.
    Almost a good job. He packed my bottle of lube and put it in a plastic bag, but forgot to screw on the cap tight. So when I unpacked in Manila, my next city, I had an exploded bag of lube on my hands. Luckily the bag mostly protected other things. Not Cambodia’s fault of course.
    Once we had that straightened out, we had time to lay on the bed and just enjoy a few more moments of intimacy. Cambodia was always smiling, and from the looks of things, relished how close we have become to each other in only a matter of hours. We talked for a bit, about where he lived, about my next trip, and my next trip to Bangkok. I couldn’t tell him when my next time would be here, but I guessed it won’t take me 16 months like last time. This trip has taught me to appreciate Bangkok’s strengths, even with the seemingly superior boy offerings of Brazil. 
    So talking led to kissing. He does kiss like he likes it. And just like that, he was again naked on my bed. He was rock hard, and I stroke it because it begged to be. He returns the favor. Pretty soon I was aroused as well. I was not sure how much I can contribute to having sex right now, having cum four times already now today, but Cambodia seems to be game to give me my money’s worth. He wasn’t able to cum with Myanmar earlier, but now, we were well on our way to try again.
    He looks at me with his doe eyes and his sweet smile. He kisses me again, and has me lay down while he sits on my groin. The sight of him with his young face, lean body, and hard cock was a sight to behold indeed. He held his cock and mine with his hand and started stroking. I pull him close and put his cock in my mouth, and then slide his ass in my face. Now that tasted amazing. He continued stroking while I ate him. It didn’t take long. As he was about to cum, I put it in my mouth and he came in my mouth.
    He continues to kiss me, and lays beside me to work on mine, but I tell him that the earlier exertions have made me unable to cum. He asks me if I was sure. I squeeze his ass and thanked him for trying. I look at the time and it was almost 5 AM, and we better get a move on. One last quick shower for both of us and some final look around in the room, and I was ready to leave. Another advantage of having a farewell committee to see me off at the airport: they can help me with my luggage, not that I needed it.
    A quick checkout, and paying for a three days stay, and my lunch at the Chinese restaurant, and we were all squared away. The check-out guy asks me if I needed a taxi for the airport, and I always say yes. By the time we got to the ground floor, our taxi was there. My usual porter was of course there, handsome as always, and gave me my taxi info for me, and tells me, as always, if there is a problem, use the card as a reference for the problem.

    I give handsome porter 100 baht, and he accepts gracefully. I bet he will be here again when I am back, whenever that is, and he has always taken cared of me. He is like the mamasan of this place for me, and is worthy of the 100 baht as the others.
    And he’s definitely way more handsome than the mamasans.
    The porter takes the bags from Cambodia and loads it up in the trunk. We both get in the back and off we went:

    Cambodia takes over: after a few words with the driver, the driver turns on the meter and then Cambodian tells me I am on the hook for toll fees, which was fine by me. Cambodia takes my hand and comments on how early it is in the morning it is, and then we proceed to have a lovely conversation about other things. I was almost sorry that I was leaving today. We only met 5 hours ago, but there was a sense that it was quite a good fit, him and I, and if I met him on the first day he would have been with me for the whole stay. It does help that his English was very very good.
    After a brisk 25 minutes, we get to Suvarnabhumi and since I was taking Thai Airways, it was the very first stop for the taxi. I pay the bill (400 baht, rounding up), and then Cambodia takes my big bag as we make our way to check-in. I move past the check-in “lounges” of first class, and went to the business counters for Thai’s Royal Silk Class. Fairly quick and they accepted my check-in luggage, and they pointed me to immigration. I told them I was going to say goodbye to my friend first so I’ll be back in 20 minutes. 
    Because of the speed of the taxi, I had some time to accompany Cambodia to the Airport Rail Link, so he can get back to Sathorn where he lived. He offered to carry the back pack I was left carrying, since my luggage was already on its way to the plane, but I told him he didn’t have to help me the whole time. We get to the bottom floor where the turnstiles for the train were. 
    I didn’t feel a sense of loss with saying goodbye to Cambodia, as I did previous boys BurBoy and MonBoy, because I didn’t know him for too long and I don’t have a lot of connection with him yet, but I did feel a little bit of wistfulness in me. I wasn’t going to miss my boy Cambodia per se, but I sort of missed my care free days here in Thailand. I sort of longed for those days gone by, making connections and memories and undeniable fun sex (this was the least of all my longings actually). I may just have to come back here soon, to see if I can get those feelings back.
    At the turnstiles, Cambodia gives me a hug, and promises to keep in touch in Line. I reach into my pocket and produced a pre-counted 1000 baht (and 50 baht for the train) wad of cash for Cambodia. He has earned this in addition to the 2000 I have already gave him. It was like doing a long time with him, and most probably he did all this to expect more money out of money, but right now that hardly mattered. He has earned it, and more, as he has given more than what I gave him, a reminder of what Bangkok meant to me. He gets through the turnstiles and disappear into the halls of the airport.
    I take the elevator back to the check-in counters and then go back past the Thai Airways business class counters, and then get to the Fast track counters of Thai Airways:

    And they weren’t kidding with the Fast track. Thai Airways had their own immigration counters, and there were two counters open, and only one other person with me. Fastest exit out of Bangkok ever.

