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    Min reacted to vinapu in Is Dreamboys Moving?   
    unfortunately or rather fortunately those two are rather going hand-in-hand
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    Min reacted to zoomomancs in Is Dreamboys Moving?   
    Has anyone been inside the new Dreamboys to tell us what it is like? Now that we have established (I think) that Cameron doesn't own it. I don't own it either.
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    Here is a picture taken today

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    Min reacted to floridarob in Is Dreamboys Moving?   
    how did he end up owning that....what else does he own? I used to talk to him when he had Fan boy massage....kind of reminded me of Matt Lucas' character on Little Britain, the only gay in the village 😲


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    The word "back door" tends to put some of us in an instant alert mode
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    (part 11)
    Another story of a failed threesome
    It all started in Boyztown when I fired up Hornet that afternoon and saw a fresh cute face just a short distance away. His profile says he's from Laos. So I said Hello, and he replied in English "I'm moneyboy. Give me 1000 Baht".
    Pretty turned off by this style of soliciting, I got off. A few days later, I saw that cute face again in Boyz Boyz Boyz, looking pretty much like his profile picture and in the same clothes. 
    Liking what I saw, I struck up conversation again. He said he also recognized me from my Hornet picture. Turns out the first time we talked was his very first day in town and he wasn't yet well-versed in the subtleties of asking for money from prospective customers. All forgiven then. 
    22 years old, from somewhere near Vientiane, so far no customers yet and with very little money left (he even showed me his wallet: some changes in Thai baht and a note of 5 USD - probably his emergency fund). Since he asked for 1000 Baht before (big mistake), I offered "1000 Baht for short time, okay?"
    We proceeded to my hotel nearby. He got showered, then checked his phone, reading a new message, then turned to me "Can you give me 200 more for taxi" (already forgot he told me he had been staying in Tukcom, just a few minutes walk from my hotel). It looked like someone started giving him relevant tips. I was like "Ok" (I intended to give him the standard 1500 anyway, unless he's a total dud in bed).
    I liked both his face and his body, small but firm, and especially his very cute butts. His tool, on the other hand, is pretty... how can I say this nicely... well, it has a nice personality. This fact though gave me some self-esteem boost because mine looked quite huge next to his. As a top only, I care a lot more about the butts and belly area and usually have not much problem with small dick sizes as long as I don't have to use a magnifying glass to locate it.
    The bigger problem was that he came super super quickly. Just a few strokes then he gripped my active hand, stopping it from moving, and before I realized what happened, it happened. I had barely begun anything. "Why so quick?" He turned to google translation for help with explaining "I was too emotional".
    It was also pretty awkward at first when penetration began. He was totally clueless about how to position himself to ease the process. I got myself a bottom virgin or what? But once it was underway, he seemed to enjoy it - which was always a big turn-on for me.
    Two days later, when the Thai from X-boy ditched me for another potential off that did not materialize (see part 10, who, by the way, kept sending me messages day after day about how lonely he was, when I would be back, why make him wait so long - a week in between repeats seems like eternity to certain bar boys with not so many customers, promising he "wait me alone" this time etc.), I called the Lao as a last-minute replacement. 
    Our second time went much smoother as we got to know each other a bit better. I was careful not to do anything to trigger his "short" fuse (in every sense of the word) to keep him hard through out before I finished. Once I came, it took me less than a minute to catapult him to climax. Quick as it might sound, I would say, he has come a long way from our first encounter.
    I gave him the same 1500 as the last time and he now asked for an extra 100 for taxi, which I obliged. Looks like he started mastering the subtleties of prying more money from easy-going customers.
    Back to Pattaya this time, I first stayed in Agate in Jomtien Complex. That evening, I fired up Hornet and again saw that cute face just a short distance away (let's call him Little Lao because he's indeed little). I thought he was a few kilometers away in Boyztown. 
    Walking down the main soi, I soon found out why. Spotting him sitting with another Lao friend (whom I also saw working in Boyz Boyz Boyz last time) in Divarium, I stopped by. Buying drinks for both of them and a Thai, who massaged me last time in Soda. He has been freelancing at both places (I never quite get the difference between regular staff and freelancer in a boy bar. They both earned tips from drink and bar fine. It looks like regular staff have to report to work daily, are expected to be on time, and earns some bar allowance if they have no drinks or offs that night. Freelancers come and go as they wish with no allowance). 
    The Thai speaks good English so I enlisted his help for translation when needed. 
    So we talked. Little Lao and his Lao friend (let's call him Big Lao because he's taller and bigger) recently moved from Boyztown to Jomtien because "too many boys there" Little Lao said, "too much competition" Big Lao chipped in. In fact I was not only Little Lao's first customer, I was his only customer during the time he worked in Boyz Boyz Boyz.
