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    Min got a reaction from BL8gPt in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    I know. It's just that nowadays if I want someone who can bottom in a bar, mamasans automatically search for gay boys.
    Usually, I don't waste my time on unwilling cases either. Unless the boy was so cute, to the point that I was willing to pay just to see him naked  I guess, my tip may not make sense to some people in the same way stories of other members here chasing after non-MB straight guys (which is IMHO even more hopeless) do to me. They probably get some thrills out of the process, regardless of the result, but I just don't get it.
    We find boy A in bar X very cute and offable. Then we move to bar Y and see that boy B is also desirable. We go back and forth in our head, thinking boy A appears a bit better, so we return to bar X only to find that he's taken. Then we hurry back to bar Y... You probably know where I'm heading with this right
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    Min got a reaction from moistmango in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    (part 10)
    As mentioned in part 9, a Thai boy who's working in X-boy asked me to take him to another bar to watch a show (X-boy itself has no longer offered any shows post-Covid). Since I like the boy and wanted to do something nice for him on my last day in Pattaya, I told him to go to Jomtien complex that night at 9pm and we would go watching a show together. I'd buy him drinks, pay his bar fine of 500, and also a short time fee of 1500. 
    Then around 8pm, he messaged me with a reschedule request, saying something about having "other business". Looks like the dramatic "I was born to never watch a show" (his words via some awkward Google translation) wasn't that important. His last-minute cancellation means I scrambled to find a replacement. 
    Then the next night, when I was in Bangkok already, he messaged me again, whining that he had no customer at all that night, not even a boy drink so he's broke. Turns out, on previous night, a customer to the bar bought him a drink so he cancelled me in hope of getting another off then going with me the next day. Too bad the customer didn't off him eventually and I wasn't available the day after either - a typical case of he who tries to have it all ends up with nothing.
    On my way back to Bangkok, the first thing I do was to contact Boy No 26 from Dream Boy (mentioned in part 8 ) for a repeat. Guess what, he was on his way to Pattaya. It was his birthday so his boyfriend took him to Pattaya to celebrate. Wait, his boyfriend???
    Turns out the one I thought was his ex back in Chiang Mai is still with him.
    "So your boyfriend doesn't mind that you are working in Dream Boy?"
    "No, he's also working at the same bar."
    "His number was 24 right?" I jumped to a conclusion, remembering very well he picked boy No 24 when I asked him to choose a boy from the rotation.
    "No, No 99."
    "Aha! Then why you picked No 24 last time?"
    "Because my boyfriend didn't come to work that night."    
    "So if I off both you and your boyfriend at the same time, would you mind?" I asked, again just testing how far they would go (he already showed me pictures of his boyfriend, not my type at all). His answer actually surprised me a little.
    "I don't like three people, but it's okay if the third person is my boyfriend" Well, well, well, it looks like if that night I actually offed No 24, No 26 wouldn't go with it. Also that's how you sell your boyfriend as an add-on
    Apart from Boy No 26 going where I just left, another unfortunate coincidence was that the Tiny Lao (mentioned in part 7) has gone home for about a month to be with his family and also renew his passport. The Hotmale downstairs didn't feel the same without him. I kinda miss his warm hug and gentle touch.
    This time in Bangkok, I finally paid a visit to Moonlight, the only go-go bar I haven't tried so far on this month-long trip. There were about 10 floor guys, most of whom are neither here nor there (not twink but not hunk either). I just read Numazu's latest report and am very curious about his MonBoy (the same way I'm about Vinapu's K - the nice single dad in Tawan), but can't recall anyone that impressive the night I visited.
    Then the pre-show model parade. At least three of them, Tum, Babe and Korn (and probably Smarch also) looked like they had their nose redone. 
    Babe looked tired with under-eye circles clearly visible despite heavy makeup. His smiles were still very sweet though.
    Tum and York appeared to be following in Nicky's footsteps with flabbier arms and fat rippling around the belly area. I guess they are pushing 40 and at that age, working out alone would not suffice anymore. You need to watch what you eat and drink, and also the quality of your sleep, to minimize fat deposit.
    Korn was the only model who showed any form of 6 packs that night. Personally, I found the guys in Jupiter more "model-like" than those in Moonlight. Well-toned, flat stomach, lean but ripped body, nice height/size ratio.

    And for perspective, below is Jupiter's poster boy, who is over 30 but still can keep that Ms. Universe-like waistline to go with his well-developed chest and arms. (in real life, his waist looks even smaller and arms more muscular)

    There wasn't much going on in the tip department although the house was half-packed with mostly Asian customers.
    Before, it often looked like someone got tipped every few minutes or so in that bar, which made me think they probably used fake tips to get the ball rolling, especially when it comes to 1000-Baht garlands.

