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  1. Oddly the Metro maintenance depot is directly across the road from the airport, but to walk to the nearest station is likely to be a couple of miles or so from the terminals. Agoda have been quoting initial prices without taxes for years. It usually goes up by the time you get to the payments page. Quoting the customers a price they cannot have is bad behaviour. Booking.com and Hotels.com are usually better, but ultimately I book with whichever has the best deal. I recently stayed at an Italian hotel which added taxes which weren't even declared at the payments page. Naturally, I refused to pay, but since Campanile are obviously some kind of mafia organisation, they changed the keycard to lock me out of the room until I did pay. I recovered the money off Agoda, so well done to them.
  2. We all have different reasons. I went to the Philippines because I like to occasionally go to a different country. On average, I prefer Thai, Lao & Khmer lads to Filipinos, but there are so many Filipinos, I can still find ones I like on the apps. Then, when I did find them, they tended to be good in bed.
  3. If you go to apply for a 30 day extension, it's much easier when immigration check on the computer system and your hotel or condo owner has already done the reporting.
  4. Also, I think you're offering exactly what they want. I'm expecting it's relatively easy to get lads around for free if you're just looking to suck them off. However, we are a diverse group and some members will have totally different expectations for what happens when meeting a lad. If a customer is looking to be the top & **** a cute slim lad, the field shrinks considerably. There are of course so many lads in The Philippines that we will still find one, but having found candidates, I'd rather pay them the 1000 pesos than keep looking for free sex.
  5. Is it normal to rent these with costs of electricity etc included or extra ? If you were to bring any "trade" back, I guess that's going to draw the attention of security to you as well. On the other hand, as long as there are no T&C in your terms prohibiting this, I guess that's the landlord's problem.
  6. Life is far better without sugar added to everything. As far as I can see, the only useful purpose for sugar is for fermenting into alcohol. In this case, it's still unhealthy, but there is some pleasure as compensation.
  7. I regularly walk between Jomtien & South Pattaya, although usually after 4:00 pm, when there is more shade. I did once bump into a Lao friend walking the same route, but he's an exception. A more typical daytime walk might be up to North Pattaya and back, as this route can be arranged to benefit from more shade of buildings. Naturally, I would stop off for a coffee en route. One of the reasons the boys are slim and lean is because those are the ones we select. In my case they are often from Cambodia and Laos & they haven't been in a rice field for years, if ever. Some of these haven't even been home since the Covid pandemic started. I think eating and drinking sensibly has a lot to do with it. When I meet one who isn't particularly slim and is describing himself as pompui, I of course try to reassure him that he isn't. Whilst also suggesting that rather than pay for a gym membership which he isn't using, he might start by giving up all those sugary drinks.
  8. As for recovery, well anyone who had the foresight to buy something like Aberdeen Asia Smaller Companies* at the bottom would have made over 50x their money on a dividends reinvested basis. Which would be one hell of a return for a diversified investment trust. (* Now renamed as Aberdeen Standard Focus)
  9. Balconies railings in Thailand usually seem far too low. Even on new buildings like the Quarter Silom, I still think they should be about 15cm taller.
  10. I'd like to know more about PH gogo bars. I didn't bother going to any of them. 1 From what I've read, they are full of bigger more muscular guys, not my type. Any web pages or photos on google maps tends to confirm this. 2 Apparently they are much more expensive when it gets to an "off". Although to be fair, that seems unlikely, for reasons already mentioned. 3 They tend to be in out of the way locations and also not clustered together, as is typical in Thailand. The phone apps solve all 3 problems. There was no reason to even think about travelling to the bars unless I had reasonable confidence that the bars would have some boys that interest me. https://www.facebook.com/clubxcebu/ https://www.facebook.com/Navigator-231032946941980/ Daytime: Walk around sightseeing, interspersed with the occasional stop for coffee Night time: Find some company on a phone app
  11. Whilst I've never seen Khmer, Laos or Thai boys share pictures of customers, or heard them mention other customers, of course they are not always as discrete as we would be. One Lao lad had a video chat with his mother, when we were in bed in Pattaya. Another one started videoing activities in bed, in Pakse. I wasn't too happy about that. A third Lao boy was just about to call his friend when we were together in my room. His friend just happened to be the previous visitor to my room. I suspect this is more than coincidence.
