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    Min got a reaction from Vessey in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    I was back to Bangkok last night. Saw three Viet freelancers around 10 pm near the bus stop and in vicinity of Bangkok Christian Hospital (they were usually there much earlier). Also saw all three of them on Grindr.

    Speaking of twinks, I also saw a new(????, at least to me) Massage place named 9-teen Massage opened on Silom road (from Silom 6, turn right and walk a few meters). There were 4 masseurs sitting outside, all twinks from the look of it (although they all had their mask on so I couldn't be 100% sure). The place looks cozy, opening hours: 10 to 24.

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    Min reacted to reader in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    If I was a bar owner, I'd want to know why a prospective customers walked out without making a purchase. Maybe it's something I can't do anything about (i.e, too crowded). But it's more likely it's something I can.
    I've posted in the past about the idea of bars experimenting with promotions from mid-week beer specials, half-price off fees, 2-for-1 drink nights. The idea would be to get more people in the door than the other bars. In short, becoming competitive. But I don't think that's ever going to catch on in Bangkok. The attitude seems to be customers come or they don't. Mai pen rai.
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    Min reacted to vinapu in My long-awaited and glorious return to Thailand   
    Thank you for cheering us up
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    Min got a reaction from Ruthrieston in Unexpected reunions and few shattered dreams - 22nd trip to Thailand in May 2022   
    cash-and-tuck person
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    Min got a reaction from 10tazione in Unexpected reunions and few shattered dreams - 22nd trip to Thailand in May 2022   
    cash-and-tuck person
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    Min reacted to macaroni21 in Bangkok post-Covid, July 2022   
    A few minutes before 10pm when I walked in, Dream Boy had about 30 patrons, making it 75 percent full. Nonetheless, a good seat had opened up and I was shown to it.
    Two things struck me immediately, though I had been pre-warned by other members here. (1) The boys, while shirtless, were in jeans. (2) The music was loud.
    The waiter was helpful in explaining the charges without my having to ask. That's good; it suggests a degree of staff training. My drink would be 450 baht, a boy drink would be 400 baht, the off fee would be 500 baht and the recommended tip for short-time was 2,000 baht. I would later ascertain from the chosen boy that his share of the boy drink was 100 baht.
    There were about 25-30 boys divided into three rotating groups, with an average age over thirty. Some had maintained their form, but not a few were losing the battle with either Covid or the passing years. In the thirty minutes watching the rotation, I could only shortlist four guys whom I might take. For someone like me who is not especially picky and who has a rather broad acceptance range for body types in my partners (also known as "slut"), four out of nearly 30 is a poor ratio. Visits to other bars in the subsequent evenings would confirm that Dream Boys has an aging problem compared to the others. I have no problem with taking a boy over 30, and in my experience, they can be better in bed, being more experienced in the arts of pleasure, but it would be nice if they were in reasonable shape.
    Watching the scene before the show, a few more things struck me:
    (3) with years, the boys seemed also to acquire more tattoos. There was one chap with full-body Yakuza-like work. No doubt, an ink aficionado might appreciate the skill and artistry there, but I find large tattoos way too distracting in bed.
    (4) about all the waiters must have been at least fifty. Perhaps one or two could have been sixty. 
    The show began almost promptly at 10:30pm, by which time the bar was nearly full (about 40 -45 patrons). It had eight "acts". Four were performed by lip-sync cross-dressers, and four by the boys themselves. The music got even louder!
    The first of the boys' acts had three coyotes, one of which was among my shortlisted four. He turned out to be the best dancer of the lot which was more than enough reason for me to tuck 100 baht into his briefs. He was cheeky. He pulled the briefs open (forward, not down) and guided my hand deep into it till I was able to wrap the red note around his cock. 
    At that moment, I kind of decided that I would off him later, but after the dance item, I saw him go straight to sit with another customer. I was too late!
    The second of the boys' acts had three guys in briefs, and soon enough, their joeys (baby kangaroos) were poking their little heads out above mamas' pouches.
    The last of the four boys' acts was a copulation show. 
    I off'd one of the four from my shortlist, but it didn't turn out well. Back in the room, he was in a rush throughout, saying "we cum together" barely five minutes into playtime. All in all, I think he spent less than 40 minutes with me. He's best forgotten, so the less said here, the better. 
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    Min got a reaction from TT007 in Bangkok post-Covid, July 2022   
    including all forms of back door...
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    Min got a reaction from vinapu in Bangkok post-Covid, July 2022   