    Like if Day 1, models A and B get a garland, then Day 2, models C and D would get it, and so forth. Sometimes, model A gets 2 garlands on Day 1, or he gets another on Day 2. So my guess is that: the first one on Day 1 was staged by the bar. Any extra one on the same day or those on other days were actually from customers. 
    What I saw this time seems to confirm my theory: very early in the parade one model got a garland (can't remember it was Nut or Smarch), presented by a Mamasan, who pointed vaguely at someone (could be anyone) in the audience. The same Mamasan then walked around the house, waving a bunch of garlands but there were no takers. So no one else got that 1000B tip, and throughout the show, only two or three models got tipped 100B with a nip of whisky.
    Finally, to answer @AlexThompson's question about Bangkok pre- vs. post-Covid, I would say cheaper accommodation, fewer tourists, more discounts at brand name shops, much less traffic at least at night (very easy to cross Suwarong road in the evening these days), more willing boys on apps (I met a few university graduates who haven't been able to find a job and who said they never thought they would sell themselves on app before Covid) - which I like. On the other hand, fewer gay bars, fewer options for traveling to Pattaya, and fewer street food stalls - which I don't like.
    One thing I certainly have problems with is the increasing number of straight MBs, who appear to use "being man" as an excuse for doing next to nothing in bed. I understand if they are unwilling about being f*ck, but no sucking and no kissing? in this kind of profession and for that kind of money? Some don't even perform the top role because they say they can't get hard for another man. Basically those would just lie there, being serviced and then getting paid handomely for "being a man"!
    Before Covid, I had heard about and also met many willing straight boys from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, who could do everything. Vietnamese boys were notorious exceptions. Now, it doesn't seem the case anymore, at least in those Bangkok and Pattaya go-go and host bars I visited. It looks like those straight boys, regardless of nationality, just copied each other by asking for more while doing less.  
    Speaking of which, most Viet boys working in gay bars in Bangkok are straight and came from rural areas in central Vietnam (read: conservative and narrow-minded). So even when they are "reduced to" selling sex to men to earn a living, they still want to keep the illusion of "being a man with dignity and all" (I'm talking about this from the perspective of a Vietnamese).
    There is also peer pressure. Since they all got into this line of work through friends and acquaintances, they kinda know each other, forming a fairly close-knitted community with well-kept secrets (of course nobody in the village back home know what they are actually doing in Thailand). And in that small community, no one wants others to know that he can be anally f*cked by men.
    I've seen this in Vietnam too, many times. Some boys let me top them for more money, but made me promise I don't tell their MB peers about that.
    So if you really like a cute but unwilling boy, just try to get him into bed first. Then with patience, temptation of extra tip and the psychological power of situation, we and he himself would never know what he's capable of doing. Like that time a boy moved to French kiss me when he was about to cum, his first man-to-man kiss ever, as he later admitted, blushingly , and that he didn't think it could be so hot.
    Outside go-go bars, there are now quite a few Viet boys who work freelance on the app in Bangkok. They are mostly gay, from the south (read: more open- and business-minded), taking good care of their appearance, willing to do many things in bed sometimes for less (they still earn more than what they normally make at home though). I frequently ran into some of those southern boys in Silom road (their favorite spot is the the bus stop located between Patpong 1 and Silom Soi 6), who openly solicited in the street with "massage offers".
    Several Viet go-go boys when they learned that I'm from the north mentioned a boy from Hanoi who worked in Jupiter before Covid. That was the one who could do everything in bed, they told me. He went to gym, even got a facelift, and became very popular. After just a few years working in Bangkok, he already saved enough to buy a house back home. That's no small feat considering a small house in Hanoi could easily set you back more than a hundred thousand US dollars.
    So "Why don't you guys try to be like him?" I asked those boys, who were good-looking but admitted they have been able to save little or not at all from their work. Try to be more accommodating and get more customers, make a decent sum and then get the hell out of this line of work, go home open your own business and settle down (the last parts remain a life-long dream for many rural guys in Vietnam).
    But it looks like my advice always fell on deaf ears. Like that very cute Viet twink used to work in Lucky Boys I mentioned in a previous post. He got called from the stage by three different groups of customer, both Asians and farangs, in the span of a couple of hours I was there (and it wasn't even a busy night) but still no offs because later he told me, they all wanted him to bottom for them. He could have lost probably at least 300 potential customers per year (not to mention possible repeats) which translates into no less than 600K. Still, he couldn't care less about my math.
    While I was typing this part in the airport, Boy No 26 messaged me saying he just arrived in Bangkok. Are we star-crossed lovers or something? I jokingly asked if he's willing to do it in the airport. He replied with "555", so I said goodbye, hoping we'll have a chance to meet next time. Also told him if I ever see his boyfriend in Dream Boy, I'll tell the boyfriend he picked No 24 the last time. And with that little warning, I left Bangkok.
    (to be continued)  
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    Min got a reaction from BL8gPt in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    Corrections: B.N. stands for Bass and Na (not Nut)

