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  1. What is a Otter ? I know Cub is small bear ...I think Polar bear , old grey bear ? But Otter ...
  2. Furama was great ,great gym πŸ‘
  3. Just found a app called Growler it's all Bears they have a Thai site it's worldwide Noticed Thai bears on there , I imagine none of us are into bears though ?
  4. You can go to the gyms , are you into fitness ? You can also meet guys there in the shower rooms Another place try the Sansuk sauna from 2pm
  5. wasn't me being a bottom I would of gone for their dicks not their butts 🀣
  6. I think it's fantastic a older man is dancing ,forever young ! In fact I started dancing in jomtien last time I was there carried a boy on my shoulders doing squats , you aren't here long enjoy life I'm 60 I would rather see a old guy dancing than sitting there miserable at a bar table as I walk past all with sour looks on their face Better than the old wannabees miserable looking farangs I used to see in Sunee years ago , thankfully most have died off.
  7. You can use your debit card MasterCard visa ,but ..... better still just jump the barriers like I do 🦘🦘
  8. How very very true ! I flew business class last month Bangkok to KL then to Sydney We left KL like 11pm and arrive Sydney I think was around 9am I'm eating already in the business lounge in KL airport As soon as I got on the plane about two hours later started serving food ,all I wanted to do sleep . Then 2 hours later more food , I didn't want to be rude but I just feel that I would of been better sleeping ,by the time I got to Sydney I was tired I ended up sleeping the whole day at home , I wonder how those guys go who fly business class that have business meetings on their destination,they obviously must tell the stewards not to wake them up
  9. The age difference between my Filipino bf is 30 years But I got to that stage now where time is limited so I don't care what others think anymore. In fact I have stopped caring about most things , 20 years left to live I don't have time anymore to be concerned at things that are not that important
  10. I'm going to have to start travelling economy soon ,getting too expensive BClass I heard you can buy 2 economy seats and being 108kg the seats are getting smaller and my bum πŸ‘bigger πŸ˜‚
  11. Olddaddy


    My Filipino bf just showed me a app or whatever they call them called Bigo It has live guys on it from around the World and there is very very hot young Filipino & Thai guys on there ! I got a hard on watching it , they can see you if you want and you can talk to them all free All free ,you can video talk to them if you want So try it out if you can Anyone know of others similar ?
  12. Ha ha funny you say that ,I just had my Filipino bf fuck me , I didn't really feel anything , I just pretended to make noises ,I'm not sure if my ass is wider because of the African cocks I had in Thailand, sorry too much info πŸ˜€πŸ€£
  13. Great points But take into consideration not everyone retires on big financial income The Australian old age pension is approx 40 to 44,000 baht a month depending on exchange rates so try paying for insurance on that . The only thing to do if you are Australian or NZ or from the UK is to keep a residence in your own country and go back and use the public system if you get very sick Secondly I'm told the insurance will take your money but the moment you have a illness eg heart attack they will go thru your medical history , ah yes we see Mr Smith you had high blood pressure back in 2007 , you didn't tell us about that etc Most older people have something like high BP or high cholesterol or something I get a full blood test every month , it's paid for on the government Medicare system . The only thing is last visit my GP who I see monthly ( at a cost of $65 after rebate ) doesn't like to test for PSA prostate , once a year is enough he says I don't want to go off topic but does anyone know how you test the Prostate ?
  14. How right you are ! I was shocked yesterday to have a gay friend visit me from Australia's "red neck " State of Queensland. How times have changed,he told me him & his bf kiss openly in their city of Cairns in North Queensland. I started to tell him " well 30 years ago you couldn't do that , especially in Queensland Australia,but times have changed nowadays and for the most gay people are it seems & I can't say "accepted" .....but "tolerated" I guess .
  15. I read on some expat forums around $200 US a month for expats insurance and that's apparently the lower side of insurance! Even if you "self I sure" will it be enough for major treatment if you ever need it? I guess you would have to keep a residence in your home country and go back if needed for treatment As for other reasons expats are not retiring to Thailand.....
  16. So what's happened? There must be more people indentify as gay now more than ever so what's happened to the gay tourists?
  17. What's the USA social security like , I think 62yo they get there ? Unlike us in Australia
  18. Love to see your report on Bali when you g, so close to Australia but I always go past in on my way to Thailand
  19. My next trip will be Malaysia , probably in the new year
  20. Same with me , Sydney has been nothing but cold the last 8 months average like 16 degrees ,.my old bones doesn't like it
  21. I don't think there is "gay exclusive" hotels in Bangkok nowadays I stayed in several in Cambodia a few years ago , there was 2 next to each other ,I think it was Steve & Paul's or something,it was good but I ended up moving to the one next door at half the price !
  22. Probably, good chance I won't ,even though I lift weights everyday sometimes twice a day ,and I really hit it hard doubt it's good for my health actually to push weights hard at my age but I do it more for mental health ,sometimes I lift for more than 2 hours at a time ,just put my headphones on and lift My blood pressure is also high, probably caused by the testereone injection I take monthly ,yesterday 158/17..had to restart blood pressure medication again , my weight 108kg , stay off salt said the doctor ,it's the salt he said ,salt? Could be anything that can cause high blood pressure in reality I'm back on 5mg Amlodipine a day ,see if lowers it although he did make acomment that 17 reading is good? But not the 158 This is why it's important to try to do things like travel more etc instead of trying to hoard more money away . If your getting on in years it's no use hoarding your money away giving it away to nephews you never see much when you depart
  23. I used to like the BBB inn ,who remembers that? Of course I shouldn't be talking about the past , I always was critical of older folk who talked about the past when I was younger now I find I do it myself πŸ˜‚
  24. I liked the Arcadia beach Condominiums ,same Soi as the Sansuk sauna. Studios there range from 1.2 million onwards , 24 hr security,gym,very long resort pool, However one must think carefully about if you can cope with living in a 21sqm room forever , it did have a separate bedroom It may be better to rent first . Another hidden gem even though some may consider it "low class " is the Flybird Condominium up near third road ,studios around 32sqm sell from 400,000 baht upwards ,no lift however . Hard to weigh up the pro's & cons of renting vs buying . Factors in such thing as age of yourself are important too
  25. Very true , I thought about this after you last wrote it and I noticed many other posters quoting what you wrote . The excitement and looking forward ,even the planning etc , but you know you get the both of both worlds if you live in farangland and travel there two or three times a year . I actually asked a expat who moved to Pattaya what he looks forward to in regard to travel now ,and he really couldn't come up with anything except Cambodia. Last month I actually met a former Pattaya business owner who was now living in his home country and visiting Thailand,he gets far more enjoyment in visiting twice a year than living there ,although at his age of 72 he is finding the travel can be tiring. He actually lovess to work and still works full time in his home country so can afford to travel rather than as he puts it " hibernate in a room in Pattaya by himself all year long" " been there done that" he said I wont say who it is but he was running a business back in the early 2000's in Pattaya ,a nice guy
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