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  1. Perhaps this will be of some informational interest to you --- http://www.mckean.or.th/en/home/
  2. Boyfriend and I stayed at East Suites for a week this past summer. This was our second visit, and we are likely to return there on future visits. Very nice accomodations and quality restaurant. http://www.east-suites.com/
  3. I have use "compression socks" for long-haul flights for several years now. A very easy cautionary preventive for what could be a quite serious condition
  4. Oh, a number have tried but the famous fist falls frequently with ferocity making what you suggest not possible.
  5. dapitt

    The YoYo

    Perhaps Apple has a new yo-yo model coming out.
  6. Scooby said - "Warning given to poster". Sounds like a 'threat' of possible further action to me. The original poster asked, "What is he (Gaybutton) really like?" You could have answered with a listing of all his wonderful qualities. I agree with khun12. Poorly handled, at the least. "Welcome to your roommate. I hope he enjoys the site", you offer. It's doubtful he will, I'd say.
  7. This is wonderful! Thanks so much for posting. I've never known about this part of Danny Kaye's work. Thanks!
  8. Love Tawan Daeng! Quite peaceful, as in 'happy', there. But 'calm'? Thankfully no, not with all that wonderful nonstop music. Can't wait to get back for another fun night!
  9. dapitt


    It's addressed and explained in the original post.
  10. Speaking from the standpoint of being a professional musician myself, I'll say that this is perhaps technically correct with respect to nomenclature, but that is as far as I would want to go in agreement. I would further reference that Levine is a symphony conductor, having held various posts around the globe and currently serving as Music Director of the Boston Symphony.
  11. Then there's also James Levine of the Met, and Michael Tilson Thomas of the San Francisco Symphony. Not among the major '5', but still rather significant.
  12. Voldemar, I have followed your posting on this subject for some time now, and I've always found your writing compelling. While what you say may alarm some (maybe all of us...at least in the U.S.), I think there is substantial reasoning to regard your dire predictions with respect. You seem to come to your views from a position of insight. With regards to the movement of capitol (out of the U.S.), I understand you to caution that such movement could conceivably be restricted in the future. I would like to know what you would consider to be prudent plans, now, by anyone anticipating relocating permanently to Thailand within the next 3 years. I would be interested to know how you would prepare, knowing what you know now. Thanks!
  13. Hardly.... because, that's what most of his posts are about --- spending money and the delights of hotel and airline business class upgrades. Although obtuse, Smiles does have a point. As do you. Most of his (GT) posts seem to be just to 'up the numbers' and get some chatter going.
  14. Sorta like what happens in our U.S. 'elections', and is so aptly demonstrated daily in Congress.
  15. What!? Could you clarify? Thanks.
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