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  1. Interesting comments. Wherever we live in the world, we have to pay for accommodation in one way or another. Since Thailand has a range of accommodation to suit every pocket, I would take that as neutral. As for the appetite, well I have noticed that on a short trip of <1 month, it's tempting to see as many guys as possible. Particularly at the start & end of the trip. When my trip length increased to several months, I no longer needed to be chasing them every day. That actually has a couple of benefits. Firstly, when travelling around the quieter parts of the region, perhaps a suitable lad might only pop up every few days, so it's just as well I can do without. Secondly, this helps the budget. After a long trip, coming home is easier to cope with, particularly if I have missed the worst of the winter. Then eventually, the reality of a very limited selection of boys dawns. Incidentally, many years ago, I started focussing on getting to a "financially independent" status as early as possible. I figured a sum of X would be sufficient. Then I visited Thailand & discovered other new expenses, in particular boys, long holidays, air fares and a potential need to cover medical expenses if abroad at an older age. Hence, when I finally kicked my job into touch, the savings amounted to over 2X. I would still suggest anyone who is smitten by Thailand at an early age could consider the opportunities to improve their mobility, such as working abroad (only if the money is good), saving and investing like hell to achieve financial freedom or starting a business that could be run from anywhere.
  2. The recent rate of increase there seems some way ahead of the general rate of inflation and hotel room price inflation. Often I see prices in hotels are quite flat, unless there is a major refit or upgrade to the rooms. Has that been the case with the Malaysia ? I believe Oyo is an Indian franchise operation, with hotels in multiple countries.
  3. I would certainly walk, but as I said, your average bar boy wouldn't, so it's not an option when coming home from bars ! Working up a sweat on the way to the bar is not ideal either. On my last trip, I walked from Sukhumvit to Silom at least 3 times during the daytime. One of the routes is below. Dark blue = MRT. Light blue = walking. All this crazy walking means I'm one of the minority of over 50s in the UK who is not overweight. No doubt you beat me with proper exercise in a gym or something.
  4. To answer your question, one of my solutions is to waste a ridiculous amount of time on chat forums like this. I also rent out spare rooms in the house to cute Asian students, although obviously the limit of this is chatting and looking. Ultimately, life goes on. Plan your next trip, even if it's 12 months later. Try & figure out how to configure your finances and life so you can spend time wherever you like -generally involving saving a shed load of money, or having some kind of business that can be operated from anywhere in the world (I think there's at least one prominent individual here in the latter category).
  5. 1 Why not test them ? If you have paid for 2 people in a room, I think you are entitled to put 2 people in the room. 2 Any tips on how to make enough to stay in these high end hotels are much appreciated . [Admittedly, I'm fortunate enough to take the holidays I do, but one can always learn]
  6. In the era of google maps, this is a very careless & unnecessary error. Take more care next time ! Have you checked the cancellation terms for this booking ? Your hotel is just up the road from one of the main girlie bar areas (Nana Plaza). A quick bit of google research shows it is "girl friendly", ie no problem with female guests. Which almost certainly means no problem with male guests. Google maps shows about 15 minutes by taxi from Patpong (possibly slightly longer at the time you will travel). I think your best bet is to pay for a taxi when taking your boys back from the bar. I would walk, but your average Thai bar boy is largely incapable of walking more than 500m.
  7. When I go somewhere for the first time, I'm either booking a hotel "blind" or relying on customer reviews. As long as I filter out the obvious fraudulent reviews, this method is often helpful. Particularly on Trip Advisor if the reviewer resembles a real traveller -ie has numerous published reviews for different hotels in different locations, then I am more inclined to trust them. Also, the standard of English might match their profile.
