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  1. Now I’m curious, who were the Dolly Sisters and why were they infamous? I’m a lot younger than the average forumer here, but I would really want to know more about the history and stories of our “hobby”. Some sage wisdom would surely be a big help.
  2. I totally agree, grindr, planetromeo, blued and hornet are pretty popular here. If you’re caucasian, then you’ll certainly be popular among the locals. There’s an “AFAM” wave going on right now, popularized on tiktok where locals aim to get foreign men. AFAM = A Foreigner Assigned in Manila Our own version of Farang 🤣
  3. @Rick7235 sorry for the late reply, I was quite busy these past few days. To answer your question, “Macho dancers” are gogo boys/strippers known for their characteristic dance typified by lots oh hip gyrations and smooth serpent like movements ( you can refer to some videos online to get a glimpse of these men’s erotic dance”. Their are a couple of clubs that have these shows, mind you that they cater to both gay and straight women, so it would not be uncommon to see some cis women in these clubs. Moreover, they usually attract an older age bracket, and most would be regulars in these establishments and are often called as “Matronas” or matrons. Some well known clubs are: Apollo - Located in Pasay (Southern Manila) Solutions- Pasay Whitebird - Roxas Boulevard FClub690- Quezon City( Northern Manila) Adonis- Timog, Quezon City Emotions- Cubao Boyzone- Cubao Quality of these bars vary significantly, expect to get what you pay for. More expensive clubs like adonis and apollo have are generally cleaner and spacious while the smaller and older clubs like boyzone may not have the best record for cleanliness. On the upside though, these older, rundown clubs at cubao may provide cheaper men, though the quality might not be up to par as the more established clubs. Moreover not all the clubs offer sex shows or nude dances ( locally known as “all the way”), especially after the pandemic. For the expenses: Most clubs require an entrance fee of around 100-200 pesos, expect to get drinks at around 200-300 and “macho drinks” or drinks for the dancer that you would like to “table” or essentially keep you company to cost around 500-800 ( they earn a commission from this). VIP rooms are available for a set package of usually 10 beers for 5,000 and includes 1 on 1 time with your chosen dancer. Each club has different prices to take a boy out during his shift, some would require you to buy a minimum number of drinks, I’ve also heard of off fees up to 7,000 (which does not include payment for the dancer, just the fee for the club). With that in mind, it would be better to get the model home after his shift is done (usually at 2am-4am) to avoid this added fee. The actual price that you would pay for the guy would also vary greatly depending on how popular he is, or if he is even willing to go out with you. Please keep in mind that not all of the dancers offer sexual services, so do ask the floor manager for your specific expectations and needs so they can recommend a guy for you. Tip for Floor manager up to 500 pesos. Once you get in the club you will be assisted by a floor manager, their role closely mirrors that of the “mama san” in other countries. The manager has you in mind at all times, so if you have any questions on what each boy can do or questions about the prices then just ask them for advice. Clubs open around 8pm-2am, during this time the men will be presenting one by one (sometimes in pairs), as the night drags on so do their clothing. When they are not up the stage performing, you can get some of the buys to drink with you if you buy them a beer, policy defers in each club and each guy, some allow you to touch the guys’ package while others don’t. During your “table time” it’s best to get the guys number, get closer with him, and potentially ask him out to go with you after your shift. This is also the best time to ask him his price and what he is willing to do. But don’t be blunt. A lot of these guys want things to drag on.
  4. @Rick7235 it really depends on the whole purpose of your trip. Are you here mainly for cheap hookups or for some rest and relaxation? Manila, well Metro Manila for that matter, is actually made up of 16 cities and may take up to an hour (or two if you get stuck in rush hour) to commute between these cities. So I would recommend that you plan your stay based on your goals for the trip. The safest cities to walk alone in as a foreigner would be. 1. BGC (Bonifacio Global City) - Fairly new comercial district, lots of eye candy and expats. Though it may be hard to casually pay for someone at the streets since most of the people are here are yuppies, middle class salarymen, etc. But try your luck on apps such as grindr, planet romeo blued etc. a lot of Filipinos are actually attracted to Farangs, and you might someone for free. But if you really want to get straight guys, still try the app, a lot of MB advertise themselves in this area, though they may usually come at a premium due to this being a CBD (Price range: 3k-10k pesos and hour) * Nectar is located here ( see below for clubs) 2. Makati City- Main business district of the metro, not much of a gay scene, more established than bgc with lots of hot married men, some yuppies, business owners. Main nightlife area is Poblacion, where you can find gay friendly bars and pubs, mainly catering to the young professionals mentioned. Poblacion is also a known red light district but mostly catered for the straights. Once again if you fire your app here you’ll find a lot of men for casual hook up or high end escorts ( 3k-10k pesos per hour, 15k above overnight) 3. Manila City (Malate/Ermita) - if you say Manila most of you may imagine this. Extremely chaotic, often times dirty. I would not recommend you walking alone here, be vigilant and have some common sense. Lots of MB here, some “Macho Dancer” clubs as well. Main red light district of the metro. (3k-4k for 3 hours usually) 4. Quezon City - Largest city in the Metro with some of the most famous “Macho dancer” clubs. Have a look at Adonis, Apollo, Fahrenheit. Or head on to Cubao which may be the area where you may have the most probable chance of soliciting someone from the streets. Gateway mall is a known cruising area. Cubao also has a lot of love motels where you can do your deed. Usual price for a trick is 3k for 3 hours. P.S. I highly discourage picking someone off the streets for your sexcapades, as this for me is too risky. But if that’s what you’re into then please do it with an extra level of precaution ( don’t bring too much cash, don’t bring him to your hotel etc). Try using the apps, or face book (there are a lot of facebook groups offering massages + happy ending) you may first meet them at a public place like a mall or coffee shop to see if they are up to standard before bringing them to your hotel/ love motel. Most would speak some English but don’t expect that they’d be fluent. I’d post some info about the clubs if I have the time. Though some may already cese to operate due to covid.
