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  1. I arrived from the UK. Usually 30 days. Filled in the horrendous visa application form online and got 60 days stamped in my passport or arrival the other day. All depends where you are coming form and what’s available.
  2. Excellent vehicles, well driven, quick reliable booking system, waited 2 hours for my delayed flight. A few hundred baht is nothing out of the total cost of a 3 month trip to Thailand…. Have used them for at least 10 years after a few “failed” taxi companies one of which broke down on the way to the Airport…. I didn’t say they were better than your company!
  3. I use The Limo Pattaya. They may be a few hundred baht more than others but they are superb. Rate from BKK to Pattaya is 1600 Bt https://www.thelimopattaya.com/booking/
  4. I have seen this guy a few times. Recommended. He is in Jomtien. https://dr-olivier-clinic.com/
  5. Please name the bar…..
  6. They couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery!
  7. It’s a shame Eva Air are consistently late on their London - Bangkok service. Rarely on time. See here for their performance. Only 10% on time!! https://www.flightstats.com/v2/flight-ontime-performance-rating/BR/68/LHR.
  8. I believe that is a common misconception. Have you never been to a Thai public toilet, or even a toilet in some of the beer bars?
  9. Typical UK public service. I went to my local hospital last week to book a hearing test. They said 10 months, yes MONTHS, waiting list. Exactly the same excuse, lack of staff, covid etc. So I went private and was seen in 3 DAYS And the same with numerous other public services…
  10. Yes 8 months to say just a few words. Unfortunately typical of any public service in the UK nowadays. Just look at National Health Service waiting lists, police response priorities, postal services. Took a letter 10 days to reach me today. Alas, UK is a third world place now.
  11. Some horrendous prices on that site. Saw over 5000 PER night. Admittedly over Christmas.
  12. No! And also because most of my Thai friends, who worked in Gogo bars, returned to the farm and never came back due to Covid I find many Gogo bars to be boring now….same same!
  13. Exactly, Why would anyone enter a Gogo bar where the boys are wearing twice as many clothes as I am?!
  14. Agreed. It is noticeable that most of the bars that are Farang run are much quieter.
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