    Although Big Lao (same age as Little Lao but looked younger) has a quite cute face and smooth fair skin, he's on a hefty side (1m74, 60 kg he told me) so not really what I'm into. My initial plan was to off Little Lao again. But I felt kinda bored that evening. 
    Then the fact that they are from the same country, friends and also roommates, both worked in Boyz Boyz Boyz, reminded me of something. So I enquired further "Any of you has a brother, who's currently in Pattaya?" Both shook their little and big head. So there gone the grand idea of reconstructing a classic scene from a cult movie. For members who are not familiar with this reference, I included below a few lines from the movie's original transcript.

    Anyhoo, I carried on with the idea of offing both of them just for the heck of it. Double checked by asking them directly and then though the Thai's translation to make sure they had no problems with this arrangement. No problems, firmly confirmed.
    So I paid for my soft drink (60), three boy drinks (150 each, boy gets to keep 50), and two off fees (300 each, boy gets to keep 100), tipped the Thai 200 for his help with translation.
    We walked back to Agate at around 10.30 pm. Both receptionists were still on duty so they checked for Id. Little Lao carried with him the physical passport, Big Lao - only a picture on his phone. Both were accepted and no joiner fees were required (I booked a double room). 
    Up in the room, both stripped down to their underwear. Little Lao was still little, Big Lao was indeed pretty big (I think he lied about his weight - should be at least 5kg heavier). Big Lao went to shower first and he took quite a while - at least 20 minutes. Little Lao and I cuddled a bit and I could tell he was getting hard just from my running fingers over his body. It seems he genuinely likes me. 
    However, getting hard didn't mean nothing else is going on in his other mind. 
    "So you f*ck me, or you f*ck him?" 
    Based on what I saw them in underwear, I was pretty sure "I'll f*ck you only" 
    He smiled as this was exactly what he was getting at. 
    "If you f*ck me only, can I get more money?" Didn't sound like their bonded friendship was that strong.
    I calmly told him I needed to be fair and would give them equal amount this time. Next time, I would off only him and would give him more money. "Thank you" his voice was very soft, almost sounded like a child. He hugged me tighter and his little bird was now hard as a rock. So he genuinely likes me, but obviously not anywhere in the vicinity of his love for money. 
    I feel embarrassed to tell you what happened next but I will anyway. My professor in Orgy-ology, vinapu, must have good laughs at my expense.
    In bed, the discussion continued re. who f*ck who.
    "I f*ck you, you f*ck him" was Big Lao's suggestion. 
    "No I'm top only, so I f*ck him, then he f*ck you" was my counteroffer, which made Big Lao laughed his head off, so hard he almost fell off the bed (probably at the mere image of Little Lao's tiny prick poking at his immense bottoms). 
    "How about you and I both f*ck him" was my other idea which is cue for Little Lao's turn to react unreasonably. "Noooo, I only let you f*ck me"  He screamed, clinging to me for dear life.
    Since this wasn't going anywhere, we decided they both work on me first so I get ready to perform, then I decide who I wanna f*ck and the person who doesn't get f*cked chuckwow on his own.
    Two Laos then talked in their mother tongue and decided Big Lao take care the upper part, Little Lao - the lower part.
    Then we achieved a new level of awkwardness. None of them wanted the other to see his own junk, so Big Lao focused more on using the blanket to strategically cover his not-so-easy-to-cover body, while Little Lao kept his underwear on.
    After a while, I decided Big Lao turn to one side to chuckwow while I work on Little Lao under the cover. They then started talking to each other in their first language again, it was very distracting as nobody could keep it hard for long. At one point I had to tell them to shut up, but still, I couldn't finish. 
    Seeing this was already a fiasco, to get it over with, I told them everyone chuckwow and no one could get up until he cum. That had an immediate effect on Big Lao, who stopped talking and kept at his task at hand. After a minute, Little Lao started talking again, only to be shut up by the glaring Big Lao, who now also found it in his way.
    Big Lao cum first. If we were in Nice Boys, he might have won that 300 Bath-prize. 
    I finished second but it took forever for Little Lao, which is a big surprise based on past statistics. I figured out what might be problem and told Big Lao to shower first. Once he was out of sight, Little Lao achieved orgasm in less than a minute as usual. Now come to think of it, if only I told him there were a 300 Bath at stake, we might have a new world record.
    It seemed Little Lao's bed behavior was very different when his friend was around, and not in a good way, except for the money haggling part, which is in itself no good news either.
    When they were about to leave, I gave them their money. Big Lao barely glanced at his, but his eyes glued intently on what I gave Little Lao, probably to make sure that they received the same amount (he could tell I was more attracted to his friend). Again, didn't sound like the bond between the two was that strong, mutually.
    Once they were gone, I recounted my thick wad of remaining 1000 notes, telling myself "Never again", which exactly what I told myself after my previous feeble attempt at threesome. Some people just never learned.
