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    A Google search for ร้านนวด Crown (Crown massage shop) returns only one answer leading to a twitter account @Crowns13204129 ; unfortunately very few messages dating back to May 2021 and very little information : it was indeed a gay massage place called Crowns and located in Cheng Wattana (no further details and no interesting pic)
  2. There are (were ?) some gay places in Hat Yai too, i don’t know if they survived the pandemy though
  3. The second part of the phrase refers to Nong Ker and not to a boy named Jong ; the word จอง (jong) means to book, to reserve. So I would translate like this : if interested by Nong (Ker), you can book him. BTW it seems to me that "K" is not related to the boy but rather to a certain part of his anatomy (I wonder which one ..) which would be pretty, slender and long.
  4. This was (is?) a common practice in Hat Yai bars (where most punters are malaysians)
  5. Yes this is the area which is usually called Saranrom from the name of a small park nearby
  6. These shops often have many accounts, sometimes named from a shop which has / had the same owner. For gbeat spa, this twitter account is now up and running : @intraspa
  7. This is the condom size ... which says a lot about what you can expect in this place.... This shop is open - regular updates on twitter (look for gbeat spa)
  8. Although having no personal experience to offer (now stuck in Farangland), I thought it could interest some to know more about this place. This is information I gathered from some webboard and twitter reviews (though you never know whether these reviews are genuine or "suggested" by the shop owner !) Name : Big Hands Massage Location : 1390 soi Chan Muang 10 - Din Daeng District - Bangkok (behind Train Night Market Ratchada) How to get there : MRT subway to Thailand Cultural Center - exit 4 - walk along RS Tower, cross the canal and then go northward through the market ; soi Chan Muang 10 is the first soi you will cross after going out of the market (no sign, better to have a look at Google Maps before as finding one's bearings could be challenging especially at night when the market is in full swing) Opening hours : 11.00 > 24.00 Updates and information : they have Facebook, Twitter and Line accounts (search "Big Hands Massage") - twitter and line accounts updated almost daily ; many pictures but thai language only Prices : oil 1,5 hours 550 THB (september 2020) - minimum tip 500 for soft and 800 for hard which is rather low Reviews summary : the shop opened in September 2020 and is kept very tidy - most rooms don't have in-room shower - 12/15 quite good-looking boys on duty - some boys in the buff from the beginning - most put emphasis on post-massage activities ("soft" or "hard", depending on boy) All in all seems to be an interesting place worth the trouble finding one's way to check it out.
  9. Seek the differences ... Countries that Criminalise LGBT People ...
  10. z909 came closest to reality. The last answer to the twitter thread can be translated as : "these are spy soldiers who secretly came here to catch the mob ; the place is the 11th Infantry Regiment quarters (that's probably so)". Note to thai readers : "natacha" means spies for obvious reasons. Google gave me the answer about where these quarters are located in Bangkok : Phahonyothin Road in Bang Khen area, just south of the well-known Laksi roundabout. And Google Street View could confirm this in an unmistakable way (picture below).
  11. My favorite massage places would be any one of the six or seven places along Suthisan Rd in Saphan Khwai area. But then I am probably biased through their twitter accounts which show very promising encounters : in the reality it is a hit-or-miss area where I found paradise as well as a total failure (but the boy was so good-looking !)
  12. These boys in the thai series are all neat and tidy, smartly dressed and good-mannered, mostly coming from well-off hi-so families. Seems to me that Interesting scenarii could be written as well about behind the scene moh-lam concert stories in Nakhon Nowhere or romantic gossip in Sticksburi technical college. Give me rough lads / camp boys from isan or northern at any time !
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    So that everyone can grasp what that Minister said (source : thai-language.com) : ไอ้ interjection, vulgar [a derogatory vulgar curse] damn; [a vulgar prefix placed in front of fierce animal names or used when insulting a male]
  14. Are not most boys in these series chinese-looking Bangkok hi-sos ? Give me a movie with brown-skinned isaan country boys any time !
  15. And before that sauna, there was a sleazy bar called Bar Khun and then Khun Sweet Cigar - which also moved at some time on the other side of the small soi (or was it the other way ?)
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