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  1. Just in my view it's a stupid idea, 3 days is more than long enough
  2. I once thought of investing in the 20 year elite visa and for me it looked a better option than screwing around with the retirement visa (a simpler version of retirement visa like the Philippines would be much better), that would of just about seen me out time wise. For me now I wouldn't even consider the elite due to the money grabbing price hikes, at the new cost it's just not that good an option any more.
  3. A long time back I had flown on old Russian jets in Vietnam but doubt I would now, granted that they were old and the maintenance could have been improved along with the comfort level but I still made it to my destinations. I would much rather stick with either Airbus or Boeing now
  4. Not to mention that Isan guys seem to be better endowed than most, must be something in the water up there
  5. I remember they did before and it was smart casual. Found this. "Both Vertigo and Moon Bar have a 'Smart Casual' dress code, requiring semi-formal attire: long trousers and closed shoes for gentlemen, no torn jeans, sleeveless tops, shorts or flip-flops for ladies and gents."
  6. The times my flights arrived it was always peak hour on the expressway and the trains, as I have the two bags (one carry on and one bag) I always caught a taxi. I hate being on a packed train and someone with big luggage or big backpacks try to squeeze on, even when there is no room for their luggage / backpack.
  7. Thanks for your report, enjoyed reading it
  8. I haven't been able to find anywhere on those sites to switch to English so I just copy the link into Chrome and use the translate feature in Chrome.
  9. Mine gets bigger when I go into the massage shops in Bangkok but then the guys there do their very best to shrink it back down again
  10. And it appears to be that the governing powers haven't figured that one out yet, sometimes it takes forever for the penny to drop but I still think they may never figure out a solution to the immigration queues, the solution of which is pretty obvious to just about everyone else.
  11. In my very limited experience and my love of Asian guys (not so much into Europeans or Latinos though, unless they are smooth twinks) I will say #1 Bangkok. Looking at the links posted elsewhere on this site for the Japanese escorts I would love to experience some of those guys, one day I'll get there and have some fun in Tokyo and beyond.
  12. Looking forward to having direct flights to Ho Chi Minh, I have only flown Vietnam Airlines on domestic routes but I thought back then they were quite good (once they got rid of the old Tupolev planes).
  13. Looks rather nice and for some good news for West Australians, Vietnam Airlines are starting direct flights from Perth to Ho Chi Minh city in December. Thai is still not flying from here and no real word on when or even if they will be returning, so I can see the Vietnam flights could become quite popular.
  14. Gee why am I not surprised by that? I think quite a lot of people could see that coming from miles away.
  15. Doesn't appear to be as savage as first predicted but still a kick in the nuts for those that may have been planning signing up in a year or more, I bet the privileges will be pared back a bit too. The Philippines SRRV is starting to look a lot better and easier, with just a short flight to various destinations it's starting to look much better.
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