    Before you all scoffed at me, I did learn my lesson. The next day, I was in Toy Boy, and again torn between two boys, both also from Laos (now it looks like I have a thing for Lao twinks), both attractive but in different ways. 
    The first one, 26, more fair, worked in Toy Boy before Covid so he's pro (evidenced by the way he touched me in all right places right there in the bar). The second one, 23, more tanned and more toned, looked like he came straight from some paddy (indeed he was a farmer back home). 
    Seeing what the other was doing, he also tried to massage me, awkwardly, using a bit too much of force. But his awkward shyness was actually what attracted me in the first place (and probably why I ended up being the first customer for quite a few boys in my life).
    After talking to them and knowing that First Lao got about 2 offs from the bar each week and Second Lao, only working there for less than a month, had no off yet and had so far survived on drink tips, I decided to off the Second Lao first. When he got up to get dressed, the whole bar cast cheered up for him, some even clapping, probably for winning his first customer. It looked like they were truly happy for him.
    Total expense (noticeably more expensive than Jomtien as this is Boyztown): 220 for my soft drink, 250 x 2 for two boys drink (boy gets to keep 100), 500 for one bar fine (boy gets to keep 100), 200 tip for the boy I didn't off (who accepted the missed opportunity gracefully) with a promise I'll off him next time, 40 x 2 tip for two other boys in underwear on stage, who tried pretty hard to get my attention, 50 tip for the mamasan who helped with the off, 20 tip left on the receipt folder, and last but not least, 1500 short time fee for the boy I picked. There was another mamasan, who had nothing to do with the whole process, shoved his hand to my face demanding tip to which I firmly said No.
    I checked to make sure Second Lao bring his passport. He did. However, this time, I brought the boy back to Agate quite late (around 11h30 pm), there were no receptionists on duty and hence no Id check. The one night guard sitting outside couldn't care less.

    Just got the above Hornet offer from probably one of the expats retiring to Pattaya. Straight to the point, zero social pleasantries, but with enough relevant information for people who need it. 
    I feel flattered (someone still thinks I'm worth 1000B). It's also evidence that 1000 is the on-going rate some local expats would pay for short time service. Later I messaged a grab-driver-slash-money-boy, who asked for 2000 then quickly agreed to 1000 when I mentioned that "my local friends" only pay 1000.
    (to be continued) 
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    Min got a reaction from maump in First time Pattaya   
    and the girlfriend is having her period.
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    Min got a reaction from onlymeno in A boyfriend?   
    Could you give me his contact? I'll try to find out for you.
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    Min got a reaction from Olddaddy in The agate hotel or East suites Jomtien   
    Last night (my first night in Agate), I had 2 Lao boys back with me around 10.30 pm. One of them had the physical passport, the other - only a picture on his phone. Both were accepted by the receptionists. No joiner fees were asked (I booked a double room). 

    If you bring a boy back quite late (probably around mid night), there are no receptionists on duty (there is one night guard outside but he couldn't care less) and hence probably no Id check.
    I'll give more details and tag you when I write my reviews of all four hotels in Jomtien Complex I have stayed on this trip.
    My breakfast is more like brunch (quite late, usually toward the end of the service time) but a big one because I need energy to start my day and also for gym later. I skip lunch and only have one more main meal after gym (early dinner or should I say linner : ) For me "buffet breakfast" means unlimited servings of salad - mostly raw vegetables, and fresh fruits.
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    Min reacted to ichigo in A present for a boy   
    So I thought I would do something nice for my favourite bar boy in Bangkok, I noticed on his line profile that his birthday was coming up so I thought I would send some flowers as a surprise, but then decided against it in favour of sending something a little more useful. So I had a bit of a search on google and found a place that does decent gift baskets and decided to send him one with some food items, directly to the bar. Anyway, I wasn't even sure if the package was going to make it as I had not used this service before, I only know my boy by his nickname (and first name), and I didn't know if he was even going to be at the bar the night of his birthday (and package delivery date). So it was all a bit of a gamble. Anyways, I ended up receiving a flurry of line messages thanking me profusely for his present, so I was glad that the package was delivered successfully and also glad to make him happy. This was the service I used if interested: https://www.basketeer.co.th/en/ . I'm not really the romantic type, but just felt like doing something thoughtful for my favourite bar boy whilst I am away from Thailand.
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    Min reacted to Londoner in A boyfriend?   
    I never looked for a LTR; indeed, I said  after nine years and thirty or so trips to Thailand that I loved being a butterfly. The one falang I knew who was in  involved such a relationship  with a Thai guy was often deeply unhappy, for many reasons.