    Here are some updated pictures of the B.N. bar

    To be honest, my exposure to other fellow visitors to Thailand has been mostly limited to what I read in this forum. That's why I assumed most Westerners would treat the locals at least decently, as I have no doubt you and many other members here would. So some of his sharing did shock me.

    Kiwi appears to think that his Asian customers are kinder than farangs, but I don't think race and ethnicity has much to do with it. I certainly heard somewhere else a lot of stories about terrible behaviors of Chinese tourists while on tour. A Pattaya MB once told me about this Indian guy, who came to off a boy from his go-go. Customer came in, quickly picked a boy from the rotation (so that he didn't have to pay for a drink and also the boy's drink), paid the bar fine and took the boy back to his hotel. Once the business was done, he refused to give the poor boy any money, saying that he already paid the bar fine and that was enough. Boy came back to his bar empty handed so the owner or manager (I'm not sure which one) decided to bring the boy back to the hotel to confront the customer.
    Thanks for your suggestion but it looks like we would never cross paths when it comes to boy selection
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    Min got a reaction from BL8gPt in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    (part 9)
    During my 7-day stay in Boyztown this time, I had another massage session with Kiwi. It seems he had more customers recently (asked me to re-schedule twice because of schedule conflicts).
    The second time, he had to go to Bowin (more than 30 km from Pattaya) in the evening to meet a Chinese customer, who's working in some construction project there, and stayed overnight. The next morning, I checked if he's back yet. "Not yet, I'm still cleaning"? Cleaning? I thought he went there for massage services. Turned out Customer gave him 3000 for massage + staying overnight and 1000 for 2-way Grab fare. After massage, it took customer less than 2 minutes to cum. Kiwi felt bad for customer, spending all that money for those 2 minutes (he's must be a result-oriented person), so he offered to stay and clean customer's whole house before he left.
    Back in my room, this time he brought candles to make it, his words, "special and romantic". Wonder if anyone told him about my previous review (reported in part 1, in which I did say he brought everything but no candles).

    As usual, he talked a lot during our session and I just listened to his stories, some of which were nice and warm (like what his Chinese ex did for him), some bizarre but exciting (like that time a Japanese customer hired him and 6 other MBs in Bangkok, and paid very good money, 6K each, for an orgy; but he couldn't get hard probably due to peer pressure and became the only bottom everyone else took turns to top), and some, unfortunately, saddening. 
    Contrary to popular belief, many farang customers were not civil, generous, or even hygienic. Some were outright rude. 
    One asked him to do foot massage, then Thai massage then oil massage, which took 4 hours in total. Then on top of that, he was asked to f*ck the customer for another half an hour (it was so hard because he had no energy left but he soldiered on), and got paid 1500 for all these. 
    Or when he bent down to rub some customers' genitals, he had to hold his breath because it looked like that part hadn't been washed in a long time. 
    Or this farang (who looked old, all wrinkled and overweight in his pictures) contacted him on app for a possible meeting. When being told he has to pay, the old guy said this "Your parents must be proud when they find out that you are a money boy", then boasted about how he himself could have other Thais, who are students, younger and cuter, for free.
    "I don't believe him. And my parents do know about my work." Kiwi said.
    I guess, we all had some very hard days.
    Having moved to Zing in Jomtien Complex, I first stopped by the new B.N. bar just opened last month, 10 June to be exact. It's a few meters from The Venue, a bit off the main soi, so the location is not at all ideal (the only advantage is that it's a lot quieter here so easier to talk). Bought drinks for and talked to their new Cambodian boy (just here for a week) and also a cute skinny Thai I always saw sitting outside every time I walked by. It turns out the Thai not just a boy, he's actually the co-owner of this new bar!
    27 years old, used to work in 2 go-go bars in the now-defunct Twilight soi in Bangkok, then Toy Boy in Boyztown, Pattaya right before Covid. And now, he opened a beer bar with his best friend, a Cambodian guy who looks around his age (B.N. is the initials of his name - Bass and that of the partner - Nut, if I got it right. I saw someone already interpreted the acronym as Big Nuts hehe). 
    I forgot to take pictures last night so I just use an old picture from Internet. I'll come back later tonight to get a more current picture of the bar.

