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  1. I do not know how many years ago, but @floridarobtook me to a bar / pub in the downtown area and showed me how to keep my hand over the top of my drink because this is so common. I think that may have been 15 or 20 years back and to this day, when in Brazil, my hand does not leave my glass as bars/pubs/discos.
  2. I would like to say it was a great experience. But, it wasn't. I booked a guy for today in the VIP Room. I had hours notice and double confirmation. However, when I got there, they said the VIP room was on the 5th Floor and thought it was too high for me. I said I was fine going up the stairs. They talked for a few minutes and said sorry, both VIP rooms were occupied and could I wait 1.5 hours? I said no, and cancelled the appointment. I had book a cute guy which I gave a tip to and on the way out, I saw a boy from the Silom area that @paulsfadores and chatted with him for a bit waiting for my Grab. I was disappointed that I spent 500 baht each way to Grab for something that was a disappointment. They said for 3500 he would go with me to my apartment. But, I was already to go at this point, so I left. This is the 2nd time this VIP booking did not happen and only the 2nd time I visited this shop. The old KK Massage was another place. The good thing, it is easy to get to from BTS. I didn't know that in the beginning (not that I would have used it).
  3. I find the Thai ones are good except the ones with blurred our or masks. I have one guy (Leonardo) from Argentina that I think is hot but I will not subscribe to his channel as he puts too many fake videos (fake fucking and not actual real) on his feed. It also harms the people that work with him and I stopped subscribing to them as well. Fake sex has always been a thing. I remember once in NYC having a friend who escorted regularly having sex with a client how liked threeways (2 guys and him). Once they were having sex and the guy moaned and groaned and had a full on orgasm. When the pulled out, the client asked to see the condom. No sperm. It was the last time he saw them again and it was like 30 meetings with them.
  4. He was lovely. Nice boy (I thought more of a bad boy with all the tats) but a sweet person and kind in bed. Jupiter Boy's friend was fun.
  5. Actually, I'll find out in 30 minutes. He is on his way to me as we speak.
  6. I think my stance on shows has gotten harsher over the years. I use to love one on Soi Twilight (2nd Floor) that was mostly cabaret shows with sexy dancers. I went to see it all the time and loved it. I liked the show as Splash in Pattaya. But, I never have understood why anyone prefers these shows to sexy guys on stage but I also know I'm in the minority as most of the time the seats fill up for the show. I don't get it.
  7. Sorry, I am not the one to ask about shows. I hate them. I like the sexy boy shows where they are on stage but the sex shows and ladyboy shows do nothing for me but bore me. Next time I'll try to catch Dreamboy but it was crowded so I assume many like it.
  8. That was my tip from him. We both deserved a tip.
  9. BTW, one of the boys in here become a live in for over a year. The other one was hot. I ran into him again last night and my interest sparked. He said he wanted to thank me for being so good to his friend. And, then, if I ever want to see him, he would be good to me. I am not sure what that means, but I'll find out soon.
  10. Sorry, he did not ask for 4k. He asked for 2k. The extra was a tip.
  11. I have not been to a gay bar in so long I was starting to wonder if I have converted to straight. So, I took a stroll last night and had a nice time. Freshboys, not many boys as during Covid but around 20 or so there and mostly twinks. Mamasan asks me to buy her a drink, I say no. When I leave asks for a tip, I say no. The boys were mostly younger and cute and more feminine. Drinks were 400 baht. I gave some of the cute Viet waiters a tip. One I was introduced to by a poster here MANY moons ago in Screwboy and he wanted to go with me again tonight. He said, "I'll let you fuck me long time." Saved in memory for soon repeat. Dreamboys, average age about 30 or so. There were at least 50 guys there that were rotating on stage and at least 20 or so in the throng of customers. The place was packed. Some handsome guys and something for everyone (but me). Drinks 500 baht. Super A, only 5 boys there when I went and pretty rough looking. Drinks 200 baht. Tawan, most older body builders, not much different that the past. I think the drink was 500 but maybe more as I don't remember as they gave me so much change. New Twilight Bar, new name is Queen Club. What the actual fuck? Why change the name to that? I don't get it. I tried to go inside but there were three boys there. Not worth my time. But, some cute waiters. Outside of Super A was a hottie on a motorbike with smooth face and tall and twinkly manly. He was sexy. He smiled. I smiled. He said, "I go with you." I said, "I look for boy to fuck." He said, "can." I said, "I look for boy to fuck me" and he said, "can." I said I look for all night, he said, "OK, but how about many nights?" I thought good answer so I took him. But, he had motorcycle and needed to drive to me. I gave him directions and it took him much longer than me as I was in Grab. He spent the night. Great sex. Good fun. MUCH more of a top but willing to do whatever. Spent the entire night for 4,000. Asked me to cook him rice about 3AM. Slept till about 6 and I was awakened with a dick trying to enter my ass. Good morning! All in all, it was so good to see the bars with customers and life picking back up and into full swing. I think more than 1/2 of the customers in bars still have masks but no boys. The streets were busy as well. Restaurants along Suriwong were busy as well.
