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  1. Where better to celebrate the year of the pig than in Pattaya. So much moo daeng on display.
  2. Therefore the story is second hand, not first hand as you originally stated.
  3. I was having drinks with a thai friend at a beer bar in Patong. The truck driver, who was an acquaintance of his, was passing by, and we invited him to join us for drinks. After several more drinks and some sweet talk, the three of us ended up back in my room!
  4. I picked up a "straight" truck driver once in Thailand. When we were in the room he made it clear that he wasn't gay and no way was he going to suck cock. Once this was accepted he couldn't wait to bury his tongue in my ass! Go figure!
  5. GWMinus provides an excellent list of books. Particularly recommend the books of Pira Sudham, about village life, which are I think fairly autobiographical.
  6. It doesn't appear from your quote that the author is confusing Soi Twilight with Patpong, as it does indeed run off Surawong, in the entertainment district known as Patpong.
  7. Try telling that to the Rohingya in Burma. Those peaceful Buddhists seem to be committing some horrific acts there.
  8. Very entertaining and droll reports, thank you
  9. This doesn't make sense. Why would anyone be upset by you liking the guys so much that you wouldn't kick any of them out of bed?
  10. Yes, Was really surprised not only that the oil wasn't washed off, but additionally that it was used as extra lube. I had always understood that was unsafe. Reports are great of course many thanks.
  11. Thanks Rob, that's an interesting website.
  12. Hi Floridabob. Tell us more about Brazil.
  13. Learning about Middle Eastern history forty years ago does not make you an expert on what has happened in Eastern Europe in the last twenty years! It's irrelevant! So just make your points without claiming without claiming some patronising intellectual superiority.
  14. Do stop going on about majoring in history(forty years ago?! as if it gives your opinions any more weight than anyone else's!
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