    Each partner put in half the investment (400K for fixed assets and an extra 50K for liquors and beverages). Even if the location is not prime, they still have to pay the same rent rate as everybody else in the main soi: 20K per month for their small shop, utilities adding another 3K, and, well, 2.5K to the local police (every bar in the soi pays more or less that amount, the owner told me) so they would turn a blind eye to things like non-Thai staff and late opening hours.
    For now, with that overhead, there's no way they can make a profit. They are trying to hold out and wait for the high season (or when the Chinese are allowed to come back), said the owner, who thought I'm Singaporean and who used to have a lot of Asian customers, mostly Chinese and Japanese, back in his go-go days.
    The two hours I sat there, they had only 3 customers. While the Thai partner was talking to me, the Cambodian one sat listening patiently to an elderly farang, who talked slowly but incessantly for a good two hours. "Is your partner's English that good?" The Thai shaked his head "same same me, but the customer can speak Thai".
    Apart from two partners slash host, they have 3 other hosts (2 Cambodians and 1 Lao). @gerefan, I read your comment so I asked them again about the basic salary. The new Cambodian host told me they received 100B from the bar but only for any night they don't have any customers (drinks or off) - so that means 3000 minimum per month (3 hosts there share an upstairs room in the Complex for about 4000).
    Some customers wanted to off the Thai owner himself, but he couldn't go because he's been playing multiple roles at the bar (owner slash host slash cashier slash bartender slash legal representative when the police come - the bar registered under his name and it looks like his Cambodian buddy is a silent partner) and no one so far would wait until the bar closes to take him.
    Another piece of intel: one of the bar's Cambodians, who the other day talked to Dough, the owner of Toolbox bar in Phnom Peng (mentioned in Part 7), pointed at some space near Agate's entrance and told me, Dough's new bar is gonna be there. 
    On a separate note, a Thai boy from X-boys asked me to take him to watch a show in another bar because he said he never got to see any show in his life (sound like a sob story to me). Since I already moved to Jomtien, I told him to take a day off from his Boyztown bar and come to Jomtien complex, I'll take him to drink and watch a show in M2M and then we can go to my hotel. He said he can't take a day off as he has to report to work in the bar every day even if he's sick. In the case of no-show, he has to pay bar fine of 500 per day. I guess I can give him that money too, but just wonder about the situation.
    A Lao boy from Boyz Boyz Boyz told me something similar. If a customer can't go to the bar to pick him up, he could only go before or after working hours (8pm to 2am) if he wants to avoid the bar fine.
    On the other hand, I also see on many occasions boys in Fresh Boys and Dream Boy in Bangkok, and Winner Boy, Toy Boy and Pikky in Pattaya, didn't show up for work for all kinds of reason or while being at work, they just left to eat or went home early when there's no hope for more customers. 
    The Thai boy (mentioned in part 2) told me he used to juggle two jobs with both Winner Boy in Sunee and Pikky in Boyztown. So usually weekdays, he worked in Winner Boy, and in weekends, when Boyztown was busier, he switched to Pikky.
    Last time, I had to wait for an hour for a boy in Fresh Boys and he didn't show up. Mamasan told me, probably because of the heavy rain that night, while a Viet waiter told me he thought the boy just had an outside customer.
    Last week, I went to Winner Boy bar twice and on both occasions had to leave because the owner who was sitting outside with one or two fully clothed boys told me they didn't have enough boys coming to work so they couldn't open the bar inside.
    So it looks to me, some bars are more strict about enforcing bar fines than others to make sure that boys can't take outside customers during their working hours without generating some kind of revenue for the bar.
    (to be continued)
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    Min got a reaction from BL8gPt in Min's tidbits about my Thailand and Vietnam experiences   
    He's also at disadvantage because he's foreigner and not legally allowed to work, so can't ask for the same pay as Thai.