    including all forms of back door...
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    Min got a reaction from reader in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    One of the reasons why Lucky Boys boasted a large daily rotation of boys was probably every boy showing up for work before a certain time cutoff received a daily allowance from the bar (7h30 pm and 300 if memory serves). Most Viet boys working there, from what I heard, did not bother (like that money was just a pittance to them).
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    Min got a reaction from floridarob in Senso Massage   
    He'll move his November flight to August.
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    Min got a reaction from 10tazione in Bangkok post-Covid, July 2022   
    including all forms of back door...
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    Min reacted to ichigo in My long-awaited and glorious return to Thailand   
    Final thoughts
    And just like that, my trip is over. This particular trip was special because not only for the fact it was my first international trip after a 2.5 year absence, but because it provided me an escape as I had been going through some shit in the weeks prior to my trip. Now being back home, I need to deal with reality again, and more than ever yearning to be back in Thailand. December/January could be an option for my next trip.
    My final 2 nights were spent in Dreamboys, and since I had been there a number of times I was becoming more familiar with the staff - I don't know the name of the mamasan, the smaller, older guy, but he was really nice and always knew my drink order. My 2nd final night I spent with a dreamboy, not my regular one, but another one that I had my eye one. He was decent though and softly spoken. He also took me back to the hotel on his motorbike, which by the way I am deathly afraid of, but it was only a short distance and I told him to go slow which he did. My final night was spent with my dreamboy regular for the 5th time. I've spoken about him before but he is excellent and my favourite. I even told him that - I said that even if I go with 100 boys, he will always be my favourite.
    Since I had an early morning flight, after he left, I spent some time packing and checking out at about 3:30am and going to the airport. The flight back home was pretty non-eventful but I was pretty wrecked as I hadn't slept that night and I have a lot of trouble sleeping on planes.
    Things I will miss:
    Prime massage - I lost count the amount of times I have been here, but it is always a good quality professional experience. I've tried the oil, Thai, and foot massages and they are all good. There is even a room with an actual massage table with a face hole which I hadn't seen before. So so so many stairs though lol. I know that Thai massages are not meant to be sensual, but when you and the masseur are contorted into all these shapes together, you cannot help but get a little aroused! Tip - if you go earlier in the day you are more likely to get seen straight away as a walk-in, I tried once at night but there was a 2 hour wait as I didn't have an appointment.
    The weather - going out every day in shorts and a shirt was delightful when it is the middle of winter in my country. Our winter's are pretty mild but I would still prefer the heat.
    7/11 - I loved being able to get decently priced snacks and drinks 24/7, and seemingly seeing the same cute guy(s?) serving me no matter what time I am there (I frequented the 7/11 just in front of the Tarntawan).
    Tarntawan Hotel - it's showing its age, but it is a nice hotel and very conveniently located. I like the safety aspect how guys need to leave their ID at reception. Staff are always friendly.
    Bum guns - going back to just toilet paper seems gross now.
    Public transport - being able to get to a BTS/MRT station and having the train show up within a few minutes, and not having to rely on a train timetable is amazing.
    Food - so much variety and at so many price points. You want a cheap meal? Sure thing. You want something fancy and expensive? You can have that too.
    And of course the guys - some are better than others, but it is always nice to spend time with these young men.
    Anyway, thanks for reading, and whilst waiting patiently for my next trip, I look forward to reading many more trip reports now that international travel is becoming easier and easier.
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    Min reacted to reader in Bangkok post-Covid, July 2022   
    I just returned from two months in BKK and walked Silom, Surawong and Patpong nightly. The scenes presented above represent a moment in time and do not reflect my recollection of what it actually looked liked as a whole during that period. Below are some clarifications to put this discussion in context.
    MASSAGE SHOPS -- There were at least six massage shops on Surawong when I left July 12. And for the record, Urban Thai does have some male masseurs on staff. Long-running Adam Massage on Soi 4 is open as are at least five on Soi 6, including Prime. And soon Senso (on Soi Saladaeng) will be reopening.
