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  1. I bet he got the 100 baht each way mini bus to BKK!!
  2. Ducs and Come In Bar both closed. The One is open but has very few customers. I don’t know how it survives.
  3. Do you mean the Rabbit Resort on Jomtien Beach?
  4. Actually I don’t even eat the breakfast there any more....but this isn’t a Tarntawan thread.
  5. Wouldn’t it be awful if they moved after the 12 th! 9 days leave ...how can you manage? The sooner you retire the better, how long you got to go?
  6. Well 100 baht for 30 seconds is equal to GBP 285 per hour.
  7. Exactly...just sleep as long as you need....call it jet lag...call it no non sleeping for 26 + hours ...call it what you like...nobody knows..just sleep it off . Simple.
  8. To me there is no such thing as Jet Lag. If you have a 12 hour flight then you probably have a 20 hour door to door journey. This coupled with say 4 hours preparation and another few hours unpacking means you are on the go for 26+ hours with little if any sleep. Longer if you have a longer flight.No wonder you feel fucked. The answer for some ...Business Class ...for the rest of us..just sleep it off as required.
  9. I have never, in 15 years, paid an off fee to a mamasan. It always goes on the check bin (thai for a bill). In fact I haven’t, and will, not speak to them. Hideous beings
  10. Padborn, sorry I have been away and have not explained fictitious bookings. It’s simple...put in any date on a website then check their prices. Nothing sinister. You will see that Google Flights comes out £50 more than Traveltrolley on Eva Air flights from LHR to BKK.
  11. Same in Pattaya, they will keep them.
  12. In the UK some have a rotten reputation, which is why I say read the reviews. There are plenty of websites. How it works outside the uK I don’t know.
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