    And so when it happened, I was unprepared.  And it didn't "happen" in one night, one week, or even one year.  The relationship grew over a series of  visits to Thailand. I believe that it was after three years that I first used the word "love". It was in a conversation with my oldest friend. The use of the  word surprised us both.  
    And so , in my case, the cliché of an old falang falling in lust after a couple of erotic encounters, just doesn't hold water.
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    Min reacted to Gaybutton in A boyfriend?   
    As long as I'm making corrections and updating, yes it was Richard Burk who said that to me many years ago.  Over the years I have repeated it many times on many topics.
    He was the owner of the Amor restaurant in Boyztown.  After 16 years the restaurant eventually failed.  The owner of the New Orleans restaurant, also well known in Boyztown, took over the location and converted it to a deli which he named Street Life.  I never understood his rationale for that name, nevertheless at the time it was the only one of its kind in Pattaya.  Richard did not own it.  He was there as the manager.
    Street Life eventually failed too and Richard ended up going from job to job as restaurant manager in various locations.  His final one was at Coco's restaurant on Soi Chaiyapruek - and that one eventually failed too.
    Richard had a very difficult time of it after Street Life failed, but one thing I always admired him for - he was a fighter.  Despite all of his troubles he never gave up.
    I think those of us who have been in Pattaya long enough, whether they liked him or not, well remember Richard.  He was quite a character.
    Richard died in March, 2017.
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    Min reacted to Mavica in A boyfriend?   
    Not all of us came to Thailand "because we sought sexual intimacy we couldn't find at home."  Depending on age, yes ... many.  My first visit to BKK was in 1992 - 30 years ago.  At the time I was not partnered but had a very active sex life in Chicago where I lived.  I also traveled to many other countries.  Sex wasn't the only reason for these travels, but it was an important 'add on".  The only country I've made a first trip to for sex ... was Brazil; Rio de Janeiro.
    I've never lived in Thailand, but I have lived on other countries.  The longest length of time I've lived "abroad" was the 6 years I spent living/working in Mexico; Mexico City.
    In Mexico I was in my 40s and had sex to a level as if I was starving (and then having been fulfilled!).  Sometimes, early-on, I had sex with 4 or 5 guys in a single day. If it walked, I'd fuck it.   It was an extraordinary time in my life.  As I satisfied the urge I developed repeat encounters with probably a half-dozen guys.  They'd just show up on my doorstep, unannounced.  I loved each one of them, and there were periods of time when one or two would live / stay with me for varying lengths of time (a weekend, a week, three months, a year, etc.).  Mostly young men from the country, making periodic visits to the big city.  Not just in Mexico City, but in Acapulco.  A couple of them were elite military.  Awesome lovers, each. 
    Direct payment of money for sex/companionship wasn't always expected.  When it was, it was (at the time) relatively minimal (Peso equivalent of US$20/50 per stay, usually).  Though, one was a dental student who needed US$200 for dental school tuition (one of the most fantastic fucks I've ever had).  They'd stay with me, I'd give them a place to stay, feed them, do their laundry, buy them some new clothing, a return bus ticket home ... and in two instances money to get them across the border into the USA to join family members (one of whom perished working in the World Trade Center 9/11).
    "True love"?  Yes.  At my age, I've learned to accept what comes my way - with gratitude.  Share my affections and accept those of others ... without demands from either side.  I have no problem sharing what I have, when I have it with partners (temporary or not) when they need help.
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    Min reacted to reader in A boyfriend?   
    Guess I'll just count myself as very lucky. The last six years of my life have been the happiest of the preceding 70. Up until that point I'd always considered myself a committed butterfly.
    I don't concern myself with "true" love. I'm perfectly happy just to have someone simply to love. I don't need a litmus test with which to measure it.
    We insulate ourselves by the use of language. We become "clients", young men become "professionals." That makes it easier to put the required emotional distance between us. For many, that's a healthy way to look at it. The parties part ways without emotional baggage.
    I tip my hat to all those who find contentment in their later years without any emotional attachments. At one time I counted myself in that camp. And then a simple smile turned my life on a dime. You may think of me as foolhardy and delusional. So be it. But you can't feel what I feel; know what I know.
    We all came to Thailand because we sought sexual intimacy we couldn't find at home. Please be tolerant of those of us who discovered emotional intimacy and affection in that same pursuit.
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    Min reacted to vinapu in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    while you may be correct, reason it's new one for you is that,  as you say, you don't take boys from those kind of places.
    While not universal, I heard  it few times in Dec and in May , mostly in BKK and I'm pretty sure I also did before covid. It may be  guy's own initiative or indeed bar's suggestion or even requirement. I don't know but it's not new. And boys are still willing to amend that quote.
    On another hand we need to keep in mind that if they are paying off mamasan , if he lowers tip likely even less money stays in his pocket after that  "pimping fee".
    It's many things going on which we don't know because guys don't tell us , even if asked.