    CURRENCY EXCHANGE -- As Min pointed out, Superrich is open weekdays. I went in there July 8 and it was so crowded I walked out and ended up at the jewelry shop on Surawong (right beside what was once the Family Mart at the corner of Soi Twlight. For rate comparisons, they were offering $35.65, K-Bank $34.89 and Superrich $35.90 for the USD. Superrich has other locations open weekends, including Central World that I used a few times. But for convenience purposes, I'd recommend the jewelry store because there was no waiting and the transaction was completed rapidly. Kudos to Vinapu for making me aware of this place. (Btw, the airport exchange rates are no longer competitive with what you can get in the city).
    OVERALL -- I'd echo what z909 says above, "Everything I need in Bangkok is open."
    Boy69, have you actually walked these streets lately? Many members, myself included, have and you're saying that we've created  a false impression. Our impressions are of those actually on the ground. I was a 5-walk away from Surawong for eight weeks. I can tell you that Patpong 1 had only three bars open when I arrived and five when I left, not counting one on an alley that connects it with Patpong 2. There are another six lady bars open on Patpong 2 along with three boy bars: Hot Male, Freshboys and Dreamboys.
    Life may not be back to normal as our pre-covid memories but it improves by the week. It's low season right now. There's no magic switch that going to be turned on and suddenly places like Lucky Boys and Screwboys are going to spring to life. That's going to be determined by how many punters actually decide to return to Bangkok and start spending again. But ask any member who has returned whether or not they had a good time and I'd be amazed if even one responds in the negative. Or just read Dankfq's recent post in this forum.
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    Min reacted to ggobkk in Senso Massage   
    One can always count on @paulsf to put out a carrot to draw @vinapuback...
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    Min got a reaction from reader in Bangkok post-Covid, July 2022   
    Add: and weekdays only.
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    Min got a reaction from reader in Bangkok post-Covid, July 2022   
    The Super Rich next to Silom Plaza is still open but with shorter working hours (9am to 6pm). I just exchanged money there a couple of times, barely a week ago.
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    Min reacted to dankfq in so this is how it feels when a boy still recognizes you after 3 years...   
    Writing this on my way to BKK airport, still can't believe how amazing this trip was!
    Off-ed boys for 5 consecutive nights, one of them whom I first met 3 years ago...
    It was my 4th night, when I visited Dream Boys in Bangkok around 10:15pm. (First two nights were in Pattaya, I will come to that later.)
    Despite being a weekday, there were close to 30 boys on stage (topless in jeans), almost half of them had their cocks out during a "cock parade" show segment (surprise surprise!).
    As I scanned the stage, two off-able hunks immediately caught my eye: a tall Korean-looking boy, and a bearded man with the body of a Greek god.
    Just as I was pondering whom to off for the night...he appeared.
    Yes, the boy I first met at Screw Boys 3 years ago. The boy I added on LINE but had not kept in contact. The boy who blew my mind in bed, one of my best offs ever.
    Yet, he looked kinda different. Was it the hairstyle? Was it the new tattoo? Was it the buffness?
    We made brief eye contact...it seemed like he recognized me. Or didn't he?
    Before I could react, the lights dimmed, the boys scattered, and the show began.
    Just then, I received a LINE message from him: "How long you stay in BKK?"
    OK IT'S HIM.
    He remembers me (and also my name in his LINE contacts)...even though I put on quite some weight during the pandemic.
    That moment, I decided to tease him a little. I did not reply him, and continued watching the show.
    Until an hour later, all boys returned to the stage after the show. I acknowledged him with a cheeky grin, and signaled him to come sit with me.
    He hugged me real tight, and whispered in my ear: "I think you forget me."
    He pecked me on the lips, and gazed right into my eyes. At that moment, I knew I was definitely off-ing him.
    But still, it was such fun teasing him.
    We held hands with fingers interlocked, while watching the guys on stage. I told him playfully: "Number XX looks like Korean, so tall and cute."
    He pouted slightly and hesitated before asking: "You off him tonight?"
    HAHA ALRIGHT. enough with the teasing.
    I caressed his thigh: "You come hotel with me?"
    He smiled widely, almost with a sigh of relief.
    I paid for our drinks (450B x 2) and bar fine (400B), and off we went.
    [to be continued...]
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    Min reacted to macaroni21 in Bangkok post-Covid, July 2022   
    Nor have the stalls along Silom and Surawong Roads returned. And quite a few shopfronts are shuttered too. There used to be 6 or 7 massage shops along Silom Road (all of them with a significant number of male staff) east of the Thaniya junction. There are now only 3. There used to be another 5 or 6 massage shops along Surawong Road in the stretch between Patpong Soi 1 and Soi Tarntawan. There are now 3 too. Those three however seemed to have differentiated themselves more starkly. Urban Thai is all-female staff while Green Massage is all male staff (in, confusingly, orange shirts). Only Olivia has mixed gender staff.
    But take a look at this picture. It's a different stretch of Surawong Road, opposite Raya Hotel, between the alleyway to Moonlight (left edge) and Happy Beer Garden (to the right). It used to be always busy, with every shopfront lit up.

