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  1. Observation: This is neither a statistically significant sample size nor a rational way in which to assess if today's prices are a bargain. ONE person paying what might have been a very generous price 20 years ago is no way to assess current pricing. Fresh Boys charged me 1000 for 2 drinks and an off on my last visit. By current Bangkok standards, this is almost bargain territory. 2200 for the off and one drink is nearer to extortion, although nevertheless it makes a very good trip report.
  2. Checking my camera, I have 2 photos of Superrich Green rates at the airport and the difference between buy and sell was 0.5 & 0.57% at that time. Just remember that we are referring to the exchange rate booths in the Airport RAIL STATION downstairs. There are approximately 8 of them. It's worth a quick walk around them as you can probably get one at the back which matches the best rates AND has no queue.
  3. On my last couple of trips, the rates in the Superrich airport rail link branch were better than those in Silom Complex & other city centre branches. There is usually a queue in Silom Complex. At the airport, Superrich orange & green may have a queue, but since there are about 8 competing exchange booths, there are usually 2~3 which match the best rate and often no queue at all at one of them. Just walk to the back.
  4. I looked closely at Resort M last year and something put me off booking. I don't remember why & to correct that failing, I created the table on page one of this thread. Perhaps the problem was some questionable customer reviews. Recent reviews seem OK, although I'm slightly suspicious & would have to look more closely if thinking of staying for a few days. One customer reported no room safe, but their listing includes this and even a picture. Shall have to try it for a night. As for what belongs to the customer, towels are obviously to be washed and re-used, so do NOT belong to the customer. Soap, shampoo etc are intended to be consumed by the customer, so the customer is entitled to take these. The small shampoo bottles are great for refilling and using as minatures for a short weekend break. Reminder: The QWANT search site seems a little better at bringing up original hotel websites than google.
  5. z909


    You must have a completely different Planet Romeo app to me. The number of profiles I can see is: Planet Romeo: >>200 I stopped counting after 200 and there are many more. At least everyone within >500km radius Grindr: 100 Hornet: 110 The only problem is different apps are popular in different areas & hence the number of guys who actually use the app might be low. Planet Romeo is very popular in Germany for example, but has lost market share in other countries. Grindr is popular in the UK.
  6. A gogo bar is one of the last places on the planet where I would use a credit card. Just get used to carrying cash. For gogo bars, I take care to have a range of denominations, so I have the option of settling any bill in cash without waiting for change. Also, as ATM charges are obscene, the cheapest way to get cash is to carry a wad of notes with you from the UK and change them in the airport rail station to get a good rate.
  7. z909


    If you tap on the right or left side of the profile pic, Grindr will scroll though a guy's public pics, if there is more than one. Unfortunately, on Grindr, most only have one public pic.
  8. z909


    I prefer to use Planet Romeo which has by far the best features for a free app, but unfortunately it is necessary to go where the boys are. Therefore, I used Grindr and Hornet. Most of my offs were with Grindr in Pattaya. However, if you head off into Isan, using Hornet will be necessary. I despise the way Hornet run noisy video ads every 2 minutes. I know they have to make money, but there is zero targeting of the ads, so they are advertising crap that I shall never buy. Looking at how this market is evolving, I try to use Planet Romeo a little, as I think it's better for us if we keep it alive. Tips (for Grindr & Hornet): 1 You can increase the number of boys you see for free by adjusting the age filters. So search 18~22 years, then 22~26 years for example. 2 You can do the same with a fake GPS app. Search, then move your location by a couple of miles & repeat. Both apps have a "Travel" feature, but I consider this to be compromised, as: (i) You cannot talk to anyone using this feature and (ii) In the case of Grindr, they show boys "near" your target city. So if you search Phnom Penh, it will also include boys in Saigon, which is considered "near" PP. Good luck trying to persuade a Saigon boy to visit you in PP. I have finally decided to set up completely different accounts for home and holidaying. My home account has private pictures sent upon request. My holiday account has profile pics and text specifying what kind of guys I like. On Planet Romeo, Grindr and Hornet it is possible to log out of the app & register a new account. I do that using a different e-mail address. With some of the wierdos on line at home, I don't want those chatting to me at home, then following my activities on holiday. One example: Someone contacts me on Grindr at home. Profile says 20 years old, no pic and he's living 1 mile away (I narrowed it down to ~6 houses). Anyway, after a while, it seems he wants to offer a BJ for cash. So I ask how old he is and he says 17, just a few months short of 18. [The age of consent in the UK is 16, but paying for it is 18 min]. Naturally, I reject this. Anyway, over a year later, I get the same story from a new profile. Same location, but his claimed age is unchanged. Who knows what age he really is, but I don't want people like that figuring out where I live then tracking my holidays.
  9. z909