    I know guy who changed venues exactly for reason of mamasan trying to extort too high cut.
    not disputing what you said but what it really means " not the best lookers ". Over years I visited many places in company of our members and I know one thing for sure. They are guys I'm salivating over other will run screaming from and other way around.
    Second , not the best lookers indeed may have other advantages when comes to their work being enthusiastic tops, skilled bottoms and great kissers or just have great attitude, not to mention sizable and shapely endowment. As many of us learned at great expense , at times great looking guys are somehow lacking in customer service department. 
  16. Haha
    Min reacted to vaughn in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    There would be a riot, wigs thrown and the whole place burnt to the ground 😂
    Part of me wants to find a lucky guy on my next trip to give it to just so I can nonchalantly add it to my report and see the hysterics
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    Min reacted to BiggusDikkus in First time Pattaya   
    I guess you frequented Nice Boys.
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    Min got a reaction from BiggusDikkus in First time Pattaya   
    @numazu I just stayed three nights in Baywalk last week and seven nights in Avani last month. Both are pretty good, IMHO.
    I prefer Baywalk as it checks almost all my boxes (closer to Boyztown and the beach with a sea view restaurant, gym, swimming pool, buffet with unlimited servings of fresh vegetables, spacious rooms, reasonably priced).

    Avani is not that luxurious inside the room (certainly not at a four-star level), but it offers a pretty good buffet, a large outdoor swimming pool and a huge Asian-style garden with ponds that you can walk around (Families with kids would love it). Avani also has sea-view rooms (should go with rooms on the left wing as they offer better view) but it cost more (it cost me more than $100 per day for the cheapest sea-view room category)

    No problems with guests to the room. Avani sometimes checks for Id, Baywalk wouldn't bother.
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    Min got a reaction from hotbyu in "Tourists don’t come to Thailand for nightlife but for beaches and temples"   
    I’m sorry but Thailand has temples?😮😮😮
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    Min got a reaction from vinapu in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    It's usually 100B for both Bangkok and Pattaya bars, as I was told by various boys from different bars. I even saw a boy from Luck Boys gave mamasan 100B right before he left the bar with me and of course before he received any money from me. I was also told that some boys tried to one-up others by giving mamasan more (like 200B) so the latter would play favorite and push him harder to potential customers.
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    Min got a reaction from vinapu in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    It's hard to say as I usually got this through (google) translation and I also never heard of it before Covid. It seems Pikky and Divarium's owners attempt to enforce a minimum tip level (1500) to make sure their boys are not underpaid. In other words, their boys should not go with customers that offer less than 1500B for short time.
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    Min got a reaction from floridarob in Why this Thai boy was offended?   
    You whoring up everything  in sight 😗
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    Min reacted to thaiophilus in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    Because "face" is not a zero-sum game, and calling someone out is not a winning strategy in Thai culture.  If you make someone lose face, you are inviting trouble. You are also perceived to lose face on your own account because of your inappropriate (as they see it) behaviour. Moreover, if you make a scene, that embarrasses the onlookers and can make them lose face too.
    On the other hand by discreetly signalling that you have already heard all the BS (true or not) you enable everyone to save face.
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    Min got a reaction from BL8gPt in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    (part 13) The story of 2 unfriendly boyfriends
    It was a rainy night in Jomtien Complex. Rain wasn't heavy but non-stop for hours. Most bars in the soi were empty. Many boys didn't bother showing up for work and pickings were slim.
    Wet and cool weather put me in the mood for a massage, so I put up my umbrella and checked out the nearby places. I saw no one at Soda but there were 2 boys standing in front of No. 1 Massage, both of whom I never saw before. Both are cute in different ways.
    The shorter one was medium-built with a cute face and poreless complexion. The taller one has a slim, taut body and big eyes. While I was approaching, Taller threw a cold glance in my direction then walked away. Not a friendly way of greeting potential customers. Shorter stayed put but didn't look any friendlier, avoiding eye contact as much as he could. 
    Normally, I would give it a pass and look somewhere else as friendliness rates very high in my book. But the rain didn't give me much choice and boy was my type. So I stopped and said hello. Fortunately, Shorter's English is quite good (would be hard to try Google translation outdoor in that weather) and he himself was talkative.
    His name is S, 25 years old, from somewhere near Bangkok. Today was his first day working in No. 1 Massage but no customers because of the weather.
    "How much do you want for a massage with happy ending?" "1200, but no sex" 
    What, do we have other kinds of happy ending that do not involve sex? 
    Turned out by "sex" he meant anal f*cking. He can kiss, suck and chuckwow. That worked for me. So I asked him to go with me to my hotel. 
    "No, I only do it in the shop. I don't go customer's place."
    It was only around 11pm something but his shop already closed due to lack of business. It looked like we can't do it that night.