  12. The best anti-covid protection is probably to wear an FFP3 mask the whole time. Which is exactly what I did with PCR tests on arrival on the last 2 trips. Also, order special meal. This will usually be delivered first, you can eat it and replace the mask before the other passengers remove their masks to eat. Covid protection is slightly less important now they have abolished the tests. I might just wear a more comfortable FFP2 mask. After recent falls, the so-called "All World Index" is up about 11.8% in the last 2 years. Which isn't that far ahead of inflation. Obviously some investors do better than this, some do worse and others might have already booked the flights before their portfolios dropped in value.
  13. We need to accept that can happen, although I've never seen them doing it. Many are extremely discrete, often not even directly mentioning that they have other customers. Those who do have a problem with this know which bar to avoid.
  14. My default setting is to ignore touts. Keep walking & strictly no eye contact. Give them no hope. I got to my hotel in Cebu with a combination of the bus and a walk. The bus was fine, but the walk was slightly longer than I'd expected. By the time I moved onto a hotel on Mactan island, I'd wised up and used a Grab taxi.
  15. I certainly see higher price increases in the Premium Economy than Economy. I wonder what's behind this. If it is something like good investment performance in stocks, property, or even more speculative investments, then there ought to be some reversion in demand before long.
  16. I stayed in the Wellcome Hotel, near the Ayala centre. The place N Irish suggested might be better located.
  17. Even Line seem to represent cats with short pointy ears. Although, I am making the assumption that the cat is the one on the left and the rabbit on the right.
  18. I'm quite partial to having my head still attached to the rest of my body after completing a holiday. Although the risk is probably not that high, I would be more likely to travel to the areas shaded green on the map.
  19. I've tended not to negotiate before leaving a bar, on the basis the boys ought to know the going rate. Perhaps I should review this. But I do confirm prices on Grindr, on the presumption that some of them might be very much part time MBs & not really understand the market. The most straightforward and reasonable experiences from the Bangkok gogo bars were when I was chatting to a lad on Grindr, who happened to be in his gogo bar. So the price was agreed before I went into the bar Thai GDP per capita has gone from: 2000: USD 2000 at 41 baht typical = 82000 baht = 224 baht per day 2020: USD 7189 at 31 baht typical = 222859 baht = 610 baht per day I would have thought that 1500 for short time would have been rather generous back in the early 2000s. Even in 2022, in Bangkok 1500 is still a very commonly quoted price on the apps. Less than 1500 in Pattaya & more like 2000 from the BKK gogo bars.
  20. I typically see 4 types of them: 1 Anything with a heart, usually the rabbit or the farting chicken = I love your money 2 OKAY rabbit 3 Begging Rabbit = Please off me again 4 Anything sad -when I have not agreed to meet the lad today. Understanding that is easy enough.
  21. A useful reminder. I think the trend is towards removing transit PCR tests, but it's still something to check. Who wants to pay for that AND take the risk of failing ?
  22. Broadly true. In a part of Asia called China, WeChat is the WhatsApp. Line is popular in various other Asian countries. I think it's of Japanese origin. In some respects Line is superior to WhatsApp, as there's no obvious link to your phone number. Give a MB your Line ID and he doesn't have your phone number. Whereas, in some parts of Europe, MBs use WhatsApp and if you give them that, they have your phone number. There are work arounds, but it's a lot of faffing around. As for using it on two devices, last time I looked, you could use it one one Android device and a Windows device. Two Android devices didn't work with one account. I presume similar principles might apply with Apple. Communication frequently includes the "stickers". A selection is shown below.
  23. Thanks for the update. If you have some time, advice on which parts of the Philippines are most interesting to visit would be interesting. I've only been to Manila & Cebu so far. Incidentally, the UK government is advising against travel here at present. Which may affect the validity of off the shelf travel insurance policies. Other nationals might like to check their own government recommendations. From what I remember, the last time I looked, there was also a recommendation not to travel to the southern third of Cebu island, but that is no longer the case.
  24. From what I recall, people were asking ~1000 pesos in Mania as well, but that was 5 years ago. ID cards seemed less common than in Thailand, so there is some incentive to be more cautious in selection of company. There is plenty of poverty around. I'm surprised there are so few photos in my Philippines folder, but here's one from one of the many shanty towns. (And one showing their Metro system) According to the IMF, the GDP per capita in The Philippines is just under half that in Thailand.
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