  5. Don’t feel disappointed, I’m less than half your age yet I get maybe a fifth of the sex during my vacations. The stamina of most of the guys here is certainly amazing, yours included. Though I’m happily in a monogamous (*gasp*) relationship now, hence the lack of action during our last trip to Thailand, living vicariously through you guys really inspires me to continue having a sex drive when I’m older. Moreover, even before when I was single, I could maybe do 2 rounds max, and only with one guy. Just relax champ, the purpose of your vacation is to have fun, relax and enjoy. It’s not a competition. Just listen to your body and let it all sink in.
  6. I’m a local and haven’t really made any advances to anyone in the streets. Like what I’ve said Filipinos are not usually direct when it comes to any social interactions. Doing so would most likely be considered as rude or down right derogatory. It’s a different story on the other hand if you’re a foreigner, especially if you’re caucasian. The worst that you may get might be a an awkward laughter and a polite no. This also depends on your location. If approach someone in BGC or Makati, it is more likely that they will downright reject you as most are salarymen/corporate types. If you are in Malate or Cubao you might have a chance on snagging someone who’s on their lunch break or are out from work. If you’re in Tondo or any of the crowded barangays then the probability is further increased especially if you approach the “tambays” (lit. Standbys), unemployed men who frequent street corners for a midday alcoholic binge. But I must warn you that as you stray away from the CBDs and into the slum, the higher the chances of you being unsafe, just as in other countries (though again if you are a huge caucasian guy most would hesitate in mugging you). In short, I think your pals are exaggerating when they said that you’ll get someone 100% of the time. Maybe 10% is more accurate. No one would drop their days schedule just to follow a foreign stranger to a hotel, unless they are really desperate. side note: You can try security guards. They’re pretty ubiquitous, almost all establishments have at least one. But please don’t try and do this to your hotel security guard, it might end in a very awkward situation. Like what they say, don’t shit where you eat.
  7. Has anyone tried booking a masseur/model on callboyvn.net ? If so, are the guys legit and are the managers helpful? I'm planning to go to vietnam soon and would want to get all of your opinions.
  8. Hey @Rick7235 I can show you around if ever I'm free. A more discrete way of asking a guy in the street is by giving him a piece of paper with a tip of around $2, the note would typically say something like "If you ever need any help you can text or call me anytime (Insert number here). Be sure to give it discretely and walk away immediately, if he is interested he'll text you, if not then $2 is not much of a waste. Approach him naturally like you asking for directions, or recommendations where to eat, make some small talk so he won't feel like you're a creep, than thank him after with the note. Filipinos usually shy if you put them in an awkward situation, and of course there may be some that may become violent if given indecent proposal in the streets. This is a way to indirectly imply that you like the guy and are willing to help out financially. Handsome is certainly subjective, it is a stereotype here that farangs are more interested with people with a more "exotic/native" facial feature. Whereas most of the locals here would associate attractiveness with western features (aquiline nose, strong jaw, high cheekbones, white skin, etc). So I can't really say for certain if there are a lot of handsome guys here because from my standards, there are certainly a few.
  9. You must be pretty attractive @Olddaddy if you're getting tail for free. But white guys are especially seen as very appealing here in the Philippines. You can almost say that it's a trend here to have a Caucasian SO. @NIrishGuywell the Philippines is a country with one of the highest wealth inequality. Poverty is certainly a reality especially in rural areas and even in the shanty towns where urban poor and homelessness are a common sight. Though is certainly a growing middle class with increasing spending power, moreover there is also the other side of the spectrum with the ultra rich. Districts such as BGC and Makati are prime examples where ferraris, lamborghinis and other luxury cars are common, and a line in Louis Vuitton is expected. A house and lot in Forbes park can set you back $20 Mil minimum. You are absolutely right that there are a lot of lower middle class families going bankrupt because of keeping up with the Joneses. It's mainly due to the Asian mentality of external validation. Though the truly well off do not need to show of, they just know for a fact that they are wealthy.
  10. Filipino local here. Would be glad to answer any of your questions! I agree with Chum_Soccer, the site he posted is a great starting point to look at the current MB offerings, complete with photos and reviews. Usual ST outcall rate is 3000 pesos, with massage and extra. But due to inflation, prices can be as high as 4,000 to 5,000.
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