    "How about the other boy? The one who was with you just before now. Does he go to customer's place?" 
    "He's my boyfriend and he's same same. No go outside" 
    Interesting, what he just said reminds me of Boy No 6 and his boyfriend (reported in parts 8 and 10) who have been working in the same go-go bar in Bangkok and who doesn't mind the other going with customers.
    Anyway, that doesn't solve the problem at hand. 
    "Look, my hotel is right there" I point in the direction of Agate, which is literally 20 meters from where we was standing. "You have nothing to be afraid of." 
    S looked unsure. I think he really could use a customer that rainy night but the idea of venturing outside the safety of his shop somehow scared him. So we stood there for ten more minutes in the rain while S debated the pros and cons.
    He talked to another co-worker in Thai, then made a call to (later he told me) his boyfriend. Finally, he said "Ok, I can go. But promise me you don't try to fuck me in the room."
    Do I look like that desperate rapist, who wouldn't even spare a goat???
    Inside my room, things got much better as I usually have a way of putting people at ease and and making them open up. S started working on my legs and back, while telling me about his relationship.
    His boyfriend is 3 years younger than him at 22, and they've been together for nearly 5 years. Impressive. It looks like their relationship is going strong (No 26 and his boyfriend been together for only about 6 months). That long time also means it's easier for them to handle a sexually open relationship. 
    S has been doing massage job for almost 2 years. He and his boyfriend made a deal: they can do almost everything with customers but no fucking either way. S is bottom and his boyfriend (who started the relationship with S when he was barely 18) is the only one who can f*ck him.
    That's why he didn't do out-call lest a customer force him to do something he's not willing to. 
    "Then why you go with me?" 
    "Because you don't look like a bad person" (by "bad" I think he meant "goat rapist") 
    "and farang customers are big" 
    I think I can connect the dots. I have the same body type as his boyfriend, smaller than his so he thinks he could handle me if things go rough  
    Still, when S jumped on top of me for the after-massage part, he checked again "Promise you won't try to fuck me" Something must have happened in his "massage career" for him to be that careful.
    I just rolled my eyes. What could I do? He was even on top of me. Unless he tries to sit on my flag...
    Anyway, S kept his end of the deal. He did everything else, vigorously. Sucking, kissing (very much into kissing), jerking off (he came all over my body) and more importantly, he did it with feeling. I feel we really connected that night. I also kept my end of the deal of doing nothing around his bottom area although my other end kinda hoped that S would sit on it.
    It was just an okay massage but with a very happy ending. Later, we showered together and he touched the hickey he left near my collar bone, smiling and saying "Sorry". He could be sweet if he wants to.
    "Don't worry, I won't show it to your boyfriend." 
    Speaking of whom, I checked with S if I can also do his boyfriend. Actually I enquire if I can engage his boyfriend's professional service as a masseur at an appropriate time in the future. 
    "Yes, but he is not friendly" When an unfriendly person claims that another person is not friendly, that's saying something, isn't it?
    "Well, I can tell. Before he looked like he wanted to kill me." 
    S laughed and gave me his boyfriend's contact. They share a rented room right there in Jomtien complex so they should be available anytime. 
    Staying true to himself, S was back to being cold and distant the several times I walked by the massage shop in the next few days. I never saw him greet a customer, eyes always glued on his phone, avoiding all eye contact. He never noticed me if I didn't call out his name and when he did, didn't even acknowledge it with a smile. Does he really expect customers to pick him just based on cuteness?
    Since then I was a bit worried about how things would go with S's even unfriendlier boyfriend. We made arrangements to meet at the hotel lobby a few nights later. Throughout the awkward silence of the ride up in the elevator, I kept thinking "Was it a mistake to do this?" 
    Once in the room, he silently stripped down to his underwear and all my wistful thinking went out of the window. His body looked exactly my type (S was a bit too chubby for my taste but he had a cuter face to make up for it). So I decided I'm gonna just enjoy his massage and his body despite the apparent lack of connection.  
    Then I noticed he fumbled around, trying to open a bottle of oil massage with slightly trembling hands. 
    "Are you nervous?" 
    "Yes, my first time in hotel. We don't go hotel before"
    Then I remembered seeing his profile pictures wearing all Uniqlo clothes. 
    "Do you like Uniqlo?" 
    His face brightened at the mentioning of his favorite brand. "Yes, very much" 
    "Me too. Big fan. Half of my clothes are Uniqlo"
    I even got up, opened my suitcase and showed him my collection of Uniqlo apparel. Now he truly smiled. The ice was broken. 
    Boyfriend of S's English wasn't as good as that of S, but he survived simple conversations. Again, we talked about his relationship. They met online in a game, got talking and fell in love after just one month, and been together since. They were both from poor families, so still have to support their parents back home. They shared all the money they made but didn't make quite enough so if S's mom gets the money this month, Boyfriend's mom would receive money the next.
