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  1. Yes, I also recognize this situation. I always thought that the lads sold my name since I can only recall a few of them. But not just money boys, just about anyone working in the "industry".
  2. If it were only true but most unlikely.
  3. kokopelli


    Regarding ice, I have serious doubts about using that. I have seen ice being made at commercial shop and I doubt that the water was anything other than tap water. Perhaps some bars and restaurants use purified water to make their ice?? But, yes, do use the ice at bars.
  4. kokopelli


    From my experience I have found everything and more in Thailand as compared to back home in respect to salad ingredients. Possibly some of that is imported but it is available.
  5. To answer your question, 20 Baht/drink for waiters. Boys who spend time with you, minimum 100 Baht. Mamasans, up to you, but many tip nothing unless the mamasan was helpful to you.
  6. It really is amusing when you try that expression on a Thai guy and see his reaction.
  7. For fun, here is an easy to remember expression that always get a smile/smirk from a Thai guy and impresses them with your knowledge of Thai. ล้างตู้เย็น / L̂āng tū̂ yĕn = wash the refrigerator
  8. Here is a remarkable film of San Francisco taken in 1906 a few days before the city was hit by an earthquake. It seems that people back then had complete disregard for traffic and rules of the road much the same as in Pattaya today. https://www.livescience.com/61945-san-francisco-earthquake-footage-flea-market.html
  9. Yes, a somewhat chubby Thai lad, wearing some sort of flimsy underwear, and splishing and a splashing in the jacuzzi. Whatever you do with one of the Thai guys, it is open for all to see and enjoy/abhor.
  10. No the sign is new at Dragon! Some friends and I did go to the second floor for a visit. For me not very inviting compared to the old Good Boys. Very clean, bright, loud music, a jacuzzi, a shower, and a mystery room.
  11. The new Good Boys has a sign, Dragon, and in the old All of Me 2 location. There was only one or two employees there who advised that the upstairs was open for business.
  12. Good Boys was reopened tonight under a new name. I believe it was Dragon something.
  13. Here is a map of Sunee Plaza as it once was, however Eros, Good Boys, Nice Boys are still there. Power Boys was then listed as Mic My.
  14. Good Boys is supposed to be moving from current location to a smaller shop (the old All of Me 2) just across the soi. Not yet open.
  15. Not quite sure how I originally came across the portrait of George Washington as a young man. But here are some websites I visited. and this one: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/569775790341127445/?lp=true
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