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    Does this mean the au naturelle suit is no more?
  2. Island hopping, the best beaches are not in the main island in Pattaya, and phuket is known for the islands surrounding it. There are also a lot of temples in Pattaya. Am not sure if the dolphin attraction is back open again
  3. I think Mr ten would win by a landslide if posing was the only criteria. But I love this chubby guy wearing his fake underwear, but he's too aloof.
  4. orson


    Try heaven sauna for category 3.
  5. Let me guess. Ten and Nop were among those who bared all?
  6. orson

    Silom bars

    My last visit to fresh boys actually had me vibrating with their high bass sound system. I was directly in front of the stage. Not sure if it was caused by the place not full, but the reverb was stronger than needed.
  7. Mine was I have to feed my dog. 555
  8. Are you staying in the Q? Last time I stayed there, a guy at the adjacent room knocked on my door to ask if I had a condom. Then there's the Arab guy in Freshboy. Hmm, my market value seems to be going up these days. 5555
  9. orson

    Silom bars

    It's kinda depressing walking at night after the bar closes. Also the lack of people on the streets means the rats are running around the garbage bags left for pickup. I wonder why there's few alley cats in suriwongse area.
  10. What about somboon seafood in suriwongse? Is it still good?
  11. While walking along dongtan Beach, I came across rabbit resort. And beside it was a Cafe that had the picture of Marijuana. I also Sawa stand near the main intersection of second road, going to tuckcom. Is Marijuana now legal in Thailand?
  12. orson

    Thai Pass

    I had absolutely no luck with the apps. Hardly find a muscleboy there.
  13. If you mean dick for D, you have to ask each boy. This is where the mamasan is useful as language is a problem.
  14. Just look for a guy with a beard. Ask the mamasan if he is absent. They can call him. Do note that he is on his off season
  15. For hotels, try serene or mike's if you're discreet. Not sure about their joiner policy though. Am not sure if Mike hotel used to be the short time rooms that the guys use.
  16. Some recent updates. There's one guy in nice boys that's doesn't look like a street kid. Looks quite innocent like boy next door, more meat in his body. Also found a bodybuilder in bbb. Although he is off season and doesn't takes his shirt off. So easily missed, I just got lucky coz he was wearing shorts that night. He looks more of an Indian descent. BTW, are Marijuana legal now in Bangkok? I Sawa few stalls selling stuff with mj.
  17. Very true with Dreamboy Bangkok. I was wondering what that odd one out was doing on stage. Until the big cock show.
  18. Mr t wears the skimpiest thongs, the meaty daddy wears his fake briefs perfectly hugging the countour of his massive balls. Rest wears boxers with outliers in cycling and sport shorts
  19. Unfortunately no, it had phelgm with it. Good thing he had some tissue with him. Next time i think better to buy 2 tickets to ensure you don't have any seatmate
  20. BBB had A few twunk that were courageous to remove their tops. I found the more meaty specimen in there as well. The captain remembered me and knew i was keen on hands on. So he immediately sent me to the pit area with center view. The big cock crew also remembered the tips i gave upon Inspecton. But I didn't expected them to have their tool inspected after every stage performance. But i didn't complain. I think it's sabai sabai or something like that. I think i might give bkk a miss next time.
  21. orson

    Silom bars

    OH these were the normal 100 baht tip. Though my Arab admirer asked to change his for 20 baht bills. I guess to make it seem more. 555
  22. I think they are doing just fine. As of last week, they're the only bar where jeans are off. They're also utilizing the space for massage in the mornings. But their announcement has lost something in translation.
  23. Visited boyztown last night and bbb seems to have a complete set of show. They asked me if I came to just look, when I said yes, they ushered me to the upper portion of the bar. It seems they want to reserve the 'pit' part for those wanting to throw tips. The mamasan will bug you to off a boy, but they seem to have a hard time to understand my English. And doesn't get that I want the boy performing in the show, but not in their lineup. After all this, they still ask for tip for them, despite no help. Off fee is 500, and expected tip 2000 for boy. Which is Bangkok pricing, if I recall correctly. I also passed a bomb, dream boys and xboys last night which are open. But the shows in bbb are interspersed, so did not have the opportunity to check the other bars.
  24. You are correct. It was actually a more enjoyable experience than the 2nd guy I choose, which made me recall the "race" described in the forum. I don't think he got hard, but he did come. 555
  25. I am not sure I can give any more details as I am pretty vanilla in that area. The guy it I originally chose was not the one who had it out. But has a most normal body of the lot. He was having trouble at first until his friend handed over a cellphone for aid. As vassey mentioned you can suck them, but it's open for all to see. So also depends on you if you're not shy. I would assume anal sex is out, but I could be wrong.
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