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  1. I can never figure out that quote thing, especially this late at night: I'm heading to San Diego next month for a conference, so I can't say anything with certainty about these two which may be to your liking, they are listed in San Diego : http://www.boyscort.com/sandiego-escorts/760-349-0787/?pid=21431679 http://sandiego.backpage.com/MaleEscorts/young-man-looking-for-a-real-man/21512629
  2. My last stay in BKK I booked a room at the Glitz Hotel. http://glitzbangkok.com/ It was about a block or 1-1/2 blocks from Tarntawan, same side of the street. I booked through Agoda and got a cheaper rate that included breakfast. No people elevator at that time but there was a dumb waiter for luggage. I was quite happy there and no trouble with joiners. Only trouble was the name. Taxi drivers couldn't make heads or tails of Glitz. Give them "Gleece Hotew" and they knew right where it was.
  3. I couldn't find an exact fit for this topic, but I know from experience that many of you regulars take photos of your LOS trips as I do - and not all are BDJ - (boy du jour) pics. Last weekend I attended an all-day travel photo seminar put on by National Geographic Magazine. The presenters, a senior travel photographer and the photo editor in chief, included a list of resources for travel photographers in their handout, so I thought I would share it with all y'all. I did not test all of the Internet addresses so I cannot confirm that they all work, and some of the resources are USA-specific, but I thought there was a lot there worth sharing. Hope you shutterbugs enjoy! Resources for Travel Photographers.pdf
  4. Sorry, my quote function doesn't work, but in response to Vinapu's question about Glitz hotel, it is down the street from Tarntawan Place 1/2 block. I've never been to Tawan so can't say for sure where it is in relation to Tawan, but the rooms you describe are much the same as what I had when I stayed there.
  5. Pronunciation can be a big issue as well, between Thai and farang. I once stayed at the Glitz Hotel in BKK. I took a cab from the airport. The driver had a hell of a time getting me to where I wanted to go. When we finally found the hotel, it dawned on me that Thainglish pronunciations are decidedly different, so I asked the desk clerk what the name of the hotel was and he said "Gleece." After that, I just told taxi and tuk tuk drivers I wanted to go to the Gleece hotel and there was never any hesitation. If you don't have the location printed in Thai, best to know how Thais pronounce the word, not how farang pronounce it.
  6. Shanghai White Vodka - premium a la Grey Goose and similar high-end brands, designed for drinking neat rather than mixing. Though I am more of an Irish whiskey fan, I wanted to bring back something not likely to be found here in the states. http://www.bloodandsand.com/index.php/shanghai-white/
  7. My last 2 trips to LOS have been award trips from UAL. Both times it was MUCH easier finding cheaper award seats on UAL than it was on DL. DTW is a major hub for DL and it seems award seats are fewer in number and far more expensive mile-wise. Fortunately, on both those occasions, the majority of the flying was on partner airlines. Both Turkish Airlines (chef on board) last trip, and Air China this trip. along with Thai were much better in my opinion than UA itself.
  8. Duty Free at PEK. Bought 2 bottles of Chinese vodka. $88 US cash, if using credit card $97 US. That's a pretty steep add on for cc.
  9. Actually, looking back, it was 120K NOT 150k which was a saver award for business class. Same dates on DL from DTW was 245K miles for business.
  10. Just returned BKK-PEK-IAH-DTW on UAL award ticket. $76.80 USD + 150k miles. I didn't have many problems in PEK. At first the transfer lane had a long line as there were only 2 immigration agents on duty. Within minutes they opened up other transfer lanes on the other side with additional 4 agents, so it took me about 20 minutes to get through transfer lanes. Did experience some congestion with security rescreening as the space is limited. Things were backing up at the bottom of the escalator to the point that was becoming dangerous as there was no room for people the escalator to disembark. Again to their credit, they added security screeners and things started moving faster. I minimized electronics in carry-on but they did have to be removed from bags, same as here in USA airports. Total time for transfer process about an hour. I haven't travelled through NRT in several years now, but each time I did, it took me much longer to transfer there than it did in PEK. Last 2 times in NRT I nearly missed connecting flights due to congestion at transfer/security, so I felt PEK was bearable. No new boarding card was required. Boarding was quick and efficient. There was security on the jetway, but took literally a minute for me. The flight on Air China B777-300 to IAH made it all worth it. I was very impressed with every aspect of this airline from BC lounge to seats to food. Really LOVED the comforter that came with BC lie flat seat and the soft perimeter lighting that changed throughout the flight.
