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  1. Floridarob I was always led to believe that pricing a room below the rate advertised by Agoda/hotels.com etc. was a big NoNo. Is that true? How much can you reduce the rack rate without getting problems from the consolidators?
  2. I cannot see the logic in having a 12 - 18 hour stop over whilst flying for 12 - 24 hours in total.It must be torture!I I would consider not less than a 24 hour layover...and a decent hotel...but 12 hours...no way!
  3. Bet they rue the day this was hung....
  4. In that case I stand corrected. Just as well they are not my cup of tea.
  5. There is no way the average girl in Patpong gets 3-5000 baht for short time. It is more like 1500- 2000.
  6. The owner of Toyboys is Put (as in putting...golf).
  7. gerefan


    I’ve tried Blued in Thailand but it’s crap. I don’t think many boys use it. same with Jackd. For me it’s Hornet and Planet Romeo. Can anyone tell me how to get more out of Grindr? All I see in one pic of each guy and very few at that. My rule is I must see several, good, pics before I contact a guy. I won’t pay for any of these apps (or porn).
  8. By the way you don’t have to carry large sums of money. Just enough for your evenings fun and be sure to lock the rest away in your room safe...together with all valuables when you return with a boy! Thailand is very safe but use caution as you would in any big city. Take out only what you don’t mind losing...like jewellery, Rolex watches etc...
  9. In my opinion that would be an extremely dangerous manoeuvre! Some gogo bars, and ordinary bars, operate on the border of legality! I. Sure you know what I mean. This is not the UK... The best thing to do is bring some (lots) of cash and change it at Super Rich at the airport. Super Rich is on the bottom floor of the arrivals terminal. They give the best rates you will find. Sure you can use your card at some of the more trustworthy places, but be very careful where you use it. If you use an ATM to withdraw cash you may be very surprised at the cost.
  10. gerefan

    Sauna Mania?

    Sauna Mania used to be open until daylight! Last time I went it was closed at midnight which is of no use to me...so it’s off my list. I had luck with Asian guys there, so from what I saw it not exclusively Asian for Asian.
  11. Sauna Mania I have to disagree! I have had success at Sauna Mania and I am 60+ year old Farang. I like to go late (after midnight) but last time I went there that had closed at midnight. That is of no use to me so I have deleted SM from my Sauna list. i believe they were raided just before the closing time changed ( they used to be open until early morning). Maybe that’s why. And yes there was an additional charge for being older, but it wasn’t much.
  12. The summer is fine. Perhaps a little rain, but not much. Plenty of boys and gogo bars. Same as high season.Less customers, so more boys for you. Pattaya is the best place for boys and gogo bars. Fewer in Phuket, even fewer in Chang Mai and none in Chang Rai. Bangkok is the same all year round. Plenty to choose from but more expensive than Pattaya.
  13. I cannot see why they should have less rain, they are not that far from the mainland. Anyway the main point is that you will find little or no gay life there! Pattaya is a must for first time visitors and even regulars.
  14. I bet he got the 100 baht each way mini bus to BKK!!
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