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  1. My relationship with my Filipino boy is open
  2. Yes the Philippines hotel prices are way over the top just do research on Agoda , Thailand must cheaper in the accommodation area .
  3. Thailand is more expensive than the Philippines in terms of buying sex 1000 pesos and under I paid for most tops to fuck my old daddy butt I think that's like 700 baht The only thing that Thailand was much cheaper on was hotel accommodation which I was shocked at Philippines prices which was double Thailand hotel prices Everything else was cheaper in Philippines
  4. I remember Bernard Trink , he was still going well into his 70's
  5. Wherever you live are you having sex in your own country? Do you go cruising or pay4play or go on Grindr and invite guys over? Do you go to gay saunas in your own country? Do you have great gay saunas ? Here in Sydney Australia we have a few one in particular very popular with bisexual guys called 357 in the heart of Sydney City out of the gay district and it's very popular,over 5 levels Love to know about other Cities gay saunas ,not sure if they have gay saunas in Texas ?,but luv a cowboy to fuck my daddy ass Im too shy in the gay sauna I end up just walking around I can't go to Asia now until February and I'm certainly not going to go pay for it On Grindr I end up attracting guys of middle eastern background and their bottoms for some reason πŸ™‚
  6. I love a good top to pound my old Daddy butt πŸ˜‰
  7. Yeah Aussie slang, I guess if I wanted to use real slang I would if said "catch up with all the old Cxxnts for a yarn πŸ˜‚
  8. Really love this place and visit every second day . Catch up with all the straight old expats for a yarn
  9. The Toolshed , just near where my apartment is πŸ˜‰
  10. Where in the Philippines would you consider? I know Dumamagette now has the large farang population so they may be a option for me
  11. On my bucket list in 2023 is Taiwan & Vietnam Vietnam has plenty of tops?
  12. Sydney is great, big Gay population,plenty of Thai Boyz
  13. Getting so costly to travel nowadays I recall a departure tax ( think it was 500b ) that Thailand used to have .
  14. I agree with you ,πŸ‘ especially in that main soi that goes past Nice Boys , I tend to walk towards the traffic but still aware of my safety as the motorbikes usually the high end powered type speed past ,the scary part is they are dodging from side to side . These are usually the young males of Middle Eastern appearance, I think GB & "Undaunted" have written about it numerous times . I try to avoid walking up that Soi at night due to that πŸ‘
  15. Are these thai customers moneyboys ?
  16. I'm sure there was a hotel accommodation there too? Maybe I'm wrong
  17. Don't leave it to long though. Unfortunately here in Australia you can't get the government old age pension to 67yo😳
  18. Didn't know they had one there ? It wasn't my cup of tea the sauna but I saw a few young Russians there but they didn't seem to be into older farangs unfortunately 😟,pity because I never had Russian cock . Anyone here had free cock or butt at the sauna with non money boys? I think this is the same owner as the old Howard's Hotel ? Oh that brings back memories!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰
  19. Strange, I wonder if there was anybody inside with him? If I was going to commit suicide I wouldn't pick jumping off a building or throwing myself in front of a train ....but I guess they must be very very depressed at the time . Very sad .
  20. We can't take it with us , I say enjoy it now ,you worked for it
  21. Your very right , some would disagree with us however But I can't see the next generation doing the same now, even it's different 20 years ago ,
  22. I know exactly what you mean when you say it's too loud, some bars in jomtien play loud music opposite each other , But you know the saying when we were young, "If it's too loud ,your too old ! πŸ˜‚
  23. I always wonder if Sunee will ever come back ,or it designed for redevelopment. I guess in probality it will either be a shopping mall or new Condos in 10 years or so
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