    The gay part of Patpong Soi 2 looked bright by comparison. But it's only that 50 metres or so. Go a bit further from where the photo was taken and it's forlorn again. As others have reported, Lucky Boys does not look as if it's coming back. Nor Bangkok Massage. To the left of the picture, Screw Boys remains closed.

    Silom Soi 4 was a bright jewel. Nearly every table was taken; there was a buzz
    about it that felt good.

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    Min reacted to numazu in Bangkok Trip Report 2022: The wait is over. What was I waiting for?   
    Day 2.5: Heavenly Bodies
    I am unclear on the origins of why Bangkok boy bars are named the way they are. Maybe the thought process is to have your bar name be as descriptive as possible, so customers know what they are getting when they want to go to that bar. So all your boys and males are either Fresh (boys), Hot (Male), Dream (y) (Boys) or Lucky (Boys), or you may want to Screw (boys) them, or want to play with their Bananas (bar). 
    Then there are the bars that are named after heavenly bodies or phenomenon – Moonlight, Jupiter and Tawan (Tawan ตะวัน = Sun). These bars, more or less, have their specialized brand of boy bar, probably what sets them a little bit apart from the ones mentioned previously. I’d say these three bars indeed have “heavenly bodies”, and as such, have boys with more mass i.e. more meat on their bones than those bars that have predominantly twinks in them (those Freshboys really are fresh, for example). This is a generalization of course, Dreamboy had a lot of more meatier boys than twinks the night I was there (at least my definition of what Thailand meaty is), but generally you will not find any traditional twinks in the Solar System bars.
    Don't ask me about New Twilight. I don't know how that boy bar fits into things.
    Interestingly, to me at least, Tawan’s naming is more consistent with how most Brazil boy saunas are named. Tawan’s street is situated in Soi Than Tawan, from which I am assuming Tawan was then named after. In Rio de Janeiro for example, Clube 117 and Pointe 202 addresses are in 117 Rua Candido Mendes and 202 Siquiera Campos respectively, which means they are named after their street addresses as well. Various other saunas in Brazil do this (the ones in Salvador and Recife come to mind, etc.), and even if the name of the current street of the famous Sao Paulo sauna Lagoa is different from its name, originally it was located in a street called Borges Lagoa before its move to 130 Pedro Taques.
    So we find ourselves in one of the Solar System bars – Jupiter. My description of it in 2016 is here:
    Still, I do remember at least two memorable offs from Jupiter in the past. Both were the typical Jupiter type: tall, muscular athletic, fair skin and handsome. Both I’ve had trepidation offing in the past due to my preconceived assumptions about the aloofness of the Jupiter boys, and hence, both exceeded my expectation when it came to the off, further fueling my desire to go back to the heavens more and more. 
    My whole off with MuscleBoy here:
    And a snippet of my off with Korean Boy:
    We emerge from a sex-induced slumber at 9:30 PM, after a half day of running around Bangkok and seeing the sights. Tiago, as goal-oriented as he was when it comes to going after his dreams, surely knows what he likes doing during vacations: lots of rest and lots of sex. He admitted to as such while we were traversing Dubai. As a result, we have missed a tourist spot or two that was on my list of must-see things to see. Still, my method of running ragged of wanting to see as many things as possible and to sleep with as many boys as possible, combined with his more leisurely pace of stopping and smelling the roses, and establishing deeper connections and sacrificing certain opportunities as a result, worked for both of us and benefitted our experiences. Quality over quantity was essentially the result.
    Still, he knew that it was important for me to go see a Boy Bar every night we were in Bangkok, so when the alarm went off to wake us up that night, he darted out of the bed and did a few shadow boxing exercises to wake himself up and get the blood flowing. I fired up the water heater and made two cups of those delish 3-in-1 coffees, and pair of showers later we were on a Grab to  Silom Soi 4. 71 baht.
    We arrive at Soi 4 around 10:15 PM, and the familiar sights of the street were still there. I noticed a new (to me) boy bar called Banana Bar, with their tout enticing us to come in and partake of their fruit stand. Perhaps on another night. We passed by the usual bars, notably the renamed Circus Bar, formerly Telephone Pub – I am not too familiar what precipitated this name change. There was a good-sized crowd seated in almost all the bars, with a good showering of farang tourists, perhaps a sign that the tourist numbers are rebounding at a good clip. 
    But we had our goal today – Jupiter. We were greeted by the sharply dressed tout who didn’t bother with his spiel because it looked like we knew where we were going.  Inside, the outer seats were taken, some full with rowdy Thai revelers, others with more reserved farangs and Asian gays. We were seated at the very front. Tiago plopped himself on the seat, ready for the show. Regular coke and rum coke (pretty decent). Onstage where 3 or 4 boys at a time, rotating through their roster, a trick I’ve seen in almost all the bars that had more boys than a stage can logically contain. I am reminded right away of Jupiter delights: the preppy, handsome, clean cut, masculine fair boy.
    Tiago noticed this, and commented that the offerings were pretty enticing, and handsome. Perhaps Tiago was also a Jupiter man. I was overjoyed when I say MuscleBoy and Korean Boy still working here, as if nothing has changed through the years. They both still looked gorgeous and fit. There were other stunners as well, well-documented in the Jupiter facebook.  They feature each of their models fairly well on FB, and some even have studio-quality photoshoots that highlights their best features.