  8. I also read the text of the reviews & sometimes their other reviews, particularly if the reviews are important (e.g. trying a different hotel, or buying some "unknown" electronic appliance). Example review abuse includes: 1 Some wireless earphones on Amazon with over 250 reviews, all 5 star and all by "Amazon Customer", not real people with names and other reviews. With that sample size, there should be many "named" reviewers. I only take any note of reviews by real people, with names and a proper range of reviews on other diverse products. 2 Other wireless earphones on Amazon, with about 50 5 star reviews, but the review text is full of reviews on clothing, knives and anything except the product. I complained to Amazon about both of the above cases & nothing was done. After delivering outstanding service for years, Amazon are slipping just a touch. 3 A terrible hotel in Istabnul which had one 5 star review on Trip Advisor. The reviewer showed his photo & he was the guy working in reception. He had one other review - a zero star review of a nearby hotel. I reported this and the reviews were deleted. 4 Beware of poor hotels with an abnormal review distribution. The low scoring bad reviews with real customers and a few 100% score fake reviews stuffed in to push up their score. There are, of course, the persistent complainers. Some of whom are on the forums (& one of whom seems to dislike almost every gay bar in Thailand).
  9. I find most of the time, the prices on booking sites are the same. Also some of the sites have the irritating habit of showing lower prices on a comparison via google maps, but when you click though, they add the taxes and the full price is the same. I do occasionally get REAL post tax price differences between Hotels.com and Booking.com. If the prices and terms are the same, I prefer using Hotels.com, as this attracts credits for 1 free room every 10 bookings. I have yet to discover any similar useful perk on booking.com (although this might be due to a lack of due diligence)
  10. Boys who expect to stay up half the night and then sleep to mid-day or even longer are a bit of a problem. That's one of the reasons why I have been doing fewer long-time offs in recent years. Although there are some who don't use their phone excessively and wake up at a civilised time. I'm hoping some of these are still around for my next trip ! If I'm having to drag a long time boy out of bed late morning, that also goes down in my notes. If he was otherwise good, he's more likely to be a short time candidate in future. A long time boy who is good in bed and sleeps at the correct time is going to get asked to do long time again. As for the photos, I've never really objected to having my photo taken, providing I have clothes on. Or if I don't have clothes on, his face needs to be in the picture, not mine. Remarkably, some of them do like to photograph themselves performing fellattio. Perhaps I am unwise to permit this ? I just assume he's not going to post that on Facebook. Oddly, whilst being somewhat relaxed about that, outside of Thailand, there are many sad people on Grindr whose sole intention seems to be to swap cock pics. I have no time at all for this. If someone starts the conversation by sending a photo showing just their cock or ass, they get blocked and I NEVER send any pics of that nature either.
  11. z909

    BKK first night

    If consistent with previous episodes of this yarn, we're probably going to hear about a 3000 fare...... Is it really worth getting a Rabbit card for someone who is an AVID user of the BTS when in Bangkok for just a handful of days per year ? Also, as far as I can tell, they botched the card, so it works on the BTS, but not the airport rail link or the MRT. If they fixed this issue, it's certainly not clear on the Rabbit website. I don'thave a Rabbit card either, but I do have a London Oyster card & a Tokyo Pasmo card. The Pasmo is particularly impressive for working on everything in the greater Tokyo region. The London Oyster card is somewhat redundant with contactless bank card payment, but way ahead of the Rabbit.
  12. I have learnt to do that as well. Mainly since my last trip to Singapore, when I booked in a "Hotel 81" in Chinatown, thinking this looks like an Ibis style chain & should be safe. However, they also rented rooms out by the hour and the noise made sleeping difficult. The other important thing is to check for fake reviews. I
  13. If I've found a hot lad, I prefer some light so it's possible to admire him. Generally, using similar reasoning, I think they prefer perfect darkness. So perhaps I need to tighten up on phone use, as recommended by other members here.
  14. Those who are not Thai should understand they are unfavoured & less worthy customers, so time to find another hotel ?
  15. I suppose the username is very appropriate. Are we all being had here ? So many posts but so little processing power. You would have to make this up, as it cannot be for real.
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