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  1. I saw "HOME" bar in jomtien seemed to be popular among farangs so that maybe worth going to , friendly crowd, friendly owner
  2. Ben yes, I prefer Pattaya as it's less "chaotic" ,but some guys on here just love the hustle & bustle of he City of Bangkok. I think the Bangkok boys are more full time student types rather than the usually full time money boys of Pattaya. Yes prices are usually cheaper in Pattaya ,of course depending where you shop at
  3. Shocked at the report Salman Rushdie has been injured in a attack. Regardless of his beliefs I really despise violence,just because someone has a different opinion to yours is no excuse to use violence to hurt someone. Apparently he had a 4.2 million bounty on his head so money may have been the motivation for the attack rather than beliefs . He is reported to have lost a eye and on a ventilator. Terrible things humans do to each other
  4. Scott, don't take that personally , posters are just having a joke , and a bit of banter πŸ‘πŸ˜… You must admit you found some of the posts funny too,the one where the front of the plane arrives firstπŸ˜‚ No it's good fun , nothing personal πŸ‘
  5. Scott , sometime ago you wrote you didn't enjoy Pattaya enough to live there and I believe you stayed one year. May I ask you,only if you wish to share that is and are comfortable with sharing ,what your experience was in that one year.
  6. Absolutely not boring at all πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’šRespect & love to you
  7. https://www.pattayamail.com/latestnews/news/obituary-dolly-john-humphreys-400990 I hope that link works,The Dolly sisters to me were wonderful,always raising money for great causes especially HIV AIDS charities . Unfortunately both have passed ,sadly relatively young.πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™
  8. I wonder how many you came out to your parents? Or brothers & sisters? Did any of you,? Was you then shunned back in those times? My late father was a wharf worker,I doubt I would be alive if I had told him. Unfortunately my brothers & sisters found out I was gay in January 2015 when I took my ex BF to my mum's funeral,they have never been in contact since . I always remember when I was young my older brother coming home after a weekend (1970's) saying he had gone "poofter bashing" with his mates , terrible times for acceptance back then,even police participated in this in those days. At least most of the Asian countries are more accepting if our lifestyle,if not the younger generation are.
  9. Fantastic advice ,hope you don't mind I will screenshot this and keep itπŸ‘thankyou ,
  10. Interesting you say that ,I have a work colleague who is gay and his twin brother too😳 I was very shocked when he told me that
  11. Peter may I ask what your career was ?
  12. There's certain jobs probably you never sort of retire in, Doctor ,lawyer etc ,my local GP is 76 and works twice a week. I have a lawyer that does general stuff for me ,Wills,signatures etc ,he is 67
  13. Very interesting! I met a guy (straight) in Pattaya last month ,66yo and newly retired to Pattaya last month . He looked at what life he had left in weeks,seemed to be "obsessive" about living each day as you can,of course it's great if you have the fitness and energy! Said he was aiming for 1040 week goal . Life goes fast,it really does , and I often wonder when I see work colleagues who are in their 70's why they are still working full time and wasting time?πŸ™„ I bumped into a work colleague a few months ago who was 77 and still working,his wife was from Vietnam and the thing that struck me was he said to me with a smile ,"I will be retiring in a few years and going to live in Vietnam,we have a nice bungalow in a island over there" I looked at him stunned, how long does he think he has got in life, I honestly felt like saying to him why not go now,how long do you think you have left at 77? ?😳
  14. I'm always one who believes in "moving on" and accepting change I'm 62 so I like to embrace change I always say that to my same age work colleagues especially when they are critical of newer much younger work colleagues who may seem things differently, I like to be the one to accept change I never want to be one that "well when I was a boy..... But strangely when I was in Pattaya last month, I sat in Boyztown, and reminiscenced about what was ,what used to be I sat there at a table with a few beers at the and the bar next to it and I actually spoke to the mamasan? manager ( I don't think they are called mamasans nowadays?) there who sadly,sadly had absolutely no idea of the Dolly sisters or never ( I won't mention names) of the previous farang owners , he even called over other boys who also had no idea . Look I know times move on ,they aren't expected to know ,it's in the past ,it was me of course wanting it to be like old times thinking of the funny farang owners that used to run it ,the infamous Dolly sisters etc It's got me thinking that times are soon forgotten, younger people move in, they have no idea what the times nor the people that it used to have . I sat there drinking by myself with the Thai manager of the bar sitting next to me as I'm mumbling " street talk used to be over there " him nodding at me looking at me weirdly" they used to sell wonderful pastrami sandwiches😳😳 Another 2 boys sitting nearby both live on their tiktok said in great English " how long ago was that ? " Oh about 20 years ago " I said Then they both laughed , 20 year ago I five said one all laughing. They must of thought I was a reminiscent old manπŸ‘΄πŸ‘΄ Of course times have moved on,even at the bar we were sitting at had memories but the guys had no idea who the previous owners nor the good times that went on there ,I looked back into the bar from my outside table , the memories of the Dolly sisters etc , of course the guys had no idea about all that , as they dance live on their tiktok and Facebook to their friends , The manager looked at me looking back into the bar " you want another drink ? He asked " No no , I said ,just thinking about the past , all the Dolly's , obviously looking at me like I was a old nutter and the silly thing is I was rambling on like a old drunk after 5 beers and I remember telling them about the mamasan at Cityboys go go bringing his cat to work. The Thai manager guy sitting next to me good English "and the cat was Dolly? " No no Dolly sisters were here I said pointing in the bar All 3 guys looking at me weirdly " the cat and sisters he brought here?then they all laughing thinking drink as a skunk πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ πŸ˜‚ And strangely or ironically I just read the obituary in the Pattaya mail of the latest Dolly sister to depart which brought back more memories. It's sad in a way ,but things can't stay the same ,but even sadder that people & times are forgotten. Here I am sitting in a bar that 15 years ago was pumping and the owners famous , fast forward and the guys in Boyztown have no idea what I was on about .😳 Probably thought I was some nutter talking about his dolly cat and streettalk πŸ˜‚ I was very fond of the Dolly sisters though , I used to love the Boyztown area back then. I used to remember all the famous/ infamous bar owners , all the good ones & bad ones πŸ˜‚ Nowadays there's none of that ,no one to even mention really ,no bar owners stand out anymore ,no infamous or famous ones! But how fast has life gone by with all these passing, it makes you appreciate your every day more, I often think I'm 62 I have probably 15 to 20 years left, I have to enjoy it Oh well, forgive me I'm getting old ,past is over I know I know what you all thinking and want to say to me πŸ˜‚ "Oh shut up you rambling old fool 🀣🀣
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