    Anyway, I talked to a new Thai waiter at Panorama (Pattaya) last night, who just started 4 days ago. He got paid between 4000 and 6000 per month for a shift starting from 4pm until 1 or 2 am in the morning. So my 200 tip for him is already more than his whole day's pay check. I guess they must rely on tips to survive.
    Still, just a few are actually gay
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    Min reacted to neyger in Flying Business, economy or first class   
    I'm thin but tall (1m85 / 6'1), fly +- 180h a year and always book economy.  I simply prefer to spend my money on other things than on luxury during the flight, although I certainly understand why people book business once you have experienced it. 
    I have my routine and try (and mostly manage) to sleep on every flight, even if it's just a short one hour haul. I bought custom made earplugs, comfortable and they block all the noise when you try to sleep.  I love my noise canceling headphones. I've got the sony mx1000m4 and couldn't miss them on a flight. Lately I often fell asleep with those headphones on and my earplugs still in my bag. I always pick a seat at the back of the plane (a bigger chance on an empty seat next to you)  and select an aisle seat in the middle part (only one person can ask you to stand up when he/she needs to go the bathroom).   On long haul flights with a 3-4-3 layout, it often narrows to a 3-3-3 layout. My favorite seat (and I do pay extra for seat selection if necessary) is at the left side of the second row of 3 seats in the middle. (see screenshot, the green spot). You can stretch your legs, nobody bumps into you and even that bathroom was closed on my latest flights (people tend to go anyway to the bathoom that they can see). As other posters mentioned, always check seatguru.  I never watch movies, they keep me awake, but I do use an e-reader (makes me sleepy). I used to take a sleeping pill before flying, but that made me dizzy. Now I just drink one whisky at the start of the flight.   I use a pillow similar to this one: https://www.amazon.com/Inflatable-STTARLUK-Airplane-Comfortably-Supports/dp/B093HD2RK7  It's bulky, but comfy and I can even read an e-book in sleeping position. An added advantage is that it seems to refrain people to ask me to stand up if they want to go to the bathroom. I do buy a last minute business class upgrade if the price is right. On one of my latest air france flights, I had a business class upgrade on both legs of a 11h flight for less than 400€ in total. If the flight is delayed, I always ask for a free lounge voucher (and often get one). If you don't ask, you get nothing..   

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    Min reacted to TotallyOz in Flying Business, economy or first class   
    I can't do economy. I'm large and tall. What I have found is airlines that have business class for reasonable prices. For example, I have booked a few times on Hainan Airlines from Bangkok to Chicago and the business class fares were right at 2k USD. That was almost the same as the economy or premium economy on AA or Delta. I liked the airline and the service was fine. It was not as luxurious as Singapore or other airlines but the seat was fully lay back and comfortable.
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    Min reacted to traveller123 in Flying Business, economy or first class   
    I actually feel empathy for the farangs I saw who were very large sitting in economy,I'm 98kg myself so I even found it difficult cramped for the 3 hours so if that farang I saw was I would say 150kg plus just imagine that flight for him.
    There is another angle to this, pity the poor normal sized person in economy sitting next to the overweight guy.
    I am 78kg and a couple of times had this on long distance flights, it was not a happy experience.
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    Min reacted to scott456 in Flying Business, economy or first class   
    I am thin/medium built so I have no problem fitting into economy class seats.  But I still fly business class for flights longer than 3 hours because I can afford it.  In my younger years I was stingy too and always flew economy class.  But as I mentioned in my other post, I am at the age now to prepare for my death.  I need to time my death and money spending.  I am trying my best not to leave money behind. I rather die poor than leaving money.  I work hard all my life and was frugal in my younger years.  I deserve some enjoyment now.
    As far as airlines choice, I am not loyal to any airlines or airline alliance, there is no need for me to be.  I just shop around and find the best deal on business class.  PAL business class is usually cheaper but many of their planes have obsolete business class seat configuration, so I don't consider them the best deal.
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    Min reacted to gerefan in Suggestions for 24hr whirlwind of Pattaya   
    I use Bolt in Pattaya as do most people in Pattaya.  It’s new so at the moment so a very reasonable price. A one way trip from Boyztown to Jomtien would be 60 baht. The service is very impressive and waiting times are always less than 5 minutes, often only one or two minutes. Use it while it’s a “loss leader”. 
    A motor bike taxi is also 60 baht. So no contest, unless there are severe traffic problems.
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    Min reacted to Gaybutton in Suggestions for 24hr whirlwind of Pattaya   
    There are a lot of variables involved in answering that.  It mainly depends on the time of year.  During high season traffic often can get just as bad as Bangkok.  But right now we're in the middle of low season.  Except for rush hour the traffic is usually rather light and flows smoothly.  The later the hour, the less the traffic. 
    For example, I live on "The Dark Side", meaning the east side of Sukhumvit - technically not in Pattaya at all.  If you're not familiar, Sukhumvit is the main highway through Pattaya.  Pattaya begins and ends on the west side of Sukhumvit.  If you cross Sukhumvit, you've just exited Pattaya.  The name of my area is Nong Prue.  If I'm going to Jomtien from my place, right now the drive usually takes about 15 or 20 minutes.  During high season the exact same commute will usually take a minimum of 45 minutes, and often even longer than that.  But returning home is hardly ever more than 15 minutes because by that time most of the traffic has cleared and not much traffic is headed out my way in the first place.
    If you're bringing a boy from Boyztown to Jomtien, then you most likely will be with him during the commute.  So, I would recommend going by baht bus or a Grab car.  Depending on traffic and where you're staying in Jomtien, the ride should take no more than ten or 15 minutes.  But when it's time for him to go back, you're probably not going with him.  Give him money enough for a motorbike taxi, which is much quicker and probably no waiting.  He'll appreciate that.
    Of course, if he turns out to be a dud who won't live up to whatever he agreed to do, let him wait for a baht bus . . .
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    Min reacted to gayinpattaya in Suggestions for 24hr whirlwind of Pattaya   
    Your best bet and likely only option in Pattaya will be Boyz Boyz Boyz in Boyztown, but expect a lot of tattoos ( and screaming women ). If tattoos were not a problem for you, the rough trade at Nice Boys (Sunee) might be an option. 