    In Germany, 50~100 Euros seems to work, although getting to 50 is not that easy. Barcelona 50 Euros in sauna Thermas. London is more expensive, with £80~120 being more normal. Of course, if you have a market like Thailand where the guys service tourists from overseas, then of course the ratio of tips to average incomes would be higher. I think you are being over generous tipping 300 for massage plus 500 for happy ending. The 500 is sufficient. If you also paid 400 for the massage, then that's almost 4x the daily minimum wage paid out for 1 hours work. In the regular massage shops, if they offer a happy ending and suggest a price, that suggested price is often 500. So for happy ending, I tip 500~600 and nothing else (unless of course the massage was exceptional) . Obviously if I'm getting full service, then I don't tip less than 1000.
  10. My worst checkout experience was in Saigon. I had paid for a 5 day stay the day before, just to make sure I could check out swiftly to catch a morning flight. They requested payment again on the day I checked out. The lady behind the desk was like a female Hitler. Whilst they were looking for records at the back desk, I eventually found the receipt and showed it to the young man on reception. Hitler demanded to see the receipt, but I was already heading for the door at this point. As for key deposits, I presume there must be a problem with certain customers not returning the key. If it's a proper key, then losing these is obviously a security risk for other guests. If it's a keycard, then no security risk, but there still must be some cost for the card. I checked the cost and it's possible to buy 1000 key cards for £200 in the UK, so 20p or about 8 baht each. I imagine they would be even cheaper off Ali Baba. So even if the loss rate is 10%, charging guests a deposit for key cards seems ludicrous.
  11. z909


    Any minimum tip of 1000 or 1500 for a HJ is incredibly poor value. The tip on non HJ massage is typically 0~300 baht. It's quite easy to get FULL SERVICE on the phone apps for 1500 in Bangkok (sometimes less). To pay something similar for adding just minor service like a HJ makes no sense to me. I don't go to the "gay" massage shops, but if I go to a standard massage shop and if they offer a HJ, the suggested price is usually around 500. Finally, the standard price for adding a HJ in the UK is £20, or 840 baht. I definitely don't expect to pay more for that in Thailand. I understand 1500 tip for full service, but think a HJ is a lot less service and should be priced a lot lower. Which it usually is in my experience.
  12. I don't care what hotels charge for the beer, as I generally go somewhere else for that. As for the towels, it might be an idea to write a complaint e-mail to the hotel chain management. Their e-mail address is at the following link: info.corporate@dvaree.com The bitches on the counter should be fired for maliciously harassing customers and screwing up the hotel reputation.
  13. Whilst working hard is a good start, it probably needs to be combined with working smart, saving effectively and properly investing the money saved. Incidentally, a millionaire is not really rich enough to seriously splash money around. If you have USD 1million to live off, then that should give an income of about $40,000 per year, based on safe withdrawal rates and a sensible asset allocation. If that's your sole income, it's not really enough to keep toy boys in the lap of luxury. Get to $5 million+ and as long as your annual spend is less than 4%, then why not splash out on whoever takes your fancy ?
  14. My thoughts exactly. Actually AUD 200 is about GBP107 which is comparable with London pricing. However, London prices are higher than many other European capitals AND most of those Aussie ads show AUD 250~350, with AUD 300 being typical. That seems high. It would be interesting to know what really happens. Are the prices frequently negotiated down, do they rarely get a customer OR are they raking money in at a very fast rate ? I would think there is plenty of opportunity for your Vietnamese friend to put up an ad about 1~2 weeks before arrival and gauge the level of interest. He can always drop the price if there are not many enquiries. He also needs to realize that whatever app he uses in his current location might not be the best in another country.
  15. Thanks for keeping us informed. 4 or 6 guys is fine as long as at least 1 is near perfection in the eye of the customer. However, every good gogo bar should have good lighting so we can see the boys and tight small underwear beats baggy. I prefer to be in no doubt about what is in there.
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