    What impressed me was the number of guys that were on offer.  If you want an idea of many guys are available on a given night, watch this:

    ParadeJupiter.mp4 Also, this was were I was seated, where the red dot is:
    So I was up close and bulge level to these fine specimens, so I was having a blast. I would highly recommend seating up there for maximum viewing.  Not sure why the other customers here preferred sitting further away from the action. They are missing out.
    The show soon starts and it’s the usual drag queen/boy number combination. The drag queens were pretty polished, moreso than what I’ve seen elsewhere in Thailand, or even Brazil.  Also, there were numbers with drag queens and boys combined, and I remember this was a thing before from pre-pandemic:

    With all this happening, Tiago was seemingly entertained. My hunches about this bar were right, that this was a bar that is easy to show to first-timers, or your girl best friend, that had enough distractions and hot boys to entertain pretty much anybody. I know a lot of us here prefer a less refined, more hardcore experience with Thai boy bars, and I do miss that type of atmosphere, but there is a place for these kind of bars both in the boy bar landscape, and in every one of my travel itineraries.
    There was the question of offing tough. I was thoroughly smitten with one of the guys in that clip above. Everyone in the bar was looking at him.  

    Maybe it was the grinding and the dancing he did. I was about to look for him but saw that he sat down with some clients and I missed my chance.  Still, there were a lot to choose from. I could choose from any number of tall, fair, lean muscular boys. There was something about that guy with the full body tattoo (see video). He looks like he would know a thing or two about a good time. Plus, in perusing Jupiter’s FB posts, he is figured in a set of photos that seem to show another, more fun side of him:

    I ask Tiago what he thought about that guy. He said he was more interested in another handsome lad, as he tells me his number. I recognized the guy from Patpong. He must’ve belonged to another bar but is now working in Jupiter. He was the Jupiter type. He had really white skin, very smooth. Boyish handsomeness, abs and muscles. He fit the type that I liked, so I motioned to him to sit with us once the show was over. He was in jeans and shirtless. He sat in between Tiago and I. A waiter quickly comes to us to ask if the boy wanted a drink. He asked for a coke.
    He recognized me from the pre-pandemic days, and asked me the usual stock questions of name, where you from, how long Bangkok and all that good stuff. I of course had to translate for Tiago, who was rubbing his leg and looking at him closely. He was Vietnamese, and Tiago found that fairly interesting possibly because it was the first time he has ever met a Viet guy.
    After a few more pleasantries, VietBoy asks if we wanted to off him.  I then asked what he was into. He said he is all top. I translated this to Tiago and then he promptly grabbed his dick to see. More questions. 5000 for short time because we were two people, so double the price he said. Then I asked if he kisses. He said no. He said he was straight.
    I then translate this all to Tiago.  “E hetero?” he said, sort of disappointed.  “Quanto custa,” he asks. I do some quick math and tell him “130 dolares ou 700 reais,” I answer. Tiago makes a face, ”E caro demais,” he replies, thinking the price was a little bit too steep. He then asks me that its up to me, but I already knew my answer. After a few more pleasantries, and as he finshes his drink, I gave him 500 baht and bid him farewell.  It was just not meant to be.
    To Tiago, a sexual partner who doesn’t kiss, let alone doesn't do it passionately, is not worth it, and life is too short for that kind of BS. I tend to agree.  He later said that for 130 dollars, he’d do way more than just top.
    While all of this was going on, Jupiter turned from a Boy Bar to a lounge, and it was actually enjoyable. Customers were having a blast with the live singing, boys were joining the fun, drinking with customers, and it all looked like fun:

    Jupiter2018 - Everyday After Midnight It’s Time To Party 🎉... By Jupiter2018 Everyday After Midnight It’s Time To Party 🎉 With All The Jupiter’s Model 🤩 #jupiter #silom4 #bangkok.mp4 There is someone in the video clip waving some money in front of the boys. I figure that the video is at least accurate in that sense, as it will take that much money to get the boys to act happy to be with you.
    I didn’t even try to look for another boy to off. I tried, it didn’t work out, and that was that. I didn’t even feel that I was missing out. I had good memories of this place, and will continue to make more in the future. Right now it was about me and Tiago. He might be the ultimate cock block as he is giving me more than probably any of the boys in this building ever could, in arguably better physical attributes, among other things. There is a time and a place to “settle” for a more chill sexual encounter and I am willing to adjust to the task at hand. Sometimes that it was I need, other times, like right now, it is Quality over Quantity.
    After another round of drinks, we leave the celestial confines of Jupiter. While it weird for me to not off a guy form this bar, truth is Jupiter will always hold a special place in my groin. There will be other nights in Jupiter, to look for this guy, for example:

    We then head over to Footland Patpong to have a late dinner. After that we decide to make that 25-minute walk back to the apartment, since it has cooled down a bit. Tiago asked again if it was safe to walk at 2 AM in the morning in Bangkok. I said yes it was. He commented that if this was central Rio we would be assaulted many times over. i laughed, because it was true.  And even Tiago had a hard time avoiding comparing Brazil to Thailand, but this time, he was noticing something that Thailand had an advantage over Brazil.
    “That’s why we are here Tiago,” I tell him. “We are here to forget about our troubles in Brazil. We are in Thailand now.” We should make the most of our time here, as Thailand has a lot to offer.
    And we do just that, next post.
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    Min reacted to reader in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    When Moonlight first opened, it was the talk of the town (well, our little town, anyway). It was new, bold and had quickly became  a must stop for all. But for me it lust a bit of the luster over the years. Nevertheless, I certainly would prefer that it survives in the same way I hope newcomer New Twilight manages to sustain itself because the Bangkok scene very much needs variety.
    The problem Twilight has at the moment appears to be indecision: does it want to be another Jupiter or Moonlight or does it wish its own, unique identity which so far doesn't seem to be catching on all that well.
    Personally, I'd hope it adopts the Lucky Boys approach. It has the stage and lighting to put on the same type of floor show entertainment along with the ever-popular rotation of 30-40 guys representing a cross section of ASEAN. I really miss that place.
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    Min reacted to AlexThompson in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    I absolutely love your trip reports, especially all the small details you share.  
    The reviews of the guys at Moonlight sound spot-on.  I think they need to do a hard-reset on their models -- almost like the old studio system where whey plucked talent from obscurity and groomed them to be stars.
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    Min got a reaction from BL8gPt in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    I know. It's just that nowadays if I want someone who can bottom in a bar, mamasans automatically search for gay boys.
    Usually, I don't waste my time on unwilling cases either. Unless the boy was so cute, to the point that I was willing to pay just to see him naked  I guess, my tip may not make sense to some people in the same way stories of other members here chasing after non-MB straight guys (which is IMHO even more hopeless) do to me. They probably get some thrills out of the process, regardless of the result, but I just don't get it.
    We find boy A in bar X very cute and offable. Then we move to bar Y and see that boy B is also desirable. We go back and forth in our head, thinking boy A appears a bit better, so we return to bar X only to find that he's taken. Then we hurry back to bar Y... You probably know where I'm heading with this right
