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  1. @RockHardNYC, my goodness, there is so much amazing acting and prolific storylines in this movie. I think you need to watch it just a few more times to completely understand all the nuances.
  2. I have been here a few times and the food is excellent. It is convenient to the Silom area (Eastin Grade) and the food is tasty. I had the Tomahawk steak this week and it was very good. Their dim sum is great as is all of the other food. It is a bit pricey, but it is tasty. http://www.chefmangroup.com/en/dining-concept/chefman
  3. I agree. I have thousands of them. Disney, sexy men, movies, etc. People love my stickers.
  4. Line is the Asian WhatsApp and EVERYONE here has it.
  5. It is not the same IP. I checked that first.
  6. Damn, Vinapu. I am sorry. This cute twink asked me for your number and I just gave it to him. Is consent implied if they are cute?
  7. In a post about massage boys at Silom Spa, I mentioned I was in contact with him. But, to answer your question, I never give out contact info for anyone. I just find odd that someone I don't know and been here less than a month would ask. Now, Gaybutton, I know you. I have met you. If you asked me for someone's LINE, I would reach out to them to see if it is OK. But, then follow their directions. However, in 20 years, I have not had this happen more than a few times. I think he is reaching out to many via PM's and I just wanted to give a heads up to all.
  8. A new poster with zero posts, just asked me for LINE ID for a massage guy. I declined. I don't share with anyone new who is not established. He just joined this month. Odd right?
  9. It is legal and shops are starting to pop up. https://www.expatden.com/thailand/cannabis-in-thailand/
  10. I will look and perhaps off a guy. I just want to avoid all shows. 9:30 OMG really late. Don't most of the shows start at 10?
  11. I have met him at my room. He stayed with me last night. I just want to know about the Spa. I have not heard of it and if it has others that look like him, I'm going to try.
  12. I want to visit the main GoGo Bars in Bangkok (not Tawan) but I want to miss all the damn shows. I can start fairly early as I just want to see the guys on stage. I don't mind going to all the bars in one night and don't care how long I stay as long as I see them on stage. Any suggestions?
  13. I have kept this Lao boy on LINE for a year or more. He is a great massage and good sex. He is totally versatile and sexy. He just had a little baby in Laos and back to make money. But, he is working at Sathorn Spa and I have not been there before. I did not know if others had experiences there recently. Any info? Is this a gay spa? Happy ending?
  14. I liked Conrad Ricamora from How to Get Away with Murder fame. And, of course, the diva herself, Margaret Chou.
  15. Sure, but the ones that pay in the bars look the same. (except for the hot Hong Kong, Singapore guys that frequent).
  16. Bangkok has a bit of everything all the time. I find muscle boys and twinks in Bangkok but I also found them in Pattaya. For me the main difference is in Pattaya I know the app guys are looking for money, but in Bangkok, it is hit or miss. However, there are still many more guys in Bangkok than Pattaya.
  17. I think it is worth a watch. I didn't hate it. I didn't love it. I hope it was just me and others will like it more. I loved the British show and the one from the USA years back. In fact, I had a ton of queers over to watch Queer as Folk weekly. It was a big party and back ages ago when I had so many sexy lads around me day and night, one gay pride the cast of Queer as Folk was in the Gay Pride Parade and one of the lads picked one up for a sexy party at my apartment. I really wanted to like the new show. I had been excited to see it. I will still watch another season if it comes out but not because I think the show deserves it but because I think any show that is completely dedicated to gays should be seen and supported.
  18. I just finished the season. It was interesting. I would say 2.5 out of 5. I didn't like the characters that much. I did like some of the story-lines. I felt wokeness was shoved in my face the entire time. I think they tried to bring in too many topics and none really developed beautifully. I did love seeing Kim Cantrell (as always).
  19. Sorry, I don't know how to feel about this. For one, I am OK with masks in public. For another, I'm happy to meet a new fuck buddy and risk sex without a mask. So, I am still a bit unsure where I stand on this.
  20. Oh, I know you are right in the conservatives of the Thai society in general. I think that in general they are accepting of others but not so in their own family.
  21. I am looking for a good podiatrist in Bangkok or Pattaya. Anyone been to one? Recommendations?
  22. This is really easy for me. But, I think I came with a built in $dar.
  23. I had 5 friends that went and loved it. None were sex workers and all said it was fabulous and they felt empowered. 3 of them were lesbians. Sure, this is not the same as Taiwan or NYC marches. But, it is a great celebration and I'm thrilled that this is progressing so well.
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