    Unlike S, Boyfriend kept his underwear on the whole time he was doing my back. When it was time for me to turn around, I felt he was warmed up enough so told him to take off his underwear. 
    To my surprise, something already stood at attention, saluting me. I think I found the friendliest part of his body.
    Understandably, things just got better, even better than with S, because Boyfriend was more of my type. Like S, he was also very much into kissing. His cock is shorter but much thicker than that of S - this couple really complement each other in many ways (except for the friendliness part). 
    I think I know what you guys are now thinking. S would do a threesome, a four-hand massage with another boy but not with his boyfriend. Boyfriend wouldn't do any kind of threesome. I'm sure I want to do them both, but not at the same time. So we were all good.
    Although Boyfriend remained very hard throughout, he couldn't cum because he already came earlier during the day with his boyfriend (I was his only customer of the day). After, we also showered together for an amount of time inordinate for a normal rinse-off. We kinda played in the shower. Every time I saw his cock starting to get soft, I gave it a nudge and it was instantly back to a greeting position. And its owner, the unfriendly, cold and distant Boyfriend of S, kept giggling at the exuberance and friendliness of his cock, showing no sign of wanting to get out of the shower.
    Once we were done and said goodbye, Boyfriend gave me a hug (S gave me a hug and a lingering kiss on the lip so I think he still wins the friendliness competition), I gave his cock a final nudge and voilà - he left the room with a noticeable bulge in his loose pants. 
    A minute later, Boyfriend sent me a smiling blushing emoticon through Line without any words. I checked if he was still hard. "Yes". I asked if he wanted me to come downstairs and make it bigger again. He replied with 5555. So much for being unfriendly huh.
    (to be continued)
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    Min got a reaction from dscrtsldnbi in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    (part 7)
    We stayed and danced a bit in Heart of Darkness until 12.30 am (they even played some Vietnamese pop music mixed with Khmer and Chinese songs). Then we tuk-tuked back to A&P.
    I gave Guide his money plus 10% tip and he was on his way. Dancer looked surprised. He thought Guide was gonna stay with us. What  did he expect of three of us doing together anyway? Guide provides guidance on how the f*cking should go for the two remaining lads? It looked like some messages were lost in translation again.
    Since Dancer looked a bit uncomfortable, I asked if he wanted to leave. No, he can stay.  
    So my Phnom Peng's short trip ended on a good note. I'm so glad I reached out to Dancer. We had a good time (I gave him the same amount I gave the waiter boy 50$ for ST), his body is that of a dancer: very firm, virtually no excess fat, with the kind of lean muscles you normally don't get through gym training (he told me he doesn't go to gym, just dance training and performance). His ties to Vietnam are fairly strong too. He had stayed in a relationship with a Vietnamese guy who went to Cambodia to work for almost 4 years then the latter broke up with him and came back to Vietnam to get married. Sad but pretty common (sometimes even expected) endings for gay couples in Vietnam.
    Dancer said he noticed me when we were in POC that night. He asked Guide where I am from and Guide, obviously lying through his teeth, told Dancer he doesn't know (can't figure out why he lied anyway). So "I feel so good when I found out you are from Vietnam too," Dancer later told me.
    There was something else. Guide told me Dancer worked in Toolbox way longer than he did so the former must be so used to taking customers, but Dancer told me no way, he was there to dance only because he was in an exclusive relationship with his Viet boyfriend at the time. I asked Guide if he actually saw Dancer going with customers back in Toolbox, he said no, "But I know everything. I used to work in the bar so I know about the situation." Well, the usual "he said, he said" case so I don't know who to believe, not that it matters anyway.
    Dancer gave me a piece of intel: he is going to move to Thailand to work as a dancer in a new gay bar his former boss, Toolbox's owner, plans to open in Boyztown, Pattaya and it may happen as soon as this coming July. So guys, brace yourself  
    The only note of regret is that I didn't have a chance to check out outdoor cruising venues (if any) as ChristianPFC reported some interesting encounter he had in Wat Botum park. Guide told me he's not aware of any such places in Phnom Peng, but now I've learned enough to NOT trust Guide's sources.
    Speaking of outdoor cruising venues, there are quite a few place in both HCM City and Hanoi frequented by local gays and MBs as well, especially around certain public parks and suspended construction sites. 20 years ago, it was the only way for us to find MBs (now it's still there but on a more limited scale because of the apps).
    There are currently 2 parks in Hanoi: Thong Nhat park and Hoa Binh park, the former located near the city center and much more accessible to foreigners. But I don't think first-time visitors (local or foreigner) should venture out there on your own without a local friend to "chaperone".
