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  1. My planned trip for next year looks like it will be via Singapore and the flight I'm looking at will arrive about 11am so I'm hoping immigration won't be too crowded. I will be looking on Flightradar24 in the days before to judge what it could be like. I am also looking at possibly using the airport link so I'm hoping the BTS isn't overly crowded when I leave the airport.
  2. The flights I used to take pre covid from Perth arrived at swampy about 3:15pm and it was a race to immigration, sometimes I would get there just before another plane (or 2) load of passengers descended on immigration. If the flight was late by as little as 15 or 20 minutes immigration queues would be quite long.
  3. Fantastic news, life returns to Patpong (other than bar life).
  4. I would class myself as a shy introvert (like vinapu), whilst I most likely won't start a conversation with a farang in a bar I would join in and I certainly don't sit in the corner. I will also say my eyes aren't on the farangs but are fixed on the talent in the bar🤗
  5. I was never into kissing the guys until one hot and very sexy twink in Phuket got me hooked on kissing (my god but he was a good kisser), I would have no objections if a waiter or one of the bar guys came up and wanted to lock lips in the bar (for practice, a dare or even a tip it wouldn't matter). When I'm going with them in either the massage shops or back to the hotel I now make sure to ask them if they kiss (and expect kissing).
  6. Exactly as I found it as I fit into that category, never had a problem of finding the guys to go with me👌
  7. Australian customs can do electronic searches sometimes, checking phone, camera, tablets or laptops etc looking for porn. I would imagine it's the nasty illegal type that they're looking for.
  8. I hope so, it will be good to see life on Patpong returning at night time.
  9. A very nice selection there by the looks.
  10. Pre covid I used to travel to Thailand in either May/June/July and found the weather was good for me (I was used to it) and one advantage of traveling then was less crowds in a lot of places. My next trip may well be next May with current plans to go overboard (4 guys if possible) in a massage place on my birthday😑
  11. Clark Hatch fitness which then became Thaniya fitnees closed down, a victim of the corona plague. I doubt anyone took it over
  12. Still trying to win lotteries so I can enjoy a retirement of debauchery in Bangkok or Manila😛😂
  13. And now with the Perth rail link to the international airport I imagine it could well happen here too
  14. TMax

    First Visit

    Another one hooked on Thailand and the charms of the guys there, welcome to the club 😐
  15. The train is a good idea however it can also depend on the time of day or night as well, I find it annoying when people get on packed trains at rush hour and they have to try and squeeze their luggage in as well. Which is why I don't take the train from the airport, the time my flight gets in and I get through immigration and customs the trains are packed full, I guess it would be different if I got in around midday. Sure some people only take carry on with them when they fly but most don't.
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