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  1. In reality it can be undone with surgery if one wants to spend the money. Yes, just pay the fee and forget it.
  2. I read the articles, and not one mention of a happy massage.
  3. What issue of Consumer Reports was that in? Link?
  4. kokopelli

    The 13

    Reader, are you saying that the Netflix documentary is available to now view? Or just that it is in production?
  5. Open and close makes more sense than the archaic English expression "turn on/off" which may refer to the original electrical switches which one literally had to twist/turn. Or maybe a reference to earlier gas fixtures where one had to turn a knob to open/close a gas line?
  6. Gad, if I had to go through all steps outlined above, I would never off anyone. I prefer DivineMadman's approach. Gad, an American expression : used to express surprise, disgust, etc.: a mild oath
  7. They still exist, Londoner. A popular one is named Rich; you may see their sign such as the one on Pattay Tai.
  8. Still loged in! Perfect solution, anddy.
  9. anddy, your trick did work for me. Thanks!! . I didn't see a remember me box but after I left the site I automatically was logged in upon returning. Will check tomorrow to see if the same.
  10. I doubt that the lads were begging for tips; rather they were soliciting tips from those who choose to tip them for a good show. It's show biz !
  11. Here is a listing of the best gyms in Pattaya. There are others but maybe not as good. https://pattayasanook.com/fitness-centers-and-gyms-pattaya/
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