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  1. Was he crucified afterwards? šŸ˜„
  2. Excellent report Emiel, good to read your comments and wishing you better weather tonight! The Green Mile definitely looks worth some time.
  3. Well that's the most breathakingly ignorant comment I've read in a long time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantic_slave_trade
  4. Hi Emiel, How are you getting on, looking forward to the next instalment!
  5. Who says we forgot those other wars! A crucial difference is that I was vociferously critical of my own and other governments action's in those cases, hell I was even demonstrating against those policies. I was not standing on the sidelines supporting and justifying, sometimes apparently even revelling in, my government's actions. My bad I wasn't going to comment again.
  6. People can decide for themselves. Iā€™m not getting into an argument on this as that provides the opportunity to parrot more Russian propaganda(see the 200 pages). I just hoped that this forum would not accept comments from an apologist for the Kremlin. Like Lord Haw Haw. My last comment in this thread also.
  7. In 22 years of living in Thailand you have posted on this forum only to complain that "Sunnee is a nightmare", "Pattaya is dead on it's feet", "Bar boys from Vietnam are a menace'! Any positive comments?
  8. Moses is a Putin acolyte and supporter. He repeats Putin's propaganda wherever he goes. 200 pages of justifying the Ukraine invasion on his own forum. It's pity if it starts on here now.
  9. The dates on the Bamboo Spa special offer are 2018! Doesn't encourage me to believe that the other details are current.
  10. I'm told that they still have gogo boys at Spartacus(in Paradise), might be worth keeping your eye open for them.
  11. A factor may be that a taxi travelling from Suvarnabhumi to the centre of Bangkok, is more likely to be able to pick up a subsequent fare than one travelling to somewhere like Patong. I think too many licenses were issued in Phuket(possibly the sale of licenses benefited someone) so that the drivers need to recoup when they finally get a fare!
  12. Hopefully but not necessarily. The price goes up as the plane fills up. Eg in Eva first the Business Basic sells out then the prices move to Business Standard and then Business Up. Supply and Demand
  13. The western world is in a battle currently to defend democracy, decency and the rule of law in the world. It feels inappropriate to be enabling a modern day Lord Haw Haw to broadcast his propaganda in this thread. His obnoxious views seem to be already destroying another gay forum and I hope that this is not allowed to happen here.
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