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  1. No matter how good an invest6igator is, he must learn who you can and who you can't investigate.
  2. Actually, the opinions of leaders and personalities are exactly what does matter. Boycotts are only effective if they gain a lot of media attention over a long period of time. So the more leaders and personalities you can get behind a boycott, the better chance you will have it will succeed. Witty, I really don't think you have to worry about this one lasting long enough to matter. At the present time we are boycotting KFC for PETA, Israel for the pro Palestine movement, Sinclair News for right wing distortions, Arizona for a racial profiling law, my neighbor for being a drunken creep, etc. So many boycotts have been called that the attention span of the average American has reached it true potential of the average 10 year olds.. I would like to start a poll on how long before this boycott is forgotten, but by doing so I might prolong it.
  3. Same law in almost all Moslem countries, but truthfully not enforced unless you are doing it in the streets and scaring the horses. Just stop and think about it for a minute. Stoning for adultery? You would soon have a population of 50. As bad as Islam proscribes public life, it does have the saving grace in that private life is private. Truthfully, I never feel SAFE in Islamic countries, but I have been in islamic countries with my partner, and as long as there are no public displays, they ignore the obvious.
  4. Thanks Koko, Great film. However, 1906 SF had no traffic control system, In Pattaya they just ignore the one in place.
  5. where did you get this photo of George Washington this young?
  6. !!!!Really!!!! Good subway and taxis are cheap. I would move there if the gay community was accepted.
  7. I have lived four years in the states with my very young looking partner. We have had no problems with hotels, restaurants, or people in general. Yes, we do live in a very liberal city, but we have had no hassles elsewhere when we travel in the USA. Yes, people do look and they are curious, but they mind their own business. I do not know if Americans are now more relaxed about gay couples, or if it is our attitudes, but people usually are very nice, even extra nice to us. Our attitude is centered on the fact that we are legally married, we are doing nothing wrong, and if there is a problem, it is not our problem.
  8. KhorTose


    Before I retired, I had traveled around Asia and Europe. So I knew exactly what place I wanted to retire to, and that place was Chiang Mai. Once I got settled in, I made it a point to fall in love with every boy I met until I found one that could love back. I would still be in Chiang Mai, but liked the idea of gay marriage, and the thought that US citizenship might be a good thing for a Thai man to have.. Will we return to Chiang Mai when he gets citizenship? Maybe.
  9. How about us few who are looking for boys who are not into the game, but are truly loving. Just a thought as WE are now into our tenth year together as a couple, and we are not alone. I know of many others who have got lucky along with all of those who did not.
  10. Well, in the USA he would go to jail in all but a "stand your ground" state, as the rest of the article implies he may have been looking for a fight. In America a jury would decide if he acted reasonably or offensively.
  11. Anyone been here? Christian? https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/makkasan-bangkok-trains/index.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rss%2Fcnn_latest+%28RSS%3A+CNN+-+Most+Recent%29
  12. I don't know. In the USA the Mormons are one of the major homophobic organizations gays have to deal with. Benign--not in my experience. I wrote one of my political science papers on the popular, and very capable President of Chili--Salvador Allende. The Mormon church played a big role in encouraging Nixon to overthrow this popular President from the only country in South America with a long record of stable democracy. Why? Not for politics, but for money as they own most of the copper in the world and Allende was going to nationalize their interest in the Northern Chilian copper mines. You can count on the fact that the stronger this Mormon church grows the less tolerant the Thais will become of gays.
  13. Dale the Century is a good choice, but to always get the best choice in Asia, I recommend you search Agoda.com. You will find many other good choices for Udon Thani,
  14. Consider this: They may get free money from China to do this.
  15. We actually did that by law in 2004, and they are still moving forward with (sic) all government speed. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/biometrics
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