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  1. TMax

    Senso Massage

    Hopefully they will have more staff in soon, I love Senso and it became my first stop after booking into the hotel and I've never been disappointed. I'm not really into the big muscle types but a nice toned body or swimmer type is my preference and after that I only want 2 things, 1. is a good massage and 2. is for them to have a nice cock (size not overly important) that gets nice and hard and they are good at using it.
  2. I have the popcorn ready for this one ๐Ÿ˜‚ However my 2 cents worth is easy, I wear condoms when having sex and when bottoming I have the partner wear one. I just don't want to risk it no matter what medications are out there.
  3. After a few years break from visiting Thailand I will be treating myself to business class on my next trip despite the price, although tall I have had no problems fitting into economy but the 7hr flight in economy seats is close to my limit. When I was in Indonesia I flew business class everytime on Thai airways and really loved it, the fights from Bali were only about four and a half hours but it was nice to be up the front away from the crowed economy section.
  4. Definitely in the Philippines they love their fast food restaurants, they are literally everywhere.
  5. The airport massage I chose was purely a Thai massage and done behind thin curtains, they have the room at the back for those that choose the oil massage and maybe (just maybe) a happy ending. I don't think there is a choice of who does the massage either as it looks like a rotation with mostly women, it did make the flight home a lot more relaxing too. eXpress Spa Body and Foot Massage, it's showing as temporarily closed on Google.
  6. Balut is a very big no for me, I hate even being near people when they eat it. Palawan is a very nice place and been there several times and have intentions of going back for a holiday some time.
  7. For me, I retired some time ago now and the thought of moving to either Thailand or the Philippines is still very much on my mind and still relatively relative young I imagine still plenty of time to enjoy life. I too am a bit of an introvert so not having a lot of friends over there to socialize with is not a big problem, I can always find something to keep me interested as I am interested in history and other cultures so studying would keep the mind busy. There is quite a difference between the countries I have thought about, retirement visa or other visas I see the Philippines is so much easier (SRRV visa for the Philippines) and there isn't the constant reporting or extensions of the visa. Health care is a concern and taking out private health insurance would be a must no matter which country is the choice. For Thailand I would be happy to live in Bangkok as it has everything a person could want with plenty to do, non sex scene as well as sex scene. There is good health care there with the private hospitals etc but in the place I like in the Philippines, if something goes wrong it is a very long trip from the mountain province to the quality private hospitals in Manila. Also in the mountain province there really isn't a lot to do so study wise I would have to rely on the inetrnet which isn't as good or reliable as that in Thailand. High on the list would also be travel around the country of choice, this would also be fairly often and another way to stay occupied. Both countries have many places that I would love to check out so overall there is plenty for me to do and see either way. Food wise I must say Thai food is the hands down winner even though I still enjoy Filipino food. My current thoughts are leaning towards Thailand but things and minds can change so if the opportunity does arise and I decide to make a move then some serious thought and planning would have to take place, in the meantime I can still dream of what it would be like.
  8. My last full night is usually fairly quiet, go for a massage and a last spot of fun with the massage boy, meal and a couple of beers then turn in for the night. Because my flights are usually about midnight my last day is to do a final spot of shopping, I always head off to the airport quite early and my last trip I went for a Thai massage at the airport and that made a big difference for the flight home.
  9. Some of the best exchange rates I had were from the money changer at Sala Daeng BTS, I think it was The Richey Money Exchange but last I saw of it online it said closed permanently. It was always a good rate there and as I used the BTS a lot was easiest to change there, hope it gets going again.
  10. TMax

    Senso Massage

    Yeeharr, I am so glad to hear that and hope the reopening goes well, Senso has been my first massage stop after arriving in Bangkok for my last few trips and never been disappointed.
  11. I don't agree either, although I am not a big fan of Pattaya I do like reading the trip reports of the guys that go there. I can get my fill by reading about Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket etc from the one forum.
  12. I know many see Asiatique as a tourist trap but I quite like it there, once or twice a trip is about normal. Good to see it reopening.
  13. It will be a good early morning walk (for the early birds that work on their fitness), rather than two laps of Lumphini it would be one full lap including Benjakitti. Yes just need to clean up that canal.
  14. Ahh yes now my memory kicks in, thanks very much vinapu
  15. Might be a silly question but while looking at a picture on Kmanspa (just a pic on google search), the photo of the boys (most likely an old one) it shows whether they are Top or T and B but it also has S.53 or S.54. Is there any meaning to the S.53 S.54 etc or is it nothing at all (T and B I know of)? There are a couple of tops in that picture that I wouldn't mind having some fun with๐Ÿ˜
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