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  1. New Latest Soi Twilight news, from a capitan at Dreamboys tonight (Wednesday 13 Feb):: "Today Dream Boys early close. Because no customer. in Soi-Pratuchai (Twilight) Very Very Quiet. Because have some Bar already close and move to another place. Right now just only Hotmale, XBoys, FreshBoys, DreamBoys and ClassicBoys."
  2. With regard to the boy: Seems like very few Thais want to work for anyone else, unless it’s in a job that is very lucrative. The alternative is self-employment and they are generally quite ill equipped to succeed in that. Hair dressers shops, convenience stores, small restaurants or bars very soon fall victim to mismanagement, poor planning, lack of business acumen, or simply a failure to expend the time and effort that is required to grow a small business. With regard to the farang who is said to have parted with 500K to the benefit of this young man: His money, to do with what he wishes, and as said above, once the money is given, the donor no longer has the ability (right?) to ensure it used in the ways he expected. His only choice is at some point to stop providing funds. If you’re getting near the end of your expected life span, there’s little reason not to share the wealth. Planning for the future: I never met a bar worker who had more than a few hundred baht in his bank account. Many of them didn’t know what bank accounts were for till they found out it was a good way for farang to send money. Because of their circumstances, poor people are often unable to make any long term plans for their finances or their lives. Most of the boys in the game can not see beyond saving enough to pay the rent.
  3. ggobkk --- Love your reports. Wonder if you would consider spelling the name as "Nguyen". That seems to be standard. But no matter. Nuguyen 1 & 2 are great finds.
  4. I've been living with a Vietnamese guy for 19 years. Seems to be working well for both of us.
  5. bobsaigon


    Because I’m fast approaching 80 years of age, I find myself viewing his Twitter content with mixed emotions. There is the urge to have him in my bed (and/or life) no matter what the cost, but there is also the urge to somehow get him out of the game before the inevitable HIV-AIDS occurs, or before he is thoroughly burnt out emotionally/spiritually. Twenty years ago I would not have been looking to ensure his ‘salvation’, but now….
  6. Start by accepting the fact that they all attempt to be "skilled emotional manipulators". Then one can spend as much time as one wishes wondering "how many of these boys are truly fond of their customers." Note that being fond of their customers does not preclude being emotional manipulators. That is the way they earn their living. And I wish all of them success.
  7. Coincidentally, my Unimpeachable Dream Boys source agrees with the Impeccable Maxxi's source. Great to have two such Unassailable confirmations.
  8. I need use ATMs at around 250/300bt go, so if the banks/government want to take advantage of falang then I see its only fair that I don't tip & their own people suffer in the long run ​Yes, of course. Waiters should suffer because banks charge fees for ATM use. That's clear enough. Perhaps that should be printed in Thai on small cards and a card given to each waiter in place of a tip. They would certainly applaud such financial acumen.
  9. Yes, I got the same from a Dramboys capitan last week. Owner says they'll probably move during the first half of 2019, possibly to a location very near Screwboys. End of an era.
  10. I suspect a conspiracy. lol
  11. Sorry, I have never even opened the Timeless Knowledge forum. Will do so tomorrow.
  12. In my post to the Please help me thread, I wondered why anyone would come to a forum looking for opinions and advice from complete strangers about personal decisions regarding tipping or other interaction with Thai MB’s. But upon reflection, I realized that that is exactly what I should have done when I started my explorations in gay Thailand 20 years ago, instead of allowing myself to be guided/misguided solely by the compulsions of my nether region. And I realized that those coming to ask advice or opinions may have nowhere else to turn, unable to ask advice from friends who have no Thai experience, or are simply very new to the whole vortex of the gay Thai world. A new thread entitled “Advice from the Guru(s)” or “Accumulated knowledge of the past x number of decades in gay Thailand”, might actually prove very enlightening for the inexperienced punter. Not expecting him to follow advice religiously, but giving him a general feeling of how other people handle themselves and their encounters in Thailand. So now, to those unsure of the survival strategies they should adopt in Thailand, I say, “Welcome, maybe we can help, or at least we can reveal the various mindsets of experienced gay travelers and residents of the country, with the caveat that some of us are still making the same mistakes that we made 20 or 30 years ago.” lol Pai, la kap. Choke dee, na.
  13. My point was that since it is a very personal decision, who go to a forum to ask advice from people who are not aware of your personal circumstances? "This is not the DPRK and I'm not Kim Jong Un." This appears to indicate that you are a moderator or administrator of the forum. I was not aware of that.
  14. There's an ex-bf in Thailand who, long after we parted company, contracted HIV and subsequently TB to go along with that, plus several ensuing complications. And there's a fellow I very much like in Manila who really needs an operation on his heart in order to continue breathing. And there's a fellow from Africa. I have known him and his family (all now in the US) for more than 50 years. His brother is facing foreclosure on his business unless he gets some help. Should I help these people? That's rhetorical. I am definitely NOT asking for the opinions or advice of anyone on an internet forum. To help any of the guys I mentioned, or not to help them, or to help someone in a go go bar who says he needs rent money, the decision is certainly mine alone. If I have the money and I want to help, then I help. If I don't have the money or think I'm being scammed, then I don't help. C'est tout. Up to you, na.
  15. The guys who work in Soi Twilight, all Buddhists, have been saying this all along but no one paid attention !
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