  12. One of the most famous trolls on the gay Thailand boards came from the area that olddaddy is from and for years, I just blocked everyone from there to keep them at bay. But, hard to prove until one sees a pattern arising. I hope that is not the case here.
  13. Looking forward to being taken back to my childhood with another adventure.
  14. So, I am shaking things up a bit. I have my regular 2 lads for the three-way and I have added one versatile guy from Hornet for this upcoming weekend. It might be fun (or a disaster), but worth a try.
  15. @PeterRS, Tyler's latest video with a sexy Asian lad is excellent. He always has excellent quality content. Agree about the PA.
  16. Wonderful and love the photos. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Not living in the Silom area affords me different people to be close to on the apps. Most are office workers and college students. Most will never respond to me. I'm patient and and also don't mind repeating a "you are sexy" many times. I saw a lad 2 years back that I thought was adorable. He was cute and sexy. I messaged him. No response. 5 other times over the last 2 years, the same. Never even responding. Today! Today was different. It was rainy and he was stuck in my area (just feet away) and did not want to go out in the rain so he responded. We chatted and I asked him what he was looking for an he said 1000 baht. I said OK. I know he was not a regular money boy as that rate was not regular. But, when he got to me he was very nervous. He chilled a bit with my BF and relaxed. Great sex. Afterwards many thank you's for a good time and he was off. Now, he has me on his friend list in multiple places and this cute junior accounting major has a new benefactor. He asked me to take him to a movie next week and I agreed. He said, "I'll buy your ticket if you buy dinner." Agreed. 2 fucking years later. Damn!
  18. Well, I have now met 4 from Instagram and they were all posing on my bed and it was good! I think it depends on what one is looking for and willing to pay.
  19. Yes, and the cost of an escort in 2001 was 300 USD per hour from most agencies (or 200 from Stella's, or 50 from Port Authority, or 20 from video booths, or free if you were waiting out night in Chelsea long enough to find someone who missed the Metro North).
  20. I have purchased at least 30 bikes over the years and never needed to produce any document. Is this a new requirement?
  21. Just finished the 2nd episode and again, really enjoyable. I like the show so far and there are lots of great possibilities for storylines. It is an all star cast.
  22. From the club's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ClubQOnline/ "Club Q is devastated by the senseless attack on our community. Our prays and thoughts are with all the victims and their families and friends. We thank the quick reactions of heroic customers that subdued the gunman and ended this hate attack."
  23. https://edition.cnn.com/2022/11/20/us/colorado-springs-shooting-gay-nightclub/index.html
  24. I must say I have often found no use for social media but for the past few months I didn't go out a lot and I started following some sexy lads from OnlyFans on Twitter and Instagram. I did not expect a great deal but I have now met up with three of the OnlyFans guys that I wanted to meet and had a great time. They were fun and great sex and while not really "working", they were willing to earn some extra income from a nice easy going old man. One I have seen a few times and will be a regular for sure. I also love watching this videos online which is quite exciting for me. So, for anyone who thought it was not possible to meet those OnlyFans or Twitter guys, think again. It is possible (with a lot of patience and time).
  25. Reader, I'm shocked that you believe all these rumors about such a nice group of people. Give them a chance. They have worked so hard and their people have suffered so much to prepare for the World Cup. This is their time to shine and bring light to the diversity of that region.
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