    I found the Royal Silk Lounge pretty quickly,

    and I rewarded myself with a nice cup of coffee as I wait for boarding. No sleep still but I feel more invigorated than ever before. Which is a good sign that a trip was a good one. A trip that didn't tire you, and actually made you more invigorated for life. I have Thailand to thank for that. Never a wasted moment. Never one regret.
    That seems to wrap up my trip to Bangkok. All good things must come to an end. 
    Next, my trip awards, and further musings.
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    Min reacted to numazu in Bangkok Trip Report 2019: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same Part 2   
    Day 4: Two for the road, and After hours 2: in photos
    It must be a habit of mine. In Brazil, my usual flights back to the USA are red-eyes. So it has been almost a tradition for me that I spend my last few hours in Sao Paulo or Rio in a boy sauna, leaving my luggage at the sauna front desk and frolicking in the sauna from 6 PM to 9 PM, which is prime boy sauna hours. And the habit of getting two boys as a last off has now been another tradition of mine, by picking one boy at the start, and then having him pick a second boy, based on my specifications. I usually pick a second based on the physicality of the first boy and then picking the opposite. There are days when a muscular hung top would catch my eye, and I’d let him try to get as a second, a boyish leaner and more bottom guy to play with us. Other times I’d have a white and green-eyed swimmer build pick out someone who is more mixed-race and versatile. It’s kind of crazy the variety I can find sometimes in Brazilian saunas.
    No matter the combination though, I’ve never wondered if the threesomes I choose in Brazil would ever work out. It just works in that country, for some reason. It's probably why I have a lot of it.
    In Thailand, threesomes are a more complicated matter, it seems. Judging from the feedback here, it seems that there is some trouble getting the right compatibility with the boys. Maybe its cultural, maybe it’s because it’s a bar and in full view of other boys and shyness is a factor, or maybe it’s just not done. I would never ask two Moonlight models for a threesome (and it will be freakin expensive), but for some reason the two I laid eyes on tonight screamed threesome to me. As I take them to Crowne Plaza, it was clear that they had a rapport. A friendly rapport for sure. Let’s hope this is good.
    At the hotel room Cambodia immediately goes to the bathroom to pee. Myanmar stays behind, and then takes off his shirt and pants. He was back to his Lucky Boys attire. I guess he was more comfortable this way. He looks out the window and stares at that 32nd floor view of the Bangkok skyline. I hug him from behind and he looks back and gives me a kiss on the cheek, and then on the lips. He then faces me, and takes off my shirt and fondles my torso.
    “You are top or bottom?” he asks, possibly to gauge what was expected night. “Everything,” is my stock answer. He laughs with that million watt smile. He was a pretty one. Handsome sure, but prettier still. He just turned 22, he said. He has lighter skin than most Myanmar boys I know. Everything about him says a boy from Chiang Mai, except for those eyes, big with long lashes. Cambodia emerges from the bathroom still in full dress. They both talk for a minute and Myanmar tells me “I shower first.”
    It was Cambodia’s turn to be admired, but he is more shy than Myanmar. He kept his clothes on, but immediately hugged me and kissed me and then proceeded to ask me things about my trip. Unsurprisingly his English is much better than most boys I’ve met here (something in the water, or educational system, in Phnom Penh perhaps?). He is also 22, and looks younger. A little bit darker than Myanmar, but no less cute and perhaps even sweeter than Myanmar. We talk until Myanmar emerges from the bathroom, with towel firmly tied to the waist. It's Cambodia's turn to shower.
    After 2 minutes, Myanmar goes to the bathroom and talks to Cambodia, I am guessing about the off. I hear the water still running when Myanmar emerges and asks me to join them in the bathroom. In the bathroom I am liberated of my shorts and underwear and I see Cambodia drying himself. Myanmar takes me to the shower and then joins me and helps me get clean. Satisfied, Myanmar takes my cock and strokes it until I was hard. Even with three (!) orgasms today it was not hard to stand at attention for this cutie. 
    Myanmar leads me out the shower and see Cambodia, also in a towel sitting at the edge of the tub, waiting for us to be done. All of us, in towels, go to the bedroom. I liberate myself of the towel and lay on the bed. Myanmar speaks a few words to Cambodia, and then Cambodia starts kissing me, and then Myanmar takes my cock and sucks on it. After a while, Myanmar emerges to kiss me as well, and then feeds me his cock. Cambodia goes down and it was his turn to suck my cock. I pull Cambodia up and he takes turns with Myanmar getting attention from my mouth.
    The things one discovers while in a threesome. In the bar, they both agreed to do everything, and I believed that they would do it. But now, in the threesome, it was clear for me that Myanmar would shine more as a top, and Cambodia would be hotter as a bottom. And that’s what happened. Myanmar was able to top both me and Cambodia, and Cambodia returned the favor to bottom for the both of us. After that, I was able to top Myanmar for a little bit, and that was enough for me to cum, as he was fairly tight. Myanmar came soon after, while deep kissing me and stroking it on Cambodia. Cambodia tried to cum but gave up after a few minutes. Total condoms unpacked: 7.
    It was around 2:30 by the time we all got showered and fixed up and all condoms and condom wrappers put away. I gave each boy 2000 baht, a pretty great effort and well deserved. I get both their Lines and bid them goodbye. After 2 minutes, I get a thank you Line from Cambodia:

    I must admit, I was super hungry for food. I haven’t eaten anything in almost 12 hours now, and I’ve met 4 guys since then. I run down and meet Cambodia just outside Crowne Plaza. He flashes me a smile, and thanks me for coming for him. Surprisingly, he takes my hand and we walk along Rama IV to the Surawong Rd direction. He asks me where I wanted to eat. I tell him a sit down restaurant would be nice. Hand in hand still, we make a left on Thaniya and come upon this open air restaurant (really it’s a collection of tables and chairs near a Family Mart) called Thaniya Bar Beer:

    As we get seats, Cambodia says hi to a lot of the boys already eating there. I see a big party to my right, some boys and mamasans from Lucky Boys. Another party in front of us. I recognize some of the guys in the table. “From Moonlight,” Cambodia says. No models, but some of the familiar mamasans and regular boys were in attendance. I guess this was a popular haunt by the gogo boy bar employees. A nice affable girl gives us menus:

    Conveniently in Thai and English:

    Cambodia asks what I liked. I told him to get what he wanted. He jumped at the chance to get the fried duck beaks, as well as some morning glory (very Cambodian-Thai) and other things. I order my usual Thai Omelet and pork things. I was in a good mood. I wanted my last dinner in Thailand to be festive.  We order some beers and toast the night. I haven't drank Singha in more than a year!