    FYI: the on-going rate in these parks could be as low as 2 USD for an on-site bj, 5 USD for ST and 10 USD for LT (for comparisons, I already gave the apps rate in part 5). Boys are mostly straight, in their teens and early twenties, fresh from rural provinces, trying to make it in a big city.
    Actually, since a picture's worth a thousand words, here are some taken in Thong Nhat park just a couple of weeks ago. All four boys in the pictures are MBs.

    There are so many funny anecdotal stories about MBs and their customers in these parks.
    An MB boy told me this: a middle-aged customer picked him up from Thong Nhat park and they went to a short-time hotel nearby by customer's motorbike. Boy was the driver, and Customer snuggled right behind him, hugging him tight, touching his genitals while they were on the way. Customer came before they even reached the hotel. So Boy just collected his fee and was on his way while Customer used the hotel to wash himself.
    In another case, a pimp brought a new MB from the park to meet a customer located quite far away, also by motorbike (pimp would collect both his commission and transport fee in such a case). They got stopped by the traffic police for routine check. Boy, just arriving in the city a few days ago, got so scared at the sight of police, so he answered their simple question "Where do you guys go?" with this "I'm a first-time whore. This mister is taking me to go sucking some guy's dick"
    I think I could write a whole book on those anecdotes
    For Bangkok's Silom, I have two favorite "cruising" spots: The 7 Eleven in Wall Street Tower right before bar opening time and The Foodland restaurant in Patpong soi 2 right after bar closing time. For the former, you could get to meet boy bars having meals before work or smoking a cigarette and probably save them and yourself a trip to the bar (two boys in the picture below were from Fresh Boys, one was in their big cock show). For the latter, you could see some familiar faces with their catch of the night.

    Anyway, back to Bangkok from Phnom Peng, the first thing I did was to go to Hotmale downstairs in early evening. Ordered a drink. Few minutes later, two staffers approached and asked me to settle a bet for them (their usual ice-breaking tactic I guess).
    They tried to guess where I'm from. The taller one thought I'm Singaporean and the shorter one - Vietnamese. So Shortee won and I asked him how he knows I'm Vietnamese. He said something about skin complexion and facial features similar to one of the Viet boys in Fresh Boys. 
    I bought them drinks and we talked. Shortee is from Laos, while the other - Cambodia. There are four regular boys working downstairs, but two were off today. So I took the chance to ask about the tiny Lao Vinapu mentioned so many times in his  recent reports. "Must be me" Shortee said, "I'm the only Lao working here and I've been here for a long time". I did a double take. He's not that tiny and not that clingy either.
    He then asked "Who's your friend who's talking about me?" Well, I never meet Vinapu, so I grasped at "Mr KFC look" straws. It immediately struck some bells. "Oh that one" He whipped out his phone, scanning through it, then showed me a picture of him and a gentleman being very clingy to each other.
    First time I saw Vinapu's picture, ever. Being a longtime fan of the Big Bang Theory series, my first thought was: Nobel prize winner in Physics, not Mr. KFC (though I can see where that KFC label comes from). Either way, he is obviously someone when you meet, it would be hard for you to forget.
    Then I asked if they remember @jason1975 too, the guy from Singapore. Of course, "he was here two weeks ago, he's very nice". Then I took the chance to remind Shortee that they were not very nice to him when all turned down his offer for karaoke. Shortee looked apologetic "We were busy..."
    I also asked if they remember paulsf, "guy from America, quite close to Viet boys in Fresh Boys, he always sat here".
    Shortee checked his phone again and produced a picture of another gentleman, who looks handsome but kinda stern. I met Paul so I'm sure it wasn't him. "But this guy comes here a lot too," Shortee said.
    Well, if I have to match that picture with someone well-known in this forum who also frequents Hotmale downstairs, I would say @reader. His writing style (concise and to the point, careful choice of words, often politically correct) give me the impression of a college professor who tend to plan ahead, is serious and committed to what (or whom) he's doing (Vinapu sounds like someone who could be in academia too, but could also equally and easily get sidetracked for, his words not mine, "a bit of whoring")

    (Sorry, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to openly talk about my impressions of you guys like this in my thread. If you are offended, let me know.)
    Now, we get to know each other a bit better, I finally got Vinapu's comment about Shortee being clingy. Since that first meeting, anytime I walked by Hotmale and if Shortees saw me, he would rush out, clutch my hand and asked where I'm going. He quickly took to holding me and gently planting a peck on my neck many times while we were talking. @vinapu had he ever left you a hickey?
    After Hotmale, I decided to go back to M-star Massage in Silom Soi 6 because earlier when walking by I spotted a very cute and boyish masseur on duty. Since Jason1975 reported that the shop used a rotation system and did not allow customers to choose masseur, I'll see if I could strong-will them into letting me pick whoever I want. If I can't, they won't have my business for sure.
    (to be continued)   
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