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  1. I doubt that the lads were begging for tips; rather they were soliciting tips from those who choose to tip them for a good show. It's show biz !
  2. Here is a listing of the best gyms in Pattaya. There are others but maybe not as good. https://pattayasanook.com/fitness-centers-and-gyms-pattaya/
  3. One option is Fitness 7. 1600 Baht/month. Can google. https://www.fitness7thailand.com/
  4. This is posted in US Embassy website: The U.S. Mission Thailand is ready to assist family and friends in the event of the death of a U.S. citizen in Thailand. The American Citizen Services unit can: Confirm the death, identity, and U.S. citizenship of the deceased. Notify the next-of-kin. Provide information about the disposition of the remains and personal effects of the deceased. Prepare documents for the disposition of the remains in accordance with instructions from the next-of-kin or legal representative. Provide guidance on forwarding funds to cover costs. Serve as provisional conservator of the estate if there is no legal representative in the country. Send the Consular Report of Death Abroad to the next-of-kin or legal representative for use in settling estate matters in the United States.
  5. abidismali, there is nothing in Dutch law to prevent you from having a Will. This is especially important for a gay man who may have friend(s) who he wishes to inherit his Estate. In the USA only a fool or a pauper would not have a Will or Trust and a pauper could be killed in an accident and be the beneficiary of a great deal of money; there is no hope for a fool! In my case, my friends would know of my death before my (almost non-existent) family. If this is a real concern for you, then you should take precautions as suggested herein. You could tell family members of your travel plans and advise them of a friend who, in case of your death, will be responsible for your belongings and will have a key for your property. The only real reason for family members to want to immediately enter your property would be to look for valuables which they could abscond with.
  6. Suggest you have a trusted friend, with keys to your home, to get rid of the stuff before the family gets a chance. Furthermore your Will should specify an Executor who will have the power to dispose of your belongings. In two instances I was the Executor and had to dispose of the deceased , gay friends belongings. In one case it was written/printed material while in a later case much of it was video cassettes and computer storage. Even though the family/friends did a cursory check of the computer storage they fortunately missed 99 % of the stored material.
  7. Done and gone in a matter of hours.
  8. kokopelli

    The 13

    Reader, this is old news, everyone likely to be aware of it.
  9. Either very clever or very naive? My guess is very clever. e
  10. Yes, I also recognize this situation. I always thought that the lads sold my name since I can only recall a few of them. But not just money boys, just about anyone working in the "industry".
  11. If it were only true but most unlikely.
  12. kokopelli


    Regarding ice, I have serious doubts about using that. I have seen ice being made at commercial shop and I doubt that the water was anything other than tap water. Perhaps some bars and restaurants use purified water to make their ice?? But, yes, do use the ice at bars.
  13. kokopelli


    From my experience I have found everything and more in Thailand as compared to back home in respect to salad ingredients. Possibly some of that is imported but it is available.
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