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  1. The opening to tourists from China worries me. Specially the 20% covid+ figure in Korea.
  2. I didn't thought there were muscle guys doing their massage service. This will definitely be something I need in the afternoons.
  3. Wanted to have a quick trip to Thailand, but saw the flooding in YouTube. And AccuWeather is showing 80% chances of rain for the coming days. Anyone there can confirm if flooding is indeed happening in Pattaya?
  4. orson


    Were you referring to cruising 4 s** Com forun website? That was my go to guide when traveling
  5. orson


    Does this mean the au naturelle suit is no more?
  6. Island hopping, the best beaches are not in the main island in Pattaya, and phuket is known for the islands surrounding it. There are also a lot of temples in Pattaya. Am not sure if the dolphin attraction is back open again
  7. I think Mr ten would win by a landslide if posing was the only criteria. But I love this chubby guy wearing his fake underwear, but he's too aloof.
  8. orson


    Try heaven sauna for category 3.
  9. Let me guess. Ten and Nop were among those who bared all?
  10. orson

    Silom bars

    My last visit to fresh boys actually had me vibrating with their high bass sound system. I was directly in front of the stage. Not sure if it was caused by the place not full, but the reverb was stronger than needed.
  11. Mine was I have to feed my dog. 555
  12. Are you staying in the Q? Last time I stayed there, a guy at the adjacent room knocked on my door to ask if I had a condom. Then there's the Arab guy in Freshboy. Hmm, my market value seems to be going up these days. 5555
  13. orson

    Silom bars

    It's kinda depressing walking at night after the bar closes. Also the lack of people on the streets means the rats are running around the garbage bags left for pickup. I wonder why there's few alley cats in suriwongse area.
  14. What about somboon seafood in suriwongse? Is it still good?
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