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  1. I visited Wild West Boys in Pattaya last Friday. According to their advertisment inscribed on the entrance door they have Happy Hour from 9.00pm to 9.30pm (all customer drinks 99 Baht). Thus I was quite surprised when I was charged 180 Baht for my Heineken around 9.15pm. Asked one of the waiters (might have been a captain?) why they advertise 99 and charge 180. He/she tried to explain in very limited English and I had to assist with my limited Thai. The point was, that Happy Hour does not apply on weekends. Thus I asked why they did not include this limitation in the advertising inscription on the door. Of course I did not get an answer, just a sheepish look and embarrassed/stupid laugh. I then added that this is fraudulent behaviour ("kee gong") --> sheepish look and embarrassed/stupid laugh and he/she went away. Maybe this rip-off tactic contributed to the fact that at around 9.15pm they had only 3 guests (me included).
  2. When I visited BKK last week Screwboys was still alive.
  3. naklua

    Dream Boys

    Was there last week. Drinks 350 THB (on a weekday). Although this bar might be the leading one in quantity (regarding guys available), the quality is not so top. Of course everybody`s taste is different, but I did not see at least one boy I would have rushed to off. Many of them seem to have been in the business for an extent period of time, some are out of shape, at least the number of fem boys was low.
  4. What about joiners? According to joinerfeesinbangkok.blogspot.com a joiner fee of 600 THB is charged. To be more specific: What about 3 persons (incl myself), whereby 1 person will stay only short-time? Anybody with experience in this regard?
  5. Thanks for this point of view. I think you have got a valid point here, that the owner does not want to do them take-away as this might reduce the customers a guy can serve.
  6. Money speaks and the guys follow... I just dont want to get into an awkward situation, neither with the guy nor with the massage place's operator. Thus I would like to know if anybody on this forum has actually ever taken off any of the Hero guys.
  7. It is not my intention to negotiate for regular visits at my hotel and I dont want to circumvent the owner of the place. I will stay in BKK for 3 or 4 days and would like to try one (or more) guys from Hero, after they have received so much positive comments from members of this and other webboards. I am willing to pay the off-fee to the parlor like I would pay for the "not-take-away" massage. I am just not into having sex at a place which I dont regard as my (at least temporary) home. Last year I visited the massage place below Super-A and it was totally easy to off a guy from there and take him to the hotel.
  8. I have never been to any massage parlor in BKK, but I want to try it this time, when I will come to BKK in about 1 month. As Hero has been praised so much, it is the first place on my short-list. One question: is it possible to take a boy to one's hotel room for maybe 2 hour sor so? Has anybody on this board ever done this?
  9. I visited the Massage place below Super-A a few times in September. Actually I was not impressed due to the few boys there. Nevertheless they were very friendly and welcoming. One of them had a very cute face but unfortunately he was a bit chubby and too straight, too. I switched to another boy who looked rather Chinese. He was willing to do everything and he did not promise too much. A few days later I offed another boy who was nice. However, he was much less versatile than the 1st guy. It was no problem to bring the boys back to the hotel. All in all I got the impression that the choices there are too limited. I am not 100% sure (due to my not always exact memory), but I think they had more attractive boys on offer in March this year.
  10. Michael, could you be a little be more specific in regard to the boys from the massage place below Super-A? Is it possible to take them off to enjoy them in the privacy of a hotel room? If yes, how much for the off fee? I took a look through the shop's window when I was in BKK about 6 months ago. I saw a few boys sitting around inside and some of them looked really nice. I had a short talk with the captain or mamsan (?) who stood outside, but it was a bit difficult to have a meaningful conversation. As far as I understood some of the boys are not Thai and this might be a problem when wanting to take them off. Furthermore it would be interesting to learn whther these boys - at least the ones you have been with - are sexually performing well or whether they are just the "chuk wao only" type.
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