    Jomtien has predominantly twinks, most of which are Lao & Khmer, and most have darker tans. They are not rich Bangkok boys! There are exceptions, but very few, and even then they wouldn't be what you are looking for.

    The only other thing I can think of, if you don't mind a late night, is go to volleyball (Dongtan Beach) at about 2am. There are usually a few hundreds boys there. Many are available.  

    Dragon Man Club has what you are looking for, but I have no idea how that place operates. Not sure you can off the guys, buy maybe? 

    Anyway, good luck and have fun! If nothing else, Pattaya is a great place to visit. 
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    Min reacted to Shonen in Why not retire to Thailand?   
    I’m 64 and have been retired for seven years. I spend 5 months every year in Pattaya, the rest in USA.
    I find I’m happier in Thailand. I still love the sex, even though there’s less choices now. And I spend 2 or 3 months with my money boy boyfriend. I think it’s him that makes it good. He’s not afraid to be seen with me, and we have a nice routine. We wake up about 2 pm and have a meal , sometimes hang out on the beach.
    I’ve read that paying someone to love you can cause depression. I’m aware ot that and accepted that he loves my money more than me,lol. But I’m certainly not lonely with him. Half the battle I guess.
    I cannot live in Bangkok because of the pollution. Pattaya is a bit better in that regards. I’m an introvert and I’m easily entertained! I try to learn some Thai but I don’t have to.
    I’ve found Great Depression since I came back to USA after Covid. I’m very isolated and lonely in the USA. I suppose I could find a guy near my age here. As long as he doesn’t mind me going to Pattaya for 5 months, might be hard to find someone like that.
    If I was rich I’d just retire in Thailand. It’s the fear of not being able to afford health insurance latter on that keeps me going only 5 months.
    Also I’m healthier in the USA. The air cleaner, healthy food, and I like my doctors here. I swim in Thailand and in USA I use a gym and walk. I need to break up the workout routine. 
    I think Olddaddy, you’re right about being bored in Jomtien. Jomtien is boring! I sold my vt condo there.  I think you’re in a good position though. You’re in Australia, which is nice and close, so you can adjust your trips better. You’re an introvert like me. You can pursue sex and do other things, you need to look hard and you’ll be surprised what you might find. But most importantly is having someone you can count on, if you’re sick,etc. I have same problem! You can contact me if you’re there when I am, I’m always there for my friends.
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    Min reacted to bkkmfj2648 in Why not retire to Thailand?   
    I am the guy that Olddaddy is referring to.
    What he wrote are also my concerns - meaning will I fit into a new retiree life in Pattaya/Jomtien.
    I have left my doors open so that I can return to Europe (or to some other destination) - where I live now - if I won't like Pattaya/Jomtien.
    I am originally from the USA and I left the USA in 1999 as a result of some gun violence that occurred to a friend.  It was in Colorado - our ski buddy group went out for a beer.  I was tired that night so I left earlier to go home.  Our friend was the last person to leave the bar that night - he went out back to the parking lot to get in his car - some random guy came up to him and said give me your wallet - he replied NO and the killer said, good-bye and shot him dead at point blank range.  After his funeral at one of the ski group friend dinners, my friends told me, hey, we are going to get our gun licenses - do you want to join us (back in 1998)?  I replied, NO thanks - in fact, I will use this opportunity to leave the USA to finish my undergraduate studies that I never finished.  I hate gun violence!!
    So, in 1999 I moved to Rome, Italy and started my new life there as an older student at the university.  Just shy of the first year, I almost moved back to the USA - as the culture shock and language barriers were keeping me from fitting in.  Of course I fit in with the younger students but I did not click with them as they were just there for a one semester abroad party.  I persevered and seeked out an Italian who could not speak much English to live with and after living with him for 6 years - I was able to fit in, make real friends, learn their language, get my Italian citizenship, and find an international career.
    So, what I learned in my early years in Italy - I am hoping will give me the strength and perseverance to help me fit in and adapt to my new life to-be as a retiree in Pattaya/Jomtien.
    I believe that if we encounter loneliness - then it is our own responsibility to overcome it.  I am also an introvert - but I can force myself - when needed - to be extroverted.  So, I will push myself to create a network in Pattaya so that I do not become that lonely person in a nice condo overlooking the Gulf of Thailand wondering - Oh my GOD - what have I done.  If I find myself in that predicament of loneliness - then I will only have myself to blame.
    My life will not ONLY consist of the Jomtien Complex, the gay beach, Boyztown, and Sunee.  I see that there are so many additional things to do in the environment, nature, helping out the less fortunate, joining the expat group PCEC Pattaya City Expats Club, continue with some projects that my former employer would like me to work on, use Pattaya/Bangkok as a jumping off point to explore the nearby countries, explore Thailand in a more deeper way - after watching  Paddy Doyle's great adventure where he explored ALL 77 of the Thailand provinces - I realized that I also want to do that - and it would be so cool to do it on a low powered motorbike like he did.
    So, in summary, do I fear all that Olddaddy wrote - HELL YES!!!  but, I am not getting any younger and I have lived in the North American continent (New York and Colorado) and then the European Union (Italy and Hungary) - now it is time for Asia and all the excitement that this will bring to me for the last chapters of my life.
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    Depends on your plans. Raja has the advantage you can take boys without passing front of reception but I really enjoyed Amara small but great-view rooftop pool and the breakfast was really good (not sure if they have it now). Well, this is what I did: took my bf to Amara and used Raja when offing bar boys.
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    I love Taiwan. It's not only the beauty of the island as a whole, I find much to see in Taipei for a gay guy. The Red House in the centre is a great meeting place with its plethora of bars, cafes, restaurants and gay-related shops. Not that you are kikely to make friends there as Taiwanese tend to go out in groups. But there are other bars - even a leather bar with a very dark room and often shows - saunas, massage spas and one of my favourite attractions the hot springs developed by the Japanese mostly to the west of the city but easily accessible by the very efficient subway. One atracts mostly gay guys. Although there is rarely any action, you see many wonderfully toned young Taiwanese in all their glory walking between the pools and in the steam room (unlike Thais, Taiwanese have no issue walking around naked without covering their fronts). I have found chatting to some very easy, exchanged contact details with some  - and made two very good friends