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    Min reacted to vaughn in My long-awaited and glorious return to Thailand   
    The bars and massage places in Paradise Complex were open in April, it was pretty quiet back then but it might be busier now. I posted a short summary of what I found at the end of this thread.
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    Min got a reaction from moistmango in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    (part 10)
    As mentioned in part 9, a Thai boy who's working in X-boy asked me to take him to another bar to watch a show (X-boy itself has no longer offered any shows post-Covid). Since I like the boy and wanted to do something nice for him on my last day in Pattaya, I told him to go to Jomtien complex that night at 9pm and we would go watching a show together. I'd buy him drinks, pay his bar fine of 500, and also a short time fee of 1500. 
    Then around 8pm, he messaged me with a reschedule request, saying something about having "other business". Looks like the dramatic "I was born to never watch a show" (his words via some awkward Google translation) wasn't that important. His last-minute cancellation means I scrambled to find a replacement. 
    Then the next night, when I was in Bangkok already, he messaged me again, whining that he had no customer at all that night, not even a boy drink so he's broke. Turns out, on previous night, a customer to the bar bought him a drink so he cancelled me in hope of getting another off then going with me the next day. Too bad the customer didn't off him eventually and I wasn't available the day after either - a typical case of he who tries to have it all ends up with nothing.
    On my way back to Bangkok, the first thing I do was to contact Boy No 26 from Dream Boy (mentioned in part 8 ) for a repeat. Guess what, he was on his way to Pattaya. It was his birthday so his boyfriend took him to Pattaya to celebrate. Wait, his boyfriend???
    Turns out the one I thought was his ex back in Chiang Mai is still with him.
    "So your boyfriend doesn't mind that you are working in Dream Boy?"
    "No, he's also working at the same bar."
    "His number was 24 right?" I jumped to a conclusion, remembering very well he picked boy No 24 when I asked him to choose a boy from the rotation.
    "No, No 99."
    "Aha! Then why you picked No 24 last time?"
    "Because my boyfriend didn't come to work that night."    
    "So if I off both you and your boyfriend at the same time, would you mind?" I asked, again just testing how far they would go (he already showed me pictures of his boyfriend, not my type at all). His answer actually surprised me a little.
    "I don't like three people, but it's okay if the third person is my boyfriend" Well, well, well, it looks like if that night I actually offed No 24, No 26 wouldn't go with it. Also that's how you sell your boyfriend as an add-on
    Apart from Boy No 26 going where I just left, another unfortunate coincidence was that the Tiny Lao (mentioned in part 7) has gone home for about a month to be with his family and also renew his passport. The Hotmale downstairs didn't feel the same without him. I kinda miss his warm hug and gentle touch.
    This time in Bangkok, I finally paid a visit to Moonlight, the only go-go bar I haven't tried so far on this month-long trip. There were about 10 floor guys, most of whom are neither here nor there (not twink but not hunk either). I just read Numazu's latest report and am very curious about his MonBoy (the same way I'm about Vinapu's K - the nice single dad in Tawan), but can't recall anyone that impressive the night I visited.
    Then the pre-show model parade. At least three of them, Tum, Babe and Korn (and probably Smarch also) looked like they had their nose redone. 
    Babe looked tired with under-eye circles clearly visible despite heavy makeup. His smiles were still very sweet though.
    Tum and York appeared to be following in Nicky's footsteps with flabbier arms and fat rippling around the belly area. I guess they are pushing 40 and at that age, working out alone would not suffice anymore. You need to watch what you eat and drink, and also the quality of your sleep, to minimize fat deposit.
    Korn was the only model who showed any form of 6 packs that night. Personally, I found the guys in Jupiter more "model-like" than those in Moonlight. Well-toned, flat stomach, lean but ripped body, nice height/size ratio.