    The food was pretty smashing, as expected. The Fried Duck Beaks were quite the treat, especially:

    Cambodia’s story is fairly typical. From a family of poor farmers just outside of Phnom Penh. Went to Bangkok with help from fellow Cambodian friends to be a waiter. Discovered that he was cute to a lot of people and decided to be a gogo boy to earn way more than waiting tables. He’s still fairly new to the scene, but I must admit that he has this “taking care of customers” part down. The held hands, the kissing, and just the general attentiveness was pretty natural for him. He was curious, as other boys, as to why I look Asian but from the USA. Some just can’t wrap their heads around that. I get this in Latin America too.
    Don’t get me wrong, the sex I’ve gotten in the trip was pretty good. But it is these moments, connecting with someone who was but a stranger to me 2 hours ago, that really made the trip. Connecting through sex and moments like these.  I had these moments more often when I had longer trips, so being able to get it in this condensed trip is, for me, an enormous triumph, considering that I did not have time to have these moments in earnest. I go to Thailand for the sex, but stay for the company.
    We get the bill (450 baht – is this a lot?) and head back to the Crowne Plaza, still holding hands.

    He asks if I wanted to do long time tonight. I told him I would want to but finally admitted to him that I was leaving in an hour and half, at 5 AM, to catch a 7:30 AM flight from Suvarnabhumi. He seemed genuinely bummed about this news, but asked if I wanted company to the airport. I was slightly taken aback by the suggestion, but thought, why not? I think the last 10 trips, I always had an escort to the airport. This trip seemed to be no different.
    At this point it is 3:30 AM. I've had my fair share of late nights and early mornings in Brazil, but I must admit, I've never felt any danger while walking the streets of Bangkok, at least in Silom, as I do approaching a dark alleyway in Rio de Janiero just off of the Lapa district, for example.
    Next, another one for the road, and final goodbyes…
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    Min reacted to Boy69 in The agate hotel or East suites Jomtien   
    I stayed at the East Suites 2 years ago at their best room Jacuzzi 2 rooms suite it's the best room I ever had in Thailand very luxurious , the staff is very friendly no one cares about visitors you can bring anyone you want and the big plus you have a free access to Zing hotel swimming pool , I also used to have breakfasts at the Zing it's just opposite East Suites.I really enjoyed my stay there.
    The Agate is joiners friendly but is not exactly a gay hotel and as far as know they are not serving breakfast at the moment due very low occupancy.
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    Min got a reaction from Vessey in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    I was back to Bangkok last night. Saw three Viet freelancers around 10 pm near the bus stop and in vicinity of Bangkok Christian Hospital (they were usually there much earlier). Also saw all three of them on Grindr.

    Speaking of twinks, I also saw a new(????, at least to me) Massage place named 9-teen Massage opened on Silom road (from Silom 6, turn right and walk a few meters). There were 4 masseurs sitting outside, all twinks from the look of it (although they all had their mask on so I couldn't be 100% sure). The place looks cozy, opening hours: 10 to 24.

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    Min got a reaction from TMax in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    I was back to Bangkok last night. Saw three Viet freelancers around 10 pm near the bus stop and in vicinity of Bangkok Christian Hospital (they were usually there much earlier). Also saw all three of them on Grindr.

    Speaking of twinks, I also saw a new(????, at least to me) Massage place named 9-teen Massage opened on Silom road (from Silom 6, turn right and walk a few meters). There were 4 masseurs sitting outside, all twinks from the look of it (although they all had their mask on so I couldn't be 100% sure). The place looks cozy, opening hours: 10 to 24.

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