  11. Fair trade Firecat? Pain for pleasure? I can't say that's fair but I know what you mean
  12. Hmm. I must have gotten lucky then. I checked and the rate I got from Chase was same sell rate as quoted on XE.com for that day and no service fees. The thing I like about Chase is that they have dropped foreign transaction fees on credit card purchases. Not sure if that also applies to ATM withdrawls. Last time I was here and used ATM, both the Thai bank and my bank at the time charged fees for using the ATM. I'm not a big fan of BoA. I got caught in New Orleans once short on cash. I couldn't find a BoA ATM. I checked their website and couldn't find one (and there's an ATM on most every block in NOLA). I called the toll free number on my BoA ATM card. After20 minutes I was told the nearest ATM was in Meridian, MS. The CSA asked, "Is that close to where you are?" My sarcastic nature took over. The only thing I could think of to say was, "Only if you consider 160 miles away as close." That was when I switched to Chase.
  13. with the help of another member here's an update on 2 of the boys, both of whom have GR profiles with more pictures Beer - GR Profile: BEERz - 19, 5'8", 114 lbs Nut - GR Profile: Nutnoisompong - 19, 6'0", 120 lbs
  14. I didn't see the sense of writing three separate reviews that essentially said the same thing so I'll try to make this work as one single review. Names: (L to R) Tea #21, Beer #23, Nut #20 Profile Numbers: None that I know of. Met them at my new favorite bar, Vassa. First Reviews: Yes, as far as I know Location: Pattaya Ages: Didn't even ask. I'd say 20-23ish. All IDs passed with hotel reception Weight: Guestimates - Tea 95-100 Lbs, Beer 110-114 lbs, Nut 115-120 Lbs Body types: slim, twinkish but not effeminate Dick sizes: again guesstimates - Tea 5 in, Beer 6.5 - 7 in, Nut 6.5 - 7 in Positions: Tea - insatiable bottom, Beer - claimed to be top only but bottomed for Nut, Nut - versatile Tattoos: Beer had a tattoo that covered most of his back and part of upper arms. Outline form only and very Tastefully and professionally done Live up to expectations: All 3 exceeded. Rare do I encounter guys who are both passionate and fun to be with. They joked with each other and me and really seemed to enjoy the experience and much as the cash. Looked like Photos: I don't think they have posted photos. The last thing on my mind at the time was asking if they had GR or other posted profiles/photos. They eagerly allowed me to take the attached photo. Incidentally Nut looks better and smiles easily than this picture shows. Working or hook up: All three currently are go-go dancers at Vassa Bar Passionate: Way passionate, sexy and most of all fun to be with. On time: they came with me from the bar Meet again: I leave Pattaya tomorrow but almost wished I could change my plans. I think it would be fun to spend a day with these boys somewhere. If they are still in Pattaya when I return next, I will definitely off one, two or all three. Rating (1-5): Seriously 5 is way too low. Details: I had seen all three boys two nights before, but offed another boy I had corresponded with prior to coming to Pattaya. That night I had my eye on Tea because of his hard abs and cute smile. Since it was my last night I headed to Vassa and asked if Tea ever did dates with any of the other boys. Mamasan said #4, but rather than going by that. I asked Tea over and he said he would like to go with Nut #20. I paid and we started to leave. Beer was sitting outside fully clothed. He said he was horny and asked if he could come too. He said paying the off fee was all that he needed. I asked the two other boys and they seemed excited about the possibility, so after another off fee we went to my hotel. The rest isn't for public consumption other than to say we all had fun. I did tip Beer as well as the other boys in spite of his previous statement.
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