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  1. I still take it (as a bottom) as it apparently highers testereone I heard thru Google ,however I lift weights everyday so gives me a pump feeling
  2. In Australia I pay $30 for 8 Cialis , I guess that's around 800 baht which I thought was expensive but seems around same price Thailand
  3. 100% correct , and I remember those "sickening" posts , Fortunately the younger generation are much different in their thinking
  4. Surprised to just read former Cheers star Kirstie Alley has passed away at age 71 Haven't heard of her for years ,she was a big icon in the early 90's. RIP🙏
  5. No but I see his profile on Grindr. I'm not into Asian bottoms
  6. One of the contract cleaners in my workplace is from Nepal ,hot looking 22yo Nepalese boy with blonde tints thru his hair . I too am trying to find out more about Nepal gay life
  7. Sydney has now painted the zebra crossing in Darlinghurst ready for World Pride 2023🏳️‍🌈I also noticed the flag is a bit different? Is that a different meaning maybe incorporating Transexual I'm not sure
  8. I always used Mike's taxi , always reliable and I could WhatsApp them and usually they/ he/she answered immediately👍
  9. Did you enjoy the fireworks show ? I know there was a big crowd going by the Pattaya mail website .
  10. Didn't see them when I was there back in July Didn't see them open when I was there back in July . I think Relax was open and they had guys on Grindr that can cum to your room . At first they wanted over 2500 to cum but bring July and low season managed 1500 to jomtien complex
  11. Don't work too hard 😉you can't take it with you !
  12. Yes my Filipino BF went to 357 last Sunday ,( we have open relationship) He said it was way too busy with the line up all the way down the stairs to the cashier ! I went by myself last Tuesday night at 11pm but only 3 people there at that time and all were my age . www.357.com.au
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