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  1. During my last 2 visits to Pattaya, I stayed at the Baan Souy Resort. Peacefully located off Thrappaya Rd yet very easy access to Jomtien, Sunnee or Boys Town on a 5 minute baht bus ride. Almost entirely gay, companions welcome. Large and clean rooms steps away from a large pool and spa. Well equipped gym. Very friendly staff. Excellent food from the coffee shop that can be delivered to you by the pool or in your room at no extra charge. Check the website: http://www.baansouy.com/
  2. My pet reeve is the guestbooks: Its quite helpful to open a guestbook and see what someone may say about a person and of course it is not unreasonable to assume that it will be because they have met the person or know him well. If someone wants to tell the guy he is good looking maybe its better to send him a message rather than immortalise the remarks on the guestbook pages. So I get really miffed when every time I open a guestbook of someone who is interesting to find the writer telling everyone what HE thinks of the appearance of the boy. Those who want to say something to the poster should message the person directly and get out of the traffic. What do you think?
  3. Anyone can provide info on the gay scene in Taipei. I will also be visiting the city of Taichung. Thanks.
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    Would a girl give a happy ending in mixed massage places?
  5. Ramzes

    Planet Romeo

    Thank you very much GB for your informative reply. I just recently started to look at PR as I am planning to travel to BKK and Pattaya shortly. At my age, I know very well that if I want to meet a younger Asian man, I will have to pay. I have been to Thailand before and I find some of the young men on Planet Romeo to be very attractive, more so than most I have seen in bars. Many are a bit older than what you usually see in bars and I like that. If they can read my profile and write to me, than I can assume that they can speak English reasonably well. To meet someone in his 30's or even 40'S who may need a bit of extra cash would suit me just fine. No bar hopping, no drink expenses and no bar fine; however, one has to exercise more caution I suppose. Any bad experiences with dating web sites? Thanks again GB and I hope to see you on my next visit. Remember our dinner with Geezer?
  6. Ramzes

    Planet Romeo

    Seen on Planet Romeo from a Thai. Can anyone make it out? I find the name SAI were not fans and friends were not. What many do not were not. I am a casual person. I received were not gay. But were not expressed it work? were not talking to each other. Because I am friends with were not Would like to see the good one others have seen Except for those who explicitly state: "need take care me" any tips on how to recognize the money boys from the others?
  7. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/laptop-held-images-of-young-boys-warrant/article1317797/
  8. Thanks for your advice Luvthai but I didn't made any commitments other than asking to reserve a studio for the dates I will be in Pattaya. They came back with a booking and now are asking for a deposit of 5000 Bath and they don't accept credit cards. They requested that I send the money via Western Union. It would cost me 1000Bath to send 5000 if I do that. I don't like this business practice and don't think it is good business practice for a hotel, albeit an apartment hotel, not to take credit cards. The Mosaik was recommended to me by a friend living in Pattaya but he has never stayed there himself. I read very good reviews but nowhere was it mentioned that they require a cash deposit and that they don't take credit cards. I am in no way committed to them and if I find something similar in the same area I just have to send them an email to tell them: Cancel!
  9. I just booked three weeks in February at the Mosaik Apartments following the recommendation of a friend resident of Pattaya; however, he never stayed there. I did not send the required deposit yet. I search this board and there is a thread on the subject dated three years ago. Anyone stayed there recently willing to share comments, pros and cons? Any recommendations for a similar accommodation in the same area? I am not a beach person, so I don't have much interest for Jomtien area. Thanks.
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