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  1. My hotel said gate 9. I believe there will be authorized people meeting arrivals and will usher people to the pickup area.
  2. I do like the looks of the Columbia shorts.
  3. After two years in Pattaya I returned home a week ago and received Pfizer the following day.
  4. 7 days quarantine in Pattaya would be acceptable to me.
  5. Interesting that so many of the replies above show that you guys are wearing decent looking attire. Many of the men I know usually wear the very same outfit every day and it is not fashionable at all! At least none I know wear tank tops aka wife beaters.
  6. The best shorts I found are Izod and Chaps Golf Shorts. They are synthetic and stretchable and have six pockets. Similar to cargo shorts but the "cargo pockets" are not the usual baggy type. Rather they have zippered pockets and are in the interior rather than exterior thus giving a neat appearance. About $30 USD. I usually wear golf type polo shirts that I buy from Thrift Shops for $3 or $4 USD. Great value and quality compared to the usual polos found in department shops.
  7. All bars are closed as of April 10 for, at least, two weeks.
  8. I had the original Gardasil maybe 10 years ago; think it was in the USA. Paid for it out of pocket and no questions asked. I must have been 65 at the time.
  9. I don't stay around to see how many customers watch the shows. I can only assume it is the expats who do visit the Venue.
  10. Drifter, I trust you will never grow old or fat and never be short of money. FYI, the gay scene in Pattaya is kept alive by the very people who you demean.
  11. Venue shows open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  12. Although not in Jomtien Complex, there is T5 Suites Hotel that is open. Located on Soi 5 off of Thappraya road. Near Mike's Mexican Restaurant. Halfway between Jomtien and Pattaya. Short ride on motorbike taxi or Baht Bus. Inexpensive.
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