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  1. Plus, as said before: 1. July and August are European holiday periods. Price hike. 2. Fuel prices. Hopefully, when you’ve all spent your money, things will return to normal!
  2. A friend of mine stayed at the Marina Plaza a few years ago and said “never again”. On line reviews say the same.
  3. No mistake! The original poster asked about airfares from November so I chose the middle of the month. The return date is 90 days later...based on a 90 day visa. Agreed freezing but it was only an example. Wouldn’t catch me returning mid Feb!!
  4. Yes. Just look at Emirates website. 15 Nov return 15 Feb London to Bangkok Economy £758. Bizzo £3890. (Not as bad as £5747) but higher than last year. https://www.emirates.com/uk/english/
  5. As I said elsewhere I believe these high prices are a combination of a) people wanting desperately to travel and b) European holiday time. July and August. As pointed out above add c) increased fuel prices. Airlines are cashing in! However, if you book early business fares in September and October are still reasonable, albeit higher. Economy is only very slightly more than before.
  6. It sounds like the same bar. The location is correct. Large square bar with black bench seats all around? Stage in the centre? There were usually 3 or4 waiters there. No Mamasans. Owner was a short Thai guy about fifty. I was in there right until it closed but obviously not since. It will be on my visit list in August!
  7. I have been a regular customer at Toyboys for many years. It was my favourite bar. I know the owner well and also the cashier. However, I have never seen a Mamasan in Toyboys. Do you mean the owner? Guy named Pat or Put, or some similar sounding name? Often hovering around and changing the music. Or do you mean the cashier (Mr Aoff) who got promoted? As far as I know he is still in Esaan. I have never seen anyone else who I would call a mamasan. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about some fiddles but I have never had any problems in there and they both always gave regulars a free drink for each one bought...provided you tipped and bought to odd waiter a drink!
  8. A few years ago BBB (Boyz Boyz Boyz) the largest Gogo bar in Boyztown, used to have their models parade up and down the Boyztown street before opening time. Now that they have restarted operations after Covid, they seem to have reintroduced this. Shame they are dressed as if they are all on their way home.
  9. gerefan

    Thai Pass

    Or changed by the next person up the line!!
  10. One evening last March I walked through Jomtien Complex purely to count the number of bars....there are actually 34! I have read that a few new ones have since opened. Where else in Thailand can compare with this number of gay bars? Such a shame Gogos are not allowed
  11. Thought I knew most places. What is Paradise?
  12. I left Pattaya in March and things were returning to normal then. In brief: Sunne Plaza very quiet. See other reports about Gogo bars there. Boyztown, was also quiet although I read that Gogo bars have reopened. I would hope things there have improved. Jomtien Complex. Thriving. At least 30 bars open in March. Numerous massage parlours operating. At least 3 or 4 bars with shows. JC highly recommended. Are you really going there for one night??
  13. I have used Pattaya Limo for a number of years. Always on time and 100% reliable no matter what time of day or night. Don’t let the word Limo put you off, it’s a good clean taxi! I will be using them on my next trip in August. Airport to Pattaya 1300 plus tip. https://www.thelimopattaya.com/booking/
  14. Z 909 is right. Use Bolt Taxis (cars not motor bikes). For those not in the know it is a new version of Uber. I used them many times to travel all over the area and from my condo (near Sunne) to Jomtien was 60 baht. The same price as a motor bike taxi. Agreed it may rise. Car always arrived within 2 or 3 minutes and of course is door to door, unlike baht buses.
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