    The apps will be quite busy. Above all, I find Taiwan guys the most attractive and polite of all Chinese. It's such a pity that the borders remain closed due to covid. I was hoping they might open in time for the gay pride parade on the last Saturday in October but increasingly that seems unlikely. I have been to 7 of the Parades since 2011 and just love the atmosphere. Around 200,000 now attend, many from around the region. As with most similar Parades, there are official parties around the week-end.
    Returning to my first point, a few years ago I took a 5-day round the island tour. The scenery is understandably very varied but also incredibly beautiful. Well worth the expense - and the apps are certainly far from inactive outside Taipei!
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    One of the issues that my generation of Thailand-falangs faces-  not youngsters like olddaddy of course- is that now I know that each trip I take may be my last.  "Carpe Diem" are the last words I say to myself when climbing into my car for the drive to the airport. 
    It's not just the advent of the Final Curtain, but the increased possibility of ill-health that would make the already arduous journey to BKK beyond my capabilities that haunts me.
    Then there comes the farewell to P. Will  it be the final one?  It's not a subject I choose to raise with him directly but the legal and financial implications for him have to be addressed; and he knows that I'm seeing my lawyer about my will when I get home. That embrace as we part company  at the airport shortly will be deeply affecting. It always is.
    So, living each day as if it's your last, something we used to sing, of all places, at Primary School, remains a powerful precept for lovers of Thailand; and even more so for lovers of Thais.
    i should apologise for adding a melancholic note to an interesting thread but, let's be honest, it has been the elephant in the room, has it not? Or perhaps it's just me.
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    In Taipei I always stay near Da'an Park. It's a small park and ideal for a short morning walk before breakfast. The Dandy Hotel Da'an Park is one of a big chain of hotels but very moderately priced and within meters of the Da'an subway station on the Red Line. Usefully this is the line that takes you to the main hot springs near Shipai station out west. It is also close enough to the very large National Taiwan University campus to be either within  walking distance or a short bus ride. There are dozens of great cheap eateries around the Green Line subway stations by the University. And Taipei's main (perhaps only) sex shop is very near one of those Green Line stations!
    One comment I have heard many times from various guys I have met as well as a former long-term boyfriend is that there is a big lack of available older westerners in Taipei city. No doubt that's why in my view it is one of the easiest cities in the region to hook up with handsome young guys who are not money boys.
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    Min got a reaction from khaolakguy in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Somehow my main takeaway from your post is that next time I should book a hotel in the vicinity of a campus
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    Min got a reaction from fedssocr in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Somehow my main takeaway from your post is that next time I should book a hotel in the vicinity of a campus
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    Min got a reaction from TT007 in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Somehow my main takeaway from your post is that next time I should book a hotel in the vicinity of a campus
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    Min got a reaction from Olddaddy in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Somehow my main takeaway from your post is that next time I should book a hotel in the vicinity of a campus
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    Min got a reaction from Wynter11 in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    Somehow my main takeaway from your post is that next time I should book a hotel in the vicinity of a campus
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    Min reacted to numazu in Is it just me? Am I too old?   
    @Olddaddy we applaud you for putting your fears out here on the board, and obviously it has struck a chord with a lot of people here, which should make you feel good about what you’re going through right now. Being envious of other people having more than you is natural and a common experience. Someone will always be richer, be more good looking, be younger, have more energy, than you will ever be. Your main concern, that you are older and slower that you used to be, is just a fact of life, and something that we do not have any control over. So you can be envious of others that still have their youth and energy, or you can use envy as a motivation for you to focus on the things that YOU can control, be it inviting a cute guy to have pizza with you, or discover a place in Bangkok you’ve never seen before, to mix things up. 
    And have you thought of maybe that others are envious of you too? Having the resources, and the time, to spend 7 straight weeks in the Greatest CIty on Earth™ is no small feat. You have probably worked your darndest all your life to get to this point, and that is something to be proud of. I’m pretty sure most of us here on the board are envious of you for having the means and the courage to go on a vacation this long (I know I am). And don’t forget, this is YOUR vacation. You set your own rules. If you want to eat pizza alone every night after a night in the town, then that’s great! If it makes you happy. The pressures and expectations you have of your own energy levels and youth are all from you, and no one else has the right, nor the capability, of telling you how you should spend your vacation. 
    Finally, I am glad you are letting yourself feel these “negative” feelings, and being honest about how it affects you, and even putting yourself out there, out here on the board, by reaching out to like minded people such as us. I feel that life is better if there is a balance. Too much of a good thing really is too much, and that includes sex. Be glad that you can fuck all those pretty things once in while, while allowing yourself the time to convalesce, and regains both your strength physically, and your desires mentally, for another round or three. I love this graphic:

    because it shows that balance is ultimately what you should strive for. You will have your ups, and your inevitable downs (like what you’re going through now), but no matter what happens, make sure that you enjoy yourself, because that’s the whole point right?
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    Sorry Riobard but you've lost me there!
    At home I usually have a guy over for sex twice a week. We have sex the night he arrives and the next day before he leaves. He spends the second day with me and tends to leave after dinner. So that's 4 times a week - quite a lot less than when I was younger. Although as we flip-flop, I guess that could be considered 8 times! (But I only cum once per session)
    I travel for 2 reasons - for sightseeing and for sex. I don't combine the two unless I'm visiting a country for the first time.
    I'm interested in medieval Japanese history, which was a compulsory subject at school, and also medieval European history.  So this knowledge is put to great use when I travel to those destinations.
    But these days Thailand is for sex only, as I have done the sightseeing bit many times. And because I've gone to the trouble of making the trip I want to have as much sex as possible during my holiday with as many hot, handsome and hung guys as possible.  But twice a day is enough for me, and I find myself slowing down as the days pass so that after about 2 weeks I find it a little difficult to get hard and maintain an erection. Basically, I just run out of puff. That's when I know it's time to come home. 
    Also, towards the end of my trip I tend to bottom more, even if I'm with a guy who I can top.
    I don't visit the bars in Pattaya these days as I have a regular guy there. In Bangkok I have sex every afternoon with my regular and find another partner for the evening. So there's my 2 times a day. If I find another guy later in the evening I may bottom for him but I don't cum. So technically, that's 3 times.
    Although I've slowed down compared with my younger days, my sex drive over the last decade or so has not declined any further. 
    Fingers crossed I can maintain my libido for many more years to come,
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