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  1. I don't think the market for bars charging 500 baht a drink in Pattaya is that large. The Bangkok gogo bars need to relocate within Silom. The Screwboys soi is one obvious location.
  2. The banner says Fresh Boys will move to Banana Boys Soi 4. However, there is another Fresh Boys above Screwboys, which was still open last month. [I went in at about 10:05pm on the promise that the show started at 10:30, which would give me 25 minutes to find a boy & clear off. However the ****ing ladyboys started just before 10:15....] What is the story here ? Does it have no connection to the original Fresh Boys ? Sort of a "Fresh Fresh Boys". Has the new premises closed ? Or are they expanding the branch count, just like Starbucks ?
  3. I've had random Asian tourists ask to take selfies with me. As for boys, they often take selfies with both of us without asking. Sometimes in the most inappropriate of circumstances, e.g. when their mouth is full. I wouldn't think they would want that on their Instagram page..
  4. Providing information is usually considered to be helping, so yes. I don't think they are under any obligation to start any lobbying group. If you think there should be one, by all means start one yourself.
  5. 1 They almost always recognise you, but frequently don't remember your name. An exception was one of the hosts at Ouds bar, who I once bought a drink for, but I had no interest in taking it further. Despite no further visits to the bar, he an Oud both remembered my name when I walked past 12 and 24 months later. 2 There are several boys who I have seen before who immediately recognize me and vice versa. There are the ones I have seen a few times who are onto me as soon as I walk into their bar or arrive in town with a phone app. Then there are the other type, who I have seen once and never intend to off again, but they try. I try to even the game up by keeping notes of who I have seen and when, on a phone app called Colour Note. Although, I often remember them as well. The list can be read before my trip as a refresher. One Cambodian lad on Grindr wanted to know how I knew his name. I had him long time one year earlier AND he was chasing me to see him again on that trip, which didn't happen only because I had to fly home. Another one contacted me on Hornet, promising all services, but I noticed our Hornet conversation from 2 years earlier. I checked Colour Note for that date and saw he was OK in bed, except he didn't want to suck.
  6. z909

    G Boys

    A good reminder. If interested, walk in, spend a few seconds appraising the offer, then either stay or walk right back out. Last time, I was kicking myself for not doing that, because just as as soon as the waiter tootled off to get my drink, I realized the selection was a bit rough.
  7. z909

    G Boys

    In December, it was larger more muscular boys & no twinks. I don't recall their muscle boys being the best looking either, but it's not an area I specialize in.
  8. I'm not sure about muscle boys, but for twinks, reasonable rates are: Bangkok: Phone apps 1000~1500 short time. Although, you might not find any takers at 1000 unless very patient. Bars 1500~2000 short time Pattaya: Phone apps and cheaper bars: 1000~1300 short time. Having said that, I only go down to 1000 if very disappointed with service. Long time 1800~2000 In Toy Boys and some of the othere fashionable bars, they might want more. One key difference, is there are loads of money boys in Pattaya on the phone apps, so very easy to fix a date at reasonable prices. Most of the lads on the apps in Bangkok are not money boys. One other way to play it in Bangkok is to find your bar boy on one of the phone apps. If you put your location near to the gogo bars and have the apps open from early evening onwards, some of the lads will be on Grindr, Hornet & possibly other apps. Sometimes they are very keen to work the app to get an off & you can check what the lad does & negotiate a tip before even setting foot in the bar. I ran some polls on tips here a few months back. https://www.gayguides.com/forums/topic/12094-2018-bar-tips-poll-results/?tab=comments#comment-127912 Finally, once you have satisfied yourself about what are reasonable tips here and by your own personal experience, PLEASE post some tip guidance on the Chinese forums. I think it is of mutual interest to ensure tips are fair and not inflating at a rapid rate due to Chinese customers paying a lot more. Unless, of course you guys are making so much money you want to throw it around to get the best service.
  9. 1 Presumably the average customer fitting your profile tips the mamasans generously. Hence the service. Who is most likely to off the boy is a separate question, but all the mamasan cares about is his tip. I shall continue to call boys over directly in most instances. So if you asked for a boy that was sitting with me, perhaps that mamasan would call him over to your table. Which reminds me, there might be another angle to this: 2 If the people at the other table had not bought the boy a drink fairly promptly, I think the mamasan has some grounds for calling him over to your table, since the whole gogo bar business works on the basis that you buy the boy a drink. However, if they HAVE bought him a drink and he is called away by the mamasan, they have grounds to be seriously annoyed. I would most likely take the bill for the boy drink out of the check bin and bring it straight over to the mamasan at your table.
  10. Not a good sign, as outside of Pattaya, the percentage of cute lads interested in mature farang tends to be low. Wouldn't stop me visiting, but I would try to indulge as much as possible before going there......
  11. Were there any boys to be had in Dalat ?
  12. z909

    Brasil poll

    Absolutely. If Columbus had google maps, he would have known exactly what was in the way & who knows what decisions he might have made ? Also, Columbus has probably never gone looking for a discrete sauna or massage shop hidden away in a side street. Admittedly, I managed navigating with old fashioned paper maps up until a few years ago & could probably return to that if it's too dangerous to carry a phone in Brasil.
  13. Good to hear you are not overdoing it. And working long hours does have a slight advantage of less time to spend the money.
  14. 1 This is Pattaya. Be prepared to pay boys to show up. 2 If you're having the kind of trunks off fun I imagine, probably best to make sure your villa is not overlooked too closely. Definitely post pictures. Since the best kind of pictures wouldn't comply with board rules, maybe hints on where else to find them would be nice.
  15. z909

    Brasil poll

    Well my mass market branded watch cost £7 and I have no ambitions of buying anything more expensive. No gold either. Where the complications would arise for me are: (i) Camera. How can you got to Brasil & not take photos ? (ii) Phone. Essential for navigation & dating. Guess I would just have to take a risk with one of my older cameras and an old phone ? OR, as I have been doing, play safe and go to Thailand.
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