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  1. It seems there are always certain boys who prefer not to or can't do long-time off's. Also, I realize some receive an incentive from the bars to do only short-times and then return to the bar for another off. I have heard that boys are not doing as many long-time off's now. Is that, in your opinion, true? Is there a difference between Bangkok and Pattaya in this regard? I very much prefer long-time but will do if needed a short-time now and again. I have no problem getting long-time using apps but I'm interested about the bar boys in this case. P.S. I only off gay boys (assuming I can tell, lol and I try to off only bottoms but do off versatile boys if I'm sure they will cooperate.
  2. Thanks Colmx, very helpful links and info. I will for sure take a gaggle of boys to Sinlapin in May.
  3. I lived and worked in PP for the last 2 years so if I can help with something let me know...
  4. Thanks Colmx! I thought you might chime-in on this topic. I didn't know about the second site and appreciate that info very much. I do enjoy those concerts as much for the boys as for the concert itself, lol....but then again I like Songkran too so I'm a little weird I know. In your opinion what is the best indoor place for Isaan music now?
  5. topjohn5

    Bars or Apps

    I use both and I like both. I tend to use apps in BKK and more bars in Pattaya and since I don't spend as much time in BKK as Pattaya the bars tend to get more of my action. I rarely use massage parlors....since it feels to me like a kind of distant experience and not nearly as engaging. I like long-time dates far more than short-time ones too and a massage is truly a short -time thing. Bars certainly cost more, that's a fact, but I enjoy hanging out in some of them. Mamasans to me are very hit-and-miss although I have some that are helpful and others that are worthless, lol. When I go to Thailand this May I will stay 3 nights in BKK then 7 in Pattaya then go visit my house (lol) then return to BKK for 1 night before leaving. The first night in BKK I am making no plans and visiting bars and if I don't find what I like I have already several boys on the apps to call on. Then, the next two nights, are booked already on the apps....one with a new boy and one with a previous treasured boy who will also go with me on my house trip. In Pattaya it's wide open with bars and boys in apps and probably one previous boy who Christian likes as well. As a note...I will spend several days in Cambodia and a couple of weeks in the Philippines before Thailand.
  6. So, can someone tell me the date in May for the Pattaya Morlam music festival....the one in the open field? Thanks in advance...
  7. Hi Christian! Well, how do these moves happen....most of the time....it's due to a boy of course! The area of Chumphon province is where his relatives were. That's why I we moved there from Bangkok. I found a job at a local Technical College. I leased the property from a relative within eyesight of the ocean and then had a house built with local builders but with a few Western changes like a Western kitchen, walk-in closets and master bath. It was cheap to build actually and It was done with full knowledge that it could disappear of course if something happened.....and it did when after a couple of years "he" decided "he" wanted to become a "she", lol. Since that is not my thing at all, I stuck around for another year, bought her tits as a parting gift and suggested she find a straight boyfriend. She did that easily (since she looks like a Miss Tiffany contestant as a girl) and then moved to Chiang Mai with her Australian straight bf....they live in Australia now. We still keep in touch. I used to visit the house every year or so since I still had some stuff there. However, in May I will move the last bit of my stuff out and to Cambodia so I'm only in two countries rather than three, lol. Not sure if I'll return again as the whole family has moved in and they're trashing it. PM me....maybe we can finally get together. I'll be in Thailand for a couple of weeks in May.
  8. Hi All ! I've been absent from this and all boards for a few years. I had been living 6 years in Thailand and then 2 in Cambodia while teaching but had to return to America to live with my 99 year old father who has severe dementia....eeeeek. Anyway, now I need to live vicariously rather than in real-time with the boards until I return as a tourist in April/May. I lived for 2 years in Bangkok and then 4 years near Chumphon in a small fishing village where I built a house....then moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to work at a private school (fantastic)....loved the work. Well, that's the short update. I'll be contributing some now I'm sure.... Take Care.... P.S. Does anyone have any idea why I was banned from the Sawatdee board, lol?....I hadn't posted since fall of 2014 and when I signed back on it said I was banned. I was able to read my old posts and can't figure out any reason why.
  9. topjohn5


    Yes, sleeping is always the best way to evoke changes...let someone else do it who cares.
  10. topjohn5


    Hi Bob, Yes, he certainly has not said what he thinks so we both are just guessing. He has not stated even that "that is just the way it is". He has had many chances to give his opinion however and has not done so....Is that cultural...I don't know. I just think for someone who touts his country at every turn as a tourist mecca and on a gay board needs to be held to some standard for what he is promoting. It needs to pointed out that Singapore is the ONLY industrialized and developed nation on earth that legally discriminates against it's gay citizens AND visitors. Just a few days ago it's Supreme Court said that discrimination was okay. I agree with you about Thailand and America as well....I do not tolerate the behavior of those people either and speak out against both when I can and have even put myself and my money on the line in the case of America's bigots. That being said homosexuality IS legal in both countries which it is not in SINGAPORE!
  11. topjohn5


    Yes, I guess you have given your opinion then, lol, in the typical way of ignoring it which is common in this part of the world..... See, Bob I was prepared to support your comments and had assumed I was wrong in my interpretation.....it unfortunately looks like I was not wrong.
  12. topjohn5


    Well Dear (if you want to continue to be somewhat sarcastic...but isn't that abrasive really?), I actually do live in this part of the world and have been for 5 years right here in Thailand where I work as well,....and I have been to Singapore 3 times. I enjoyed my stays there and will return no doubt. Unfortunately, you misunderstood what I was saying. The fact that Singapore is so advanced makes my point for me. You said; "the law MUST uphold colonial and conservative beliefs and customs" and I simply asked...Why MUST it? I asked why since Singapore in many other ways is so advanced, why should it be stuck in the colonial era for homosexuality only? The fact that because no one complains or reports you, you are "allowed" to stay free is hardly real freedom.....you must certainly admit that? What other than public sex might be considered a nuisance...legally....holding hands? kissing? Admitting publically you are gay?
  13. topjohn5


    Hi Abang, Ummmmm, well without trying to be confrontational your statement makes no sense...and I'm sure if you think about your statement for even a minute you will disagree with it as well. "the law MUST uphold colonial and conservative beliefs and customs" If that were the case Singapore would be stuck in the past "in everything". Instead Singapore is only stuck in the past in things the powerful elite want it to be stuck in the past with like homosexuality! If I as an American used that statement we would still have slaves and be burning witches since it is conservative and colonial! So, why must the law do anything that is wrong???
  14. half....it is confusing....due to the fact he keeps deleting old names and others have picked up some of them. His current name is: amazing-ton. Which name are you looking at now?
  15. Dear fire, I go off the reservation sometimes myself but #70 ain't off the reservation Hon....he's attacking the entire fort! You are far bolder than I even if he was a confirmed bottom....
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