    And for perspective, below is Jupiter's poster boy, who is over 30 but still can keep that Ms. Universe-like waistline to go with his well-developed chest and arms. (in real life, his waist looks even smaller and arms more muscular)

    There wasn't much going on in the tip department although the house was half-packed with mostly Asian customers.
    Before, it often looked like someone got tipped every few minutes or so in that bar, which made me think they probably used fake tips to get the ball rolling, especially when it comes to 1000-Baht garlands.

    Like if Day 1, models A and B get a garland, then Day 2, models C and D would get it, and so forth. Sometimes, model A gets 2 garlands on Day 1, or he gets another on Day 2. So my guess is that: the first one on Day 1 was staged by the bar. Any extra one on the same day or those on other days were actually from customers. 
    What I saw this time seems to confirm my theory: very early in the parade one model got a garland (can't remember it was Nut or Smarch), presented by a Mamasan, who pointed vaguely at someone (could be anyone) in the audience. The same Mamasan then walked around the house, waving a bunch of garlands but there were no takers. So no one else got that 1000B tip, and throughout the show, only two or three models got tipped 100B with a nip of whisky.
    Finally, to answer @AlexThompson's question about Bangkok pre- vs. post-Covid, I would say cheaper accommodation, fewer tourists, more discounts at brand name shops, much less traffic at least at night (very easy to cross Suwarong road in the evening these days), more willing boys on apps (I met a few university graduates who haven't been able to find a job and who said they never thought they would sell themselves on app before Covid) - which I like. On the other hand, fewer gay bars, fewer options for traveling to Pattaya, and fewer street food stalls - which I don't like.
    One thing I certainly have problems with is the increasing number of straight MBs, who appear to use "being man" as an excuse for doing next to nothing in bed. I understand if they are unwilling about being f*ck, but no sucking and no kissing? in this kind of profession and for that kind of money? Some don't even perform the top role because they say they can't get hard for another man. Basically those would just lie there, being serviced and then getting paid handomely for "being a man"!
    Before Covid, I had heard about and also met many willing straight boys from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, who could do everything. Vietnamese boys were notorious exceptions. Now, it doesn't seem the case anymore, at least in those Bangkok and Pattaya go-go and host bars I visited. It looks like those straight boys, regardless of nationality, just copied each other by asking for more while doing less.  
    Speaking of which, most Viet boys working in gay bars in Bangkok are straight and came from rural areas in central Vietnam (read: conservative and narrow-minded). So even when they are "reduced to" selling sex to men to earn a living, they still want to keep the illusion of "being a man with dignity and all" (I'm talking about this from the perspective of a Vietnamese).
    There is also peer pressure. Since they all got into this line of work through friends and acquaintances, they kinda know each other, forming a fairly close-knitted community with well-kept secrets (of course nobody in the village back home know what they are actually doing in Thailand). And in that small community, no one wants others to know that he can be anally f*cked by men.
    I've seen this in Vietnam too, many times. Some boys let me top them for more money, but made me promise I don't tell their MB peers about that.
    So if you really like a cute but unwilling boy, just try to get him into bed first. Then with patience, temptation of extra tip and the psychological power of situation, we and he himself would never know what he's capable of doing. Like that time a boy moved to French kiss me when he was about to cum, his first man-to-man kiss ever, as he later admitted, blushingly , and that he didn't think it could be so hot.
    Outside go-go bars, there are now quite a few Viet boys who work freelance on the app in Bangkok. They are mostly gay, from the south (read: more open- and business-minded), taking good care of their appearance, willing to do many things in bed sometimes for less (they still earn more than what they normally make at home though). I frequently ran into some of those southern boys in Silom road (their favorite spot is the the bus stop located between Patpong 1 and Silom Soi 6), who openly solicited in the street with "massage offers".
    Several Viet go-go boys when they learned that I'm from the north mentioned a boy from Hanoi who worked in Jupiter before Covid. That was the one who could do everything in bed, they told me. He went to gym, even got a facelift, and became very popular. After just a few years working in Bangkok, he already saved enough to buy a house back home. That's no small feat considering a small house in Hanoi could easily set you back more than a hundred thousand US dollars.
    So "Why don't you guys try to be like him?" I asked those boys, who were good-looking but admitted they have been able to save little or not at all from their work. Try to be more accommodating and get more customers, make a decent sum and then get the hell out of this line of work, go home open your own business and settle down (the last parts remain a life-long dream for many rural guys in Vietnam).
    But it looks like my advice always fell on deaf ears. Like that very cute Viet twink used to work in Lucky Boys I mentioned in a previous post. He got called from the stage by three different groups of customer, both Asians and farangs, in the span of a couple of hours I was there (and it wasn't even a busy night) but still no offs because later he told me, they all wanted him to bottom for them. He could have lost probably at least 300 potential customers per year (not to mention possible repeats) which translates into no less than 600K. Still, he couldn't care less about my math.
    While I was typing this part in the airport, Boy No 26 messaged me saying he just arrived in Bangkok. Are we star-crossed lovers or something? I jokingly asked if he's willing to do it in the airport. He replied with "555", so I said goodbye, hoping we'll have a chance to meet next time. Also told him if I ever see his boyfriend in Dream Boy, I'll tell the boyfriend he picked No 24 the last time. And with that little warning, I left Bangkok.
    (to be continued)  
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    Min reacted to PeterRS in Entry to Thailand   
    Anyone planning to fly from Heathrow over the summer should be aware that in addition to the cancellation of flights by carriers, Heathrow has informed airlines that it will fly a maximum of 100,000 passengers per day until Spetember 11. It has also advised airlines to stop selling seats for the peak season. This is in addition to the thousands of flights already withdrawn from the schedules. In summer 2019 Heathrow was handling around 125,000 passngers daily.
    One of those hardest hit will be Emirates even though it owns its own ground-handling and catering services. It flies 6 daily A380s from Heathrow to Dubai and is therefore able to get many more passengers out of the airport that those operating much smaller aircraft. That airline has slammed Heathrow for its inabiility to gear up as some of the airlilnes have done. Ridicuously it was given just 36 hours to comply wth capacity restrictions.
    When I go back to the UK, thankfully I elect to use smaller airports far from London.
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